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Books » Year 5 » Facts and Rumor Speculation

The following are possible facts and rumors about Book 5. Be aware that spoilers may lie ahead!

Note: Rumors that are most likely to occur have an *

Animagi - Arabella Figg - Character Death - DADA Teacher - Death Eaters - Ghost Becomings - Look of Triumph - Misc. - Mischa's Theories - New Hogwarts Jobs - The Old Crowd - The Order of the Phoenix - Plot - The Potters - Relationships - Release Date - Quidditch Captain

 Go-Go Mighty-Morphin' Animagi Wizards!

- (From SaraClemens) I think that Trevor (Neville's toad) is an animagi because with Neville's parents being as important as they were to the fight against Voldemort, Neville would need some one to watch after him as well.

- (From Branden D.) Crookshanks IS NOT an animagi. Crookshanks is part Kneazle and he (Figg is a woman) tried to kill Pettigrew because Sirius convinced him that Scabbers was bad. Kneazles are very intelligent animals; they think like humans in a way. And that's why Crookshanks is always alert and watching Ron. He didn't smell Scabbers in Ron's bag, he heard him say that Scabbers was there. Harry smelled the cats and remembered Mrs. Figg because that tent will tie in with later books. I think it's common sense for HP fans to suspect Figg is a witch. She might have rented that tent and brought her cats along. I repeat: Crookshanks is not a human, just a VERY intelligent animal.

- (From Ross Gedeborg) If you read carefully in book three, Crookshanks is a BOY cat, and so I don't think Mrs. Figg could possibly be Crookshanks, unless when you tranfigure you are allowed to change genders!

- (From JELS4STEP) Dumbledore is a animagi and can turn into a phoenix, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione don't know it. Remember how Hermione read that list on animagi in the past century? Well, the key being this century (1900-2000). Thuogh, J.K. Rowling did said Dumbledore was 150 years old, which means he would not be on thet list. So, I get the feeling that Fawkes was not the phoenix at the end of the Chamber of Secrets, but Dumbledore. This also explains the title; it's not "Order" as a group, but "Order" as in a command. And Dumbledore will probably take charge of the fight against Voldemort. However, the question is what will be the command?

- (From Artemis779) This is a theory that I have so far not heard from anybody else. I think that Ludo Bagman is an animagus and his animal is Crookshanks. I am aware of all the counter—arguments (the kneazle thing and him just being a smart cat etc.). I'm just trying to throw out so evidence that we can be expecting some weird (and evil) stuff from Ludo in the near future. To start, Ludo got off WAY too easily at his trial. It was basically "Hey! I like you in Quidditch! You're free!" there was hardly any trial at all, no truth serum, no interrogation, nothing. Plus, he's a little too... I dunno, slippery. No one ever really questions him or even considers him a threat (personally I thought he was the behind-the-scenes bad guy throughout GoF). This quote is my biggest piece of Animagis proof: "He had the looks of a powerfully built man gone to see...large belly.... his nose was squashed (probably broken by a stray bludger, Harry thought)". Didn't we hear the same thing about Scabbers in book 1? He's missing a toe, oh, probably just got in a fight with another rat. In this case its the reverse. Crookshanks has a broken nose and they just brush it off. There is another descriptions that are indicative if the dots are connected: "blond hair". Crookshanks is blond (orange) with stripes. Ludo Bagman's quidditch team was the Wasps, with a striped uniform (granted, black and yellow but still stripes). We never find out whether or not Ludo is bowlegged but Krum walked strangely and after years of Quidditch and gripping the broom with one leg (as one does with a horse with the same results) one WOULD become bow-legged! Ludo Bagman doesn't have a very demanding job and Crookshanks isn't always around. The old switch-a-roo could work, all he has to do is apparate outside the grounds and appear often enough so Hermione wouldn't get suspicious. I'm assuming that Ludo is a bad guy, probably in league with Voldemort. Crookshanks hated Scabbers (this can be tossed to Sirius telling him to) and I figure that a lot of Voldemort supporters are pretty ticked off at Peter for bringing Voldemort's reign to a temporary end. Most likely Ludo/Crookshanks could smell that it was Peter or had earlier knowledge of him being an illegal animagus.

To counter a counter-argument that questions why Crookshanks would be in a pet store may I suggest that JKR wasn't lying and that it is quite possible that the original Crookshanks was part kneazle....until Ludo either replaced him so Harry Potter or his friends would buy him. This is stretching it a bit but I don't wholy believe this theory is true but there are a few too many similarites to brush off Ludo or Crookshanks (or both combined).

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 Arabella Figg: Babysitter By Day, Witch By Night

- *Mrs. Figg and Arabella Figg may be in fact, the same person.

- *One said that Mrs. Figg, the woman who used to baby-sit Harry, could be the person who Dumbledore mentioned at the end of Book 4. You Voldemort said that some thing like "Dumbledore took the steps long ago to make sure Harry was safe when in his relation's care"? Well, with Mrs. Figg living across the street, who might be a witch, Harry would of been protected.

- Before in Book 4, Voldemort said that Dumbledore had Harry protected with the Dursleys. Maybe Mrs. Figg is a witch and she is the protection Dumbledore is talking about.

- (From SaraClemens) First, I think that Arabella Figg is actually Mrs. Figg from Harry's Muggle neighborhood. This makes sense because in the first book it says that the Durlseys didn't notice a tawny owl fly past the window. Now why would an owl fly past the window (during the day) if there wasn't a witch or wizard living in their neighborhood.

- (From Bobby) The Dursleys must want to protect Harry somewhat, because they must have known that Arebella Figg was a strong witch and therefore was needed to protect Harry. Maybe The Dursleys might even be magic. There must be some force at the Dursley's home, because for 14 years now no death eaters or supporters of Voldemort have tried to kill Harry.

- (From Michael) Miss Arabella Figgs is Harry's "new" secret keeper at Privet drive (that's why no one could touch him there). This adds another cool twist to the story: Is the Dursleys extreme anti-magic obsession due to this spell? Or would they still hate magic to the same extend if the spell wasn't cast?

- (From PotterPrincess) Arabella Figg is Crooshanks!! Think about it—it makes perfect sense. Arabella owns many cats and Crookshanks knew that Black was innocent and later tried to protect him in PoA by trying to kill Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew). Then in GoF, the tent that the Weasleys have in the Quidditch World Cup looks and smells just like Mrs. Figg's house (Harry says so). In the Pet shop, she must have put a spell on Hermione so that she would want to buy Crooshanks. Therefore she was able to keep an eye on Harry at Hogwarts.

- (From Navarre) I've read all four HP books thoroughly several times and have discovered possible occurrences in the upcoming books. I believe as well that Mrs. Figg is Arabella Figg and has been the Secret-Keeper for the Dursleys. How else is it that Harry hasn't been discovered? But has anyone been looking for Harry? If so, it hasn't been confirmed.

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 Who's End Shall The Tale Tell?

- Dumbledore dies and McGonagall takes his place.

- (From SpriteArab) In the first book, one of the centaurs say "the innocent are always the first to die" when referring to the recent unicorn deaths. Cedric Diggory's wand contained one strand of a unicorns tail as its core. We also find out that Ron Weasley's new wand had a unicorn tail hair in it as well. Could this possibly be a premonition?

- (From Derek Wood) I'd just like to say that it is NOT Dumbledore who dies in Book 5, because I have read a few rumors stating this. I read on the Interet that Robbie Coltrane, who plays Hagrid, was asked if his character would die, he said "sort of." Now I don't know about you but this suggests to me that Robbie didn't want to give too much away but didn't want to lie and that it is probably Hagrid who is killed. P.S. Hagrid is also one of Harry's biggest admirers.

- (From Matthew D.) OK, I read the Percy rumor, that he will die in the fifth book, and I find it very easy to believe... However, I think Mischa is close, but I have a twist on it. There have been rumors that a Weasley will die, and that a "big fan of Harry's" will also meet their maker. Think about it. No, not Ginny. It's Mrs. Weasley. She's going to die, forcing Ron and possibly his brothers to take a more direct hatred of Voldemort (aurors, perhaps?). Furthermore, this will set Ginny up to be a very strong and admirable character. You know, young girl grows up without a mother...

- (From Scott Graupner) I've come up with another theory, which is that Mrs. Weasly will be the "horrible to write death" that is so often mentioned. I first realized that it could be this above others when she (J.K. Rowling) was talking about her mother's death on Biography and how she described it at the end of the program. Anyway, I saw in an interview at http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/1999/03/cov_31featureb.html and she was talking about how her mother's death is the only event that truely altered how the plot of Harry Potter went as she put so much of her own emotions into Harry. So with Mrs. Weasly becoming Harry's surrogate mother, or at least as close to a mother as she can possibly get, it only stands to reason that her death would be the most horrible to write, as she'd be, in effect, writing the death of her own mother. Anyway, there isn't as much proof in the books as this last one, just my ability to understand people's thinking patterns.

- (From Barry E.) I think, and I know this is just out of nowhere, that Ron is going to die. In Book 4, Harry and Ron have a big fight and you get to experience what life without Ron is like for Harry and I think its a foreshadowing. Also, I think that Dumbledore is on Voldemort's side. J.K. Rowlings has kind of exagerrated how noble and forgiving he is, so I think she is trying too hard to cover it up. And have you ever noticed that whenever Voldemort is around, Dumbledore isn't? Like in Book 1, he is called away to the Ministry, when Harry comes face to face (well, back of Quirell's head) with Voldemort, and in Book 2 Mr. Malfoy gets him temporarily removed, and he says that he is never REALLY gone, and then Harry meets the memory of Tom Riddle. And at the end of Book 4, Harry thinks he sees a look of triumph on Dumbledore's face when he finds out that Voldemort can touch him.

