June 19, 2004

A [Semi-]Update On Book 6...

BUT... it's not anything new. Really. Parade Magazine has a section in which readers can ask questions. In Sunday's edition, a reader asks about the status of HP Book 6. The update?

Rowling says she has no idea when she'll finish her as-yet-untitled sixth installment.

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Attention Forum Members (and Those That Aren't!)!

Unfortunately we have had a problem with the forums, which means that everyone needs to reregister. So if you do try to log in, you will be unsuccessful but please reregister and we hope to have the forums up and running again as soon as possible.

You can register here!

Furthermore, for those of you who are not a member of the iHarryPotter.net Discussion Forums, this is the perfect opportunity to sign up! The forums feature sections on each book, as well as Gaming, Opinari, and Movies, so there really is something to cater to all tastes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Local Pupil To Star In GoF

ic Essex reports:

A LOCAL pupil is to star in the next Harry Potter film - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Thirteen-year-old Kobie Hunte is to appear alongside Harry and his friends in the fourth movie adaptation of JK Rowling's books.

McEntee Secondary School announced that Kobie had landed the part as millions of fans flocked to cinemas to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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June 18, 2004

PoA Going for the TKO

PoA remains on top in the USA for the second weekend in a row! Let's make it a third! Read about it on Time Star. It also remains #1 in the UK. See the rankings here

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More Wallpapers, You Say?

Yup--I've just added several more from reader Raven. Check 'em out here!

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And The Sixth Most Powerful Celebrity Is...

According to BBC is now the sixth most powerful celebrity, up from fifteen last year. Find out who else made the list at the link.

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GamePro Reviews PoA Game

The magazine's website has up a short review of the GameBoy Advance version of the game.

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Harry At The Poolside

(Brampton) - Wizards and Warlocks have cast their spell and conjured up the Warner Bros. Canada Inc. Harry Potter Hummer to crash the Peel Heritage Complex' Summer Splash! festivities on Saturday, June 19 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Details here!

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Chinese HP Fans Will Have To Wait

According to Xinhuanet, the movie is expected to be released in China on September 3. It recently passed the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

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Fussy Over PoA

Fred Topel of About.com responds to the..erm..hate mail he's been receiving regarding his review of PoA (which he thought was great, by the way). Check out what all the fuss is about at the link!

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The Return of the Mammoth Novel

Not exactly Harry Potter-related, but still interesting anyway: Next week marks the arrival of former President Bill Clinton's autobiography, "My Life", which is at 957 pages--one of the few books to challenge The Order of the Phoenix's.

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Of Science and Harry Potter

Leesville Leader reports on how one elementary school teacher is using Harry Potter to teach science.

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Another Point of View of the Books

Adam Rickel of Human Events has this:

I heard the allegations that they teach children witchcraft and wanted to know for myself whether this is suitable reading for my children. As a Christian and a father I was concerned that my children would be exposed to these influences. So, I read the first book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Are there spells? Yes. Do people fly around on broomsticks and carry magic wands? Yes. Is this something I would let my children read--or, in this case, view? Yes.

Read the full here.

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June 17, 2004

New iHP.net Downloads Online!

I've managed to upload the brand-new iHP.net Wallpaper Downloads page as a kick-off to the launch of the Interact section!

Be sure to check out this nfity wallpaper I made as well:

This is but the beginning of a series of updates for the site. I promised I'd get the Interact section alive, didn't I?


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Industry Speaks out Against Pirates

The movie industry says if fans download the movies supposed to be seen in theaters it will ruin the summer. They admit there are no real laws in place yet. Also there is no way to catch people downloading ... only uploading. But they argue it is morally wrong and beg fans to see it at the movies instead. Read the entire article inUSA Today.

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June 16, 2004

Harry & Co. Kick Off Summer Reading Program

Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ronald Weazley and Draco Malfoy; young and old alike put on their favorite Harry Potter costumes to celebrate the summer reading program with the Hurricane Library June 3.

“This is our first year to do a Harry Potter kick off party,” began librarian Sarah Hall. “This has been huge . . . this has been fun.”

The full story's at The Journal.

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IGN Reviews PoA For GameBoy

Craig Harris of IGN has up a new review of the GameBoy Advance incarnation of the PoA-based game.

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The Magic Sways For Younger Fans

From the Sun Herald:

Kasey O'Connor read her first Harry Potter book at age 7, but now she's 12 and would rather hang out at the mall than at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "My friends and I don't want to see the new movie," she said. "We'd rather see 'Mean Girls' or '13 Going on 30.'

Jeffrey Rhodes, 15, also is less than wild about Harry these days. "I'm out of that mystical and magical phase," he said. "Now I'm more into chicks and cars and movies like 'Hellboy' and 'Eurotrip.'

Find out why the folks at WB aren't worrying too much about this at the link!

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PoA Flourishes Worldwide

BBC reports:

The movie, which has already made $362m (£200m) around the world, will now come out in countries including Indonesia, Spain, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

The film made more than $100m (£56m) in 40 countries last weekend, despite the start of the Euro 2004 soccer contest.

It had the fourth-highest opening takings of all time in Australia.

