September 04, 2004

New Pics of Dan and Emma on GoF Set has snagged a few photos from the set of The Goblet of Fire, featuring Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, whom is sporting a rather Shaggy-esque hairdo.

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New Opinari Updates

The Moody's Eye column has been updated with a new editorial on the death of one of Book 5's major characters. Check it out over at Opinari!

And the September edition of The Mailbag is also up as well -- enjoy :)

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New Interact Game Online!

With the help of iHP staff, Bunny, I've managed to upload the Interact section's new Who Said That? game! Play it at the link.

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September 03, 2004

Gary Oldman NOT Starring In Star Wars

As previously reported earlier this year, Gary Oldman was rumored to have signed up to provide the voice of a villain in next year's "Star Wars" prequel. However, Oldman's manager's website has posted this update:

Gary Oldman's voice will NOT be heard in the upcoming STAR WARS film. Gary was offered, and agreed to perform in the film, in fact he was excited and looking forward to the work. The snag that made it impossible however is that this film is being made as a non-SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) film. George Lucas and gang agreed to hire Gary Oldman if he in fact would become a union buster, and perform work illegally overseas. As a resident of America, and also a member of SAG, out of respect and solidarity with the other members, he could not and would not consider violating his union's rules.

So there you have it -- Gary Oldman is officially out of Star Wars.

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...over at

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Book 5 Paperback Is No.1

NEW YORK, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Scholastic released the paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on August 10, 2004 and the book landed at #1 on best-seller lists in the media, at both national bookstore chains and independent bookstores, as well as on-line and mass market retailers. The book debuted at #1 on the August 19th USA Today's best-seller list as well and The New York Times best-seller list for the week of August 29. Additionally, the book is #1 on, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and the Book Sense children's best-seller lists.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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Good Guys Finish Last


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is shocked to discover that young female fans lust after the scoundrels in her books.

Rowling finds it unsettling that teenage girls are more attracted to actor Tom Felton, who plays villain Draco Malfoy, than they are to Daniel Radcliffe, who stars as the eponymous boy wizard.

She says, "It is very depressing. I make this hero -- Harry obviously -- and there he is on the screen, the perfect Harry, because Dan is very much how I imagine Harry.

"But who does every girl under the age of 15 fall in love with? Tom! I don't understand it."

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Zacharias Smith, Is That You?

Paul Smith writes:

"After having received news postings on over 30 International Harry Potter websites, and after giving 4 interviews, young english actor Daniel Hotchkiss has his mind set on the role. Fans from all over the globe want him to play the evil Zacharias Smith in OOTP, and Daniel has had a POSITIVE reply from an agency to get him into the Harry Potter franchise.

We are looking at a VERY likely future Zacharias Smith.

To view a picture click here.

This has NOT been confirmed at all, so take this with a large grain of salt.

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Chinese Order of the Phoenix

Popular around the global, Harry Potter, the bespectacled boy magician from England, had his magic in China as well, selling a total of 1.1 million copies of his new story in 2003.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" brought a sales of 5.9 million yuan (about 713,000 US dollars) across the country last year, helping its Chinese publisher, the People's Publishing House, get an award from the State Press Authority on Thursday.

Source: People's Daily Online

Posted by M17 at 04:23 PM Available in Japanese is now available in a Japanese version. Click the link to check it out.

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Harry Potter Caption Contest

John Cook writes in...

For the next week, I'm running a Harry Potter cartoon caption contest where you getto write the school motto for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. The entries are rated by readers with the funniest punchline voted on in a week's time. The contest ends Wed 8 Sep so come check out all the crazy submissions so far here.

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September 02, 2004

Harry Potter Stars to attend Collectormania 6

Harry Potter stars Matthew Lewis (Neville), Devon Murray (Seamus) and James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) have been added to the ever-growing guest list for Collectormania 6 taking place from Oct. 1 - 3 at Milton Keynes, in the UK.

Check out Collectormania's website for dates & times of appearances. There will also be a special 1-hour talk and Q&A on Sunday, Oct. 3 but details of guests have still to be posted.

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Isaacs home for Harry Potter film

Liverpool's Hollywood-based actor Jason Isaacs will be returning home - but just for a while and for the best of reasons....He is heading back to Britain to film the fourth Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Full article here

Source: icLiverpool

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August 31, 2004

Update: New Wizard of the Month

Today, J. K. Rowling updated her website with a new Wizard of the Month. This month, 'Uric the Oddball' is featured.

Thank you Potterfan25 for the scoop.

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Crabbe finished 'funniest scene' recently

New diary entry from Jamie Waylett's site

Filming in Oxford

Just returned from filming on location in Oxford.

As usual it rained, it seems that it always rains when we are on location.

I spent nearly the whole week filming Just one scene, with Maggie Smith, Brendan Gleeson, Tom, Josh and Dan, it was great fun, I really enjoyed it.

Brendan Gleeson was great, he is very friendly, funny man who plays the part of Mad-Eye Moody.

As you will know, I'm not allowed to say too much about the filming, but I think that scene could turn out to be one of the funniest scene in all of the movies!

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August 30, 2004

UPDATE: Mira Nair As OotP Director?

According to Times of India, Mira Nair (Vanity Fair) has been approached by Warner Bros. to be the director of the fifth Harry Potter movie:

"I'm getting offers to direct Harry Potter: The Order Of The Phoenix. I read it over the weekend. I'm still deciding... I'm not letting all this go to my head. I'm grounded. I practise detachment, it helps me keep my balance." I'm a Dilliwalli, only an asana gets me on my head! My son Zoharan's excited. I've seen all the Harry Potter movies with him."

Interesting -- we'll keep you posted.

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IGN Posts Azkaban Cheats...

IGN has posted a few cheats for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the XBox platform.

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