- (From Ice Blue X) This is less of a rumor and more of a speculation I came up with after watching an episode of "Biography", featuring J.K. Rowling. She did not say too much about Book 5, but near the end, she mentioned at least that the death in question was a difficult one to write. I've given it quite a bit of thought, and the one person that my mind keeps coming up with is Hagrid. Why? Colin Creevey/Ginny Weasely—they're both the "obvious" choices. I have a feeling that they're both there so that when Ms. Rowling announced the death of a "special fan" in Book 5, our minds would automatically flick towards either one of these two. They are fans of Harry's...but they're not special. Let's face it. Harry finds Colin annoying, and the only interaction he's REALLY had with Ginny is that he saved her from the Chamber of Secrets. There's some speculation that they might become a romantic item later, but it doesn't make her any kind of special fan—just a fan. Ron/Hermione—They're both possibilities; Hermione more so than Ron simply because of her Muggle-parentage status. However, in terms of being "fans" of Harry's, the only way that they are is that they're his friends. They're both students his own age, in his own grade. They're friendly with Harry and don't idolize him or worship him in any way. Therefore, they REALLY don't seem to be those "special fans". Sirius Black and Remus Lupin—also possibilities, however there are also a number of reasons I don't see either of them as dying. As the remaining, faithful marauders combined with Sirius's status as Harry's Godfather, Sirius and Remus are Harry's only (if shaky) connections to the wizarding world. Get rid of Sirius, and Harry has Lupin. Get rid of Lupin, and Harry has what? The Dursleys? I have a feeling Rowling won't do that. Additional to that, I have a feeling that both Sirius and Remus's primary war is not with Voldemort, but rather with Peter—and I don't think Peter has the brain power to effectively do them both in, now that they have him exposed. Dumbledore/McGonagall/The rest of the Weaselys—Harry needs someone around to explain things once in awhile, and the Weaselys and Dumbledore are all very good for that. If either Dumbledore or the Weasleys is going to go, I doubt it will be now—I see his departure more towards the very final end—where Harry has to fight Voldemort all on his own and acctually HAS no safe haven. And as the first person that Harry meets from the wizarding world, Hagrid and Harry definitely have some special ties. Hagrid's a teacher at Hogwarts and his relationship with Harry is extremely close. The loss would have to hurt Harry very deeply, and losing the person who literally saved him from the Dursleys in the first place would make a VERY significant loss. Besides, Hagrid is going to be in some immediate danger. At the end of Book 4, he mentions going with Madam Maxime to talk with giants. Considering that Voldemort is also after giants, he too may be lurking somewhere around. Finally, in the event that Hagrid does in fact die, Draco Malfoy would have the perfect opportunity to be even more of his little twit self. He'd have an excellent opportunity to taunt Harry.

- (From Dirstrt) I think that the"big fan" that will possibly die will not, I repeat, NOT be Percy Weasly. Think about it a sec.—Percy has not REALLY been a "big fan" of Harry's, but has been more of an acquainance.

- (From Amanda Rux) A major character is supposed to die in Book 5 and I'm guessing it's Professor Snape. He is an ex-Death Eater and Voldemort said there were six missing, three dead, one who fleed and would be punished, one who had already rejoined, and another who has left him forever and will be killed, and therefore it's probably Snape. Though Dumbledore couldn't send him as a spy in that case, but it is possible.

- (From Quiggsilver) I believe that the next person to die is not any of the Weasleys or Hagrid, but Fleur Delacour. J.K Rowling said that a special fan would die, of course, and Harry saved Fleur's sister from the lake in Book 4, and soon became pretty close, I'd say, to Harry. She even said that she would be coming to Hogwarts and could potentially have a chance of being killed there.

- (From Michelle Hall) What about Cho-Chang? It makes sense to me, because J.K. Rowling hasn't built up her character very much, and its still kind of early to be killing-off any of Harrys' close friends.

- *(From Tracie Powell) I think that the "special fan" who dies is Cornelius Fudge. Follow along with me for a minute. I think Fudge died in Book 4 and was replaced with and imposter. The impostor will be revealed in Book 5 and that's when we learn about Fudge's death. Fudge definitely liked Harry in Book 3: "Oh well, Harry Potter you know, we've all got a soft spot for him." Then think about the murder that Voldemort and Peter were talking about in the beginning of Book 4. Voldemort tells Peter that "one more murder and our path to Harry Potter is clear." He also tells Peter that he will find the courage he needs to commit the murder and do so with the help his (Voldie's) "faithful servant (Barty Jr.) who will have returned to me by then." Peter is afraid the death of "another person in The Ministry will not go unnoticed," but V. says that if Peter follows the plan, "the ministry need never know that anyone has died." Voldemort mentions that he would do it himself, but can't because he of his weakened state. None of the the revealed murders committed or attempted in Book 4 meet this description. Now think about Fudge: A) Was a Harry Potter fan up until Book 4. B) Is the head of the MoM, which would explain Peter's concern over getting caught in killing him. C) He's one of the few people who has easy access to Harry at and away from Hogwarts (well with the exception of The Dursely's). D)> Is in a unique position to cover up all of the strange happenings (i.e. Barty Sr., etc.) and slow down any investigation that might bring suspicion that something funny is going on. It should also be noted that Fudge's reluctance to act is what allows Barty Sr.'s long absence to go uninvestigated. If someone had even gone to Barty Sr. house, they would have discovered something was wrong and perhaps would have even found a trail leading to Barty Jr. at Hogwart's.
Now think about Fudge's odd behavior at the end of the book: A) Fudge tries to separate Harry (take him to the hospital) while Dumbledore wants to send him to talk to the Diggorys, when Harry returns from the third Triwizard task.B) If Fudge stays with Harry after Dumbledore goes to the Diggorys, why doesn't he stop Moody from taking Harry away?C) Fudge turns "as white/pale as Moody (Barty Jr.)" did when Harry told him that Voldemort had risen. D) Fudge replies, "The Dark Lord has risen?" Almost the same wording of Barty Jr. I've also noticed that while most people choose to call Voldemort "You-Know-Who," while his supporters tend to call him "The Dark Lord." E) Then of course, there is the unexplained smile. F) In Book 1, it's mentioned that Fudge quite frequently asks for Dumbledore's help in running The Ministry, but at the end of Book 4 (and even a bit before), he is opposing all of Dumbledore's suggestions. G) In Book 4, Fudge mentioned that Harry was full of some "crazy story last year," but that is not what he said at the end of Book 3.

- (From Eric Szyd) I don't wish to be mean, but I think (and hope) Dobby is the "big fan" who dies in Book 5. I mean, I like Dobby as much as the next person, but his death could be meaningful without being wasteful. Let's face it, if Colin died, it would be pretty weak. He's not a big character, and I don't know of anyone who actually likes him (no offense to anyone who does like him). And Sirius, though he might die, could prove to be quite useful in future books. And I think Ginny will end up with Harry, so she's out.

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 And This Year's Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher Is...

- *Professor Lupin will return and become (again) the Professor of DADA.

- (From LBiBeachGirl) This isn't a rumor, just something I've picked up on (probably because I have blonde hair): There are several notable blondes in the books, including: Draco, Lucius, Dudley, Uncle Vernon, Lockhart, and *Fleur. There are also more non-blondes: Harry, Hermione, The Weasleys, Hagrid, Dumbledore, McGonagal, Cho, Sirius, Lupin, and *Snape. Apparently, JKR has a thing against blondes, and in the non-blonde category, Snape is the odd man out; someone who looks like he shouldn't belong but really does. Apparently, it follows that Fleur is also one who doesn't belong. And the rumor that she is going to be getting a job at Hogwarts, possibly as the DADA professor? She'll probablyl follow the trend of most DADA professors being evil or incompetant, therefore becoming the one blonde who appears to not belong, but really does (just like Snape).

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 Topic of the Day: "Hungry For Death—Is It Healthy?"

- *Since Voldemort's Death Eaters aren't as faithful as some other ones, he might kill them off and bewitch the Dementors for his own bidding.

- (From neon_noodlez) Harry will discover that his mother (Lily Potter) wouldn't have died if she didn't try to protect him from Voldemort, because she was a Death Eater then.
- (From HPFreak103) Ok my theories on Dumbledore. I strongly believe that Dumbledore was the one Voldemort was referring to when he said his most faithful follower, and not Crouch. Ok its a little far fetched. Ok beyond far fetched, but think about it. I only have 2 main reasons why this could be correct but they are rather good. Remember in Book 3 how Sirius had said how anxious Dumbledore had been to be James' secret keeper? Well maybe that was because he was working on the inside for Voldemort. Wait while I was writing I thought of a few more things. Ok and remeber how Dumbledore hated the Dementors? Well almost no one else does and almost all Death Eaters do. And remeber how he said nothing when Moddy called the Death Eaters scum of the earth? Also he told Fudge to get the Dementors out of Azkaban. Well without them most of the prisoners would get back their strength and break free. Also where would they go? It would be much easier for LV to get them if they were just freely walking around. Ok and the one that everybody questioned, and the main reason I think he will turn, THE LOOK OF TRIUMPH. Why is it when Harry said he could touch him he had a look of triumph? There is no explanation for it. But one. Think about it.

- (From M2J2Too) Okay, so in Book 1, page 121, we see that one of the names to be sorted is Nott. It isn't until Book 4 that there is also a Death Eater with this surname...and we can't help but wonder where the younger Nott was sorted to. Of course, the natural response would probably be Slytherin (no thanks to the Unholy Trio that keep rearing their naughty heads)—yet for some reason, we never hear Nott's name mentioned when they pick on Harry and the Gryffs. In fact, we don't hear of them at all after that page in Book 1, which leads me to my point: What if this person was possibly sorted to a different house than what we expect?

- (From June) I have heard a lot of rumors about Lily Potter being a death eater which is impossible because she's a mudblood and death eaters are against all Muggles and mudbloods.

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 To Be, Or Not To Be A Ghost

- *We will find out why some wizards come back as ghosts and some don't.

- (From Mai Ling) I think that some witches/wizards become ghosts and others do not is because they don't know how they were killed, but if they die from natural causes, then they become a ghost (i.e. Professor Binns) But if they are killed from a spell or any other magic way, then they cannot become ghosts (i.e. Harry's parents and Cedric Diggory).

- (From Joy) In my opinion, I partly agree with what "Mai Ling" said about not becoming ghosts, if they were killed with magic or a wand. However, I think that all of those who were murdered without the use of a wand or magic, (mind you, murdered not just dying of old age) will become a ghost.

- (From Robert L.) I dont think that you become a ghost if you die of natural causes. Nearly Headless Nick was murdered with an axe and he's a ghost. I heard from a secret source that you become a ghost only if you died unhappy (Nearly Headless Nick, Moaning Myrtle, etc.) But if you are happy when you die then, it'd be the opposite.

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 That Sure Resembles A Look of Triumph!

