October 11, 2004

New Robert Pattinson Picture

Thanks to iHP reader Angie, who writes in to say that Robert-Pattinson.com has a new picture of the actor, who will portray Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (See the picture here.)

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Happy Birthday, Dawn French!

Happy Birthday to actress Dawn French, who plays the Fat Lady in the Harry Potter movies. Born on October 11, 1957, she is 47 years old today. Best wishes!

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Ever Wonder Who'll Make The Goblet of Fire Burn?

Well, maybe I didn't word that question correctly...

The next Harry Potter movie will have a distinctly Aussie input with a local company creating its digital animation. Rising Sun Pictures - with offices in Redfern and Adelaide - learned yesterday it would be in charge of animating key scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

It will animate the movie's centrepiece effect - the flaming goblet of fire.

The movie is in production in Britain and is due for international release in November next year.

NSW Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and Campbelltown MP Graham West said the contract was a glowing endorsement of Australia's reputation for animation and visual effects.

Source: News.com.au

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. Or Do They?

Waiting for Half-Blood Prince.... just like the rest of us? For those of you who haven't checked it out, Opinari writer Andrew recently posted a new Minute Musings article. Check it out here!

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CBBC Newsround: Sneak Peak at PoA DVD!

Lizo Mzimba of CBBC Newsround got a sneak peak at the upcoming Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, set to be release in the UK on November 19, and in the United States on November 23.

Lizo was one of the first people in the world to get a glimpse of what's on it, and here are some of the best bits. There are three deleted scenes including a cool one inside the great hall, as well as lots of interviews with the stars of the film.

There are technical insights too, with special effects teams explaining how Buckbeak was brought to life. They also explain how the Dementors made their way from the drawing board to the screen. But eager Potter fans will also be racing straight for the interviews with JK Rowling and Alfonso Cuaron for some very interesting information.

CBBC Newsround image.

Using an on-screen Marauder's Map, it allows you to explore different features in four basic areas.

  • Divination Class
  • The Great Hall
  • Hogwarts Grounds
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts

    The article goes on to mention much, much, much more about all the aspects of the DVD. See the exclusive at CBBC Newsround at the link above.

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  • October 10, 2004

    A Character To Die In Book 6!

    New York Post reportS:

    LONDON Someone's going to die in the next Harry Potter book, author J.K. Rowling said yesterday but readers won't know who until the next volume in the series about the young wizard hits the shelves.
    Asked on her official Web site whether she planned to kill off any more characters, Rowling replied, "Yes, sorry." But she refused to identify that character.

    "Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince" is due to be published next year.

    Potter himself is safe, at least for now. Rowling has previously said her teenage hero will survive until the seventh and final book in the series, but has refused to say whether he will reach adulthood.

    "You have to wait and see whether he survives to be a grown-up," Rowling said in August.

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    Screenshots of PoA DVD Menu

    HarryLatino has some great shots of the PoA DVD Menu - thanks, El Cronista de Salem!

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    PoA DVD Scoop

    HPANA has uncoverd information of what the long awaited DVD will open with. It will be the night bus and Ernie. Read it here.

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    Sofia Awaits 2nd Potter Party

    The second Bulgarian Harry Potter fans meeting will take place November 27 in Sofia Land amusement park.

    Special contests for best Harry Potter costume, best drawing, a PlayStation Quidditch tournament and many other interesting events.

    Hundreds of Harry Potter fans gathered in Sofia on their first-ever national meeting June 5. The second meeting is also expected to enjoy great interest among the Bulgarian fans of the small magician.

    Source: Novinite

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    Harry Potter Still #1 At Newsround

    Harry Potter is still riding high this week in Your Charts.
    It thrashed the competition in your fave thing chart with 20% of your votes, the closest contender for the crown was music with 14%.

    Rupert Grint is your fave celebrity for the second week running.

    He knocked Daniel Radcliffe off the top spot last week and is only just holding off his co-star, with just 1% more of the votes.

    More from Newsround.

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    Potter Books are Most Imaginative

    The Harry Potter books are the most imaginative kids' stories, according to a survey of 700 children.
    The 10-to-13-year-olds were asked their opinions in a poll for the Prince of Wales Arts & Kids Foundation's StoryQuest storytelling festival.

    JK Rowling's young wizard was followed on the list by The Lord of the Rings and the Tracy Beaker stories.

    Source: CBBC Newsround

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    David Hasselhoff up for Role in Potter?

    If rumours are to be believed that Baywatch star David Hasselhoff may star in the next Harry Porter movie. According to the Mirror, Hasselhoff may be a part of the fourth Harry Porter flick, Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire.

    The Knight Rider star was seen mingling with the cast at the Leavesden Studios in Watford, according to sources.

    This from Web India via The Mirror.

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    Family to make Harry Potter's Brooms

    Of late the Nash family in Hampshire, London have been working extra hard, because they have been chosen as the official broomstick suppliers for the next Harry Potter flick.

    The Nashs, who have a family business of making broomsticks, were spotted by the film's buyers when they saw their ad on the Internet and were immediately hired to make more than 80 brooms for the 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,' reports BBC.

    You can read much more at Web India.

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    Sexy Bad Boy

    Empire Magazine Has put forth their sexiest people alive poll. And Jason Issacs is on it according to leaky.

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