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Books » Year 6 » Facts and Rumor Speculation

The following are possible facts and rumors about Book 6. Be aware that possible spoilers may lie ahead!

Note: Recently updated sections have a * by their name in the below links. Rumors in each section are posted from newest to oldest in descending order.

*Facts Confirmed By J.K. Rowling - * Beyond The Veil - * Characters' Futures - The Half Blood Prince - * Plot - Release Date - The Title

 Whatever J.K. Rowling Says, Goes!

Some miscellaneous facts confirmed by J.K. Rowling, herself!

- Arthur Weasly will NOT be the new Minister of Magic.

- The Half Blood Prince is not Harry nor Voldemort.

- Middle names: Ginny's is 'Molly,' Hermione's is 'Jane,' and Ron's is 'Bilius.'

- We will find out what happened to Sirius' motorbike.

- We will find more about Peter Pettigrew in Book 6.

- We'll find out a little more about Harry's grandparents.

- Harry will inform "tell his nearest and dearest about the prophecy when he's ready."

- Muggles will be noticing more and more odd happenings now that Voldemort's back.

- We will find out more about the circumstances of Voldemort's birth in the next book.

- Moaning Myrtle will make appearance(s) in future books.

- As Rowling says, "The shape is not the most significant aspect of [Harry's] scar."

- Harry's stay at Privet Drive this summer will be shorter than all the others.

- We will find out what Dudley saw when he faced the Dementors in OotP.

- We'll find out more about Grawp, Hagrid's half-brother.

- There will be a new Minister of Magic in the future books!

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 Through The Veil And Into Another World...We Go?

- (From danbach) Dumbledore said that the people who go through the veil are "just out of reach, just a hair's breadth away, etc." I think maybe the people who go through the veil are transferred to the room that couldn't be opened. You know, the one that Alohamora didn't work on and that melted Sirius's knife? Think about it! With the exception of Ron, Ginny and Hermione, everyone had someone behind that veil - for Harry was Sirius and possibly his parents, Luna had her mother, and Neville his grandfather! It all fits! And something else that Dumbledore said- "At first it is greater that anything, and then it is worse than death?" I think it meant that, in a sense, the dead witches or wizards' souls lived on, so it was wonderful for they would live forever. Then I expect it would get boring, or irritating, living forever more. That draws me to the ghost subject....Nick told Harry at the end of OotP that a witch or wizard could become a ghost if they are feeling some kind of emotion, and/or they don't want to die. I think Book 7 may include a dead person coming to life from the veil, preferably Sirius, to see their beloved again; the emotion kicking into their soul will bring them back.

- (From Jennifer O.) The Death Room... I think it's the place where at one point in time, wizards performed executions. Think about it, an archway that the condemned one would walk through - no one has to flip a switch (or raise a wand), and they're just gone - dead. I've read the other theories, but no one explains the stadium seating, which reminds Harry of the courtroom at the beginning of the book - the same courtroom that condemned wizards and witches to Azkaban for heinous crimes. JK is the queen of hints, and I think that Harry's association may be a well-placed clue as to the veiled arch's purpose. It is, at any rate, muggle tradition for there to be an audience present at executions. Why not then for wizards?

- (From Misha) The rooms in the Department of Mystery each represent aspects of Life that are unchangeable (essentially, although tinkering can be done, especially on the part of wizards), but have an incredible effect on the lives of all. They are astracts placed into the physical. For example, Ron was attacked by the brains in Thought, and the Death Eater with the baby-head had an unfortunate accident in Time. Later, Dumbledore talks of a room no one dare tamper with, for the force is one of the strongest ever, which he acknowledges is Love. So one can only assume the room that Sirius fell into - that place that is unreachable to those living, but always present and only a hair's breadth away - is Death. And the entrance to Death is, appropriately, a veil. One can hear the voices of the dead just beyond the veil, but must never, ever go for fear of never returning.

- (From James Anderson) On a technicality in the prophecy, the only way Harry can die is from Voldemort. From what Luna said, the veil is where dead people go. Sirius died because the veil killed him, death is on the other side. I think that Harry, based off of the technicality, can walk through the veil and not die. When he walks behind the veil, it will probably be a bunch of voices and it will be total confusion. But he will learn how to control it and master it, like the patronus or occlumency (hopefully). After he masters it, he will be able to communicate with his parents and Sirius. Maybe he can deliver a message to Luna from her mother. It will be like the Mirror of Erised, he won't ever want to leave it. J.K. says there will be no need to write a prequel to the books because 6 and 7 will have so much history in them. This is where all the history will come from.

