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Books » Year 7 » Facts and Rumor Speculation

The following are possible facts and rumors, as well as theories, about Book 7. Be aware that possible spoilers may lie ahead!

Note: Recently updated sections have a * by their name in the below links. Rumors in each section are posted from newest to oldest in descending order.

*Character Deaths - Fate - * Plot - * The Potters - Release Date - The Title

 For One, It Can't Be Harry...Could It?

- (From Cole) In book two, Dumbledore states that, 'I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me ... Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.'-Page 195, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, British version. In earlier interveiws, J.K stated that something from the second book will be very important in the last two books. I think that Dumbledore could die, since in the last few books she has made a point about saying how old Dumbledore is looking these days. I'm not sure exactly what this could mean, I just wanted to point out that this is most likely what will be most important. Also, J.K is a very, very good writer and she doesn't leave 'loose threads' in her books. Harry never thinks about this quote again, so it must come in handy later on.

- (From Michael) In a fight between Voldemort and Harry, both die. Why am I sure about this? JKR wrote this chapter even before the first book was finished—how could she do that if it wasn't due to a finalization of some sort. I mean "and they lived happily ever after" wouldn't make much sense in some ways.

- (From Michael) The one death that JKR talks about being terrible to write can only be Hermione's. Firstly, it can't be Harry's death as she wrote that one long ago (the last chapter of Book 7). Secondly she has said that she identifies herself with Hermione - she was the easiest character to write.

- (From Lauren K.) I think Harry is going to die at the end of Book 7. JKR said in an interview somewhere "what makes you so sure Harry's going to survive". Hmmm...Then there's the fact that JKR is only planning on writing 7 books. This is understandably going to cause major upset with fans when she stops writing. This reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes series. Sir Arthur was so sick of writing that the only was he figured he could stop was to kill off the hero. Voila! Sherlock Holmes dies. i can picture a similar scenario playing out with Harry. Luckily due to popular demand ol' Sherlock was brought back, so maybe there's still hop for Harry fans...

- (From Diicatz) In the seventh book, both Ron and Hermione will die. You-Know-Who will corner them, as well as Harry, while Ron sacrifices himself so that Harry and Hermione can escape. After that, Hermione will be given the same choice as Lily, that is step aside or die. If You-Know-Who kills Hermione then Harry will be protected again, so You-Know-Who would have to be incredibly stupid to try and kill her to get to Harry. However, if Hermione protects Harry not because she loves him but because she thinks that You-Know-Who will not be able to kill Harry if he kills her, or that he won't, then she will not be sacrificing herself for love the way Lily did, meaning that Harry will receive no protection from it. Now you're probably thinking that Harry would never let his friends die for him, so he must be either unconscious or injured in some other way so he could not prevent it. Now why wouldn't Hermione have already thought through why her sacrifice would be meaningless? I have no idea. I have to call my friend who originally told me this rumor and ask her, but perhaps Hermione is just panicking. Again, I don't know if this is true but it is interesting even if it isn't exactly accurate.

- (From Jessica Learish) Moving along, when Robbie Coltrane said that he was "sort of" signed up to act in all seven films, I'm imposing that Hagrid will remain alive, but would be helping Dumbledore fight Voldemort by rounding up giants. He would probably write letters to Harry during this time. This might be the reason for his "sort of" being signed up to appear in all seven films.

- (From Jessica Learish) I really don't think Harry or Hermione will die. Even though she wrote the last chapter of the series very early, I think that she had other reasons in writing the story in general. In HPSS, as everyone knows, we learned that Harry is an orphan. J.K. Rowling had just experienced the death of her mother. This was her way of putting herself into Harry's character. She also made the world around Harry very new to him, and he had always been famous even though he had never known it. I think that she was referring to herself in this case. She has said in many interviews that she wrote her first story when she was six years old; this would mean that she was always good at what she was now doing (becoming a well-known author), but had never been recognized for it. Since she has survived and her fame has sky-rocketed, I believe that she will mirror her success in the books. JKR has also said that Hermione is a "caricature" of her younger self, so maybe that'll add some more viability.

