November 10, 2004

New Screenwriter For Order of the Phoenix

According to producer David Heyman, Steven Kloves, who wrote the first four "Harry Potter" screenplays will be stepping aside for the fifth installment in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, to return to directing. Kloves wrote and directed the popular 1989 film The Fabulous Baker Boys with Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff and Beau Bridges, and he is anxious to get back into directing by adapting Mark Haddon's best-selling novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which Heyman will also produce.

Heyman will be working with writer Michael Goldenberg on the script for "Order of the Phoenix," with the usual final approval by J.K. Rowling herself. Goldenberg wrote Jodie Foster's Contact, the 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan, as well as the screenplay for the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are film, which is to be directed by Spike Jonze.

At the time of this writing, the plans are to start shooting "Order of the Phoenix" in January 2006 for a Spring or Fall 2007 release. A director should hopefully be announced by the end of the year.

Source: Coming Soon!

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November 09, 2004

HP4U Set Report

A huge thanks to iHP reader Elizabeth D. for sending in this tip -

HP4U has posted a new set report, complete with pictures which you can see at the link.

Here's an excerpt:

Considering there were only, to my knowledge, 5 onlookers to the set, security has been tightened considerably from last year. Absolutely no chance of photographs was the common WB line, so in not wanting to upset anyone we left it alone. I did however try to capture some of the scenes and the backgrounds used to give you a general feel of what was happening, these images can be found below, ask if you wish to use them or at least give credit.
What do you all want to know then? Dan looked great, wearing grey trousers and black hoody. I caught him walking back to the set, enough time to say 'hi'. Emma also, back in another pink top for Hermione? And finally Bonnie, wonderful as usual and always time for a two minute chat. I even managed a quick signature.
Boy, one of Daniels' doubles really is the 'double' of him, for five minutes I thought I was watching the real Daniel in shot, but, you guessed it...............
Today's scene was some type of conversation between Dan, Emma & Bonnie, sat on a log type of creation right next to the lake, I could only really think it resembled a scene of contemplation for Harry, maybe at the end of the second task in GoF? Not sure on that as I was allowed only to watch for five or so minutes, but Iwas watching from two great positions, first about 20' away to the left of the filming, then after taking a bit of a detour I sat on a bench right in the middle of the action (if you can call it that) with the crew.

Click "More" to see some more... (Thanks, HP4U - and the pictures of the set are pretty cool, so check them out at the link above)...

I was hoping (as with last year) that the cast would go back to their trailers for lunch but everything this time was done 'on the move' because of the limited filming time and only 1 day to do it in. It's now dark in the UK by 5pm these days!
Considering the amount of work that goes into one shot and one scene it's always amazing no matter how many times you witness it, the hundreds of crew, staff, people it takes to get all this prepared. I didn't see Mike Newell there, but I did watch the set being dressed....

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