- (From Claire/Heather) What happens to a person after they receive the Dementor's Kiss? Their soul is gone but their body is intact. Maybe they are put into the veil. We think the veil must be some sort of limbo, in between life and death. Because these people have no soul they cannot cross over, they are lost for eternity. This proves that the Dementor's Kiss is far worse than death. What will happen to Sirius since he still has his soul? He may be gone for good.

- (From Mridul N.) Has anyone ever thought that the voices behind the veil could be of Death Eaters spying on Harry and his friends. Why are we taking Luna Lovegood's word on it that it might be dead people?

- (From Evie) I'm sure that Sirius wouldn't have given Harry the two-way mirror, and he wouldn't have opened it up at the end of the book unless it had some point in later books. I think Sirius took the other mirror with him when he went to the Department of Mysteries, and that, if you can hear the voices of dead people in wherever they are through the veil (the one in the department of mysteries), that must mean that dead people can talk amongst each other. So, if Harry can talk to Sirius through the two way mirror even though he's dead, he can probably talk to his parents with it, too.

- (From Monal) many of us are wondering what exactly the Veil in the Department of Mysteries does. I thought about this for a long time and I was wondering if it's not just an "experiment", but also something else. Dumbledore refered to the room as the "Death Chamber". Well maybe it is the place where Wizards are put after they pass away. i mean there has been no reference to how and where wizards are buried and I don't assume they are buried where normal humans are too because no reference has been made to that. Maybe it was there hundreds of years ago and no one has any record of what it was so they are trying to figure it out.

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 Where Will Harry Be Ten Years From Now?

- (From Tessa) It was stated that the film adaptation of PoA held some clues...I noticed Lupin's comments to Harry about his mother and how accepting she was, perhaps there was something between them in the past? After all, in OotP, Sirius and Lupin said that at first, Lily didn't like James. Just a thought.

- (From Ayeen) JKR stated that Harry will tell his "nearest and dearest" about the prophecy right? I read in an issue of Reader's Digest ( just can't remember which), which had a quiz on famous Shakespearean quotations... One of those was the "nearest and dearest!" Accdg., to the quiz in plain English, it translates to "flesh and blood," by "flesh and blood" we mean relatives or kin right? someone within the same family. So is it his muggle relatives, the Dursleys? Or someone we haven't met yet?

- (From Adam C.) We will possibly learn more about Dumbledore's defeat of the dark wizard Grindenwald which was briefly mentioned on Dumbldore's chocolate frog card in SS/PS. Is it possible there is a connection between Voldemort and Grindenwald? It seems unlikely that Voldemort could have become as powerful as he is by reading books or teaching himself, so he probably had a mentor. On top of that, what better reason would Voldemort have to fear Dumbledore than if he watched Dumbledore defeat his master, also explaining why Dumbledore said, "We both know there are other ways of destroying a man," while the two were dueling in OotP.

- (From Mridul N.) I see Ginny as the new chaser in the Quidditch team and either Ron or Harry as the new captain, however odds are in favour of Ron after his match winning performance.

- (From Krystle) What will they do with poor Firenze because he cant go back to his herd in the forest, you ask? Well, since he does have alot of wisdom, I think he will continue to work at Hogwarts, but not as the DADA teacher. He will be helping Hagrid with his Care of the Magical Creatures class.

- (From Krystle) J.K. already said that someone is going to devolop magical powers kind of late in life. I predict that that persone is Dudley. When his slow mind finally figures it out, he is going to go crawling to Harry for help. And when Harry helps him, Dudley uses it to his own advantage by trying to hurt Harry once he has devoloped his skills and later joins Voldemort.

- (From M17) I think Neville is going to improve considerably in school and socially. For one, I think it was his father's wand that was hindering his magical advancement, and now that it is snapped (from inside the Department of Mysteries), he will be much better at magic using his own wand.

- (From Jessica) It was reported that there were clues in the PoA movie as to what would happen in book 6. In my opinion, I hope Hermione and Ron get together! There are obvious parts in the movie (which I won't give away for those that haven't seen it) where there's a bit of, shall we say- chemistry between the two. Although, they already bicker like a married couple anyway!