- (From Christina) I just want to say that reading through the rumours there seems an awful lot that think Harry will die. Personally, I don't believe it, when reading the books only recently again, I noticed how often death was mentioned in relation to Harry, such as Firenze in Philosopher's Stone, and mostly because of Proffessor Trelawny's predictions which are constantly on Harry's demise. It just seems too obvious to me for JKR to "do away" with our hero. I DO believe one of the trio will die, but I think this will be Ron, due to a legend about Running Weasel or something like that I read about a warrior who's men gave him a 'yellow rat' (just as Ron tried to change Scabbers yellow), and this rat was actually the cause of the Warrior's death when it knocked over a lantern and the tent where he was sleeping caught fire and burnt him to death. This sounds as though Ron (if you follow this legend) might get killed by Scabbers a.k.a. Pettigrew/Wormtail. And despite other rumours, I still believe Ginny to cop it in book 5, because she is vulnerable and Harry looks on her like a sister and how much anguish and guilt would there be if the 'Famous Harry Potter' couldn't save the sister of his close friend, Ron. Think of the friction this could cause between two friends and poor Hermione would caught in the middle of it, it'd be like GOF all over again.

- (From kgaga786) I think that Dumbledore will be the only one, who will die in the seventh book. I think that he'll die, trying to protect Harry against Voldermort and in doing so, make Voldemort very weak, so that Harry can finish him off!

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 Is This Fate...Or Is It Just A Dream?

- *Hermione might become Head Girl

- Draco and Harry may have to team up to fight Voldemort.

- The last word might be "scar".

- Professor Snape will...fall in love?

- One of the schoolmates will become a teacher at Hogwarts, but not Harry, Ron or Hermione.

- (From Michael) New Herbology teacher: Neville (the one subject he is doing good at (see Book 4)—i'm really looking forward to see him as a discreet professor.

- (From Lizeth C.) Somewhere, I heard that a student becomes a professor in Book 7 and I think it'll be Neville. Apparently, in Latin, Neville means "clumsy professor".

- (From Has) I think that Pettigrew will help Harry defeat Lord Voldemort. I say this because in Book 3, Dumbledore told Harry that while saving Pettigrew, he had made a special bond between him and Pettigrew. And he also said that a time may come when Pettigrew may help Harry.

- (From Jason E.) Could Harry wind up as the DADA teacher at the end of book 7? We know that there is a new teacher every year. We know that no one wants to take the job because they think it's jinxed, and by his final year Harry will have enough experience fighting the dark arts to teach the class.

- (From Emma T.) In Book 5, Nearly Headless Nick tells Harry how some wizards leave an imprint of themselves on the earth, so they can continue on after they're dead. And in Book 4, Voldemort is telling his Death Eaters that that's what he did, so even if, in Book 7, Harry defeats Voldemort, won't Voldemort still be able to continue his reign of terror as a "ghost" like Peeves, and still be helped by his Death Eaters? Afterall, he is afraid of death.

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 A Great Defeat of The Dark Side, I See

- (From Susie) In the 3rd book, Dumbledore mentions how Wormtail is now in debt to Harry, we have yet to see the actions of this statement. I think in the time of need where Harry seems doomed (once again)and Dumbledores is no where to be found, Wormtail might step up to the plate to save him. I also think Voldemort will kill him sooner or later. Wormtail's not done in the story because he would have been an easy person to kill off but J.K Rowling is keeping him around, even after all his mistakes in the 4th book.

- (From Patrick G.) Lucius Malfoy makes Voldermort angry and is killed by Voldermort. This makes Draco hate Voldermort, so he teams up with Harry to fight Voldermort.