- (From Sammie) According to some people, there is a theory that Dumbledore is evil, because of his "look of trimpth". But I totally disagree because in my opinion, the reason for his reaction is that, since many people have put up obstacles in Voldemort's mission to eliminate the last Potter (Harry as well as Dumbledore, himself). Now that Voldemort has finally gotten through one of the obstacles (and perhaps the largest one), Dumbledore's look of triumph could be himself thinking, "Well, that's one down, at least it lasted long as it had."

- (From Tracie) First and foremost, I have no credible source except for the top of my head, which isn't particularly reliable. That said, I'm 100% positive that Dumbledore has never participated in the Dark Side and that his look of triumph is NOT synonymous with a look of happiness at Harry's latest endangerment. These stories are set up and largely based upon classical mythology and even the bible—that's why so many Christians get upset; Voldemort is the devil, Harry Potter is the miracle son, and Dumbledore is God.

- (From Ainsley) Dumbledore's fleeting gleam of triumph came as a result of Voldemort coming back to life from Harry's human blood. In the first book, Hagrid says of Voldemort, "I don't know if he had enough human in him left to die" (or something to that effect). Based on the notion that Harry is indeed mortal and not immortal—as some people are speculating, Harry's blood has now made Voldemort more human as well, which means that he can be killed, and thus the gleam of triumph on Dumbledore's part. I REALLY don't believe that Dumbledore is a menacing closet Death Eater.

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 Miscellaneous Rumors of All Sorts

- *Professor Lupin will return

- *Hermione will be made a Prefect

- *J.K. Rowling may start to write at a higher level because Harry is starting to get older. I also believe and have heard that the next one shouldn't be for kids lower then Middle School or High School.

- *The "special fan" will either be Ginny Weasley, Sirius Black, or Dobby.

- Colin Creevey might sacrifice his own life to save Harry in future books.

- (From MysticStar3107) I'm a devote HP fan and have been ever since i picked up the first book in '99. Everywhere I look, people keep saying that James and Lily Potter lived in Godric's Hollow, but if you actually READ that book, you would notice that they HID from Lord Voldemort in Godric's Hollow under their protection spell, they didn't actually LIVE there. For quite, some time now J.K.R has said that we will be introduced to many new places (physically) is it not possible that we could visit Godric's Hollow or the actual family home of the Potters? Don't you think it's a little odd that Harry himself hasn't figured this out yet? Just a thought...(Another e-mail): What I meant was that Harry hasn't mentioned in the book at all that he's noticed that his parents only hid out in Godric's Hollow, not that they lived there, so it's possible for us to assume that he hasn't figured out that his parents had to have lived somewhere else with him when he was less than a year old. Because of this, it's also possible to assume that one of the new physical places we will be visiting in Order of the Phoenix that J.K.R has been talking about is Harry's actual home as a baby. It's just a theory, but I think that it has a good chance of being in the next book(s).

- (From Hrmoinegranger) I was just informed by a source (my dad's friend) who works at J.K. Rowling's publisher that people at Durmstrang eat house-elves! This is not a joke! It is true and will come out in the next book. Hermione will go visit Krum and will write to Harry and Ron telling them this.

- (From Fatti10) There was a rumor about people in Durmstrang who ate house-elves and that could be a factor to a bad break up between Hermione and Krum.

- (From Vic) Well, this isn't REALLY a rumor, just a deduction. Neville's memory—horrible, right? Well think on this. We just learned that his parents were aurors and faced an awful curse, but is there a possibility that Neville was there (as a witness) when his parents faced the Death Eaters (presumably)? Or is it terrible because no child should ever have to suffer through something like that? I doubt that he's just 'forgetful', and that someone would be cruel enough to wipe a child's memories in the name of keeping him "safe". There's definitely something afoot, so I think in book five we'll be seeing more of Neville, and that possibly he'll talk to Harry about his parents.

- (From Grace C.) When Harry was in the Forbidden Forest in Book 1, he and the others ran into the centuars, who said that Mars was bright that night. Also in GoF, in Professor Trelawney's class before Harry passes out, she is talking about the particular placement of Mars at that time. Both events occur before Voldemort makes an effort to regain power. Mars is also the planet in mythology associated with war and supposedly, so is Voldemort.

- (From Hazey) I was looking over a baby name web site for names for my book and decided to do a little investigating. I learned that Godric (as in Godric Gryffindor) meant "chief, of leader below God". And then I looked up Harry, and it means "army-fighter"! So, this confirmed my beliefs that Gryffindor and Harry were related.

- (From JAG) Dumbledore trusts Snape because he turned against Voldemort when he was at the peak of his power and risked his own life, spying for Dumbledore.

- (Gray Lady) I think there is something more to Dobby; he's hiding some sort of secret. I mean how weird is it that he has green eyes when he gave Harry a red sock and a green sock for Christmas! I realize that they are traditional Christmas colors, but his gift seems to fit the profile of Lily Potter: red hair and green eyes. I think that he might have know the Potters sometime in the past.

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 "The M Files"

WARNING! Mischa's theories contain possible, major spoilers so turn back now if you don't want to read them!

- (Mischa's Theory No.1) I was looking up vocab words for "Of Mice and Men" (great, great book by the way) yesterday as English homework, when I stumbled upon the word phoenix. I thought I'd check it out just for fun... and what I read as the definition nearly made me scream! It said that it was a mystical bird, I knew that; it said that it was used as a glyph, I knew that too, but THEN IT SAID (turn back before it's too late if you want) that it was an emblem of immortality—I didn't know that! Now let's think about this... Immortality, that's what Voldemort is searching for right? Phoenix=Immortality? 'The Order of the Phoenix,' in other words 'The Order of Immortality'? So that must mean that the Order is not an anti-Death Eater club (that's the strongest belief) but a council that can grant immortality, maybe? Hmm... I'll have to develop this theory...Although, now I'm 90% sure that Book 5 will have to do with immortality.

- (Mischa's Theory No.2) Okay, I was cruising the net today when I came across the "Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher," rumor. I am assuming all of you know that if not please visist the rumors page located to the right. When I was re-reading it I thought of an old ancient rumor which is: remember in Book 2 when Harry was in detention with Lockhart? Well Lockhart mentioned a woman as his dearest fan, "Ahh...Gladys Gudgeon" (something like that, I'm pretty sure it was Gudgeon). Hmm, and in Book 3 there is a mention of a kid named Gudgeon when Lupin is leaving and talking to Harry. I completely forgot about this rumor. Sirius Black is mentioned in Book 1 and he becomes a pivotal character, Moody is talked about before we know he is the teacher in Book 4... J.K. tends to do this to lead in characters, could this be another case or just a way to throw us off? ALSO, Mrs. Figg had a role is Book 1 that apparently IS pivotal, J.K. said she will be in Book 5. Now about Mundungus Fletcher, he was also talked about in Book 4, the tent at the World Cup was his, before we hear his name at the end. I suppose all these people could be part of "The Order," but I do not think of the Order as anti-Death Eaters or a Magical Council. I have several theories, may latest one being of immortality, and I don't think J.K. would make it THAT obvious that the Order is what many believe: Dumbledore's Gang. She just doesn't write that way...am I making any sense here? Okay as for this theory, J.K. said there will be a female DATDA teacher, maybe not in Book 5 but there WILL be one. So I'm narrowing down the candidates. (NOTE: I am convinced that Harry will have a different DATDA teacher every year, it's just one of those things like the sun going up, the sky being clue, a new DATDA teacher...) Arabela Figg: If she is a protector of Harry is it likely that Dumbledore wants to have her protect Harry at Hogwarts now too since Voldemort is back? Mundungus Fletcher: Frankly, I don't think he's it, he works at the Ministry and he might be Dumbledore's inside guy beside Mr. Weasley. But he might be with the Department of Mysteries, a thing that I think will play a major role in the last three books (assuming Harry visits the Ministry). One of the Gudgeons: Pure hypothecial Theory (This post REALLY should be in Opinari as it's so opinion based), could J.K. be introducing a family of characters who might be important, or better yet... Death Eaters? Fluer Delacour: She said she'd try and get a job at Hogwarts to improve her "Eeeenglish," unffortunately I think she is the best bet because she said she'd try to get a job, and it makes sense...why'd i say "unfortunately?" Well I don't REALLY like the idea of Fleur being a recurring character. Sure she had her momments, I could visualize her english and it sounded so funny, but she doesn't seem to have that fiber that most HP characters have. I do not approve of the desicion of her possibly being a teacher... but I may change my mind.

- (Mischa's Theory No.3) I'm going through ihp's rumors for Book 5 (Jasen said they were updated) at 10:30 at night, why? I have no idea... but I came across this:

I will make one final statement, a hint on who the next Quidditch captin will be, remember in the first book at the first flying lesson? Who REALLY did not have trouble (besides Harry and Draco) at flying, Hint: watch the second movie tralier. That's all I'm allowed to say.
Now being the Harry Potter freak that I am, I checked up on this, I saw the second trailer again, as I am sure you will too right after you read this. Now wait before I proceed to the rumor before this one (If you've got no idea what I'm talking about visit the rumor page for Book 5 to your right), it said something about begining Book 5 with some story about Lily and her mother (after all, we will learn something about her in future books, won't we?), which could well be true but it sounds a bit rusty at the end. THIS rumor (the Quidditch captain one above) agree's with the statements of the Lily one. Frankly I don't think the Lily one is true, but I do believe (since J.K. said so) that the Quidditch Captain will be someone we never expect.
But when the guy said look over the second trailer, that intrigued me. The ONLY other person to get on a broom during the flying lesson besides Harry + Draco is... Neville. Sure he didn't have control REALLY, but he was still flying and frankly I never would have expected Neville to be the Quidditch captain. So there it is... Is it REALLY too insensible? Could Neville REALLY be the next Quidditch Leader? Next week on Blossom... Wait! Trailed off for a minute there.

  - The Quidditch Captain
  - The DADA
  - The basic plot for Book 5 (meaning of phoenix)
  - Giants will be coming to Hogwarts.

