October 30, 2004

No, I'm Not Dead...

Hey everyone, Jasen here. You've probably noticed that the site's been lacking in news updates and such, but don't be alarmed--I haven't abandoned iHP. Though, I have gotten *insanely* busy these past two months and will continue to be for at least two-three more as I am handling numerous offline matters (college applications, that sort of rubbish).

I completely understand if you're frustrated because of the less-frequent updates--believe me, I'd be too if I were a reader. But I ask that you please bear with me as not only myself, but a few of the other staff members have also grown very, very busy. We're definitely doing our best to keep up with the HP world.

Checking my e-mail, I was stunned to find over 800 e-mails--all spam, of course, which I deleted, save a few here and there. So if you sent me an e-mail in the last...let's say two weeks or so, you might want to send it again. Sorry about that! ;p

Anywho, updates ARE coming. The main thing we're in dire need of right now, however, is a committed news staff, so if you're interested in becoming a news poster for this site (that'll help me out greatly with the news updates), please check out this link and more details.

Thanks for your understanding,

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Ministry Census: Literary Genres

The results for the last census are in, and remember to cast your vote in the new one!

What other literary genres (besides fantasy) do you enjoy reading?

21 % 22 % 38 % 12 % 7 %
Responses Votes
Science Fiction 197
Romance 207
Mystery/Thriller 366
Horror 119
Non-fiction 69
Total Votes: 958
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A Very Harry Halloween Event

Chester Local News:

The Friends of the Library and the staff of the Chester Public Library are inviting everyone to attend a Harry Potter Spooktacular event on Saturday, October 30.

Tickets for the event is a $5 donation. Doors will open at 9:30pm and those attending should use the rear entrance to the library. The sorting ceremony will begin at 10pm. Games and events will take place from 10:30pm to 11:30pm. Then a snack banquet will be held at 11:30pm followed by the House Cup Awards at midnight.

Proceeds from the event will be used to support programming at the Chester Public Library. A very limited amount of tickets are available so phone 826-3711 for more information.

Posted by Jasen at 02:29 AM

Cartoon: Why Snape Hates Harry

Hi, this is sci-fi/fantasy cartoonist John Cook. Just letting you know I've posted a new Harry Potter cartoon. This one finally explains just why Professor Snape hates Harry Potter so much.

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New Wizard Diaries Entry

If you didn't know already, iHP staff writer, Alice, has written her latest "Hermione" entry for Wizard Diaries, which you can check out right here!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Happy Birthday To...

We've got some belated birthday wishes to be sent:

The first goes out to John Cleese (Nearly-Headless Nick) who turned 65 this past Wednesday; Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan) who turned 16 on Thursday; Robert Hardy (Cornelius Fudge) who turned 79 yesterday; and finally, Molly Weasley!

May your birthdays be merry and bright :)

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October 27, 2004

Harry Potter Gaming Helps Kids Learn

Here is an interesting tidbit for all fans/parents. According to 123Bharath.com, a research study from London University has shown that children interested in video games excel in subjects such as English and Math. The study also recommends that video games should be included in the school curriculum. Harry Potter was recommended for children ages 10 - 12.

Read more at the link.

Posted by Andrew at 11:07 PM

October 25, 2004

POA Video Game Too Easy? According to the Indianapolis Star It Is.

The Indianapolis Star has posted a review of the POA video game. The popular newspaper states that die-hard video gamers will be disappointed by the easy level of difficulty. However, the newspaper also states that HP fans won't be disappointed.

Read more at the link above.

Posted by Andrew at 08:22 PM

Harry Potter Video Game Developer Suspends Shares

According to The Register, Harry Potter video game developer Argonaut Games PLC temporarily suspended their shares due to a poor earnings period so far in 2004. However, the company is confident that an early sale could be coming up. What does this mean for the Harry Potter gamers? It means that it may be a long time before any new HP games will be released.

Read more at the link.

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October 24, 2004

Why translate Harry Potter to Ancient Greek?

An article from the Wall Street Journal Editorial page considers the reasons for the upcoming release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Ancient Greek translation:

In one sense, the mere act of translating Harry Potter into dead languages helps to breathe some life into them. The translation is "probably the longest bit of Ancient Greek that's been put together for the last few hundred years," and maybe longer than that--possibly "a millennium or more," Mr. Wilson notes. And if nothing else, "Hareios Poter Kai he tou Philosophou Lithos," will give struggling students of classical languages something to read besides Aeschylus and Aristotle.

Read more at the link above! Thanks to Mugglenet for the heads up.

Posted by iruhkoi at 09:13 AM

Harry's classmates

Thanks to Veritaserum we have a list Jo flashed to the camera containing names of Harry's classmates, their houses, and heritage! Go to the link above for the scoop.

Posted by Deb at 01:04 AM