- (From Andrew H.) I have reason to believe that Arthur Weasley will replace Cornelius Fudge as Minister of Magic. Remember when Ron said that Gryffindor had about as much chance of winning the Quidditch Cup (in the fifth book) as his father had of becoming Minister? Well, they did get their Quidditch victory, didn't they? I'm guessing that Rowling put that specific wording in there to give us a clue, becuase Fudge can't continue after he (unknowingly) lied to the Wizarding public about You-Know-Who's coming back, can he?

- (From Lisa N.) From reading the fifth book and how Percy was so ambitious in the previous books Percy could possibly become a death eater if offered the right thing by Voldermort. I wouldn't be surprised if he is already one.

- (From Jennifer O.) In Book 5, it seems that what Ron sees in the Mirror of Erised is starting to come true. Perhaps there is some prophecy to the mirror. If so, the only way for Harry's vision to come true would be for him to die. I shudder to think it, but at this point, nothing would suprise me.

- (From Jon D.) J.K. Rowling said that a student would become a professor in the books. She did not indicate what book however, or what person. So far, the majority of the muggle population believes that Neville will probably take over as Herbology teacher. Yet there is no evidence that supports this at all. Professor Sprout isn't old enough to succumb to the ravages of time and die any time soon, so why should she retire?

Second, why only after Book 7 would someone become a teacher? Why not in Book 6? Here's my reasoning for why i think Harry Potter will be the next Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher.

1) Dumbledore couldn't find anyone for the post in fifth year, saying so himself that he couldn't find anyone for the job, why should 6th year be different? No one wants the job (except for Snape).

2) Except for Lupin, there hasn't been a good D.A.D.A. teacher.

3) Harry's D.A. in Book 5 accomplished more in defense spells then any D.A.D.A. class in the last five years. Padma Patil learned an strong enough Reductor curse to destory a table, Coling Creevy mastered the Impediment Curse in three lessons, Cho Chang was never able to Stun anything before she came to Harry's lessons, and above all, Neville Longbottom is becoming decent at spells!!!!!!

In Book 6, Rowling might just have Harry just continue the D.A. as a club, yet think of the possibilities. The students are more relaxed with a student around them and teaching them than an old snotty Professor, and Harry seems better than every D.A.D.A. teacher anyone's had. Harry also just realized it's only him that can defeat Voldemort. He must have something the others don't, and Dumbledore said that it's his heart and being so pure (and his impressive arsenal of spells to protect him from Dark Creatures and Death Eaters). Maybe Dumbledore wouId hope that whatever Harry has in him he could maybe pass on to other students. Honestly think that Harry will be the new D.A.D.A teacher at Hogwarts in Book 6.

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 That's Half Blood Prince To You!

- (From RJ Kelly) And he said that Dudley, Harry's cousin is the "Prince". He said that since Lily and Petunia are related, there must be at least a drop of wizard blood in Petunia. So with Vernon and Petunia giving birth to Dudley, Dudley would be a half-blood. I also think that the Smeltings Stick that Dudley carries around may be more than it seems. Maybe a sort-of ancient wand? And Ms. Rowling said that a character will develop magical talents later in their life by unfortunate means. I think she means Dudley. I think that he will start to surprisingly develop magical talents and one day, Voldemort or a Death Eater visits the house and puts Dudley under the Imperious Curse. And they tell him to kill Dumbledore but by using Muggle terms. Like, "Go to the giant castle and find the man with the long silver beard and kill him." And I think Dudley will almost succeed but Harry will go to Dumbledores office for some controversial issue and catch Dudley in the act and have a duel with Dudley. I think this is a very possible outcome and would be a great twist to see. Especially with Dudleys run-in with the dementors last summer, he may want to study this 'magic' thing a little more serious, and make him a little more threatening.

- (From Tusch) JK Rowling said that the Half Blood Prince was neither Harry nor Voldemort, but that still leaves Tom Riddle. Remember how Dobby said that it did not relate to Voldemort in the Chamber of Secrets when telling Harry the "horrible things that were going to happen to Hogwarts." Well, it could be the same exact case right here. She did say there were connections with the Chamber of Secrets to the end of the series.

- (From epiphanies) Colin Creevy. He's inconspicuous, he appears initially in Book Two (the book which JK thought about calling HBP and where she said many hints lay.) After all, Colin only knows his Dad (the milk-man) and never says anything about his Mom. He thinks he's a Muggle-born, but how often are TWO Muggle-borns born in one family (Dennis?) Perhaps his Dad didn't even know that his Mum was a witch.

