October 02, 2004

Ministry Census Results: Book 6 Release

The results from the last poll are in:

How soon do you think Book 6 will be released?

11 % 24 % 36 % 5 % 25 %
Responses Votes
Rowling must be bluffing--it *has* to be later this year! 134
Early next year 303
Later next year 451
Never! It'll never come out!! 57
I have absolutely no idea, I just hope it comes out soon. 315
Total Votes: 1260

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Chris Columbus Set to Direct (Another)...

This is in follow-up to a previous story...

Currently working on the movie adaptation of Rent, Harry Potter director Chris Colombus is set to get bent with Warner Bros.’ forthcoming Slanted And Enchanted. Based on a screenplay by Ben Queen, whose slim canon of work includes ‘vehicular homicide’ thriller Proximity, the movie’s central character is a pathological liar who thinks he’s managed to tame his fibbing inner demons.

Source: EmpireOnline.

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The Magic of Harry is Wearing Off...

... in Japan.

The magic of Harry Potter seems to be wearing off. Friday marked one month since the Japanese translation of "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix," the fifth volume in the fantasy novel series by British author J. K. Rowling, went on sale, but many bookshops say sales have been lower than expected.

The first print run for the two-volume set, published in Japan by Say-zan-sha Publications Ltd., was a record 2.9 million. But slow sales compared with those of previous volumes have disappointed booksellers and the publishing industry, which had high hopes for the new installment in the popular series.

Source: Daily Yomiuri via Wizard News.

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PoA DVD Launch Party

Reliable sources tell Leaky that the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD launch party will be held at The Honourable Society of Middle Temple in London, on Thursday, November 18. Cast and crew are expected to attend, though as Leaky mentions, WB has made no official word of attendees.

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Time-Turner to be Auctioned for Charity

Newsreader Jon Snow has donated one of his famous ties while author JK Rowling has provided Hermione Granger’s "time turner" from the Harry Potter film, the Prisoner of Azkaban.

These items (and more) will be auctioned at the Olympian's Ball in the Sheraton Grand in support of the Edinburgh Maggie's Center.

Maggie’s Olympian Ball aims to raise more than £55,000 for the Edinburgh Maggie’s Centre, which receives nearly 16,000 visits a year from people affected by cancer.

Source: Edinburgh Evening News

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"Why Are These Books Banned, Anyway?"

As this is (was) Banned Book Week (did you read Harry Potter this week?), a columnist at Sequential Tart argues against the banning of books - especially Harry Potter.

Now, if the books are so dangerous for their teachings of witchcraft, why haven't we heard of any children enacting spells on their peers and siblings? If these books are so dangerous, shouldn't the actual descriptions of witchcraft be useful to little witches and wizards?

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Chris Columbus Directs.....

..... not Harry Potter.

Instead of the check being picked up by Warner Bros., the Sony-based production company Revolution Studios will now shoulder the cost of making the big screen version of RENT. Chris Columbus remains attached to direct the film, which itself is based on the stage play by Jonathan Larson. Filming is scheduled to begin in the first part of next year for a holiday 2005 release.

More details from Cinescape.

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JKR: Third Highest Paid

In today's society, women have come to be much more respected than ever before. In a culture where money talks, women have become richer and more powerful, transforming from 1950s housewives to money-making machines.

J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, has become the third-highest-paid celebrity in the world, having sold 250 million books from the series.

And, on a side note, the highest paid is Oprah Winfrey, with a yearly salary of $210 million. (The Courier)

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Tourists Come to Alnwick for Castle, Garden

The magic goes beyond Alnwick Castle, which starred as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the "Harry Potter" movies.

A short walk from the medieval fortress in northeastern England, a new garden casts a spell over all who venture there. But don't expect the standard English park: a formal plot with polite plantings, hushed atmosphere and unspoken rule of look but don't touch.

The enchantment at Alnwick Garden lies in a plan so contemporary, interactive and fun that some gardening traditionalists complain that it verges on being a theme park.

