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The iHP.net News Archives » Movie: GoF
12. 6

 Christmas Cards Potter Style

- [ Scott @ 04:30 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Dan Radcliffe has an interesting Christmas card this year, according to The State.

Daniel Radcliffe, star of the "Harry Potter" films, is dreaming of a wet Christmas.

The 15-year-old actor convinced several crew members on the set of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" to pose with him on an underwater set for a unique Christmas card, according to the star's UK website.

Accompanying the image of the card on the site is a message Radcliffe wrote to explain the unusual photo.

"Please find enclosed the Christmas card I will be sending this year. It was taken on the last day of filming the underwater task, 20 feet down in the tank which was specially constructed at Leavesden Studios," Radcliffe writes.

The "underwater task" is one of a series of challenges in "Goblet" that Harry must complete as part of the Triwizard Tournament during his fourth year at Hogwarts.

"Every single person you see, trained, helped and guided me through this very demanding sequence," he continues. "I have obviously taken a few liberties with the photo to give it a festive flavour!"

Radcliffe refers to the digital reindeer antlers and red noses he added to the image of each of the crewmembers' heads.

The letter also encourages anyone wishing to send him a Christmas present to instead send a donation to Demelza House, a Children's Hospice.

"Last year's appeal was extremely successful and, while I love receiving gifts from all over the world, I am afraid I no longer have enough space in my house to store the wonderful presents I have been sent over the years," he writes.

Radcliffe will send the Christmas card in response to all letters he receives through the end of December.

"Goblet," the latest film based on the best-selling novels by J.K. Rowling, centers on Harry's struggles with fame, doubts and hormones. Starring Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith and Miranda Richardson, the film is scheduled for a November 2005 release.

12. 4

 Mike Newell talks about Goblet of Fire

- [ Animate @ 01:49 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

elitestv.com has spoken with British Filmmaker Mike Newell, who has made some interesting comments concerning the 4th Harry Potter film. Lets just hope everyone has read the books before heading off to see it.
To read the full story head Here.


 Who is that Girl?!

- [ Nick @ 09:53 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

No more than a few days ago, Dan Radcliffe sent an underwater picture of the second task as part of his Christmas card to DanRadcliffe.Com. However, the girl next to Dan, assumed to be Emma Watson, is in fact, a stunt double. (Click Here to view the photo) Jenna from DanRadcliffe.Com responded to the subject:

After talking to our source at Warner Bros. I can tell you the girl in the photo is neither Emma or Clemence. She is a stunt double. Unfortunately there were reports on some media websites saying it was either Emma or Clemence, which caused mass confusion, without confirming their facts - and oddly enough without mentioning our site either ... guess journalism fact checking just isn't what it used to be, so please disregard those reports posted up on those sites - they are not accurate.

As far as what is strapped to Dan's leg. All I can say is that it is a "prop", but cannot reveal what it "really" is ... sorry guys.

Concerning the other cast members in the photo - we were told there are none - they are all stunt doubles.

Hopefully this has cleared everything up for everyone.


 New Set Pics from GoF

- [ Nick @ 10:11 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Unforgivable Curses obtained some recent pics from the set of GoF. The photos include Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and more!

Click here to view the pictures.

Thanks to HPANA!


 Dan Sends New GoF Picture

- [ Nick @ 02:39 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

In his annual Christmas card, Dan Radcliffe sent DanRadcliffe.Com an underwater picture that was taken on the last day of filming for the second task in the Triwizard Tournament!

Head over to DanRadcliffe.Com to read some of Dan's comments.

Click here to view the picture. (Warning: the picture is a very large file)


 Yule Ball Preparations Begin

- [ Nick @ 07:58 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

With the filming of the Yule Ball just beginning, so are the dance lessons. Jamie Waylett (casted as Crabbe) recently posted a diary entry on his site...

We're still filming but this week and next we have dance lessons for the Yule Ball. I'm learning to waltz and after four days I'm getting better. I've been paired up with a really pretty girl for the ball (we thought for a while my partner was going to be Goyle!!!), and she's a dancer so she's teaching me. I've been told I'm 'light on my feet' - imagine Crabbe, light on his feet!!

DVD Launch and Yule Ball

Thursday night was the DVD Launch for Prisoner of Azkaban - I had a great time! I went with my family and my friend Melissa from The Leaky Cauldron, who's here from New York and staying with us this week (my mum says they did loads of shopping today).

It's always nice to see everyone away from the sets. Warner Bros. made up a whole Great Hall for it, and the sweets were cool, especially the chocolate! There was a fountain of chocolate and I dipped at least 12 marshmallows into it - four at a time!

Thanks to Leaky.


 Magic Under the Water

- [ Animate @ 05:46 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

With the Goblet of Fire certainly well under way, reports from Sunday Telegraph informs us that the underwater scene and second task have started filming.


 Camping in GoF

- [ Animate @ 12:16 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

With the filming of Goblet of Fire well underway, pictures taken from the set after the Quidditch World Cup. Death Eaters having fun.
source: The Sun, UK.

11. 9

 HP4U Set Report

- [ M17 @ 03:32 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

A huge thanks to iHP reader Elizabeth D. for sending in this tip -

HP4U has posted a new set report, complete with pictures which you can see at the link.

Here's an excerpt:

Considering there were only, to my knowledge, 5 onlookers to the set, security has been tightened considerably from last year. Absolutely no chance of photographs was the common WB line, so in not wanting to upset anyone we left it alone. I did however try to capture some of the scenes and the backgrounds used to give you a general feel of what was happening, these images can be found below, ask if you wish to use them or at least give credit.
What do you all want to know then? Dan looked great, wearing grey trousers and black hoody. I caught him walking back to the set, enough time to say 'hi'. Emma also, back in another pink top for Hermione? And finally Bonnie, wonderful as usual and always time for a two minute chat. I even managed a quick signature.
Boy, one of Daniels' doubles really is the 'double' of him, for five minutes I thought I was watching the real Daniel in shot, but, you guessed it...............
Today's scene was some type of conversation between Dan, Emma & Bonnie, sat on a log type of creation right next to the lake, I could only really think it resembled a scene of contemplation for Harry, maybe at the end of the second task in GoF? Not sure on that as I was allowed only to watch for five or so minutes, but Iwas watching from two great positions, first about 20' away to the left of the filming, then after taking a bit of a detour I sat on a bench right in the middle of the action (if you can call it that) with the crew.