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PoA's Animal Action Uncovered

As in the previous Harry Potter films, a snowy owl named Gizmo played the part of Hedwig. In one scene, Hedwig perches on a tree stump in the forest while Harry pets him and talks with professor Lupin (David Thewlis)...

To achieve this sequence, Hedwig stood on an Astroturf-covered perch positioned 15 feet above the ground and approximately 20 feet away from a wind machine that helped create the swirling wintry scene.

A large waddling bulldog named Ripper enters the Dursley’s house and runs into living room. Aunt Marge takes the leash off Ripper and he jumps up on couch. Later in the scene, the bulldog licks a plate on floor and howls when Harry picks up the empty plate. Ripper then laps some brandy from a glass at the table. The dog barks and growls when he sees Marge grow fatter and fatter until she begins to float up in the air. Ripper grabs hold of Uncle Vernon’s pant leg as he tries to help his sister, and they both float up and then fall to the ground as Marge drifts away.

Four bulldogs were on call for this part. In order to entice the dog to lick the plate and glass, trainers put gravy on the plate and smeared sardine oil on a plastic brandy glass filled with colored water. The dog’s howls and growls came readily upon the trainer’s verbal cues. Richard Griffiths, the actor playing Uncle Vernon, was fitted with leather half chaps to protect his legs from the dog’s teeth, and a rope that the dog loved to play with was tucked inside the chaps. Trainers showed the rope to the dog and encouraged him to pull on it. As the actor walked around the set, the dog walked with him tugging at the rope.

A WHOLE LOT more can be found at ahafilm! (via Godric's Hollow)

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Rowling's Online Realm

Forget the big screen. The most significant new Harry Potter development is on computer screens, with the debut of J. K. Rowling's home page last month. The site has tallied 76 million page views in just a few weeks, although Ms. Rowling wrote that readers "worked out all the riddles in about 10 minutes."

Some more at The New York Times.

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Owls don't make good pets

Experts seem to fear kids will want owls for pets. This is obviously a bad idea as owls in the real world aren't domesticated. Read more on Pet Place Thanks hpana for the scoop.

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Staff PoA Reviews Online

Reviews of the film are now appearing online for your reading pleasure. Check out Opinari to read them!

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June 15, 2004

JK Rowling's Neighbor's House for Sale

from Scotsman.com:

House-hunters are being offered the chance to snap up an exclusive property next to the richest woman in Britain.

A house yards from multi-millionaire author JK Rowling’s home has gone up for sale in one of Edinburgh’s most sought-after suburbs.

The exclusive three-bedroom home is on the market for offers over £595,000 and potential buyers are expected to jump at the chance to buy the Merchiston property.

Experts predict that buyers will be keen to get their hands on a property so close to the Harry Potter author’s Georgian mansion.

Read more at the link above!

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Azkaban "does a poor job" with depicting time travel

CinemaBlend as an article that discusses the paradoxes inherent in time travel, and mentions Azkaban:

Harry Potter is able to cast a spell he previously had difficulty with. When asked how he did it he answers “I knew I could do it because I had done it.” Earlier in the movie, before going back in time, he saw himself cast the spell, so therefore he could do it. Huh? At some point he had to have done it without knowing he could do it, right?

Read more at either link above.
Thanks to WizardNews for the tip.

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Another Positive Review For PoA Game

Welcome, students, to another extraordinary year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - as presented by interactive rendition licence-holders EA, in the manner to which all who have played an EA tie-in will now be accustomed. Solid, I believe is the word that best describes this latest effort - linked heavily with the film on release since early June, and whilst you won't be getting many surprises here, there will be mercifully few glaring let-downs either.

The full review's up at Ferrago!

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Fan Describes Experience At London Premiere

Because of her timely visit to London and Watson's willingness to approach a crowd of movie-goers a second time, the Charleston native [Katie Spoo] got to see the European premiere of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," the third movie based on J.K Rowling's enormously popular books about the young British wizard.

The showing was nearly a week before the movie's opening in the United States and included the bonus of having many of the film's stars and other celebrities in attendance.

"I was almost shaking," Spoo said of how she felt by the time it was all over.

Read on here!

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Cinematographer Brings Fresh Visuals to PoA

American Cinematographer Online has an article on Michael Seresin, the cinematographer for the second sequel:

The choice was unexpected but inspired. "I'm so happy with what Michael did," continues Cuaron. "He grounded the whole film in reality. It doesn't have a storybook kind of look; it's something a bit grittier." Indeed, Seresin is known for dark, moody features like Midnight Express, as well as other projects with Alan Parker (Bugsy Malone, Angela's Ashes) and Harold Becker (Domestic Disturbance, Mercury Rising, City Hall).

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Orson Scott Card's Take On PoA

The author of the Ender's Game series has up a new review of the PoA movie on his official site. Here's an excerpt:

This movie actually feels magical. Director Alfonso Cuarón creates a Hogwarts Academy that feels like a truly ancient building, and he shows us a wild, untamed north country of England that makes the magic come to life.