- (Mischa's Theory No.4) Because this is the highest possible rumor I have ever come up with yet the text will need to be highlighted. But before we get into that, it's the biggest rumor that I have ever known... who will die in Book 5. Why is this rumor I heard REALLY likely to be true? Well here's your answer. Before I came to work here at ihp I had this group of friends (still do, mostly) that were HP freaks... some where online friends some where people I actually knew. We take every single aspect from the Harry Potter books and deduce them to logical conclusions (sometimes illogical) rumors. For instance, have you heard the Susan Bones theory? There was a family called the Bones that got destroyed by Volde and there is a girl in Harry's year named Susan Bones, we came up with this rumor (well I did mostly). NO I AM NOT KIDDING, we did. I asked J.K. about it in a chat (See the Barnes and Noble/Yahoo transcript I am matiaskanfunfa) but she said that only the Bones' Grandparents were killed by Volde.
The biggest rumor I ever came across first was the 'Professor with a Magical Eye' one. I don't know how or why but I heard this one months before it hit the net or newspapers. The only reason I didn't submit it was because I wasn't sure if it was true, but it was. And that's why I'm starting to take some of these rumors VERY seriously. This is new one (who will die) we've been working on for some time now. We've used over 10 chat transcripts with J.K. as conformation, and assumed she won't write the obvious, remember J.K. NEVER writes the obvious... I ask you all to remember that when reading this next rumor: (Highlight to read)
RUMOR:-->Okay let's get straight to the point, the person who we STRONGLY believe is going to die is Percy. Some of you may already think you heard this, but I bet you don't have all the proof I have. A) J.K. has said countless times that 'a fan of Harry's will die,' now certain people have gone to the obvious. It's not Ginny, because she's a possible love interest for Harry and one of the only other possibly-big female roles. She's also Ron's LITTLE sister, which makes it seem odd to see Ron all of a sudden become the youngest (I know it's weird reasoning, but it won't be Ginny, I gurantee it 100%). It won't be Colin (who's another fan) or Dennis Creevy, although they do seem the likely candidates. But what is the chance of them getting into a situation of mortal peril all by themshelves, or Harry letting them be in mortal peril? Plus they are younger, and J.K. said Harry will deal with death in even CLOSER ways. It won't be Dobby because he's not really a fan of Harry is he? And Dobby is part of the comic relief, plus he WILL be important in future books (J.K. says). Also Dobby is a big part of Book 2 which means that he will get bigger in other books, and that hasn't happened yet. Lupin will not die because he plays a BIG HUGE part in Book 7 (J.K. says in chats!), but he will make an appearance in Book 5, or so we're told. Sirius is just too big to roll over and die and he's not a fan of Harry either—he's his godfather, a protector in a way. Okay time for a line skip, continued below. Now any other people you are thinking about could not die because there is only one clear fan of Harry left...Percy the Prefect. Now think, Percy always liked Harry, he shakes his hand like meeting the president and Harry went to school with him, and knew him, and he IS Ron's brother, which will force Harry to deal with his death, to help his friend through it. Also, Percy works at the Ministry and J.K. has said that we will find out if Percy sides with his family or Fudge. If Percy sides with his family he could become a spy of suspected death eaters in the Ministry therefore enabling him a prime target for Voldemort to eliminate. What if he sides with Fudge and Harry convinces him to spy for Dumbledore, then his death will be Harry's fault, or Dumbledore's maybe (And maybe Dumbledore convinced Harry for Vol—... that's another thoery)? Even if Percy sides with Fudge he might become head of a division that could render Voldemort's revolution. So either way he is a prime target and he is the only who is a fan and close to Harry that is in the situation to die. I mean Percy is no longer protected by the walls of Hogwarts.<--:END

- (Mischa's Theory No.5) Okay, in this post I will address two things. One of them is the possibility of James being the head of the "Order" assuming the order deals with immortality. The second one has to deal with the possibility of someone dying in a Quidditch Match.

A) Alright, you all know that I believe that the "Order" of the phoenix has something to deal with immortality. Rumors have been flying about James being the Head of the Order at one point. Frankly, I do believe it is connected to the Potters but if there is a 'head' of the order it is NOT James. Here's why: J.K. has said many, many, many times that James did not need a very high paying job since he inherited a lot of money (thus meaning that James' parents died while he was in Hogwarts or right when he graduated). This is why I believe James was an Auror, think about it. He was good at Magic and an Auror is a government worker, and we all know how much they get paid, don't we? James' parents on the other hand are another story, maybe they had something to do with the "order" and found a way to achieve immortality. Then let's say they gave James a mark that was a map to achieve it, and it was passed on to the bloodline (that would explain why LV went after harry and james). I believe the Order has something to do with the Potters, and Voldemort, I strongly disagree with the fact that the "Order" is the old gang that is reffered to in Book 4. It just wouldn't make sense to be that simple.
B) People keep saying that Cho will die in a Quidditch accident, or that Ginny will, or one of the Creevey Brothers will. Listen to me, Quidditch although it is very dangerous, Dumbledore is not foolish. He would not let something like that happen; Harry has fallen about a dozen times and the worst thing that happened to him was regrowing his arm back (and that wasn't due to the fall even!). If it was an attack say by Death Eaters, well I strongly believe that Dumbledore would sense something like that or try and stop it. People try to think of Dumbledore as man, a man who can make a mistake (like Diggory's Death and Crouch's deseption). Yes he can make mistakes, but even when he is wrong, he seems to have known it, or at least suspected it. Dumbledore looks at things from all angles, and even if you think he isn't portrayed semi-God like, well he is. Think of Gandalf from Lord of The Rings. He was very wise, very powerfull and always made the right descision. He was a sort of God-like character. Dumbledore is that character in this series, except he is more humane. He makes some mistakes, but they are not foolish, he would not let a Quidditch game turn into a death rampage (after all he saved Harry once, right?). Plus there are other teachers at the game and surely they all would save a student, even Snape?
C) Also one more thing I just had to add. Harry will not get expelled!!!! I'm sorry to say this but it's just insane to think that especially after Book 4. Voldemort's back and just waiting to get Harry, if he get's expelled he has much more of a chance. It just wouldn't make sense unless Dumbledore works for Voldemort, which I highlly doubt. Dumbledore would not allow it, he would not let Harry out of Hogwarts and out of his sight... honestly... he couldn't be expelled... just crazy.

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 You're Fired Only To Be Rehired As A Different Teacher

- In the next book, Severus Snape will become a spy for Dumbledore. I also believe that Hagrid and Madame Maxime's task will be to ally the giants with the "good" side."

- *Hagrid and Madame Maxime's job is probably to make peace with the giants since they are half-giants.

- (From Pythonadam1) Fleur becomes a teacher.

- (From Diane) Snape becomes the Hogwarts Deputy.

- (From Michael) New Potions teacher: Fleur Delacour. This will add a little change to the potions lessons. Previously (almost) everybody hated posions, but now everyone arrives 10 minutes early for the classes in order to get the best seats.

- (From Isabella N.) I think that in one of the following books, Sirius Black will become a teacher at Hogwarts. I really don't have any sources to back me up, except the fact that Dumbledore has a habbit of picking teachers that nobody else would pick. For example: Lupin (a werewolf), Lockhart (wizard with no experience except in signing autographs), and Mad-Eye Moody (a cynical ex-auror who was a bit jumpy). I don't see any reason why Dumbledore wouldn't pick Black as a teacher now that he is no longer in hiding. Just a hunch.

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 The Old Crowd: The Reunion

- (From Wes) Nicolas Flamel is going to make a return and be apart of "The Old Crowd!" He will help Harry with his fight against Voldemort. He will also be one of the ones to die. But Voldemort will kill him personally. My reason being that Flamel didn't die in the first book and Dumbledore said he had enough life in him for a few more years or something like that. And Dumbledore said in the 4th book to get the "old crowd". Well, Nicolas Flamel is as old as you can get. And also, J.K.R said that their would be "old" character's in Book 5. Well, Nicolas Flamel is on both sides of it. He's old and he was in a past book. Alot of people think it's probable.

- (Larkin and Faleen) Me and my friend were sitting around talking and we've come up with a couple of "ideas" about what is coming in future books. Okay, we think that the Order of the Phoenix is actually the "old group" that Dumbledore talks about at the end of Book 4.(Already said, I know.) But.....I've seen a fact somewhere that says that Phoenix actually means immortality. So it would be the Order of Immortality. So what if James was the head of the Order. And as head he held the truth (power) of immortality inside him. Kinda like a "Secret-Keeper" deal. Well, the one thing Voldemort wants most in the world is Immortality. That is why James is hidden in Godric's Hollow, and why he himself had to have a secret-keeper. Well, with help from Peter, Voldemort found out where he was and decided to kill him because of what he held within himself. Well, lets say that James passed the power on to Harry through the Blood-line of the Potters. So, James wouldn't exactly "have" it anymore. So Voldemort tried to kill them both just to make sure he could get the immortality. Which would explain why he said, "Your mother need not die." And also one rumor said that Harry would have to experience Death in even closer ways. What if you have to "die" to get the "immortality" out of you, But of course he wouldn't die completely. Just get to the point, a few inches to death, because like Snape said in the first book. "I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death."

- (From Sealkss) I have to agree with much of what Larkin and Faleen wrote; I think that James (and ultimately Harry) possess some kind of immortality magic and that is why Voldemort originally killed James and wants to kill Harry because the secret or the spell has been handed down to him. And we all know that immortality is Voldemort's number one desire, that is why Voldemort was unable to kill Harry when he was a baby. The Order of the Phoenix is probably Dumbledore's "old gang" of people who know about and were assigned to protect the immortality spell in James and Harry. In Book 5, we will learn what exactly James and Lily did for the Ministry and why James was chosen to be the "immortality secret keeper", if you will. No matter what, immortality will end up playing a big part in everything, I'm sure. As for who will die, I am not 100 percent sure, but I think that Ron will be coerced to the dark side. All of these years he has lived in the shadows of his brothers and now Harry. Plus, if Hermione sends her affections towards Harry, which was foreshadowed by the kiss at the end of GOF, then that will REALLY push Ron over the edge. Ron might be approached by Voldemort (maybe not obviously at first) and he won't be able to resist. Voldemort knows that this will make Harry vulnerable. If Harry would care so much about Cedric's death, wouldn't he completely flip out and hopefully taken action, if he knew Ron were in such danger? Plus, another thought about Ron is that he will be the new Quidditch captain or at least try out for the team. There is something that's definitely going on, like Voldemort secretly giving Ron powers to be REALLY good at Quidditch (or something else) and he will get a taste of the limelight. Why else has J.K. made Ron so pathetic, yet loveable until now? She doesn't do this kind of character development for nothing. She is very complex and I know that whatever happens, it will be complex! Oh yeah, one more thing:if Remus Lupin does return, what about the possibility of a Romulus Lupin existing? Names and their meanings are very important to J.K. and I think that when chosing "Remus" she had the intention of also having a "Romulus." This is from the Roman tale of the two twins who were raised by wolves. And about the "Lucius"-"Lucifer" connection, we already know that Lucius is evil, but maybe Draco will end up being a vampire; Draco=Dracula. Who knows??