Click "More" to see some more... (Thanks, HP4U - and the pictures of the set are pretty cool, so check them out at the link above)...

I was hoping (as with last year) that the cast would go back to their trailers for lunch but everything this time was done 'on the move' because of the limited filming time and only 1 day to do it in. It's now dark in the UK by 5pm these days!
Considering the amount of work that goes into one shot and one scene it's always amazing no matter how many times you witness it, the hundreds of crew, staff, people it takes to get all this prepared. I didn't see Mike Newell there, but I did watch the set being dressed....


 New GoF Composer Rumors

- [ iruhkoi @ 12:56 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

New reports indicate that both Franz Ferdinand and Jarvis Cocker will be involved in the composition of the Goblet of Fire film soundtrack. This news comes following the confirmation that John Williams will not continue his role as composer and a report from JWFan.net suggesting that Patrick Doyle had been contracted to replace him.

Read more at any of the links above!


 New Robert Pattinson Picture

- [ M17 @ 05:27 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Thanks to iHP reader Angie, who writes in to say that Robert-Pattinson.com has a new picture of the actor, who will portray Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (See the picture here.)


 Ever Wonder Who'll Make The Goblet of Fire Burn?

- [ M17 @ 02:20 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Well, maybe I didn't word that question correctly...

The next Harry Potter movie will have a distinctly Aussie input with a local company creating its digital animation. Rising Sun Pictures - with offices in Redfern and Adelaide - learned yesterday it would be in charge of animating key scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

It will animate the movie's centrepiece effect - the flaming goblet of fire.

The movie is in production in Britain and is due for international release in November next year.

NSW Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and Campbelltown MP Graham West said the contract was a glowing endorsement of Australia's reputation for animation and visual effects.

Source: News.com.au


 Train bosses rapped as filming shuts line

- [ Bunny @ 01:08 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

RAIL bosses shut a scenic train line so the latest Harry Potter movie could be filmed.

September weekend trippers were diverted on to buses for an 80-minute journey back from the coast along a road that is single-track in places.

Angry locals described the move as 'madness'.

ScotRail were paid

around £50,000 to cancel the last trains from Mallaig to Fort William yesterday and today.

Hollywood executives booked the slot so the Hogwarts Express could be filmed once more on the line which crosses the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, near Fort William.

One local said: 'Closing the line on the September weekend is madness.'

But a ScotRail spokesman said: 'We managed to keep disruption to a minimum. Passengers got compensation in the form of rail vouchers and Harry Potter memorabilia. It's good for Scottish tourism.

'The number of passengers who would use these trains is small and the bus journey takes roughly the same time.'

With regard to the fee paid to ScotRail, he said: 'ScotRail aren't making money out of this but are covering costs.'

Meanwhile, around 100 Highland youngsters climbed aboard the express as extras for the new film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Pupils from local high schools were drafted in as more than 100 technicians and crew worked in Glenfinnan yesterday.

They shot sequences on the line and at the viaduct.

Source: Sunday Mail


 No Percy in GoF

- [ Bunny @ 10:02 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

From Chris Rankin's Site

As I make a point of telling people the honest truth about things, I've got an update on Harry Potter...

Having been speaking to my agent about why I've not heard anything from Warner Brothers re Goblet of Fire, they've been making some enquiries into the legal side of not being used on the film, when I've been contracted to it... Turns out that my contract states that I was contracted to appear in Prisoner of Azkaban +1 more HP film - it doesn't have to be the next in the series (as we'd all presumed) - what this basically means is that we're unlikely to be seeing Percy in Goblet of Fire, but that doesn't mean that he won't be in another film along the lines of the series... but we might not!

See his full entry (non HP related stuff) here


 Williams will NOT be GoF Composer

- [ Bunny @ 05:07 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

John Williams Fan Network has received confirmation from Warner Bros. that John Williams will not be composing the music for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The new composer signed for the movie will be Patrick Doyle who has previously worked with director Mike Newell on Donnie Brasko and Into the West.

Patrick Doyle is best known for his collaborations with actor/director Kenneth Branagh, having composed works for Henry V, Dead Again, Much Ado About Nothing, Frankenstein and Hamlet. He has also worked with Michael Gambon on Robert Altman's Gosford Park and with Alfonso Cuarón on A Little Princess.

Source: HPANA


 More (Much More) on Eastbourne Filming

- [ M17 @ 02:28 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Eastbourne Today has more on filming that occured this past week. Some interesting parts are underlined...

Executives from film-makers Warner Bros spent Wednesday afternoon and all of Thursday at three locations around the town. In an exclusive interview with the Eastbourne Herald, the film's location manager Sue Quinn told us why Eastbourne's picturesque downland was chosen as the setting. She also told us that the section filmed in Eastbourne plays an important part in the storyline.

Read much more at the link below...

Eastbourne was vying with two other towns to provide the location for this part of the film. Much of the movie is being shot in the studio this time round and none of the cast were in town during the filming. This footage will be used as back-drops. Ms Quinn said, 'We chose Eastbourne's downland because of its location. The setting close to the sea and the countryside was perfect for what we were looking for and I think it will look good in the film. 'The location is beautiful and the climate and weather were perfect today for what we were looking for. 'It's hard to say at this point in time how it will look on the screen and we wouldn't want to either.

Ms Quinn added, 'The filming we're doing in Eastbourne plays an important part in the film, for the section we're using the backdrops for. 'We'll be using blue screen technology so the actors will be imposed on the background scenery that we're filming here.' An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesman said, 'The council is delighted about the recent filming that has taken place on the downs. 'The work of the council's Film Unit and Downland Team ensured that Eastbourne was shown in a positive light when the film crew made visits to the area beforehand.

'This resulted in Eastbourne being their preferred location. 'People are interested when filming takes place and that interest is re-ignited when the film goes to the cinema, comes out on video and again on television. The long-term benefits for the town are enormous.'


 GoF Filming Pics Online

- [ Jasen @ 05:37 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

A reader sent Veritaserum several pictures of the landscape being used in the GoF movie. Check 'em out at the link.


 The Magic of Harry Potter Comes to Seaford

- [ M17 @ 03:52 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

THE LATEST Harry Potter blockbuster is being filmed in Seaford today. Film company Warner Bros chose the town's picturesque downland to serve as one of the backdrops in the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

However, only the crew is filming as the views are only being used for backdrops.

...the film crews will be filming at the Seven Sisters, Beachy Head and countryside surrounding Seaford from Wednesday lunchtime through to Thursday evening. Warner Bros was supposed to be arriving on Monday, but filming had to be scrapped due to poor weather. Unfortunately, as the downland views are being used as backdrops, none of the actors will be coming to Seaford for the filming.