It's not just the photography, though. The script, while true to the story (except for the compression necessary to fit a long book into two hours of running time), adds clever details that make Hogwarts come to life. Since Steve Kloves wrote the previous two movies, I have to conclude that it was Cuarón who made the difference, though.

We get to see kids having fun with each other. They move through a school building that shows its great age. Birds fly through many a scene; there's a sense that the whole place is teeming with wildlife. Magical creatures aren't made cute; nothing is tame.

Nothing is safe. And that's exactly right: That's the world children actually live in. To children, all dangers are real, even those that adults dismiss as trivial. For the first time, a Harry Potter movie is truthfully about children, not just for children.

And something else has happened. The kids have learned how to act.

Perhaps it comes from a couple of years of hanging around with some of the finest actors in Britain.

But I suspect it's also the director's touch. Whereas Chris Columbus is noted for getting the worst performances of his actors' careers, Cuarón may soon have a reputation for getting the best.

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Interview With Two Weasleys and A Longbottom

CBBC has up a video interview with George and Oliver Phelps (the twins) and Matthew Lewis (Neville)!

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Jamie Waylett Opens Official Site

Waylett, who plays one of Draco's cohorts, Crabbe, opened up a new website of his own. Check it out at the link!

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Harry's Here To Stay

"Harry Potter has proven to be a mainstay and not a fad, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Power Rangers and other kid crazes," said Brandon Gray, president of Box Office Mojo, an online tracking firm in Los Angeles.

"There's always the chance that this will be the lowest grossing Harry Potter," Gray said. "That's just the natural progression of a franchise: It's rare for a third movie to out-gross its predecessors - second movies like 'Toy Story 2' and 'American Pie 2,' yes, but rarely a third movie.

"But," he added, "I think 'Harry Potter' is poised to break that mold."

The Sun Herald has the rest.

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June 14, 2004

PBS interviews Alfonso Cuaron

TLC is reporting that PBS stations will be airing (at 11 PM Eastern Time) an interview with Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron, on The Charlie Rose Show. If you get a chance to see it, please be sure to send in your thoughts!

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Harry Potter Gets IMAXed

CATHEDRAL CITY -- More than 2,000 Harry Potter fans watched the fictional teen wizard on the really big screen at Desert Imax Theatre this weekend.

A total of 2,332 people saw the Imax version of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" at the Cathedral City theater.

Read on at thedesertsun.com.

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PoA Rules Box Office Again

MTV.com reports:

For the second week in a row, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" locked up the #1 spot at the box office, according to early estimates. Though ticket sales for the flick dropped drastically from $92.6 million in its opening weekend to more than $35 million in its second, Harry Potter managed to keep Vin Diesel at bay.

Caught between Potter and another heavy-hitting box-office warrior, Shrek, "The Chronicles of Riddick" won the #2 spot. The dynamic duo of Vin Diesel and Judi Dench helped "Riddick" bring in $24.6 million in its opening weekend.

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Movie Revenues: PoA vs. CoS

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has this interest bit comparing movie revenues of Chamber of Secrets versus Prisoner of Azkaban...

Revenues for the third "Harry Potter" fell a steep 63 percent from the movie's $93.7 million opening weekend gross. In contrast, "Shrek 2" grosses fell just 33 percent in its second weekend. In 2002, revenues for "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" fell 52 percent in its second weekend, though that movie opened in November. "Prisoner of Azkaban" was the first "Harry Potter" movie to open in summer, when competition is stronger.

As more classes let out for summer, distributor Warner Bros. is counting on steady weekday business from youngsters to help sustain "Harry Potter," said Dan Fellman, the studio's head of distribution. "We're in good shape, even though we took a pretty good drop this weekend," Fellman said. The movie's 10-day total still is almost $10 million ahead of "Chamber of Secrets," which took in $148.4 million in that length of time.

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Fleur Delacour Cast for GoF!

CBBC Newsround reports...

In the latest Potter casting news, Newsround can exclusively reveal the part of Fleur Delacour will be played by French actress Clemence Poesy. Clemence, 21, is currently in England rehearsing, with filming due to start in July, according to her agent.

More information can be found on Poesy at IMDb, and you can see some pictures at Newsround!

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June 13, 2004

Behind-the-scenes documentary for POA Movie!

Sympatico/MSN and Tribute TV have an exclusive "making of" Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban video for download, in addition to a trailer. The site claims it is an "EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes documentary."

The whole thing looks like it's almost exactly 30 minutes long, so it should be a good watch, even if essentially intended for promotional purposes. We can probably expect it to be on the DVD, whenever that comes out.

Check it out at the link above!
Thanks to gotpotter.net for the tip.

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"Harry Potter Day" Prohibited by Warner Bros?

So says this article from Contactmusic.com:

English Rainbow, Brownie and Guide groups in Britain have had their plans for a day dedicated to the wizard - where they would dress up as characters from the book series - blocked by the movie studio which owns the "intellectual property rights" to the Harry Potter name.

Guides commissioner for the South Bedfordshire, England area - Debbie Docherty - was referred to the film moguls after approaching Rowling's agent for permission.

Docherty says, "We were very disappointed. But the day will still go ahead with a magical theme."

Thanks to Wizard News for the tip.

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