- As confirmed by J.K. Rowling, the Half Blood Prince is neither Harry nor Voldemort. [Though she has stated that Remus Lupin is a half blood.]

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 This Plot Will Lead Into Book 7's Plot (Duh)

- (From Preethy) In book four, Prof. Dumbledore says his brother, Aberforth was prosecuted for practising inappropriate charms on a goat (pg 394). And in book five(Chapter-In the Hog's Head) , when Harry and his friends enter Hog's head, it smelt strongly of something that might have been goats(pg-229, 4th last line). And then in the next page(last para), it is given that the Barman is a grumpy-looking old man with a great deal of long grey hair and beard and that he was tall and thin(just like Prof. Dumbledore) and looked vaguely familiar to Harry. This might explain that the Barman might be Prof. Dumbledore's Brother.

- (From Phil) Hey, my name is Phil. The other day i was thinking that since it is now going to be impossible to find a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Dumbledore will finally give the job to Snape. This fits in perfect because Snape only accepts people into his NEWTS classes that got an Outstanding in his class. We know Harry got an O in Defense Against the Dark Arts so he will be accepted into Snapes class and the new Potions teacher will except Harry into his/her class with and Exceeds Expectations OWL because I highly doubt that Harry got an O in potions.

- (From Allie & Kristy) We have not seen the last of Metamorphmagi. We learned briefly about Animagi in class with Professor McGonagall after the first Divination lesson in the third book, and it turned out to be the solution of the Sirius/Grim/Shrieking Shack/Lupin's absences from class mystery. We found out about Polyjuice Potion in the second book when Harry and Ron impersonated Crabbe and Goyle to later discover that it was Barty Crouch’s method of disguise as well. Nothing in the series is revealed without a reason, and I don’t think that the reason we learned about Metamorphmagi was to have some entertainment with Tonks changing her nose over dinner.

- (From Alice) We know that Oliver Wood left Hogwarts in Harry's third year and that in his forth year, Quidditch matches for the Quidditch House Cup weren't held that year, due to the fact that Hogwarts hosted the Triwizard Tournament. In Harry's fifth year, however, the Gryffindor Quidditch captain was Chaser Angelina Johnson. We know that she won't continue to be captain in the next year because she will have left school by then, along with the other two Chasers, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell, so my guess is that Harry will be the Gryffindor Quidditch captain. There is no one else and besides, he's been in the team since his first year, so it seems logical that he will be captain in his sixth year. He will return to playing Quidditch again, after being banned from it in his fifth year by Umbridge (please note the fact that, even if Harry received a life-long ban from playing Quidditch, according to Ginny, he is banned from playing Quidditch just as long as Umbridge stays at Hogwarts and I daresay that after what happened this year to Umbridge, she won't be so keen as to stay at Hogwarts the next year too), so that will allow Harry to return to his Seeker position next year and thus to be made captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

- (From April Wade) I think Aunt Petunia will turn out to be a squib, because, if you remember, in the 5th book, at the hearing, Arabella Figg, who is a squib, testified. They said that squibs were not registered. I think that maybe Aunt Petunia came from a wizarding family, but never could do magic, and was REALLY jealous of Lily Potter.

- (From Jonathon Boral) Has anyone ever stopped to think about the Room of Requirement more. Harry could pass the room and find something that would help him defeat Voldermort. Dobby said that the room would only appear when it is truly needed. Maybe he finds his parents wands in there, and that is why Rowling has always said that Lily's wand is very good at Charms, which maybe he could use to defeat Voldermort. Or maybe he will find an ancient curse that is even worse than the Avada Kedavra, and it would help him to defeat Voldermort. And maube there will be secrets to Voldermorts weaknesses, if there are any true weaknesses besides that he despises true love.

- Certain elements will relate very closely to Book 2.

- (From Jammer) Dumbledore has said "there are things worse than death." In the wizarding world I would think being stripped of ones powers would qualify. It may even mean, in the wizarding world, that he is as good as dead. If Harry, with his power, can strip Lord Voldemort of his powers he may be able to fulfill the prophecy without having to actually physically kill him.