Source: Eastbourne Today.


 Patil Sisters and Gabrielle Delacour Cast

- [ iruhkoi @ 04:56 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

CBBC Newsround can exclusively reveal that Parvati Patil will be played by Shefali Chowdhury. Parvati, of course, is Harry's date for the Yule Ball.

The part of Padma Patil will be played by Afshan Azad. The younger sister of Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle, has also been cast and will be played by Angelica Mandy.

Read more at the link above!

09. 9

 Yule Ball is in!

- [ xAmarisx @ 07:53 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

An HPANA interview with Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe) quotes him as noting that the Yule Ball scene will remain in the GoF movie. It had been reported earlier, however, that this scene would still be drastically cut.

Read more at the links above!

09. 4

 New Pics of Dan and Emma on GoF Set

- [ Jasen @ 06:45 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Emma-Watson.net has snagged a few photos from the set of The Goblet of Fire, featuring Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, whom is sporting a rather Shaggy-esque hairdo.

09. 3

 Zacharias Smith, Is That You?

- [ Jasen @ 10:30 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Paul Smith writes:

"After having received news postings on over 30 International Harry Potter websites, and after giving 4 interviews, young english actor Daniel Hotchkiss has his mind set on the role. Fans from all over the globe want him to play the evil Zacharias Smith in OOTP, and Daniel has had a POSITIVE reply from an agency to get him into the Harry Potter franchise.

We are looking at a VERY likely future Zacharias Smith.

To view a picture click here.

This has NOT been confirmed at all, so take this with a large grain of salt.

09. 2

 Isaacs home for Harry Potter film

- [ Bunny @ 03:06 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Liverpool's Hollywood-based actor Jason Isaacs will be returning home - but just for a while and for the best of reasons....He is heading back to Britain to film the fourth Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Full article here

Source: icLiverpool


 Crabbe finished 'funniest scene' recently

- [ Bunny @ 01:41 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

New diary entry from Jamie Waylett's site

Filming in Oxford

Just returned from filming on location in Oxford.

As usual it rained, it seems that it always rains when we are on location.

I spent nearly the whole week filming Just one scene, with Maggie Smith, Brendan Gleeson, Tom, Josh and Dan, it was great fun, I really enjoyed it.

Brendan Gleeson was great, he is very friendly, funny man who plays the part of Mad-Eye Moody.

As you will know, I'm not allowed to say too much about the filming, but I think that scene could turn out to be one of the funniest scene in all of the movies!


 Dragon Rumors

- [ Bunny @ 09:22 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Rumors of dragons in Glenfinnan

by Marjorie Dawson, Wizard News UK Correspondent

I have just travelled up on the Caledonian Sleeper from London to Fort William, Scotland and onward into Hogwarts Country. As we sat breakfasting in the restaurant car enjoying the kind of countryside many of you will have seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I got talking to a member of the staff (who wishes to remain anonymous).

We swept across the misty and desolate Rannoch Moor to Fort William through a sweeping horseshoe curve of track as my informant having spotted my Harry Potter t-shirt, badges etc., told me that there was a strong rumour that the line from Fort William to Mallaig was to be closed for a week at the end of September. This, of course, is the line famously used for filming, most memorably, the scary scene with Dementors in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

He said that they might be filming the 'dragon scene' which led to much conjecture on our part about whether this is Harry's Dragon task or Harry following Hagrid to see the dragons before the task. As the countryside is full of magnificent green sweeping mountains our first bets were on the former.

Source Wizard news


 GoF on location

- [ Bunny @ 01:57 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

When a little bird told CBBC Newsround that filming for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was going on in Oxford, we decided to go along to see who we could spot.

We heard that there was filming going on at the Bodleian Library and sure enough, the tell-tale signs of big lighting trucks nearby confirmed it.

I went into a bookshop to ask for directions and a friendly film crew member revealed that filming was going on in two locations.

It wasn't hard to find because there were massive green signs showing you where to go! Just then, a minibus pulled up and a whole load of crew got out, so I followed them to see where they were going.

They went into New College which looked like it would be used for filming Hogwarts scenes.

A man carrying a long, dark coat - the costume for Mad Eye Moody - went in, followed by a car with Dame Maggie Smith who plays Professor McGonagall, in it. This was definitely the place to be to see some action!

Then all of a sudden, a bucket of water from above fell on me! And then another! It turns out they were filming on the roof and were wetting it by chucking buckets of water everywhere.

While drying myself off, I then heard someone shout 'Action!' and then the booming voice of Mad Eye Moody, played by Brendan Gleeson, echoed through the air.

The doors to the college opened and I could see a courtyard inside. Some kids dressed in black Hogwarts robes were walking around inside, including Malfoy's pals Crabbe and Goyle.

Then about 50 kids dressed in raincoats to cover their robes came out in rows of two - as if they were actually in school - and marched up to the Bodleian Library where they disappeared inside.

Soon word spread that Potter filming was going on and a crowd of people had gathered to have a peek.

But the action was over after that and it all went quiet until lunchtime when food was brought in for the hungry film stars.

Pictures can be seen here. News from: BBC


 Mike Newell Talks GoF

- [ Jasen @ 12:04 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Mike Newell, along with some other film crew, are featured in the latest issue of Movie Magic magazine:

Newell, a master storyteller, is thrilled to be directing Goblet, although he's also more then a tad apprehensive. "The films definitely have a dark, frightening feel to them," he says. "There's romance and magic in the story, but its mixed with this fear, this overwhelming dread. I want to be sure to capture the right mood, the right feeling. It's important to capture all the aspects of the story in the film, and that's my challenge. It's an honor to follow directors Chris Columbus and Alfonso Cuarón, who have done so much to establish the tradition of Harry Potter on film."

Director Chris Columbus, who brought the first two Harry Potter films to life, believes that Newell has absolutely nothing to worry about. "It's a great gig for a director to walk into," he muses. "You've got your cast, you've got your sets, you've got all your elements in place. All the initial groundwork is there, and you can have a field day bringing your vision to the screen."

And producer David Heyman is delighted with the addition of Newell, the first British director to take the reins of this very British story. "These are British books, and there's something to be said for that," he says with a laugh. "There's a sense of humor and a sense of nervousness that J.K. Rowling brought to her work, and I think Mike will be able to really capture that spirit. Plus, he's made films with young people before."