- (From Patrick G.) Harry kills Lucius Malfoy which heavily increases the hatered between Harry and Draco. So when Harry's about to fight Voldermort, Draco steps and they Duel. Harry then either kills or disables Malfoy, then Harry fights Voldermort.

- (From James & Adam) There could be some interesting things at/in Godric's Hollow:

> The room where Voldemort tried to kill Harry. It would be cool if Voldemort kept it exactly the same as the night he tried to kill Harry.
> Harry's parent's graves.
> Relics of Harry's parents. Voldemort may have developed a sort of sick obsession with the Potter family, since they are how he fell from power, and kept some of their possesions (i.e. James' glasses, Harry's parents wands, pictures/portraits).
> Harry might use his father/mother's wand to fight Voldemort since his own wand does not work in battle against him (as was evident in the graveyard in Book 4).
> Voldemort's pensieve, in which Harry will get to witness the murder of his parents, and the attempt on his own life.

- (From James & Adam) It's obvious that if the Order of the Pheonix have a Fidelus Charm cast on their hideout then Voldemort and his Death Eaters would also take the same precautions. Voldemort probably wouldn't bother going through the difficult process of casting the spell when he could easily use Godric's Hollow as a hideout. After all, Pettigrew, his right-hand man, is already the secret keeper. This rumor is also made more probable by the need for Pettigrew to repay his debt to Harry. Since Pettigrew would be the secret keeper of this hideout, he would be the one to tell Harry, thus repaying his debt. On top of that, Harry would be the only one told, since Pettigrew does not have a debt to anyone else. Then Harry would enter the house alone, unable to be followed. Then Harry would have to face Voldemort alone and unaided.

- *J.K. Rowling has stated in previous chats, that we will find out why some people become ghosts and others don't.

- *Sirius Black's name will be cleared.

- (From Kris Teti) "I believe that in the end of the series we will learn more about Professor Dumbledore. I believe that we will learn that he is a True Seer. For example, when Harry went in after the stone, Dumbledore just knew he was there and he was just in time. in COS, Dumbledore sends the sorting hat and Fawkes. And in GOF, Dumbledore busts in on Crouch as Mad-Eye Moody, right when he is about to finish off Harry. So if he is a true Seer, it would explain a lot."

- (From LilDevilGirl132) "I heard Lily potter had a relationsip with Lord Voldemort and he loved her that's why he said in the 4th book she was stupid and didn't have to die."

- (From Ashley) I was surfing the web for HP stuff and came across an interview with J.K. Rowling. She said that in either Book 6 or 7, there will be a female Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!

- (From MRAKW) For the seventh book, Harry's eyes might be an important element and Harry might also lose his scar.

- (From Jo B.) My dad told me these from a video Internet interview with J.K. Rowling: Mrs. Figg/Arabella Figg is actually the new DADA teacher, Cho Chang falls in love with Harry, who dies at the end of the seventh book. It includes an epilogue which tells about the rest of their lives, the book is VERY sad. J.K. Rowling herself cried writing it and there's a reason for Lily Potter's wand being good for charms. Harry and Malfoy join forces to defeat a great evil—Voldemort perhaps?

- (From Tina W.) When Voldemort dies, Harry's scar will disappear.

- (From Ken) I'm a student at Oxford University, and went to the Dragon and then Eton. Among my friends was Tom Hiddleston (currently starring in the HBO film "The Gathering Storm"), who was also in contention for the part of Tom Riddle.I have only been a fan of the Potter Books since I found out that Tom was up for the part of the young Voldemort last November, but have since then grilled Mum, sister, Tom etc. for tidbits and so far, the passage I sent you is as near as I can come up with to the treatment for the opening chapter of Book 7. The title (The Fall of Slytherin)is heresay, everything else I have had more or less verified from other sources. I did not get as far as writing the rest of the piece, but from what I gathered, Harry was kicked out in his 5th or 6th year for accidentally killing Cho when Ron deflected a spell intended for Lucius Malfoy, who Harry eventually killed by taking down Slytherin House around him at the end of Book 6, while wiping out a load of students in the process. Malfoy was the last of the Death Eaters. Furthermore, Dumbledore had convinced Draco to side with the good, and thus Harry, to bring down the death Eaters, but when Harry failed to kill Lucius, Lucius made a plea for Draco to forgive him, and so Draco cannot now forgive Harry for killing his father. It seems as though Harry will face two enemies in the climax of Book 7: Voldemort and Draco. Oh yes, obviously, Hermione and Ron have been going out for a while, and Harry had just started seeing Cho when he killed her (hence the animosity between Ron and Harry). Anyway, I could rant on, but I can't remember it all now.

