Hey there,

Like how most walks down memory lane begin, I must admit this is the only way fit to begin: it seems like only yesterday that I started this website. It doesn’t seem all that long ago when I was only twelve and introduced to the World Wide Web for the very first time. Not that long at all…

But fours have come and gone, and I have changed so much since then. Like this site, I’ve continually found myself in transition, from one stage of change to another, with each new stage proving to be yet another challenge that needs to be overcome. One of the most prominent challenges I’ve had to face was dealing with how to maintain this website while juggling other activities and taking care of business offline. You could go as far as to say this was a case of the “Superhero and his Struggling Social Life” (ala “Spider-Man” ), but in all honesty, this website could be a real struggle for me sometimes. As the site grew over the years—especially during the hype for the first movie and Book 5, the pressure to maintain iHP would be so demanding—so overwhelming, there would be occasions where I seriously considered quitting—leaving this site for good, never to bother me again. Sometimes, I even wished it could be that simple.

Alas, it couldn’t be. If it wasn’t entirely the pressure of maintaining this site, it would, in all honesty, be a temporary loss of faith to Harry Potter. I remember an instance of this happening during the last site downtime back in April/early May, when our webhosts decided to go out of business one day and jump ship. This, it occurred to me, might be the perfect chance to quit and leave the world of online Harry Potter fandom forever. And yet, I knew it wouldn’t be right to make like my webhost and ditch our readers. Not like that. Moments like this forced me to remember the reasons why I started this site and kept it up for as long as I have.

I tell you this because I feel obliged, in part, to let you, the reader, know that it wasn’t always easy these past four years. Like myself, this site has undergone phases of trial and error, it’s gone to the highest zeniths of Harry Potter fandom, and to the lowest as well.

I’m seventeen now, and when I look back at the skinnier twelve year old version of myself, I tilt my head and laugh, remembering once again why I’ve stuck to the side of this site for these past four years: because I love Harry Potter, and it’s as simple as that.

Readers and fans, be you young or old, I’m glad you’ve stuck with us as well.

It’s all been worthwhile.

    -- Jasen W., webmaster

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(July 23, 2004)
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