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 An Ancient Council or The Old Gang?

- (From Kami) I second Mischa's Theory #1 and I think I figured it out! Ok, I also looked up the word phoenix and it does equal immortality right? Ok, it does say that James had a VERY important job that we were to learn later, right? I believe that James Potter might have been the head of this council and knew how to grant immortality and refused it to Voldemort, thus far, getting him killed. But Voldemort's not stupid, so he wanted to kill Harry because he too might be able to access immortality, therefore, being able to destroy Voldemort in the future. He didn't need to kill Lily because: A. She was a death eater (which is possible, because Voldemort in Book 4, Chapter Death eater did say that 3 of his followers were "dead in their service" hmmm...) B. He had no reason; she wasn't REALLY a threat. Anyway, because she was standing in the way of Voldemort killing Harry, she was killed. Then when Voldemort tried to kill Harry, it back fired because he is actually immortal and not even know it. I mean, the Killing Curse has NO counter-curse so that is the ONLY way he could have survived...

- (From Evanbean7) I doubt that they are referring to immortality in the word phoenix. What, is Dumbledore gathering up the Order to grant immortality to Voldemort? The only thing I can think of that back up the immortality is if the look of triumph meant something. I doubt that the look of triumph was meaningful, for 2 reasons: Harry was dazed so he could have imagined it and Dumbledore is the only one Voldemort fears—why would you fear your follower?

- * (From Dany Renny) Now, for all those HP fans that still don't know what the Order of Phoenix is; The Order of Phoenix is not a group of ancient Aurors. That's the Dark Force Defence League. If Aurors did have a special name, it would have been introduced by now. JK Rowling doesn't make titles like that. Her book titles label the turning point in the book.
Here are the plot possibilities, giving by the official summary I read (and this will eventually come to light in the book no doubt by Hermione's research): Dumbledore is preparing to order a flock of Phoenix to protect the Aurors. At the same time, Voldemort will try to acquire the knowledge of ordering Phoenixes by infiltrating Hogwarts somehow.
I found something interesting that suggests Mischa's first theory is wrong. He said that phoenix=immortality. My very reliable source says..."With both teachers contributing, Harry learns of the Order of the Phoenix, established just before he was born, and created to combat Lord Voldemort's power. made up of the closest of friends, including the Potters, Lupin, Leonessa, Dumbledore, Pettigrew and Sirius, the Order of the Phoenix was once strong and unbendable. Lord Voldemort had tried to unite his powers with Lysandra Leonessa, who is actually a powerful witch skilled in the Dark Arts but refuses to use them. The Dark Powers however, penetrated into the weakest of them Peter Pettigrew and the order was broken. Even then Voldemort nearly died after trying to kill Harry. Despite the apparent triumph, Lysandra left the order in shame, thinking that Lupin and Dumbledore would disown her as one of their kind. Upon her return, both to Hogwarts and to the order, she vowed to both protect Harry and destroy Lord Voldemort."

- (From hannahchan10) Lysandra Leonessa comes to hogwarts in Book 5. My resource does not say she is a teacher, but she will play an important role.

- (From Jennifer) In my dictionary, the second definition of phoenix is "a person or thing of unsurpassed beauty or intelligence." I found this rather interesting and it could put a new twist on the "Order" altogether.

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 ...Then Voldemort says, "Harry, I'm your father!

- *Harry tries to kill Voldemort but fails, yet again.

- There will be lots of time travels or something to do with time... Harry might travel back in time, warn his parents and they will live. Maybe, after that his parents will help defeat Voldemort. Have you noticed a pattern? The first book was a noun, the second was a place and the third. And then the 4th one it was a noun.

- Somewhere in the rumors someone said that Harry would travel back in time to save his parents. Unfortunately, this may not happen. In Prisoner of Azkaban time travel was a little more complicated. If you (the time traveller) interacted in some way with the present residents of the time, the results are already documented in the future. There is no way to change the present! When Harry created a Patronus next to the lake, the other Harry saw it. So if Harry does go back in time, the results would just be the normal life."

- (From HPFan88) Here is part of the offical Bloomsbury summary of Book 5—the beginning at least, my dad got a copy of it a few weeks ago, Harry Potter: And the Order of the Phoenix, another working title was (Harry Potter: and the Pyramids of Fumat).

- (From HPFan88) "The book starts with a brief introduction to Mary Evan's, the mother of Lily and Petunia Evans... One day she was @ home w/ her two daughter's away, (Lily was 15 + Petunia was 16) when a strange man met her. He had black hair and was extremly tall... This was Lord Voldemort of course.... He talked to her and coaxed her into going w/ him to talk about Lily and a "job offer". He took her using a mode of transportation known as "tranaoption" to a dark labrotory... He then locked her up and told her that she was now going to be used in luring lily, to there ultamate plan, "Tom" revealed himself to be Lord Voldemort and told her that she was going to be lure to bring lily to them where they could extact a great power in which she was would be "opened".... We then see a younger Lucius Malfoy of about 20 years old go and take Mary to a cell.... We then here Voldemort telling Lusius to kill the other daughter..."

- (From HPFan88) Well that would give away the whole entire plot if I gave you more... The whole plot is something I shouldn't know in the first place, i was being nosy...But here are a few things...
1.) We discover as said a lot about the past of Lily Potter.
2.) Aunt Petunia holds a big surprise for us...
3.) Somthing BIG is coming to Hogwarts...
4.) There are four deaths, one major character in this book....

- (rbm adds to HPFan88) I can strongly suggest that the rumors posted by (HPFan88) are TRUE. I can not tell you my name because I would be in touble. I work for Scholastic, and have seen the basic summary for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. However, the date of July 10, 2002 is the only thing NOT correct. There is no set date for release yet, and we will be coming out with the book the same day Bloomsberry will, but that date is not chosen yet. I realize this is a summary from Bloomsberry, we have the same summary. I will make you more astounded since I can say this...This will be the best book yet, I know everyone thinks J. K. Rowling could not surpass herself with Book 4 but she does, It will not be as long as Book 4 but will be longer than any of the first 3. It will be very spooky (High School level), and very intense. I will make one final statement, a hint on who the next Quidditch captin will be, remember in the first book at the first flying lesson? Who REALLY did not have trouble (besides Harry and Draco) at flying, Hint: watch the second movie tralier. That's all I'm allowed to say.

- (From Diane) Harry might be expelled but gets back into Hogwarts after "fixing" something.

- (From Michael) Dumbledore gets sacked. Someone else (terrible) gets the job assigned by Mr. Fudge. The Slytherins will love him/her in the beginning, but later on they too will realize what is happening. The new headmaster may be the one Draco and Harry join against in Book 6.

- (From Grace) This isn't REALLY a rumor just something that I've been pondering: So we all know that at the end of Book 3, Harry saves Wormtail's life. Dunbledore tells Harry that Pettigrew is now in Harry's debt. As of yet, Pettigrew's debt has not been repaid. This matters. Now, in Book 2, we discover that powers can be passed on from one wizard to another i.e. Harry's ability to talk to snakes came from Voldemort. Back to my point: Voldemort uses Pettigrew's blood to help him return to power. What I am thinking is that since Voldemort now has some of Pettigrew's blood in him, he (Voldemort) is now in Harry's debt. So there will be some sort of consequences for Voldemort. I was thinking that maybe this will make him unable to kill Harry, because you can't kill someone you're in debt to, right?

- (From M2J2Too) There are three scenarios here: One, they might be a girl in Gryffindor, since we only hear about Hermione, Lavender, and Parvati out of five people. Two, the chances are that they might be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, since we only see at least three people from those houses that were also in Harry's year. Why? Because by the Gryffindor standard, there should be ten people in each house every new year (five boys, five girls); but not all ten of these people are named. The third scenario is that they are in Slytherin (surprise, surprise), yet for some extraordinary occurence, they turn out to be good people—after all, Snape can't be the only guy who gets redeemed, can he? And there is evidence that sometimes, the son rebels against the father.

- (From Xander) Hey, I have a question and a contibution to make. I am pretty sure that there is a character named Circe in one of the books. I tried skimming through them, but I would have to read through all of them for the 30th time to find it, and I just don't have the time (I know, i know, there's always time for HP). Anyhoo, if there is (I'm pretty confident), then I have some info on him/her; Circe is also the name of a witch-goddess in The Odyssey by Homer. She turns Odysseus' men into pigs. They still have their human minds so they're like men trapped in pigs' bodies. She does eventually turn good. Could J.K. Rowling just be making an allusion to the Greek epic, or is there a significance to the choice of this name? Like Sirius in Book 1, will Circe play a larger role in the upcoming novels? Also, I don't think that to hide Harry, Arabella Figg would be a secret-keeper, because they already tried that once and you know what happened. Maybe they use the same spell on Harry's house that they use for The Leaky Cauldron. And Dumbledore does not = the helper of the Dark Lord. COME ON!!!

- (From Rebecca F.) In Book 4, when Harry is in the Pensieve, we hear about the murder of the Bones and in Harry's time, one of his fellow students is Susan Bones. I believe the we will learn more about her in future books.

- (From Sarah A.) 1) I think that Colin or Dennis will turn on Harry. Harry hasn't been super nice to the Creevy Brothers because they're so annoying, so they could get angry with him... it makes sense because it's happened before when an overobsessed fan kills a famous person because they don't pay any attention. 2) I think Dennis will die, and perhaps Colin will be mad that Harry didn't do anything to help or couldn't, which sort of adds to my first rumor. The reason I think Dennis is because he's the least important "fan" of Harry's, and J.K. Rowling probably won't kill off a well-loved character. 3) The new DADA teacher will be a woman, because J.K. has said that she will have a new woman DADA teacher.