- (From Jessica Learish) Okay, I have a few different theories. At the end of Book 4, Voldemort replaces Pettigrew's forearem and hand with a silver hand. Silver has been a color mentioned quite often in the series. Firstly, silver has been thought to be the only way to kill a werewolf and Professor Lupin should be returning in Book 5. Also, silver is the color of the Patronus, which is the only known way to get rid of Dementors. If this ends up happening, I think Sirius will want revenge for Wormtail killing his two best friends and eventually kill him, leaving Voldemort even more vulnerable. This might be how Lupin plays a huge part in Book 7.

- (From Jessica Learish) I believe that Aunt Petunia is a witch. I think that the only reason why she converted to Muggle life was because she feared that Lily was a Death Eater. Another rumor about this book said that it begins saying that Petunia has seen Voldemort before. When Lily was killed, that may have finally convinced Aunt Petunia to literally "close the book" on her magical life. This would lead me to believe that she is Harry's secret keeper in her own home. I do think that Lily probably was a Death Eater, and the reason her parents were so proud of her was because she became good again.

- (From Dana L.) Ok, this may be the least exciting and most disappointing ending to the series possible, but it's just a thought. There have been numerous interviews with JK in which she stated that she had already written the final chapter in book 7 and that the last word in the final chapter was going to be "scar", however she has said in recent chat sessions that is no longer set in stone. I think that she planned to have the series end with Harry waking up and realizing it had all been a dream. My reasoning for this is as follows:
1. Harry has come from a miserable life with the Dursleys, where he is treated cruelly, thus making him a hero in this "fantasy world".
2. In the Dursley household, Harry is often punished by having no supper and the Dursley's don't feed him well, while in Hogwarts he has more food than he could ever want and a lot of instances in the book revolve around the lavish feasts during the holidays. Which brings me to my third point...
3. ...the holidays. In the Dursley home, even Harry's birthday is overlooked by the family, while Dudley is lavished with presents. In Hogwarts, the holidays are amazingly elaborate affairs and Harry gets plenty of presents.
4. Harry has no friends at home with the Dursleys, but at Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione are his true, loyal friends who would do anything for him, it seems.
5. Because Harry is faced with a miserable life, due to his parents tragic death, maybe in his greatest fantasy his parents died performing the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for him.
There are plenty of other possibilities that can illustrate how Hogwarts would be a fantasy escape for a boy in Harry's circumstances and the series, itself could end with him waking up from this elaborate dream, making it sort of like the classic "It's All A Dream...or is it?" sort of ending. Keep in mind that this final chapter was written before Books 2-4 and so on. Perhaps at that stage in her writing, JK had not intended for the series to be as complex and involved as it has become. However, with the fan base of Harry Potter and the complexities of the plots, it's possible that this idea has been reconsidered in lieu of a more climactic ending, and one more satisfying to the readers.

- (From Marchee) I think there will be some sort of showdown not between Voldemort and Harry, but between Voldemort and Dumbledore. If we went with the former, we'd know right away that Harry would probably diel he's just not strong enough. Brave enough maybe, but not nearly as powerful or strong. It has to be with someone strong, someone powerful...someone who can really give him a challenge, and who better than the only person that Voldemort genuinely fears: Dumbledore? And of course, "The Old Gang" might assist as well.