Thanks to Veritaserum!


 Big Bunny on Potter Set?

- [ M17 @ 06:09 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

This story is rather.... interesting.

Hercules [the bunny] has already had a taste of fame he won the "Best in Show" prize at the Reading and County Rabbit Club show in June and was also lucky enough to visit the set of the latest Harry Potter film.

Beverely said: "A friend of mine was asked to bring some big bunnies onto the film set. I think I saw Hercules grazing on the hill in the scene where the children are walking to see Hagrid in his home."

You really need to click to the link to see the picture..... source: This is Local London


 GoF Scenes: What's in, What's Out

- [ iruhkoi @ 05:53 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

The following was reported at Mugglenet, by a member named "Blackstar." The member claimed to have worked with a movie review site which still provides him with pieces of information regarding upcoming films. This information has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. and should be treated as RUMOR only.

What's Been Cut:
- Everything S.P.E.W. related
- The Dursleys
- The Hogwarts Express (there are shots of the train, but no footage from inside)
- The Weighing of the Wands

What's Been Drastically Cut:
- The Yule Ball
- The Quidditch World Cup
- Rita Skeeter (doesn't have as much film time as book time)
- Harry stressing over the egg clue
- Scenes with Snape
- Hagride and Madame Maxime romance

What Hasn't Been Cut:
- Opening scene involving Voldemort, Wormtail, and Nagini
- The Dark Mark scene
- The "Potter Stinks" badges
- The 3 tasks (although the spider may be cut from the third)
- Dobby and Winky
- The Pensieve
- The ending with...the death

The following was the full report:

What's been cut

* The SPEW storyline altogether, opening scene with the Dursleys, the Hogwarts express (there are shots of it, but nothing in the train,) and the wand weighing.

What's still in

* Creepy opening scene with Voldemort, Wormtail and Nagini. The Dark Mark scene, the "Potter Stinks" bit, the skrewts, the horntail challenge, the merpeople challenge (should be very cool!) The final challenge, although the spider may NOT be in it. (My source didn't remember seeing it.) The Sphinx is in. So is Dobby and Winky, the Portkeys, Crouch freaking out, the Pensieve scene and Cedric's end.

Things that are drastically cut

* Yule Ball, Quidditch World Cup, Rita Skeeter stuff (she's in it, but not as much as the book,) Harry stressing over the egg clue, Snape scenes (he's not in it much,) Hagrid & Maxine love story (it's there, but just reduced to a few brief moments for humor,) Dumbledore's humor (again... they never get him right!)

Note on the ending

* They manage to get it all pretty much in, which is surprising given what's going on. It sounds like they really pulled it off. The second challenge really acts as a mid-movie action sequence that should blow the doors off of a lot of what we've seen so far in the films. The final challenge also sounds amazing, and the ending should be really creepy. I know they say this with every movie, but this one could be really eerie (not just "dark") because of the very evil Voldemort scenes. Not sure what the young ones will think of it. This stands to do justice to the book, and be the best movie of the series! (And after Cuaron's work, that's saying something!)


 News of GoF, The Movie

- [ Deb @ 06:22 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Thanks to Michelle and rosio_west for the lead. Read about what's in and what's not on mugglenet This story is unconfirmed. But what about Sirius?


 "Alien vs. Predator" CG Company also does Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:27 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Cinesite (Europe) Ltd, the company that recently completed "several major sequences" for the recently released movie Alien vs. Predator, is also working on visuals for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, among other films. Read more from DTV Professional.


 Williams May Score GoF

- [ M17 @ 05:36 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

After reports that John Williams may NOT score Goblet of Fire, JWFan.net has this:

In the program notes to the Hollywood Bowl concert by John Mangum, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association's Program Designer/Annotator says the fourth movie will have a Williams' score:

Because of his music, Williams has come to be indelibly associated with several other film series, among them the four Superman films and the three Harry Potter films (so far - the fourth, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is due out next year, and will have another Williams score).

At this point we cannot confirm whether this information comes from Williams' himself. A month ago, we learned from both the director of music at Warner Brothers and Conrad Pope (John Williams orchestrator) that the composer was not scoring Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire due to scheduling conflicts, and was interested in doing Memoirs of a Geisha.

Meanwhile, The John Williams Web Pages contain this:

John Williams has scored Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and will also the score the fourth film in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, if his schedule permits.

Thanks, Veritaserum


 Eastbourne May Be QWC Site

- [ M17 @ 09:30 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Eastbourne could be the setting for the Quidditch World Cup in the next Harry Potter film. Read on at the link below...

A newspaper report says a cliff top site, near Beachy Head, is the first choice for Warner Brothers - location managers for The Goblet of Fire.

Eastbourne council denied the report, but said the company scouted the area and also three West Country locations.

A spokesman for the film company said locations were never confirmed until definite arrangements had been made.

Source: BBC News


 Set report from GoF filming in Ashridge

- [ Kristina @ 08:40 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

TLC has released a set report from the filming in Ashridge! The report includes scene description and is very detailed!
Read the full article here!

Thanks to TLC!

08. 9

 More GoF set pictures and new location reports

- [ Animate @ 12:06 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Two Readers from MuggleNet Bonny and Kaye have provided them with 21 new pictures from the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Both also provided set reports, which can be read here and here.

08. 7

 BREAKING NEWS: GOF Film Script - The First Task

- [ iruhkoi @ 04:24 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Thanks to TLC for this; a portion of the Goblet of Fire film script (The First Task) has been posted online, here it is:

That's it.
(to Harry)
Harry. That's it!
(hurrying off)
Of course the incantation will
have to be rather powerful and
you'll have to leave a window open...

Harry watches Hermione go MUTTERING off, then turns, looks for Cho. Gone. He frowns, then passes out of FRAME, the CAMERA moving toward a WINDOW...


...and through, soaring over the grounds to the dense trees of the Forbidden Forest, circling the CRIMSON GLOW of the clearing, where newly erected STANDS teem with students...


...descending into the clearing itself, where Fred & George conduct a few last minute transactions...

Step up mates! Who fancies a
flutter on tonight's bloodbath?

Smart money's on Krum to survive!

One'll get you ten if Potter
dies. OW!

Hermione POPS George hard in the arm, glowering disapprovingly as...

We'd cut Harry in, of course...

...the CAMERA tracks back with her into a TENT, where...


...Harry paces. Hermione snaps shut the flap.
Smiles nervously.

How're you feeling? OK?