- (From UConnGaz) This is more of my own musing than a verifiable rumor, but I've been rereading the books (thankfully this time for one of my Child Psychology classes), and I've noticed an odd theme occurring: Dumbledore is the ONLY wizard consistently mentioned when it comes to conversations regarding fighting Voldemort or using Dark Arts. Book 1: Dumbledore was made famous in the 50's for his defeat of a different Dark wizard (On the back of the Chocolate Frog Card). Dumbledore, at the very beginning, tells McGonagall to use Voldemort's proper name, and her reply was that he was never afraid to say his name, because Dumbledore's power rivaled Voldemort's, yet Dumbledore was too noble to use them. In Book 2, when Hermione asks Prof. Binns about the Chamber of Secrets, the class gets into a discussion about why nobody has been able to find it. Parvati Patil says that maybe one needs to be a dark wizard to open the chamber, and Binns' immediate response is: "Just because a wizard doesn't use Dark Magic doesn't mean he can't, Miss Pennyfeather," snapped Professor Binns. "I repeat, if the likes of Dumbledore—". In Book 4, Voldemort inquires whether or not people actually believe Dumbledore is more powerful than he is. Now could this possibly imply that Dumbledore was formerly a Dark wizard, who, like Snape, converted to the other side?

- (From Shirley) These are simply theories which I have developed over my years reading and rereading the HP books. One of my ideas that seems REALLY synical and evil is that Harry will die at the end of the series. I remember hearing J.K.R say something once about the Mirror of Erised chapter to be her favourite because it had hints to the next books. Could this mean that everything seen in the mirror would come true (Ron becoming Head Boy, Quidditch captain, and Harry being, once again with his parents)? Another weird thing was the climax scene in the movie where Voldemort proposes that if Harry gives him the Stone, he would bring his parents back to life. I think that Harry holds the key to Voldemort's immortality, and he will eventually give it to him in order to see his parents. Voldemort lies (what else is new) and Harry feels ashamed and immediately, Dumbledore runs in and battles with Voldemort. It's a long shot. Also, I think that Crookshanks is an animagus and that it is probably a member of the Order of the Phoenix (Arabella Figg???) And, there is something weird about Ludo Bagman...there was no possible way that man was ever innocent and he only got off the hook because of his fame. I think everyone is overlooking something else. J.K.R has never REALLY put anything into her books that didn't have a purpose, like Rita Skeeter. The seemingly most insignifigant plot twist in the entire series must have something to do with something.

- (From Tracie) My theory is that Harry's blood running through Voldemort's veins will ultimately be his downfall, and that Dumbledore is aware of it. Supporting this is the fact that Hagrid has said something (in reference to Voldemort) to the effect of, "I don't think he has any human in 'im left", Dumbledore mentioned he irreparably separated from the boy he was during his stay in Albania, and Voldemort himself has boasted of his immortality on more than one occasion. Harry, though, is VERY human—perhaps this bit of humanity will lead to Voldemort's destruction, particularly if the rumors are true and Harry IS the heir of Gryffindor. I don't see the blood of Godric Gryffindor reacting too kindly with the blood of Salazar Slytherin.

- (From Adton) I disagree with Mischa's idea regarding Percy Weasley. So far Percy has been only a two-dimensional character. He has had no real involvement with Harry and is a self-conceited person, who has not had any trial by fire. Sure Harry has been over to his house and Percy won some money from Penelope by betting on Harry to win a Quidditch match, but there has not been any real friendship between them. I do agree, however that Percy could become a strong character but he needs to become more developed than he is right now. Until that happens, we won't know which way Percy will choose.

- (From Graeme) 1.) Harry will not be expelled. Although he breaks the rules about the misuse of Muggle artifacts in Book 2, because he keeps getting let-off.
2.) Harry is not immortal, or does not possess any similar traits passed on through blood lines. If he were, he would not have needed the reviving qualities of Fawkes when he is bitten by the snake in Book 2.
3.) Although the phoenix is a bird associated with imortality, this is probably a red herring, or what most people are hearing is leading them to make a wrong connection. I believe this is so because, the phoenix is more traditionally associated with rebirth and rennewal, as depicted by the cycle of death and birth, and it also has more to do with obtaining victory from defeat than immortality. Although it will probably play some part in the book, I do not believe that it will be the central plot, but more like a subplot.
4.) I think we will see Book 5 develop other aspects, having more of a focus on the different schools, so expect Krum and Fleur to pop up again, more conflict between Dumbledore and Fudge, and the racial tensions between the pure and non-pure blood lines. Other plot developments will probably be extensions of what was in previous books such as, Harry's past, the true nature of Snape, and a love story, perhaps. However, I'm sure J.K.R will have something totally new to delight us with as well.

- (From Mai Ling) Lupin may die since in Book 4, Voldemort gives Peter a silver arm and I don't know if you know this, but silver kills werewolves!

- (From Erica) Ok, do you remember in the fourth book, when Dumbledore says, "Molly, am I right in thinking I can count on you and Arthur?" And she replies, "Of course, it's just Arther's fondness for Muggles that has held him back at the Ministry." Well, this definitely means Arthur is going to be moving up at The Ministry. He will probably get into a new position, where he can assist Dumbledore during this period of time in the series.

- *(From Rick Murphy) This is just a thought, not REALLY a rumor. Dumbledore defeats a dark wizard in 1945, right? Well, in CoS, Tom Riddle's diary is fifty years old and in it, Tom is in his fifth year at Hogwarts. Well, I have heard from J.K.R on Biography on A&E, that she set the stories begining in the early 90s because that is when she came up with the idea for the story. Well, subtract 90 from 50 and you get the early 40s. What if after Tom gets out of Hogwarts, he becomes a pupil of this dark wizard, but then after Dumbledore defeats him, Voldemort becomes the leader. He is scared of Dumbledore because he defeated his master. Just a thought.

- (From John York) This isn't REALLY a rumor it is more of an idea. At first when I read Dumbledore was a supporter of you know who I thought no way and I still do. Then I read someones note say that Voldemort was scared of Dumbledore and that why would he be afraid of one of his own followers. I totally agreed. Then I thought to myself what if Voldemort isn't afraid of a follower but of a Master. I REALLY have no evidence to back my thought up it is just a hunch.

- (From Elizabeth) Okay no offense to the person who said this but I REALLY don't think Draco is a vampire. Draco is actually the Latin word for dragon. And about Dumbledore being evil, you would confide in the person you thought was Voldemort's greatest enemy, wouldn't you? So maybe it's all an act to get inside info from the Ministry, because it says in the first book that Fudge "pelts" Dumbledore with owls constantly. Just a guess.

- (From Matt J.) Remember in Book 1, on page 299, when Harry asks Dumbledore why Voldemort tried to kill him in the first place and Dumbledore sighs and says, "Not today. Not now. You will know, one day...put it from your mind for now, Harry. When you are older...I know you hate to hear this...when you are ready, you will know"? Does it sound almost as if Harry were the only person who could defeat Voldemort? That would meaning Harry would have a great responsibility, but would also hate it.

- *(From Dan Renny) I work at Scholastic and I've heard a few specific things about Book 5 of the Harry Potter series, entitled "The Order of Phoenix", and while the book is not complete, a few minor points of the book have been divulged. So, using my knowledge of the previous books, and what has been said 'officially' at work, I did a little research and constructed this editorial for the eager, and sometimes spoiled fans J.

This brief encounter with details of Book 5 could spoil some of you, but then again, due to the hype being put on the book for taking longer than usual to release, this should hopefully bring down any expectations of an epic blockbuster. That's not to say that the book won't be good - no, no, no - the book will be great, but. ok, I better explain.

Let me get to the point. There is no epic wizard war in the fifth book. This book will be the prologue, of sorts, to books 6 and 7, just as books 1, 2 and 3 were setting everything up before Voldermort's return in Book 4. There will be no serious changes to the school like Book 4, which was very internationally based (Eg. Going to the World Cup, foreign schools at Hogwarts). Book 5 will return to the quiet local style of the first three books, like when you stay indoors on a rainy day.

However, Book 5 is very dark. There will be great unrest and tension around the school, with the students and teachers alike knowing that the Dark Forces are rising again. Before the future struggles in Book 6 and 7, Book 5 will detail the battles that took place in Voldermort's prime, before he encountered Harry and was almost destroyed. As I was saying, there is great unrest because the Dark Forces are rising, but no Death Eaters mount an attack full-frontal on the school. Everything is quite comfortable for the kids this year. You'd think this was a good thing until strange things start happening to some students, in particular Neville Longbottom [you can quote me on that].

If this is getting a little too much, I'll say four words, then if you choose, you can never see the rest of this article ever again: "Chapter fourteen of Goblet." Perhaps you would like to read that before continuing this read - it is very important hint to Book 5. In this chapter, very dark things are happening that don't seem apparent. It deals with the unforgivable curses in which 'Moody' has great experience with, prior to coming to Hogwarts. However, it is Barty Crouch in that classroom, and he does something to our friend Neville, if you were paying attention: he cursed him. I won't spell it out to you, but notice how Moody/Crouch does the Imperius curse first, then Neville puts his hand up instantly to answer the next curse. This is definitely not something Neville would do - he's a wuss. The second interesting part, aside from his weird behaviour after class, is his red eyes Harry notices. And lastly, the creepy, unexplained scene at the very end of the chapter, where Harry is lying in bed, and since he can't hear Neville snore, assumes he must be awake too. Very eerie! Who's going on here? Obviously something is up with Neville. Let me detour for a moment. Read the connected The Order of the Phoenix theory.
Neville will be the Insider for Voldemort. He has been left under the Imperius curse by Crouch Jr throughout the holidays, and although he can still do things for himself, the turning point in book 5 comes when Harry and Co. find out about Neville's desire to place the Order of Phoenix for Voldemort (only Dumbledore knows how to order them to come to him). Voldermort takes over Crouch's remaining curse on Neville and makes him do anything. Neville will surprisingly lose his error-prone ways and become part of the Quidditch team. His skill will eventually promote him to captain, and give him the position to make Harry do dangerous things on field. It seems Barty Crouch Jr's plan in Book 4 was more intricate than he revealed. Read the connected character death theory.

In Conclusion:

- Chapter fourteen of Goblet sets up Book 5 somewhat.

- Book 5 will revolve around Neville Longbottom to some extent.

- Also, the connection will be made between Crouch Jr and the Longbottoms. Crouch was the Death Eater who submitted Neville's parents to the Cruciatus curse. I know some HP buffs would like to rip me up and say "Neville's father was submitted to the Cruciatus curse by Death Eaters, and that's why Neville knows about the curse in Ch14 of Goblet and put his hand up," but you have to look deeper than that.

