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The iHP.net News Archives » General

 HP Can Stump Even Presidential Candidates

- [ M17 @ 06:19 PM . PST . General ]

In a recent poll given to presidential hopefuls Wesley Clark and Joseph Lieberman, both failed to correctly answer the question: Who wrote the Harry Potter series?

Clark had actually read the books, but failed to name the author. Lieberman has yet to read the series. Some other questions that they missed are: Who was the first American Idol? (Clark answered Elvis Presley), and what group is Justin Timberlake in? (Clark answered the Beach Boys).

Via Veritaserum

02. 7

 Signed HP Audiobooks Up For Charity Auction

- [ Jasen @ 04:25 PM . PST . General ]

A whole host of celebrity memorabilia from the sublime to the ridiculous goes under the hammer at a charity auction near Axbridge tomorrow (Friday). People who attend the event at the Webbington Hotel, Loxton, will be able to bid for a magnum of champagne signed by the 1966 World Cup Team.

...For Harry Potter enthusiasts, there is a CD set of Harry Potter and the The Prisoner of Azkaban, with all CDs signed by the actor Stephen Fry, who narrates the story.

Read up here.

02. 7

 Having Troubles? Try 'Potter' Therapy

- [ Nick @ 03:48 PM . PST . General ]

Canada.Com has this:

EDMONTON -- Young students who are angry, depressed or over-anxious about tests, sports championships or life in school hallways could use a little bit of Harry Potter therapy by envisioning an imaginary Hermione, Dumbledore or Hagrid coaxing them on, says an Edmonton psychologist.

"Harry Potter is all about bravery and courage and wisdom," said Neil Mulholland, who works with kids who have extreme behavioural or anxiety issues. "This is a way for kids to imagine themselves as brave and courageous."

Mulholland spoke about Harry Potter and other positive role models for kids to a room full of teachers and counsellors attending a convention.

Teachers heard how kids can learn to decrease their anxiety by imagining themselves surrounded by loyal friend Ron Weasley, curly-haired and clever Hermione Granger, or Hagrid the giant.

"It's an imaging technique," he said. "What would that character be saying to you about how to handle the big game or the test tomorrow? ... We have to counter the negative thoughts with a positive spell."

When children replace their negative self-thoughts -- failing tests, experiencing stage fright or going blank during a class presentation -- with positive encouragement from imaginary friends flying over them on Quidditch sticks or sitting beside them as if they were both at Hogwarts school, the students begin to gain confidence in themselves, he said.

Mulholland said eight to 12 per cent of children experience anxiety, but it's often a difficult problem for teachers to pick up. Some kids may get physically ill from worrying about exams or volleyball tournaments.

Like these students, Harry Potter's life is full of anxious situations. He meets the evil Voldemort in the form of a poisonous snake. He faces regular emotional abuse from his Muggle cousin Dudley. He has to steal a golden egg from a Hungarian horntail dragon's lair. And he loses the bone in his arm after a Quidditch bludger ball breaks it.

"This young guy was faced with one thing after another," Mulholland said. And yet Harry is able to rise above his troubles with the help of many unique friends and wise wizards. Patient Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, accepts Harry even though he does anti-school activities, such as sneak through the corridors in his invisibility cloak when he's supposed to be in bed.

"I wish I had him around when I was a kid," Mulholland said of Dumbledore.

He said Harry Potter characters, or ones like Yoda, the wise Jedi master in Star Wars whose strength is the quiet force within him, offer positive role models to children who have few real role models in their life. Harry Potter characters also have their own quirks and foibles, making them more realistic role models than other superheroes.

Mulholland said many children who use his imaging technique hear the characters tell them that everything will be okay.

"Good always triumphs over evil," Mulholland said. By envisioning Harry Potter or Professor McGonagall with them during stressful times, students allow their imaginations to free them from anxiety and change negative thought patterns.

"Kids not in good situations, enduring terrible times, have hope that some magic or better people will come to guide them," he said.

Thanks to Leaky for the link!

02. 6

 Unveiling the Liverpool Magic Circle

- [ Jasen @ 06:52 PM . PST . General, Interact ]

Daily Post has this:

IT IS a name that conjures up images of a secret society whose mysteries must never be revealed.

Now the Liverpool Magic Circle has been relaunched 50 years after it was first formed.

It is the brainchild of Richie Smith, an entertainer and fundraiser who has been a fan of magic for more than 30 years.

..."We will welcome those people who are just interested in the history of magic, and at our meetings people who are interested will actually be demonstrating magic. We'll also be having brain-storming sessions."

Budding Harry Potters wishing to join the circle will have to pass a strict interview to prove their interest in, and knowledge of, magic.

Check out the article at the link!

