September 25, 2004

Gonna Be Harry For Halloween?

There are so many puns with the name "Harry", aren't there?

Dania Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 23, 2004 -- Boys will be slinging webs this year as Spiderman, spinning spells as Harry Potter (news - web sites) and playing the part of a friendly ogre named Shrek for this coming Halloween. "Boys love the chance to be a super hero at Halloween time, and the stars of a trio of blockbuster movies will lead a path to neighborhood doors this year." said Shari Maxwell, Vice President of Marketing for leading Halloween Costume website

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Harry Potter + Relationships = Don't Mix

Onlypunjab reports:

The fantasy novels are a big turn-off for girls, warns a new survey by publishers Penguin, who say Potter and The Lord Of The Rings books are the worst reads to pack in your suitcase this summer reports the Daily Star.

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September 24, 2004

Dan wins Relly Award

Daniel has won, yet again, the Best Junior Achiever Award on Live with Regis and Kelly's second annual Relly awards. Daniel couldn't be there obviously, but he left a message of his acceptance.

"...It is an Honor to have won...I'm actually about to fight a dragon as of course we are filming the Goblet of Fire...Um so yes fantastic can't wait to see you next year!"

Congratulations Daniel! Here's to next year!

Update: has now the video and screencaptures of his Acceptance speech.

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September 22, 2004

No Percy in GoF

From Chris Rankin's Site

As I make a point of telling people the honest truth about things, I've got an update on Harry Potter...

Having been speaking to my agent about why I've not heard anything from Warner Brothers re Goblet of Fire, they've been making some enquiries into the legal side of not being used on the film, when I've been contracted to it... Turns out that my contract states that I was contracted to appear in Prisoner of Azkaban +1 more HP film - it doesn't have to be the next in the series (as we'd all presumed) - what this basically means is that we're unlikely to be seeing Percy in Goblet of Fire, but that doesn't mean that he won't be in another film along the lines of the series... but we might not!

See his full entry (non HP related stuff) here

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HP: 4th Most Popular Cinema-to-Video Game Adaptation... LOTR 1st

U TV online has posted an article about the recent success of the video game industry taking the big screen blockbusters and placing the control into the hands of the viewer. The Lord of the Rings trilogy came in first place, and the Harry Potter series came in fourth.

Read more at the link....

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Williams will NOT be GoF Composer

John Williams Fan Network has received confirmation from Warner Bros. that John Williams will not be composing the music for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The new composer signed for the movie will be Patrick Doyle who has previously worked with director Mike Newell on Donnie Brasko and Into the West.

Patrick Doyle is best known for his collaborations with actor/director Kenneth Branagh, having composed works for Henry V, Dead Again, Much Ado About Nothing, Frankenstein and Hamlet. He has also worked with Michael Gambon on Robert Altman's Gosford Park and with Alfonso Cuarón on A Little Princess.

Source: HPANA

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September 21, 2004

Are You a Nerd?

You've read Harry Potter. And, according to an Opinions column at the University of Connecticut's The Daily Campus, that would make you a nerd. Though some may beg to differ...

First off, let me say that while there are some who would argue that a nerd is not the same as a geek, for clarity purposes both terms will be used interchangeably. Now then, how many of you sat through at least one of the "Lord of the Rings" films? Shelled out nine bucks to see "Spiderman 2" or even opened up a Harry Potter book? Do you play more than one hour a week of video games? Beware, for these are all subject matter classically associated with nerds - that and social ineptitude.

More at the link.

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No Casting Plans for Phoenix

Despite talks with Indian film director Mira Nair for the position of director of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a new article at CBBC tell us that it's still too early for casting for the fifth movie.

"We don't have a script, director, start date or casting director and no one will be considered for any role until all these are in place.

"We don't want children to be disappointed, so we're asking them not to write into the studios. It would be a waste of their time."

Warner Bros. also told us that there's no point in trying to write in to be an extra in Goblet of Fire, as they're usually found through local schools or special agencies.