Harry nods. Hermione glances about.
Fleur sits in stony silence. Krum
lies on a bench. Diggory paces.

The key is to concentrate. After that, you just have to...

Battle a dragon.

Right...Oh, Harry!

Overcome, she throws her arms around him, when -- FLASH! -- Rita Skeeter strolls
in, PHOTOGRAPHER in tow.

Young love. How stirring. If things go
unfortunately tonight, you two may even
make the front page.


Oh don't even start, you silly girl. I
can tell you where it'll end.

You haff no business here. The tent is for
champions. And...friends.

Everyone turns, stunned to hear Krum speak. Skeeter studies him appraisingly (as does Hermione), then smiles thinly.

No matter. We got what we wanted.

As she exits, Dumbledore enters from the opposite end. With him are Karkaroff and Madame Maxime and Barty Crouch.

Good evening, Champions.
(as they assemble)
You've waited. You've wondered.
And now the moment is here. A
moment only you four can fully
appreciate. Which begs the
question: Why are you here,
Miss Granger?

Oh. Sorry. I'll. Just. Go.

(as she exits)

Barty Crouch steps forward with a SMALL BAG of PURPLE SILK. SMOKE weeps from the bag's SEAMS while its belly WRITHES with some sort of interior activity. Crouch seems at great pains to simply keep the bag in his hands.

Surely it's been ... agonizing ...
for you all... speculating...
these many weeks as to just what it
is that awaits you tonight. Within
this bag lies the answer...

As Crouch fumbles with the bag, Rita clucks her tongue softly as she MURMURS to the phlegmatic photographer.

Oh, Barty, what a magnificent
ruin you've become. And to think
you almost ruled the world. Of
course, that was before. Then the
cookie crumbled. I'll never forget
forget the day it happened. It's
quite remarkable to see a man
lose everything in the blink of
an eye. To see him...
(a hard smile)
...completely lose his grip.

As Crouch gains some dominion over the bag, he holds it out before a wary Fleur.

Miss Delacour, if you will...

FLASH! The photographer steps forward to capture the moment and Moody is revealed, having heard Rita's every word.

Fleur swiftly withdraws her hand from the squirming silk and finds a tiny MODEL of a DRAGON bearing the number "2." It pads angrily over her palm, lets out a TINY PUFF of SMOKE.

The Welsh Green. Mr. Krum...

Krum reaches in, draws "3."

The Chinese Fireball...

Then Cedric: "1"

The Swedish Short-Snout. Which leaves...

The Horntail.

Dumbledore's eyes darken as they peer into Harry's palm. The miniature Horntail rears up angrily, lets out a ROAR and emits a TINY BALL of FIRE.

These represent four very real
dragons, each of which has been
given a golden egg to protect.
Your objective is simple: Collect
the egg. This you must do, for
each egg contains a clue, without
which you cannot hope to survive
the next task. Any questions?

The Champions stand mute.

Very well. Good luck to you all.
Mr. Diggory, at the sound of the
cannon, you may pro--

KA-BLOOM! Filch fires a SMALL CANNON a tad early, causing all present to nearly jump out of their skins.

Cedric stares at the tiny dragon in his hand, then closes his fingers over it and strides away. CAMERA RISES behind the remaining TRIO as Cedric exits...rising higher as the nseen crowd ROARS...rising into the peak of the tent where the canvas undulates with the FLAMES that FLICKER beyond...cycling slowly back down to...

Harry. Standing alone. As he begins to move, CAMERA tracks after, following him through the tent and into...


...the ROARING arena, where HUNDREDS of SCREAMING FACES wheel above him and THREE MASSIVE BANNERS hang TATTERED and SMOKING. Only the banner opposite, emblazoned with the HOGWARTS CREST, is wholly intact. Then...

A FIREBALL BURSTS through the center of it and the banner DISINTEGRATES, revealing...the Horntail. Yellow eyes blzing. Spiked tail punishing the ground where a GLIMMERING GOLDEN EGG lies. Harry points his wand to the sky:

Accio Firebolt!

Instantly, CAMERA CRANES high, soaring above the clearing and the forest that contains it, leaving the shrieking voices behind, finding Hogwarts Castle on the horizon. A PINPRICK appears in the sky, lengthening, drawing closer in a RUSH of AIR. And then...Harry's FIREBOLT streaks into view.

CAMERA CRANES DOWN, plummeting back into the abyss of SCREAMING VOICES, tracking the broom right into...

Harry's hand.
Instantly, Harry ROCKETS into the air, clothes snapping, hair fluttering off his SCAR.

Engraged, the Horntail's head swivels, yellow eyes tracking Harry's every move. As Harry DIVES...

...the Horntail SPITS forth a BLAZING ROPE of FIRE. Harry swoops, streaking under the flames, straightens out, DIVES again, then looks down and...

...sees the dragon's SPIKED TAIL lashing up like a whip.
Harry rolls sideways, strangling the Firebolt's handle as the dragon's tail whistles past and a GUST of WIND buffets him.

Rolling upright, Harry jets away, dodging one volley of FIRE after another, then loops down and ...finds himself heading directly at the Horntail. Furious, the dragon rises up, sends forth an errant BLAST of FIRE and, for the briefest of moments, leaves the golden egg exposed.

08. 7

 New GoF on set Pic's

- [ Animate @ 04:07 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

GOF set photos

TLC has posted never-before-seen pictures of the cast on set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire along with several images of from the movie. It is their request that you view the images via the link to the article they have posted.
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8

Thanks to TLC you can read the report.


Muggle Net have also been given some exclusive images.
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
Image 4, Image 5, Image 6.

08. 6

 More Information on Miranda Richardson ('Rita Skeeter')

- [ Mischief Managed! @ 07:24 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

From Zap2it.com:

It's a dream job for an actress to land a role in the latest "Harry Potter" film while also turning the tables on the press. Brit Miranda Richardson will play Rita Skeeter, the muckraking reporter in the Mike Newell-directed "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

In the fourth installment of the children's series, based on the best-selling books by J.K. Rowling, the young wizard Harry comes to terms with his fame as he enters the challenging Triwizard Tournament, held between three wizarding schools.

Skeeter is a reporter for the wizards' paper, The Daily Prophet, and has a reputation for biased views, sniffing out news stories even in the most protected, private circles, and plaguing Harry with her endless questions.

