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Directors - Producers - Artists - FX - Others

Director/Executive Producer - Chris Columbus
First Assistant Director - Chris Carreras
First Assistant Director (Second Unit) - Josh Robertson
Second Assistant Director - Robert Grayson
Second Assistant Director (Second Unit) - Dan John
Third Assistant Director - Fiona Richards
Director of Photography - John Seale
Casting Director - John Dartigue
Casting Director - Janet Hirshenson
Casting Director - Jane Jenkins

Executive Producer - J.K. Rowling
Executive Producer - Mark Radcliffe
Executive Producer - Michael Barnathan
Executive Producer - Duncan Henderson
Producer - David Heyman

Costume Design - Judianna Makovsky
Head of Makeup - Amanda Knight
Concept Artist - Rob Bliss
Concept Artist - Gert Stevens
Storyboard Artist - Peter Chan
Concept Modeller - Dominic Hailstone
Production Designer - Stuart Craig

Animatronic Model Designer - Chris Barton
Creature Designer/Concept Artist - Vladimir Todorov
Visual Effects Supervisor - Robert Legato
Visual Effects Producer - Karen M. Murphy
Stunt Coordinator - Gregory Powell
Stunt Coordinator (Second Unit) - Mark Cass
Video Coordinator - Bob Bridges

Music Composer - John Williams
Screenwriter - Steven Kloves
Editor - Richard Francis-Bruce

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