- (From Jammer) We will find out that Harry's Mom and probably his Dad were Unspeakables working for the Department of Mysteries in that locked room with the POWER that Harry has so much of. That would explain how his Mom gave him such powerful protection from the Avada Kedavra curse which is supposed to be one of the three unstoppables. Whatever charm or spell his Mom put on Harry it obviously filled him with that power. Harry will most likely try to find out much more about this power in book 6. I also believe that if a Death Eater hits Harry with the A.K. curse he is still protected which means the curse would bounce back and kill them.

- (From Krystle) I think that Mrs. Dursley is going to start being really sweet to Harry. Mr. Dursley is going to try to be nice to Harry, but soon looses his temper and tries to hurt Harry.

- (From Snapesmyguy) I was thinking about what Harry will do with the information he knows at the end of OoTP. I would think he and the Order would come up with ways to defeat Voldemort, right? So that led me to think about Avada Kedavra and here's some thoughts:
1. Supposedly there's no countercurse for it, right? Well, what about a counter-potion to at least deflect its effects? Who better to try to develop that than Snape? He could try (if he hasn't already) to come up with some sort of Love Potion that can be consumed, or rubbed into the skin, to form an invisible barrier, or be a more effective Mark that Dumbledore spoke of in SS/PS. Then, the whole Order could be protected by anyone's A.K. curse. I write Love Potion since it's been said that it was Lily's love for Harry that protected him.
2. Or, consider that Bill Weasley is a curse-breaker for Gringott's. Perhaps he and his cronies could try to break the A.K. curse somehow and only the Order would know of course. Just because Moody says there's no counter-curse for A.K. doesn't mean there isn't one (and it wasn't the real Moody who said it anyway). It's known to be a killing curse, so who would experiment with it? Well, the Weasleys could. That experimentation could find its way into the 6th book and cause some problems (I'm thinking trying it out on willing house-elves or something, causing tension between Hermione's S.P.E.W. efforts and the desire to defeat Voldemort [suffering for the Greater Good] ). What if the Twins are already involved in something like that, along with Bill and his cronies? They (Twins) are so good in developing stuff...or the Order will ask them to help develop the counter-curse in their new premises--Weasleys Wizarding Weazes would be the perfect "laboratory" to try out counter-curses in the back room while appearing to be a joke shop. Plus, if the Order/Snape/Twins can develop some sort of counter-curse or potion, then how it's delivered is on their terms; you wouldn't necessarily be bound to "meaning it", so that could be a way around the edict that Moody and Bellatrix tell everyone--that the curse has to be "meant" to be effective. I mean, trying to de-code the A.K. curse without letting the enemy know is kinda like developing the atomic bomb. If the Order or Harry could figure out how to deflect or diminish A.K.'s effects, there's a greater chance that they and/or Harry will triumph!

- Harry and Malfoy might team up together.

- (From Michael) Harry gets expelled (this had to happen sooner or later). He will be expelled at the time when Dumbledore dies. He can't die in Book 5 since there is way too much stuff Harry (and we) doesn't know anything about yet, and Dumbledore is the only one that can explain it (at least so far)—and Dumbledore has to die - otherwise Harry would be protected forever, and there wouldn't be any worrying about his survival later on.

- (From Amar M.) We will find out (in one of the next 3 books at least) why Dumbledore trusts Professor Snape even though he was a death-eater before. It says in Book 4 to make us suspicious yet no one on any site has mentioned this. I can't wait for the answer on this.

- (From Jess D.) Harry will try to unite Muggles and Wizards so that they can live in harmony together. First of all, if Harry succeeds, then maybe living with the Dursley's wouldn't be as bad as it is now. Plus, there are so many other wizards that have connections with Muggles. For example, Mr. Weasley works in the Department for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts. And harmony between Muggles and wizards would also make the Ministry of Magic's' job much more easier because they wouldn't have to go through all those security precautions. I do not know if my theory is correct, but to me, J.K Rowling does seem to be mentioning a lot about Muggles in her books.

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 Just In Time For The Olympics (Unless it changes)

- Latest theory: Summer 2005. As "The Goblet of Fire" adaptation is expected November of '05, it makes it more likely that if Book 6 is to be published next year, it'll be early, so as not to conflict with the film's release.

- Release date "was" unofficially scheduled for 2004.

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 "For A Million Dollars, What's The Name of Book 6?"

- The title IS Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as confirmed by J.K. Rowling, herself.

- CONFIRMED FALSE: Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé. Read the full news scoop here!

- CONFIRMED FALSE: Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch.

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The Rumor Buzz: Have You Got Any?
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