- I repeat: there will be no attack on Hogwarts: no army of Death Eaters. Voldermort has only begun to rise, and he will need more time (at least this book and maybe the next) to gather more followers in secret. The Death Eaters will be out and about looking for some acquaintances in book 5. This will be known to Harry and Co. only through the Daily Prophet.

- A Phoenix to a wizard is like the Force to a Jedi Knight. It's a powerful tool, but Phoenixes do not make wizards immortal. It would make Harry's popularity meaningless as any person can stop death if they have the power of a phoenix. Though they are themselves immortal, phoenixes have only the power to heal and mend wizards, and that is what both Dumbledore and Voldemort want to savour for themselves and their allies. We saw what Fawkes did to Harry in Book 2:CoS. The Sorcerer/Philosopher's stone is the only known object to stop death, and no one with any magical powers can stop the Avada Kedevra curse (with the exception of that miracle of Harry's).

- When Voldemort dies in Book 7, Harry's scar fades. [I highly endorse this theory]

- And lastly, Book 5 is the calm before the storm. Remember that if you expected a Quidditch World Cup, a Tri-wizard tournament, and three Quidditch matches in Book 5. It's not that sort of book.

- (From Sargent81) About Harry being immortal, I think that's untrue because if it were, Snape wouldn't have any reason to protect him at the Quidditch match—unless they don't know he's immortal. Then again, if James knew about the immortality thing (since the rumors say he's the one, who passed it onto Harry), he wouldn't worry about Harry and tell Lily to escape.

- (From Annemarie) I think that in the upcoming books, Neville will be the one who is enticed over to the dark side. Everything in these books is cyclical and Harry has always been compared to his father. Harry's closest friends are much like those that James had at school: Lupin and Sirius, with Peter "always following them around", as McGonagall (I think) said in Book 3. Meanwhile, Harry has Ron and Hermione, and on the periphery—Neville. Peter and Neville are strikingly similar characters (easy to manipulate for one, overweight, not too popular, terrible at studies—after all while Sirius and James Potter managed to turn themselves into noble animals all he could manage was a rat), classic nerdy type, etc. And when Harry sees an old photo of Pettigrew, it reminds him of Neville. Remember that Neville's also been used to try to influence Harry before, when Barty Crouch, Jr., as Moody, with the book about gillyweed. It didn't work, but he's in a perfect position to spy on Harry without being suspected. Other people think he's stupid, he's vulnerable and he, like Harry has lost his parents to Voldemort, and You-Know-Who might try to use this to his advantage, offering to bring his parents back and give him special powers to make him more popular with his peers. This would tie in with the Captain of the Quidditch team theory too!

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 Back-Talkings About The Potter Family

- *The background of Lily Potter will be explored, plus a great revelation will be made.

- (From smartguy41490) I cannot reveal my real name because I would get in a lot of trouble. All I can say is that I have very close ties with Scholastic. VERY close ties. Anyway, Harry's Aunt Petunia is a witch and everybody thinks Dudley has wizard in him but he doesn't. Well, he might since his mother is a witch.

- (From Natalie S.) I think that the four original Hogwarts founders might have been related. Maybe they were first cousins or something and their grandparents' surname was Hogwarts? That would explain why Voldemort, the heir of Slytherin, who separated from the other three after an argument with Gryffindor, would want to kill James and Harry Potter, the supposed Heirs of Gryffindor. Dumbledore said that an ancient magic was used to protect Harry after his parents died. Family magic, perhaps?

- *(From Navarre) Aunt Petunia seems to be hiding something from everyone, including her own husband, Vernon. Hasn't it ever seemed just a little strange that Petunia and Lily don't look anything alike? Petunia has blonde hair while her sister has red hair, like the Weasleys. It may be a possibility that Lily is related to the Weasleys, after all Mrs. Weasely does have a second cousin who is an accountant, but he isn't talked about much. There is also the possibility that Lily and Petunia are just half-sisters, possibly having the same mother (a witch), but different fathers.

- *(From Navarre) As we all know, Lily Potter is a witch, but did it ever occur to you that Petunia may be one as well? She could easily have hidden it from everyone. Petunia said that her sister was perfect and it seems to loathe her sister. Maybe it's because her Lily was better than her in the magical arts. Furious with her, she pretends to be a Muggle and only tells Vernon it was her sister that was a witch. Maybe Dudley has powers too or maybe he's a squib, like Filch. Have you noticed how she panics every time Dudley throws a tantrum or is upset or mad? Maybe that's how his powers will appear, like Harry. So she constantly buys him gifts so that no one will discover her secret.

- (From Rick Murphy) I was just reading GoF for the tenth time and I noticed something weird that might have something to do with the next book. I have heard rumors about how we will find out what Harry's dad did for a job. Well, in the Quidditch World Cup chapter, Mr. Weasley is telling Harry what some witches and wizards do for The Ministry. Well a couple of wizards were called Unspeakables, and they were from the Department of Mysteries. No one knew what they were up to. Well, what if Harry's dad worked in that department. No one would know what he did, would they? Also, I think that Harry will visit The Ministry this year. I imagine a place like congress or something.

- (From SmegheadNicole) Having read the first four books a dozen times, I've noticed something that sounds like foreshadowing. Remember in Book 2, when Harry meets Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets and Tom goes on about how he and Harry are so much alike? Well, he went as far as to say that they looked alike. That got me thinking; we don't know what Voldemort's mother's name was because she named him after his father. She could have been a Potter. And that might be why he wanted to kill James and Harry; they were the last of the Potters, the last of his family. And he wasn't going to kill Lily because she wasn't really related to him, just by marriage. And he wants to kill them all off because they didn't take him in after his mother died, he was sent to a muggle orphanage. Maybe they did this because they didn't like Mudbloods, something that would say that the Potters weren't as terrific as everyone thought. I mean, they are an old wizarding family because J.K. Rowling has said that James got his money from his family, so they must have been wizards to have wizard money. And old wizarding familys have secrets and house elfs.

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 "But, Harry, I thought you loved me!"

- Hermione will fall madly in love w/ Ron and date him for the entire fifth book. That's possible because on different sites, J. K. Rowling has hinted that in the books Ron and Hermione will date.

- In Book 5 Harry and Hermione will fall in love or at least start to like each other more for the reason of in the end of the 4th book when they left the station she kissed him on the cheek and it specifically talked about how that was the first time that they kissed.

- Hermione and Ron fall for each other or at least Ron falls for Hermione because remember in Book 4 how jealous Ron was of Krum?

- Hermione will visit Viktor Krum over the summer, and that Ron will be REALLY jealous. I think when Harry goes to stay with Ron over the summer, Hermione will write them letters from Krum's house and that'll REALLY upset Ron!

- Harry and Ginny will go out, and that in an interview Rowling said that Harry would go out with someone that had been in all of ther books, but it wouldn't be Hermione. Ginny was in all of the books and she likes Harry anyway so she thinks it will be her. Very interesting, Amanda!

- Ok this is pretty confusing so read carefully! Hermione sort of has fellings for Harry. She's shown them since the first book when she hugged him goodbye in the potion chamber(ya know in the part where she went through one flame set and he went the other way). BUT...Ron likes Hermione. His simple hints of jealousy show this. Now what about Krum. First if all he's almost eighteen and Hermione is only fifteen. Can I say illegal? Their relationship shall end soon putting him out of the picture. This creates a tangled Love Web between Harry, Ron, and Hremione. Somehow I know that Hermione will end up with Ron. It's obvious. PS: Harry and Hermione can't end up together because Rowling said so in an interview.

- (From neon_noodlez) It will be told that Snape hated Harry because he was the son of James Potter, the one who took away Snape's first love (Lily). And also because James and Sirius always excluded Snape in their antics (escaping to Hogsmead with the Marauder's Map, etc.). James also hated Snape because he always squealed on him and Sirius.

- (From Emily) A friend of mine, knowing I liked HP told me about a program that she had caught the end of on Channel 4. Apparantly they said that there are a lot of similarities to the story of Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur. In case you are not familiar Arthur and Lancelot were best friends. Arthur was married to Guinevere and Guinevere had an affair with Lancelot which caused the downfall of Camelot (in a nutshell). Could it be Ron, Harry and Hermione? Another of my friends is convinced that Ron will go over to the dark side for a short while. Think about it. His best friend is famous, Bill, Charlie and Percy have always done well academically, Fred and George I think will become rich, Ginny is the only girl; Ron has always been in their shadow. Voldermort may offer him powers to make him succesful in that way. I don't think it will be a permanent thing, but I think that Hermione may show feelings for Harry which will tip him over the edge. Ron however will end up with Hermione; it's inevitable.

- (From Nj103087) Considering the whole Love Web: Harry's father, James, had hair of pitch black. Harry's mother, Lily, was a redhead. As a large leap of faith, this could continue. Redhead-woman could be Hermione, or Ginny. Notice in the fourth book, Hermione goes steady with Krum? Krum is turning eighteen soon, and that is illegal. Or, if worst comes to worst, they can get engaged (though very unlikely.) Ron was jealous of Krum because he is a National Quidditch Player. So far from I have read, Ron doesn't have an indication of passion for her. Harry, however, doesn't seem to mind the Quidditch Player. If Hermione is attracted to Quidditch Players, (even though that wasn't in the first place, but, maybe,) then Harry's next. Yes, Ginny is a fan of Harry's, but that is because what he's gone through. Ginny did not hint to Harry about the Yule Ball. The only thing she said about it was that she was going with Neville. Yes, J.K. said Harry will not be with Hermione, but, she said that for the fifth book. Maybe they do have a future? By astrology, Leo (Harry) and Virgo (Hermione,) are compatible. Then again, Pisces (Ron) is least compatible with Virgo (Hermione.) Who knows...

