July 03, 2004

Ministry Census Results: Of David Thewlis As Lupin

The results from the previous Census:

What did you think of David Thewlis as Professor Lupin in PoA?

40 % 27 % 20 % 5 % 8 %
Responses Votes
I loved him! He was the PERFECT Lupin! 989
He was great! 674
He was OK. 490
Nope, didn't like him. 117
Ugh! Why'd they pick this guy?! 191
Total Votes: 2461

Remember to vote in the newest one to your right!

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Droobles, Jelly Slugs, and Fizzing Whizbees

From The Olympian:

Now wizards everywhere can enjoy the same kind of candy that Harry Potter and his friends eat. CAP Candy, a division of Hasbro, has conjured up an array of sweets, including Harry Potter Acid Caps (so sour they hurt), Droobles Best Blowing Gum (they turn your mouth blue), Ice Mice (a sugary mouse inside a berry-flavored cube), Jelly Slugs (gummy candy in four flavors), Fizzing Whizbees (popping candy) and Bertie Bott's Beans (in every flavor, including soap). Prices range from 99 cents to $3.99. Look for them at groceries, convenience stores and mass merchandisers.

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Question 3: What Is Book 6's Title?

In this week's "Weekly World News Quiz" from BBC News, Harry Potter is the subject of one of the questions. See if you know the answer at the link (And if you don't, maybe you should hang around iHP more often :p)!

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July 02, 2004

GoF Movie News

Props for GoF are being made to order. Read about it here Thanks to The Snitch for the scoop. Could this mean The World Cup is back? We can only hope.

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Half Blood Prince - The Movie

Do they really think we would buy this one? If you need a good laugh, read on. It is being rumored that Michael Moore of Fahrenheit 9/11 has accepted the offer to produce the 6th movie. Read about it here

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"Do Not Disturb" Sign Returns to JKRowling.com

Just as an interesting note, the door at JKRowling.com which had once revealed the title of Book 6 is now locked again.

EDIT by Jasen: This can only mean one thing: something new will surely be coming soon! As Rowling said herself earlier this week, "...If you continue to exercise patience, you will find that the Do Not Disturb Door opens again… and again… giving you further hints about book six."

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PoA Arrives In IMAX Today!

The movie hits the bigger screen today in most IMAX theaters, but check to see if it's playing at yours.

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Book 6 Closer Than We Thought?

Dahlia points us to this article from noinvite.com, which has up a curious tidbit, saying that fans can expect to see the sixth book within 4-5 months. This is pure rumor for right now, so take it with a grain of salt.

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July 01, 2004

New Books 6 and 7 Rumors Update!

Many kudos goes out to iHP staff member, M17, the Book 6 and Book 7 rumor pages have been updated with all new theories and the like. Thanks to all our readers who wrote in!

Also, don't forget to check out the reinstated Miscellaneous Facts page!

More updates yet to come.

Edit by M17: The rumor speculation continues! And now that we know the title of the 6th book, there are plenty of theories floating around. Do you want to share any rumors? You'll find the instructions & email address at the links above. Keep sending them in!

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Factory Bootlegging PoA Shutdown

Thousands of bootleg DVDs, Playstation games and MP3 music discs were recovered from the address in Hyde Park following a raid.

It is estimated the seized merchandise, which included copies of Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban currently being shown in cinemas, has a street value of around £50,000.

Read on at Leeds Today.

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HP Movie Production Designer To Receive Award

Yahoo! has this:

Three-time Academy Award-winning Production Designer Stuart Craig will receive the Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Art Director of the Year Award at the Festival's October 18 awards ceremony. His selection was determined by a recommendation of the Council of the Art Directors Guild (ADG). Craig is the Production Designer of all three Harry Potter films, including the current release, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," as well as the fourth now in production, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

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John Cleese Prefers Bond Over Harry

From IOL:

John Cleese prefers his role as Q in the James Bond franchise to his work as Nearly Headless Nick in the Harry Potter movies - as he enjoys having a greater input in the script.

The 64-year-old actor prefers working on movies like The World is Not Enough to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as he is given free rein to add more humour to the dialogue.

Cleese explains: "Bond is brilliant as you are allowed to have a say in the script, but with Harry Potter everything is in the hands of the special-effects team.

"No one knows what's going on except them - not even the director because he doesn't know if the take works."

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PoA Nominated for Teen Choice Awards

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has been nominated for the Best Drama/Action-Adventure Movie Award at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards, an even sponsored by Teen People magazine. Vote here. Voting ends in August, and the show will air August 11th, at 8 p.m. EST.

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Book 6 Title Hoaxer Interview

In an interview with HPANA, the 19 year old college student responsible for the international hoax stating that the book 6 title is Harry Potter Pillar of Storgé offers his apologies to Harry Potter fans around the world and to J.K. Rowling herself. In addition, the prankster explains his intentions of his hoax, how he accomplished his feat, and what he expected to occur.

With the title Harry Potter Pillar of Storgé proven false, J.K. Rowling released the offical title of book 6 as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on her website, http://www.jkrowling.co.uk/

An excerpt from the interview:

Do you have any official connection to JKR, Warner Bros., or the book publishers?

No, I have no connection to them whatsoever.

What made you think of doing this, and specifically, the timing of it?
I had recently finished a re-reading of Order of the Phoenix and it got me excited about the Harry Potter series again. As a result of that excitement, I stumbled upon JKR's website for the first time and was fascinated by the unopenable door. I also thought it was great that she was dispelling some of the rumors about the series. Somehow I put two and two together and the hoax clicked in my mind.

The timing of the event was never planned; it was simple dumb luck on my part that I released the hoax at the start of a weekend so that it [became] more effective.