Richardson joins other "Harry Potter" newcomers Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort, Brendan Gleeson as Mad-Eye Moody, Robert Pattinson as Harry's friend Cedric Diggory, Stanislav Ianevski as Quidditch star Viktor Krum, French actress Clemence Poesy as Beauxbatons student Fleur Delacour and Katie Leung as Harry's love interest Cho Chang.

(Read more here.)

08. 6

 GoF Filming: Port Key Scene

- [ Deb @ 08:56 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

The port key scene was seen being filmed. Read about it at HPANA. Hopefully this means we'll see the World Cup.

08. 4

 BREAKING NEWS: Ralph Fiennes & Richardson Confirmed!!

- [ Jasen @ 05:08 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

From Warner Bros.'s new press release:

Ralph Fiennes (Red Dragon, Maid in Manhattan, Schindler's List) and Miranda Richardson (The Hours, Sleepy Hollow, The Crying Game) have joined the all-star cast of Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's popular Harry Potter novel series. Fiennes will play Harry Potter's nemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort, and Richardson takes on the role of muckraking journalist Rita Skeeter.

Share your thoughts on this big casting news in the discussion thread!!


 Ralph Fiennes Closer To Being Voldemort?

- [ Jasen @ 01:37 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

According to TLC, the rumors of Ralph Fiennes playing Voldemort in Goblet of Fire are getting stronger. Stay tuned for more.


 MTV Delays Goblet of Fire Segment

- [ M17 @ 11:09 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

An update from a previous story... MTV's TRL has delayed their piece from on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that was set to air this Friday. Leaky says that sources involved report that this piece has been postponed for a few months, likely to air in November. We'll keep you posted with updates as they become available.


 Double Cast for Neville Longbottom

- [ M17 @ 08:05 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

ic Berkshire reports...

The 15-year-old has found himself mixing with stars of stage and screen as the double for Neville Longbottom. "I always really wanted to be an actor but never thought it would be a reality" he said. "It's brilliant."

After being measured and having his photo taken, Thomas Davy was called back for an audition at Pinewood Studio. He impressed the director so much he was cast as the double for the bumbling Neville in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Thomas is already living most teenagers' dreams. "I have a trailer were I can play around and was sat next to Miranda Richardson [Rita Skeeter] in make-up the other day" he said.


 Miranda Richardson Cast as Rita Skeeter

- [ iruhkoi @ 06:29 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

so says Leaky:

"Extremely reliable sources tell us that British actress Miranda Richardson will play Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Ms. Richardson is most commonly known for her roles in The Hours (playing Vanessa Bell), Sleepy Hollow (playing Lady Mary Van Tassel, pictured here with Michael Gambon, aka Dumbledore) and The Crying Game (playing Jude)."

More information on the actress can be found at her unofficial website as well as the link above!


 MTV's TRL to be on GoF Set!

- [ M17 @ 07:27 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Thanks very much to forum member truegirl1990 for telling us that MTV's TRL show will be on the set of Goblet of Fire next Friday, July 30th. We'll bring you more information and links as they become available.


 New "Diggory" Pics

- [ M17 @ 09:15 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Check out CBBC Newsround for a few new pictures of the actor cast as Cedric Diggory. Thanks, Leaky.


 Goblet of Fire to be "the most expensive movie ever made"

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:29 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

And apparently more expensive than any of the movie adaptations from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. From the Sunday Mail:

Goblet Of Fire the fourth Potter film will cost £170 million £5 million more than Return of the King, the last in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Filming is due to begin in April and [director Mike] Newell said: ''I think of myself as being really lucky. I'm going to make the most expensive film there has ever been.

[Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid)]'s character has presented Newell with a giant sized headache finding an 8 ft tall French woman to play Hagrid's love interest, Madame Maxime. He said: ''We are casting right now. I've been in Paris, looking for giant women and French schoolgirls.''

Read more at the link above!


 John Williams: Not scoring Goblet of Fire?

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:19 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Well, is it déjà vu all over again? This from JWfan.net:

We have learned from two very reliable sources that John Williams is not scoring Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, due to scheduling conflicts -although things might change in the coming months.

According to o­ne of the sources (someone very close to the composer), Williams might write the score for Memoirs of a Geisha. Both 'Harry Potter 4' and 'Geisha' are scheduled for release in Fall, 2005.

Remember, this is UNCONFIRMED. Trust iharrypotter.net to keep you updated as this story develops and more information is known. Discuss the possibility in our official forum thread.


 New Q&A With Actor Playing Bill Weasley!

- [ Jasen @ 10:02 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

The Burrow was lucky enough to have a little sit-down with actor Richard Fish about his role as Bill Weasley in the upcoming GoF movie. Here's a snippet:

Richard, tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? And are you a natural red-head? Have you been acting a long time? What other (if any) work have you done (on stage or screen)?

Okay, I was born in London and am currently studying English Literature at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. I'm 24 years old and yes it's all natural! As for acting, I'm still trying to find some significant roles (of which, to date, Bill is the most) after performing countless plays within the University Drama Society as well as showing a keen interest in a new local Amateur Dramatics company called Act 2 Productions. Most of my on screen work has been as a background extra with The Casting Collective in several TV and film productions, namely Band of Brothers.

Read the rest here!

How did you get the part of Bill Weasley? Did they search extensively for the oldest Weasleys boys?

As I've said I used to work with The Casting Collective and it was through this company that Alfonso spotted my picture and asked me to come in for an audition. I believe there were about 20 other potential 'Bill's as well as 'Charlie's from which myself and Alex were chosen.

Have you spoken with Alex (Crockford) since shooting the Egypt scenes for 'Prisoner of Azkaban'?

I haven't actually. Having only spent a couple of days in total on set there wasn't much time to get to know him but I did give him a lift to the station when we wrapped!

How much time did you spend with the other Weasley actors and what do you think of them?

Like I said only a couple of days but it was certainly well worth every minute with them. Having Mark Williams and Julie Walters as your Mum and Dad is pretty cool! And Percy isn't as mean in real life either... ;)

What are your chances of returning for 'Goblet of Fire'?

GoF is certainly looking good for the Weasley family as after Azkaban I had a talk with a few of the Assistant Directors over a couple of months and after they learned I was keen to return to hopefully make Bill have a larger prescence, they confirmed that they were interested in re hiring me for the job. Hopefully Alex as well. One thing wich they did mention, which I must too so as not to disappoint anyone, is that we'll be there in a reduced form from the book due to it's length. Fingers crossed they won't cut too much of us!

