November 03, 2004

Christmas Gifts for the HP fan

If you have a Harry Potter fanatic on your Christmas list, and money is no option, check this site out. noble You're sure to find something they don't have!

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November 02, 2004

11k for one inch HP book

The leather bound one inch Harry Potter book, which included pictures of Harry's witch's hat, broomstick and wire-rimmed spectacles was sold as part of a charity auction at Sothebys.
The item was the third most expensive lot, Rowling being outdone only by contributions from Muhammad Ali and Sir Paul McCartney.
The auction raised 125,000 for a homeless charity.
Read more at the Sun Newspaper online.

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Today is Election Day in the United States. I hope all of our viewers who are eligible to vote in today's elections take the time to do so.

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November 01, 2004

HP Quiz

Take the BBC Quiz and see how much you remember. I got 12/14 right. I have a "magical memory" according to the BBC. Of course they didn't ask how many times I saw the movie!

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Does Harry need to declare his faith?

St Andrews is sponsoring a debate of whether Harry Potter is Chistian or not. Did they ever question Tolkien or C.S. Lewis? Why is Harry such a problem? All these books discuss magic and good over evil. So why is HP such a thorn in the side of the christian community when Lewis and Tolkien are heralded as great christian writers?

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New Wizard of the month has named a new wizard of the month: Devlin Whitehorn the founder of the nimbus 2000 broom company.

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October 31, 2004

The Door is Open Once Again!

The door has opened once again at and reveals a surprise from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! A big thanks to forum members Shruti and Silver Phoenix.

If you're really, really stuck, click "More" to find out how to get to the new stuff (thanks HUGELY to HPANA.)

  • Click on the hairpiece on Rowling's desk
  • The 'Do Not Disturb' sign is gone - Wait a few minutes
  • After a while, Peeves will appear and will knock over a flower vase and several keys will appear
  • Pick up each one of the keys and insert them into the keyhole on the door until one fits
  • The door will open and you will see Rowling's desk
  • Open the drawer in the table, take the magnifying glass, and with it, look at the folder on the left side of the table a riddle will appear.

    Here's the riddle (highlight to read):

    One by one we come to life
    The side-by-side we wait
    While our company swells in numbers
    (Some come early, some come late)
    And some of us may bore you
    And some of us enthral
    But you cannot choose between us
    You must take us one and all
    We'll be bound together tightly
    For we're naught if we break free
    If you'd like some clues about is
    Simply answer: WHO ARE WE?"
    Read below for answer:
    The answer is: "chapters"

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