More from NewYork Newsday.

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October 01, 2004

Updated: J. K. Rowling's Website

There is a new 'Wizard of the Month' at J. K. Rowling's website:

Glenda Chittock (1964 – present)

She is the popular hostess of the W. W. N. (Wizarding Wireless Network) televsion show "Witching Hour".

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September 28, 2004

ITV Granted Potter

ITV has secured the movie premieres of the Harry Potter franchise and The Matrix sequels under a new deal with film studio Warner Brothers.

The contract, announced today, covers films from the studio's 2003, 2004 and 2005 theatrical slate including Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...

The contract also covers upcoming films such as Ocean's 12 and The Polar Express. More from DigitalSpy.

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September 27, 2004

'Hogwart's Express' Tour

A new tour available from Rail Europe takes you to the magical castle of Harry Potter fame. The one-day Alnwick Castle and Gardens unescorted tour visits filming sites used in both Harry Potter films, "The Sorcerer's Stone" and "The Chamber of Secrets."

Travelers taking Rail Europe's Alnwick Castle and Gardens tour go by rail from London to Alnmouth through England's enchanting pastoral countryside and are transferred by private coach to the castle. The tour starts at 8:30 am from London's Kings Cross station and ends at approximately 9:45 pm. Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Rail Europe's Alnwick Castle and Gardens tour is offered daily except Sundays now through December 31, 2004. Trip features include train roundtrip from London to Alnmouth (1st and standard class options), private bus transfer from Alnmouth railway station to Alnwick Castle, reserved seats on the train to Alnmouth, independent visit to the filming site, including the castle and gardens.

Full article (castle history, prices, how to book) here

Via Yahoo News

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J.K.'s cousin insists he's the real Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling's cousin Ben is furious the Harry Potter author refuses to admit he was the inspiration for the schoolboy wizard or give him any of the $774 million she made from the books and films.

Ben, 37, was "inseparable" from the multi-millionaires writer while he was growing up, and insists he's the basis for her infamous character, debunking Rowling's claim she came up with the idea while stuck on a delayed train from Manchester to London.

He says, "When I read the first Harry Potter book, my jaw dropped. It was uncanny, far more than a coincidence. I know Jo based Harry on me. I can see so much of the young me in his character.

"We used to spend the weekends swapping stories of boarding school life. She was always fascinated about what I had been up to at school and used to love me telling her about the scrapes and escapades I had been involved in.

"Jo and I were inseparable and even today people stop me and tell me I look just like Harry Potter."

Teenage pictures of Ben reveal an uncanny resemblance to the actor Daniel Radcliffe who plays Potter on the big screen.

Source: Godrics Hollow

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September 26, 2004

Train bosses rapped as filming shuts line

RAIL bosses shut a scenic train line so the latest Harry Potter movie could be filmed.

September weekend trippers were diverted on to buses for an 80-minute journey back from the coast along a road that is single-track in places.

Angry locals described the move as 'madness'.

ScotRail were paid

around £50,000 to cancel the last trains from Mallaig to Fort William yesterday and today.

Hollywood executives booked the slot so the Hogwarts Express could be filmed once more on the line which crosses the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, near Fort William.

One local said: 'Closing the line on the September weekend is madness.'

But a ScotRail spokesman said: 'We managed to keep disruption to a minimum. Passengers got compensation in the form of rail vouchers and Harry Potter memorabilia. It's good for Scottish tourism.

'The number of passengers who would use these trains is small and the bus journey takes roughly the same time.'

With regard to the fee paid to ScotRail, he said: 'ScotRail aren't making money out of this but are covering costs.'

Meanwhile, around 100 Highland youngsters climbed aboard the express as extras for the new film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Pupils from local high schools were drafted in as more than 100 technicians and crew worked in Glenfinnan yesterday.

They shot sequences on the line and at the viaduct.

Source: Sunday Mail

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