How did you do it?
A hobby of mine is computer graphics/video editing, so I knew I could produce a realistic video. I realized that this was exactly what I needed to make the hoax believable.

I used two programs: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. In Photoshop I edited and manipulated pictures from JKR's site, and in After Effects I animated them into the finished video. I did not use [Macromedia] Flash at all. The blue bars (see image) at the bottom and top are a result of me changing the aspect ratio of the video without distorting it so that I could compress it into an MPEG file. I whipped the video up in about two hours.

As far as the "message" was concerned, I just tried to mimic JKR's style as much as possible. I came up with the title Pillar of Storgé, trying to formulate something with a hidden meaning that people would be able to figure out. It's an ugly title, but I'm quite fond of it.

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June 30, 2004

Release Date for PoA: Nov. 23

Videoeta has released that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be avaliable in DVD and VHS on November 23 of this year.

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June 29, 2004

The Prisoner of Azkaban Arrives in Japan

PoA is now officially released in Japanese cinemas, according to Japan Today.

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JKR's Revelation

JKR has verified that HP and the Half Blood Prince is the name of 6. But, the Half Blood Prince is neither Harry or Voldemort! Whoa! That's huge! Read more in the News section of her site.

A little excerpt from her site:

I was delighted to see that a hard core of super-bright fans knew that the real title was once, in the long distant past, a possibility for 'Chamber of Secrets', and from that deduced that it was genuine. Certain crucial pieces of information in book six were originally planned for 'Chamber of Secrets', but very early on (first draft of Chamber) I realised that this information's proper home was book six. I have said before now that 'Chamber' holds some very important clues to the ultimate end of the series. Not as many as six, obviously, but there is a link.

Edit by Jasen: So it's not Harry or Voldemort? I wonder who could it be...?

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June 28, 2004

JKR.com Updates Bonanza Continues

The "About the Books" FAQ section of JKRowling.com has now been updated with answers to three spoilery questions. Read them at the link!

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UPDATE: Behind The Door

iHP reader Crystal chimes in with a new interesting tidbit on Rowling's official site:

Hello once again.

If you go to the room with the door, there is no longer a "Do not disturb" sign. You can now open the door (and you come to a brick wall). Within in the wall there are 5 bricks which you can tap. If you tap them in the correct order, they will activate the wall, behind which, could be a possible title to book 6.

5 bricks = 120 possible combinations!

Thought you might want to know.


Now remember, there may not even be anything behind the door, much less the Book 6 title. But hey, it never hurts to try.

UPDATE: HUGE, huge kudos goes out to iHP forum member, Stella, who managed to break through the door already, and...oh my, what's behind it is indeed a surprise. Here's how she did it:

Once you're at JKRowling.com, go to the room that has the door in it (which previously featured a "Do Not Disturb" sign on it). Open it. Then you'll see a brickwall, which you'll use to get through to the next side. You'll need to click on five different bricks, here's how:

1. The brick that is on the upper right hand side. It's the only pushable one in it's section.
2. There are two bricks in the lower section that are pushable, push the one that is higher than the other.
3. Number 3 is on the left hand side, the lowest of the two located there that can be pushed.
4. The one somewhere below number 2.
5. The one located somewhere above 3.

Once you're past this...(DO NOT PROCEED if you don't wish to be spoiled!)

Click on the fan and some papers will blow around, until one comes up close and begins to type out:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This also happens to be one of Book 2's original titles before Rowling decided to rename it.

Now, please remember everyone, this is may not even be the actual title. It seems awfully strange that J.K. Rowling would make an announcement this big after a huge hoax that happened over the weekend. Take this with a grain of salt, but even so, it is interesting that this time, the announcement was definitely made on her own site. Maybe she decided to be nice and tell us after that fan hoax? Or maybe, she's just playing with us to see if we'll fall for this one too?


Thanks once again to Stella, and all our readers who wrote in!

You saw it here first.

What's your take on all this? Do you think it's real? Or is JKR just messing with us? Discuss all about it in the thread!

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The Mailbag Returns!

The Opinari Mailbag is back online with a new question--click here to check it out!

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Happy Birthday Matthew Lewis!

Everyone at iHP would like to wish Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) a Happy (belated) 15th Birthday!

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JKRowling.com Confirms Fake Title

It's official, Rowling's official site has updated the rumor section:

I am trying very hard not to feel offended that anyone thought this was possible. 'Storge', for crying out loud. Come on, people, get a grip.

Newsround is also reporting the same thing.

*Breathes a sigh of relief*

Be sure to also check out the FAQ and Fansite of the Month sections, which have also been updated.

Thanks to Crystal.

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June 27, 2004

JKRowling.com Updates With New Wizard of the Month

This month's featured wizard is Gwenog Jones (born in 1968) and "Captain and Beater of only all-female national Quidditch Team, the Holyhead Harpies". The site also features a nifty little illustration of Jones.

Holyhead Harpies, huh? I'd like to see them in the upcoming books ;)

Posted by Jasen at 05:47 PM

TVNZ Giving Away Harry Potter Prizes!

With their July 4th airing of The Philosopher's Stone, New Zealand television network TVNZ is giving away 20 prize packs--all you have to do is answer a question. Details here!

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GoF Casting Update: Karkaroff

Thanks to reader Laney for sending us this link that has two pics of Pedja Bjelac, the actor who was recently cast as Igor Karkaroff, from a previous work, "The Visitor".

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PoA Drops To Sixth Place

The third film dropped to sixth place this weekend, bringing in an estimated $11.4 miillion in its fourth weekend of release. The film's total has grown to $211.7 million in the US, and earning $481.1 million worldwide.

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