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 Potter Family Secrets

- (From Ashley Z.) I think that Albus Dumbledore is actually Harry's Grandfather (James' Dad). On J.K. Rowling's website, under the FAQ section, there is a heading entitled "Professor Dumbledore is Harry's real grandfather/ close relative of some description." Her answer to this rumor was "If Dumbledore had been Harry's grandfather, why on earth would he have been sent to live with the Dursley's?" Well, I have the answer. On page 836 of OoP, Dumbledore states, "She gave you a lingering protection he never expected, a protection that flows in your veins to this day. I put my trust, therefore, in your mother's blood. I delivered you to her sister, her only remaining relative." He never says that James has no remaining relatives. Also, why else would Dumbledore have been left in charge of where Harry lived until he attended Hogwarts?

- (From DavCat14) Most couples, when they have children, either choose family members to be godparents to their baby or they each choose their best friend. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, was his father's best friend. Who then was Lilly's best friend? Lilly and James were both The Order of Phoenix, where they likely had very close relationships with the other members. Women are usually closest with people who are their own age and going to the same transitions in their life at the same time. So according to my theory, there is really only one person it could be, and I think it's no coincidence the relationship Harry has to that family. Remember the prophecy? Who was born near Harry Potter's birthday? Neville Longbottom! Who was going to the same life-changing transition that Lilly was at the same time? Alice Longbottom! James & Lilly and Frank & Alice, were both young couples when they joined The Order of Phoenix. Both Alice and Lilly were pregnant at the same time and due to give birth at nearly the same time. I can totally imagine that Alice and Lilly became very close friends, if they weren't already friends from their time at Hogwarts. Why then has no one mentioned to Harry anything about his godmother? I think it is because she is in St. Mungo's and incapable of having any kind of relationship with him right now. However, I do believe that some point Alice is going to recover, at least partially. So Harry may have lost his parents and his godfather, but still has the possibility of her relationship with his godmother. I can also see the possibility that with Harry being Alice's godson, he could somehow help bring back her memory, along with her own son, Neville.

- *Something big will be revealed about Lily Potter.

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 And Just Two Years Late

- Assuming Book 6 is released in 2005, Book 7 would either follow the year after or later.

- FALSE: Sometime in 2005.

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 Harry Potter and the Unnamed Seventh Book of Doom

- (From Kevin D.) On the UK's trademark office there are a number of titles that could be used for books. They are:

Harry Potter and the Battle for Hogwarts
Harry Potter and the Final Revelation
Harry Potter and the Great Revelation
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (*)
Harry Potter and the Hallows of Hogwarts
Harry Potter and the Hogsmeade Tomb
Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Hallows
Harry Potter and the Parseltongue Trophy
Harry Potter and the Realm of the Lion
Harry Potter and the Serpents Revenge
Harry Potter and the Shadow of the Serpent
Harry Potter and the Alchemists Cell
Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light
Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat

(*) Confirmed title for Book 6. You can check out the UK trademark office's website here!

- (From Ace) I heard that in book seven, the name of the book will be Harry Potter and the Fortress of the Shadows. Could this be Godric's Hollow? Now a Fortress that Voldemort has taken over? I mean, whenever I heard Godric's Hollow, I think of dark, spooky, etc. And, wouldn't Voldemort have destroyed all of the other houses in Godric's Hollow? In Book 1, Hagrid CLEARLY states that he got Harry out of the house "before the Muggles came around" or something like that. And, no MUGGLE villiage would be called "Godric's Hollow". And wizards surely would have come to help the Potters if they were victims of Voldemort, wouldn't they?

- (From Melissa M.) I found a web site that was totally awesome, but I forgot what it was called and it said that the final book will be entitled Harry Potter and the Forest of Shadows.

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The Rumor Buzz: Have You Got Any?
Do you have any rumors for the future books? If so, we'd like to hear—just send it in an e-mail with your name, possible source, and without any grammatical errors!

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