- (From Dom) I don't actually have any sources, it's just some questions and ideas. Everyone seems to be saying that the Hermoine/Krum thing can't develop because Krum is 18, and that's illegal. Well, it's not illegal for them to go out with each other, and remember J.K Rowling is English; the book is set in England, although J.K has got the ages slightly out, as Harry is very young to be in the year group that he is (only just old enough). In Book 4, Krum says that he prefers Hogwarts, and then Karkaroff flees, so Krum would be able to leave Durmstrang as Karkaroff wouldn't leave him alone while he was there. Also, what will happen to Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, considering that Madam Maxime went with Hagrid to get the other giants and Karkaroff has fled? They probably have deputies as well, but we don't know what they are like, and this may be important with Durmstrang since they're "obsessed" with the Dark Arts. I don't think that it will be Harry who kills Voldemort, because remember what was said in Book 4, when two brother wands come together, they don't work properly. Also, the cores of both Voldemort and Harry's wands came from Fawkes the Phoenix, which symbolizes immortality, so maybe neither of them can die until one of them has children and passes the immortality on to someone else. We're also never REALLY told why Dumbledore is the only one who Volemort fears, so maybe this will play an important part in the next books.

- (From Trilynn) I REALLY don't think that Harry and Hermione will hook up in this book. Although everyone brings up that Hermione kissed Harry at the end of Book 4, a) if my best friend had gone through what Harry had gone through, and I wouldn't be seeing him for two months, and there was a psychopathic powerful madman like Voldemort after him, I'd probably kiss my friend too, b) come on, it was on the cheek; by today's standards, that's nothing. Besides, I think that Hermione and Ron are the ones who will start dating. Both reacted quite jealously when the other started showing interest in someone else; Ron with Krum, and Hermione with Fleur. I think Hermione knows that she likes Ron, by her reaction to Ron's jealousy of the Yule Ball situation, but Ron hasn't figured it out yet or he doesn't want to get into a relationship or something. I think that the two will finally get everything straightened out in the next book, but that doesn't mean that Harry can't come into the picture.

- (From Keith Brett) I saw someone mention Susan Bones and I believe this girl will be Harry's love interest in the future books. Reasons being her family was killed by Voldie and she is then in the same situation as Harry, this would bring them quite close. Also in typical "J.K. style", the name has been dropped in here and there throughout the books; in Book 1, by Hagrid when he tells Harry that his familly wasnt the only one destroyed by Voldemort and in Book 4, in the pensieve thing. But the thing that gave me the greatest conviction for the theory was in the first movie. Okay, during the Sorting scene, all the main characters are sorted, including: Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Malfoy, but for some reason they include....Susan Bones! And this girl happens to have RED hair and GREEN eyes, a bit like a certain someone's mother and be sure to listen for the change in music too! Now maybe she is a descendent of the Hufflepuff (explaining the powerful family and why Voldemort killed them) and maybe we will meet a Ravenclaw descendant and they will have to team up to fight Voldie at some point.

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 I Tell You, It's July!

- It's due out sometime in 2002 (possibly in July)

- *It's been "confirmed" by Bloomsbury, that Book 5 has been postponed until 2003 (around June).

- * (From Emily S.) I REALLY can't reveal my sources cause I will get in trouble at work, but we publish a magazine which has strong ties with Warner Bros. Apparantly, Book 5 has been put off until 2003. This is due to basically Warner Bros. wanted to make as much money as possbile from all the licensing from the 2nd film. This does come from a good source at Warner Bros. It is hush hush though. Apparantly their story is, that the book hasn't been finished. That is a lie! I was gutted!

- (From Lacey F.) Okay, what I'm thinking is that JK isn't really upset about how the fifth book is coming out, she's actually in the process of writing the sixth book and not telling anyone. I know, I know, this is completely out of nowhere, but wouldn't that be great if that were true. I mean think about it. If she could write a 700 page book in less than a year, why would it take her three years to write one that is shorter than it? Maybe what she's doing is writing the sixth book right now and she just hasn't told anyone. Then when she does announce that the book is done, she will surprise us all by telling us that there are actually two books being released at once! That would definately appeal to her audience, as well as, I'm sure, herself, because maybe people would give her a little bit of a break to finish the seventh and last book! I know, this is another weird and crazy rumor out of the blue, but it is something nice to hope for!

- *According to recent reports, Book 5 might actually have a Christmas 2002 release, if not a January or Feburary 2003 one.

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 More Debated Than A Quidditch Game Itself

- Since Wood has left Hogwarts Harry will be made Quidditch captain because he is in 5th year in the next book.

- *J.K. Rowling said in an interview that we will be "very surprised" at who the new Quidditch captain is. This suggests to me that it isn't Harry as he seems the obvious choice.

- (From Texaschic12687) Well, I heard that in a recent interview, Rowling said that "we would be very surprised" about who was going to be the Quidditch team captain. That pretty much rules out Harry as captain. Wood, the Weasley twins, Angelina, and I THINK the rest of the team graduated, then there has to be some new additions to the team. So....I think that Ron will be team captain! Possibly, right?

- (From Mads) I have heard that the Quidditch captain will be a First year or Ginny Weasley and if it is Ginny, she will die during a match.

- (From Lianne) Mischa said that the next Quidditch captain would be Neville. I totally object. First of all in the first book it said that Nevilles broom did not come up but just roll in circles. I also looked in a postcard book for the movie and looked at the first flying lesson. I looked carefully at the person next to Hermione. I looked there because his broom went up the same time that Harry's one came up. I found out it was Seamus Finnigan. And also if you read the other rumor about the Quidditch captain carefully it says that the person is good at flying. Thats Not Neville!

- (From Allison) I know it probably doesn't mean much, but I second Mischa's theory on the Quidditch captain being Neville. I remember reading in the books (I'm not sure which one, and that's the problem...) a comment made by one of the trio (?), regarding Hagrid. She says something to the effect of when Hagrid betrays Dumbledore, Neville will play Quidditch in the World Cup (it was said in the "when pigs fly" kind of way, in jest). When I read it, it seemed to have a prophetic ring to it - you know, one of those statements that appears innocent, but REALLY is hinting to what's to come (like Voldy's, my followers would give up their right hands kind of thing). And if he's good enough to play in the Quidditch World Cup, surely he'd be the Quidditch captain in Hogwarts?

- (From Michael) New Gryffindor Quiddich captain: One of the Creevey brothers (probably the youngest one). It's not going to be anyone obvious J.K.R has said, and I don't think it is going to be Neville, since I think he is going to be a professor later on.

- (From Trilynn) All right, to go along with the Quidditch captain scenarios, I have to agree with the rumor that Seamus Finnigan will be captain. Not only is he one of the few people whose broom came up when he told it to in the movie, but also in Chapter 9 of Book 1, before their first flying lesson, it says from "the way Seamus Finnigan told it, he'd spent most of his childhood zooming around the countryside on his broomstick." Now, I know he could be exaggerating, but isn't it just like J.K. to make a brief reference to something or someone in one book, and bring it up in her later books, like she did with Sirius Black? That's why I believe that Seamus will be the next Quidditch captain, not Neville who can't even fly straight.

- (From Graeme) With regards to the Quidditch team, there will be four places up for grabs due to Wood and the 3 girls leaving. I believe that Ron and Seamus are guaranteed to be two of the new team members. Firstly, Ron has always showed to be an avid fan and player. Secondly, Seamus, because in Book 1, he is portrayed as being a natural and had one of the few brooms to immediately behave as it should. The other two candidates are more difficult to pick out, but Dean is a possibility as he's also a natural sports fan. I would discount Neville as he has both not shown any aptitude towards flying and apart from general support for the sport, he also hasn't displayed any particular interest in playing it. I would also discount Ron's sister for the same reason, although she is more likely than Neville.

- (From Kenneth Smith) The proposition of Neville becoming Quidditch captain is an idea that made me ponder upon the prospect of it being possible. According to Mischa's third theory, Neville is the one who did not have trouble with flying. "Well no," you say when it comes to your realization that Neville did have trouble controlling his broom—now this is the whole reason I am writing this—what if Neville's broom was bewitched? That would explain why he had no trouble getting on but so much trouble flying. Ahh, you get it now or maybe he just got a bad broom? How do you know he didn't?

- (From Brigette) My friend, Katie and I, have reason to believe the person to become the next Quidditch captain is Ron Weasley. We back this up with the thought of Ron being a HUGE fan of the game—even if he wasn't the first person to get his broom up in the lesson. Just because he isn't mentioned in the books as having much flying practice, doesn't mean a thing; Harry didn't have any practice either, because he'd never even heard of the game before he went to Hogwarts. Anyways, the only reason I think Ron isn't already on the team already, is because all of the spots were filled. Just think about it...with all of the people gone from the team this coming year, they'll need all the new people they can get. Even if he isn't captain, I am almost certain he will be on the team.

- (From Lij's Lil' Devil) I don't really have this all figured out yet, but I think Oliver Wood is going to have a big part coming up. You know, even though he ended his Hogwarts education at the end of Book 3, he still came back in Book 4, and he told Harry about his opportunity to play for this England Quidditch team when they were at the World Cup. So I think that Oliver will become a famous player like Krum (but maybe not as famous). I know this is all blurry, and I didn't have a chance to really think about it, but it's a theory.

- (From Luda2002) I think Hermione will be the next Quidditch captain. Im not sure who else will be in the team, but it makes sense, since Hermione likes to be good at everything, though the only thing she's ever failed at is Divination. And if she really does like Harry, it would mean they could spend more time together, and wouldn't it make Ron more jealous? And... what about Krum? If he was to move to Hogwarts (he says he perfers it there) wouldnt he be in the team? Its just a thought but, you never know!

- (From StageSage2) Oliver has already gone, right? Well Fred and George, Katie Bell, Angelina Jhonson, and Alicia Spinnet only have one more year at Hogwarts, and when they go, Harry's left. I think that would sort of be a reason to make him captain and he would probably have a proper say in who should fill in the rest of the team. This might not be as hard as you'd think and it seems a lot like a foreshadowing of some sort. Think about it—Ron, Nevlle, Seamus, etc, would want to tryout, but if they all are not suitable, how will Harry break it to him (if he decides to)? This leaves and opportunity for some of the Gryffindor hopefuls to have a grudge against him. And supposing this is partially true, Voldemort would have a pretty good chance to approach any of them, making them good at Quidditch, and of course, get even closer to Harry.

- (From Lacey F.) I think that it will either be Seamus Finnigan (which I know has already been said), or Dean Thomas. I know this may seem kind of strange, but when you think about it, since JK said that we would be "Very surprised at who the new Quidditch Captain will be," it would make sense that Dean would be that person. Since he wasn't brought up a wizard, he never knew of the game until he got to Hogwarts. Also, it would make it all the more surprising since he has always seems to be so much more interested in soccer. But maybe all of his time at Hogwarts has interested him enough to want to play Quidditch. It's just a theory!

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