07. 7

 Pirated PoA In Hong Kong

- [ Jasen @ 03:06 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Pirated DVDs of the latest Harry Potter movie are already on sale in Hong Kong days before the boy wizard officially arrives to cast his spell on local cinemas.

Discs of ``Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,'' some with Korean subtitles, were sold in a Hong Kong market for about $20 each (US$2.6), the South China Morning Post said Tuesday.

Read more at Utusan Online.

07. 2

 GoF Movie News

- [ Deb @ 04:10 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Props for GoF are being made to order. Read about it here Thanks to The Snitch for the scoop. Could this mean The World Cup is back? We can only hope.


 GoF Casting Update: Karkaroff

- [ Jasen @ 04:03 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Thanks to reader Laney for sending us this link that has two pics of Pedja Bjelac, the actor who was recently cast as Igor Karkaroff, from a previous work, "The Visitor".


 GoF Press Release + New Casting Confirmations!!

- [ Jasen @ 01:10 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

This just in from Business Wire:

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 2004--Principal photography is now underway on Warner Bros. Pictures' "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the fourth film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's much loved "Harry Potter" novel series.

With production based at England's Leavesden Studios, the film is directed by Mike Newell ("Mona Lisa Smile," "Four Weddings and a Funeral") and produced by David Heyman. The screenplay is by Steve Kloves, who has penned the screenplays for all three previous "Harry Potter" films. David Barron ("Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets") serves as executive producer.

Joining the ensemble are several new cast members, led by esteemed actor Brendan Gleeson ("Troy," "Cold Mountain"), who plays Hogwarts' new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Mad-Eye Moody. Frances De La Tour ("The Cherry Orchard," "Strike it Rich") plays the Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Madame Maxime; Roger Lloyd-Pack ("Vanity Fair," BBC TV's "Only Fools and Horses") plays the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Barty Crouch; Pedja Bjelac ("Eurotrip") plays Durmstrang Professor Igor Karkaroff; Jeff Rawle ("Inspector Calls II," "Baal," TV's "Drop the Dead Donkey") plays Amos Diggory; and David Tennant ("Bright Young Things") plays Barty Crouch Jr.

New additions to the young cast include Robert Pattinson ("The Ring") as Cedric Diggory; Stanislav Ianevski as Quidditch star Viktor Krum; Clemence Poesy ("Bienvenue chez les Rozes," "Petite Soeur") as Fleur Delacour; and Katie Leung as Cho Chang.

And according to various reports, actor Ralph Fiennes is also in negotiations to star as Lord Voldemort. Stay tuned for more.


 Fiennes to Play Voldemort?

- [ Vickie @ 10:14 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

The Daily Mail reports that Award-winning actor Ralph Fiennes is in negotiations to play Lord Voldemort in the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

If contracts can be agreed, Fiennes will play the ultimate practitioner of the Dark Arts in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, which began filming at 'Harry's home' over at Leavesden studios last month.

However, scenes involving Voldemort aren't scheduled to shoot until the end of the year, which would suit Fiennes as he is currently in Kenya filming The Constant Gardener opposite Rachel Weisz.

Read the full article here.


 TWO Directors for GoF?!

- [ M17 @ 08:34 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

El Cronista De Salem sends in this translation of a news story from Noticias Dot:

Problems in the Warner studies can allow to the author of Harry Potter to choose the director of the fourth film, the Goblet of Fire. Alexander Ransdon, director of productions of Warner, did a contract with Mike Newell for being the director of the 4th film. Ransdon signed a contract and announcied his name for the movie.

Read the full article by clicking 'more.' We're not absolutely sure this is the real situation, so stay tuned for more details as they become available.

In spite of this, Linsen Crafter, second president of Warner Bros Europe, chose David Heyman, but the contract finnaly wasnt signed. But the problem is going to be bigger, because Licenciado Espine, president of Warner Bros Latinoamerica and Spain, holded hard conversations with Alfonso Cuaron be the director of Goblet of Fire, and finally CUARON SIGNED.

In this moment, Warner shows a bad situation. They have signed with
two director for the same film. The company will accept the decision
of J.K. Rowling for who will direct the film.


 Local Pupil To Star In GoF

- [ Jasen @ 01:20 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

ic Essex reports:

A LOCAL pupil is to star in the next Harry Potter film - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Thirteen-year-old Kobie Hunte is to appear alongside Harry and his friends in the fourth movie adaptation of JK Rowling's books.

McEntee Secondary School announced that Kobie had landed the part as millions of fans flocked to cinemas to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


 Fleur Delacour Cast for GoF!

- [ M17 @ 11:57 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

CBBC Newsround reports...

In the latest Potter casting news, Newsround can exclusively reveal the part of Fleur Delacour will be played by French actress Clemence Poesy. Clemence, 21, is currently in England rehearsing, with filming due to start in July, according to her agent.

More information can be found on Poesy at IMDb, and you can see some pictures at Newsround!


 Viktor Krum Spurs Bulgarian Tourism

- [ Jasen @ 01:08 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

The fourth movie of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been enriched with the landmark personality of quidditch team head Viktor Krum, whose imagery background is Bulgarian.

The idea of exposing Harry Potter's fellow Viktor Krum as Bulgaria Destination's promotion image was launched in March when it became known that a Bulgarian boy would play the role in the next blockbuster.

That is a very promising and attractive image of Bulgaria, Ivaylo Gyurov, Chief of National Tourism Advertising and Information said. A state of ancient history and the only European country to have preserved its original name and lasted for two dozens of centuries on the same territories, he added.

Read on at NoInvite


 GoF News: Cedric Diggory Cast!

- [ Deb @ 12:08 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Newsround has revealed Cedric Diggory as Robert Pattinson, who has been in
Vanity Fair and a German film called Kingdom in Twilight.

Stay tuned for more details.

06. 4

 Video of MSNBC Interviews With Potter Cast Online

- [ Jasen @ 06:44 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

The headline says it all--head on over here to see them! On a little side note, notice how Gary Oldman still has long hair and is now sporting a beard... Methinks he may be prepping for The Goblet of Fire :)

06. 3

 Victor Krum Cast!!

- [ Vickie @ 05:40 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

After months of silence and controversy concerning the nationality of the future Potter star, Warner Bros. has reportedly decided that Stanislav Yanevski, a Bulgarian boy living and studying in London, will play Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The decision was relayed to producer Victor Bozhinov, who was in charge of carrying out the Bulgarian casting for Krum at the end of February.

Thanks to Wizard News.