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September 20, 2004

Vote for iHarryPotter!

Yes, folks, that's right! Topsites has recently been reset, so vote for!

You know what to do:

And for those of you who don't know what to do, click on the link above and click on "Click here to vote!"

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Glasses Are 'Cool' Again...

Harry Potter and Spiderman have made kids' glasses cool again, a survey has revealed. More than 60 per cent of children whose mum or dad wear glasses like their parents' specs.

Children from High Wycombe said their favourite wearers were Harry Potter, Peter Parker aka Spiderman and Velma in Scooby Doo.

Mary Perkins, founder of Specsavers, who commissioned the survey with eye charity Eyecare Trust, said: "Times have moved on and wearing glasses has actually become cool at school thanks largely to fictional characters such as Harry Potter."

More from This is Local London.

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Kenneth Branagh Who?

Yes, that's right, people failed to notice him...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secets star Kenneth Branagh was left surprised last Thursday when officials at the American embassy in London failed to recognise him. The Oscar-winning film-maker was queuing for a work visa, but was taken aback when he got to the front of the queue only to be asked, "What do you do?"

So, 43-year-old Branagh adopted his best thespian voice and replied, "I'm an actor!"

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More (Much More) on Eastbourne Filming

Eastbourne Today has more on filming that occured this past week. Some interesting parts are underlined...

Executives from film-makers Warner Bros spent Wednesday afternoon and all of Thursday at three locations around the town. In an exclusive interview with the Eastbourne Herald, the film's location manager Sue Quinn told us why Eastbourne's picturesque downland was chosen as the setting. She also told us that the section filmed in Eastbourne plays an important part in the storyline.

Read much more at the link below...

Eastbourne was vying with two other towns to provide the location for this part of the film. Much of the movie is being shot in the studio this time round and none of the cast were in town during the filming. This footage will be used as back-drops. Ms Quinn said, 'We chose Eastbourne's downland because of its location. The setting close to the sea and the countryside was perfect for what we were looking for and I think it will look good in the film. 'The location is beautiful and the climate and weather were perfect today for what we were looking for. 'It's hard to say at this point in time how it will look on the screen and we wouldn't want to either.

Ms Quinn added, 'The filming we're doing in Eastbourne plays an important part in the film, for the section we're using the backdrops for. 'We'll be using blue screen technology so the actors will be imposed on the background scenery that we're filming here.' An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesman said, 'The council is delighted about the recent filming that has taken place on the downs. 'The work of the council's Film Unit and Downland Team ensured that Eastbourne was shown in a positive light when the film crew made visits to the area beforehand.

'This resulted in Eastbourne being their preferred location. 'People are interested when filming takes place and that interest is re-ignited when the film goes to the cinema, comes out on video and again on television. The long-term benefits for the town are enormous.'

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Absence of Potter Novel Yet Again Hurts Bloomsbury

Also on Tuesday, the absence of a new Harry Potter novel will have an impact on Bloomsbury Publishing, which is expected to say that half-year profits have fallen to £3.6m from £3.8m at the same stage last year.

Source: This is London

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Harry Potter © ® and ™

The Register has this interesting article about the protection of "Harry Potter"...

Warner Brothers is threatening legal action against tour company British Tours for daring to point out that some of Britain's most famous buildings were used in the films of the Harry Potter books.

"You are... offering 'Harry Potter Location Tours' [that] infringe our client's rights," read the first letter from the US film company's UK solicitors, Addleshaw Goddard. As such, British Tours was "deceiving customers". There was a "clear case of passing off of our clients' goodwill leading to a likelihood of substantial damage". Therefore, its only option was to stop immediately and sign the attached Form of Acknowledgement and Undertakings, within 11 days. Otherwise "we will... consider issuing proceedings against you immediately."

Read more at the link above!

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Happy (Belated)!

A very happy belated birthday to Hermione Granger, whose birthday, as JK Rowling points out, is - was - on September 19th! (Thanks, Shruti)

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