 Producer David Heyman Talks PoA and GoF

- [ Jasen @ 11:33 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF, Movie: PoA ]

The producer tells Sci Fi Wire:

Heyman added that the turnout at the New York City premiere of the third film in the series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, on May 23 also greatly encouraged him. "Judging by the response outside of Radio City Music Hall, it was alive and well," Heyman said. "It was amazing. So it's hard to tell. I hope that it's alive and well. I think that it is. You see and hear the enthusiasm from friends second-hand and third-hand. I see the response of the fans in the street [at the premiere], and so it seems pretty good."

Heyman is already deep into work on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the next movie in the franchise, based on the fourth book in J.K. Rowling's series about a teen wizard and his experiences at a school of wizardry and witchcraft. Asked what aspect of Goblet of Fire he was most excited to see realized on-screen, Heyman replied, "Well, there's a lot involved. I look forward to the 'three tasks,' and I'm particularly looking forward to the 'unexpected task.' I think that this is a film where boys and girls begin to interact in a much more concrete way. I'm looking forward to seeing that come to life. I think that it'll be a really funny film. I think that it'll also work as a thriller, because it is a thriller. And Lord Voldemort is back." Prisoner of Azkaban opens June 4. Warner Brothers is targeting a Nov. 18, 2005, release date for Goblet of Fire.


 A Scot for Krum?

- [ Scott @ 07:06 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

Novinite.com, a Bulgarian news website, is reporting that a Scotsman was chosen for Victor Krum.

The Viktor Krum part in the next Harry Potter movie will be assigned to a Scottish boy, media said. The surprising news came after months of searching a Bulgarian actor for the role.

A special casting took place in Sofia in the beginning of the year, and 56 Krum wannabes were spotted by the directors. The taped performances were sent to London, for a jury to make the final decision.

The news about the Scottish elect was broken by Bulgarian media citing The Seattle Times.


 The Premiere In London!

- [ Jasen @ 02:03 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

London has already seen two Harry Potter premieres since the immeasurably popular children's books made their way to the screen, but if the public lust for all things magical has diminished any in the meantime, there was certainly no evidence of it in Leicester Square on Sunday. Fans young and old lined the red carpet as far as the eye could see for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, turning out in numbers that might even have put the event on par with last year's Return of the King premiere.

Empire Online has the rest, complete with a gallery!

Yahoo!/Reuters also has some more pics from the event.


 Jason Issacs Is Back In GoF!

- [ Jasen @ 11:04 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

From The Sun:

"I make a tiny cameo appearance in the fourth film, to remind people that I still exist as I have a bit more to do in the fifth one," he says. "To be honest I thought I wouldn't get to be in the fourth film at all, but it will be nice to get the wig out of mothballs and start the slow warm-up for number five where I have some rather juicy and lovely stuff."


 GoF Casting: Cho Chang, At Last!

- [ Jasen @ 10:53 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

From sunday mirror:

THIS is the schoolgirl set for movie stardom - as Harry Potter's first girlfriend.

Katie Leung, 16, has scooped the prized role of Cho Chang, the Chinese girl who wins the heart of the boy wizard.

And the youngster gets to kiss Harry - played by 15-year-old Daniel Radcliffe - when Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starts filming later this year.

Last night a movie insider said: "Harry develops a crush on Cho in the Goblet of Fire. It is fair to say that she becomes his first- ever girlfriend, so it's an import- ant part.

"The film producers and author J. K. Rowling were keen to get a complete unknown for the part of Cho Chang and Katie's absolutely perfect. She's pretty, bright and one can see why Harry would have a crush on her. She has a glittering career ahead of her."

And this related piece of news, too, from Newsround:

Peter Leung told the Daily Record newspaper that Katie, 16, was still coming to terms with the news.

He's also reported as saying that: "It's obviously a great part to get and it's a happy time for all the family."

He added: "Katie is coming back up next week and she's supposed to be getting a press officer and things like that."

One of her neighbours, James Gibson, also told the paper: "She is level-headed and I'm sure the fame won't go to her head. She's a nice looking girl and parts don't get much bigger than a Harry Potter role."


 GoF Casting: Madame Maxine and Mad-Eye!

- [ Jasen @ 10:46 AM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

For months there's been speculation about who will be playing which parts.

And finally, producer, David Heyman exclusively told Newsround Online who will be playing some of the roles.

Madame Maxime, headmistress of Beauxbatons, will be played by 1970s sitcom star Frances de la Tour.

She's most famous for her role in the classic British comedy Rising Damp.

And Brendan Gleeson will play Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher Mad-Eye Moody.

He's most recently been seen playing Menelaus in Troy, the King who has his wife stolen from him by Orlando Bloom.

Okay, this is a week old, but we gotta archive it sometime!


 Matthew Lewis Shares Thoughts On PoA

- [ Jasen @ 10:30 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF, Movie: PoA ]

Newsround was able to catch up with Lewis, the actor who plays Neville Longbottom:

Have you seen the film yet?
I have hardly seen any of it at all! It will be a surprise, apart from the bits I actually filmed. I've never been to one of the US premieres before either so that's one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to it.

What's your fave bit?
The scene with Hagrid when he takes his first lesson in Care of Magical Creatures. When he first brings in the Hippogriff.

...What are you doing now?
I've started filming on the Goblet Of Fire. I started a couple of weeks ago. I've just been working on a few difficult scenes so far. But I'm off now til July. There's a lot of things to prepare for before filming really starts all the time. There's a lot of stuff to do with Dan. It seems to be getting pretty busy though once I am back in July. They have given us a schedule but I don't trust it - ha! Film schedules don't usually go to time.

Are you looking forward to GOF?
Yes I'm really looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to playing Neville again, no specific scene, just being back there filming and back with everyone

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 A Bit of GoF Casting

- [ Jasen @ 07:06 PM . GMT . Movie: GoF ]

BUDDING star Kobie Hunte is about to start living every young actor's dream after scooping a part in the fourth Harry Potter film.

Kobie, 13, a pupil at McEntee School, Billet Road, Walthamstow, has won a role in the next magical movie about the young wizard, Harry Potter and the Goblets of Fire.

The Year 8 student, who also goes to the Italia-Conti acting school, shouted for joy when she found out she had got a part, but despite her excitement she can't tell anyone what it is as the film's plots are still top secret.

Kobie said: "At first I didn't want to audition because I was quite scared. However, my mum and dad and two of my teachers at school, Miss Bretterecker and Miss Parker, persuaded me to go.

The role she's apparently been casted in has not yet been announced--read the rest of the article.

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