02. 6

 Another Result of Potterism

- [ Jasen @ 06:49 PM . PST . General ]

When she was 13, Heather Lawver read a book that changed her life: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Inspired by reports that J. K. Rowling’s novel was getting kids to read, she wanted to do her part to promote literacy. Less than a year later, she launched The Daily Prophet, a Web-based “school newspaper” for the fictional Hogwarts. Today, the publication has a staff of 102 children from all over the world.

Read on here!

02. 4

 Older Readers Lack HP Knowledge...?

- [ M17 @ 05:13 PM . PST . General ]

According to a recent survey (Telegraph), many readers aged 25 to 44 don't know the Harry Potter books as much as the next novel...

...Thirty-two per cent of people knew that the owl and the pussy cat in Edward Lear's verse took "some honey and plenty of money wrapped up in a five pound note". But just 14 per cent knew that J K Rowling's Harry Potter caught his train to school from King's Cross station...

Via Veritaserum.


 'Getting to Know Sean' Update

- [ Nick @ 06:39 PM . PST . General ]

For all you Sean Biggerstaff fans out there...Sean's Official Site has a new edition of 'Getting to Know Sean', where Oliver Wood himself answers fan questions. Check it out here!

Thanks very much to the folks at Veritaserum for the tip!


 Judge Makes Decision on Potter v. Stouffer

- [ Nick @ 01:51 PM . PST . General ]

Nancy Stouffer, a woman claiming Harry Potter was a rip of of her own work, lost in court, and had to pay some hefty fees. Entertainment Law Digest reports:

A federal appeals court has upheld a rare $50,000 judicial sanction against a woman who claimed that the Harry Potter books copied her work. In addition, the appeals court upheld the dismissal of her claims and affirmed the trial court order that she pay her opponents’ attorneys fees.
US District Judge Allen G. Schwartz of the Southern District of New York had found that there was “clear evidence” that Nancy Stouffer had committed fraud in presenting her evidence of copyright infringement.

[ Read More in Depth ]


 Felton Hosts Fishing Tournament (Again)

- [ Nick @ 01:41 PM . PST . General ]

North Country Guide has the story:

Over $20,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded at the second St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament ™ August 20th and 21st. Young carp anglers will cast for the largest four fish of their two day catch along a beautiful 35 mile section of the St. Lawrence River between Massena and Ogdensburg, New York.

The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce tournament will once again be co-hosted by returning British friends Tom and Chris Felton as well as Martin James. Tom is known for his various movie roles, including Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter movie series. He is an accomplished carp angler and ecologist. Chris is a noted inventor of carp baiting systems and is credited for inspiring this tournament. Martin is a long-time advocate of carp angling on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, and he brings years of wisdom and expert BBC commentary on fishing and the environment to the competition.

Read the article in its entirety here.


 Reality Check Includes Potter

- [ Nick @ 01:53 PM . PST . General ]

Reality Check has a quite humorous comic involving the lightning bolt scar on Harry's forehead.

[ See the Comic Here ]


 Ziggy Features An HP Mention

- [ Jasen @ 03:31 PM . PST . General ]

In today's comic!


 The Queen of England Knows Her HP Trivia

- [ Jasen @ 01:20 AM . PST . General ]

The Queen had the last laugh yesterday when she answered a question about Harry Potter that had defeated a group of children at church near Sandringham.

She chuckled when, in conversation with the Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev John Sentamu, she was able to name Professor Dumbledore as the head teacher of Hogwarts, J K Rowling's school for wizards.

The Queen attending morning service at St Mary's church, Flitcham
"The Queen was laughing because she knew the answer and none of the children did," said the bishop. "She said: 'Fancy the children not knowing about Harry Potter - I knew.'"

Read on!

01. 4

 Pop Culture Spurring Internet Fan Fiction

- [ Jasen @ 07:04 PM . PST . General ]

From The Age:

In the marketing milli-second that parts the latest Harry Potter book from an impending Harry Potter movie, lunch box or confectionery range, J. K. Rowling's mass audience has found a way to amuse itself. Hungry for Hogwarts, and always eager to follow fresh narratives, addicts of Harry have found a way to take the edge off: they simply create new stories themselves.

Explore the internet or dive into 'zine culture and you'll discover more than 100,000 pieces that employ the characters and settings founded by Rowling in her HP series. Some of the work is stunning, much of it is drivel, and all of it risks inspiring the fury of Warner Brothers and Harry's other trademark holders.

Despite a threat of legal notices and continued aloofness by the more upright literary community, this work is flourishing. HP-inspired fiction has even given rise to its own stars, some of whom rival Rowlings's own talent for rococo prose and colossal word count. These exuberant HP writers are the latest heirs to a literary tradition known as fan fiction, or fanfic. The genre is staffed by fans of a specific book, television show or movie. Using established characters and surroundings, writers arm themselves with a healthy sense of creative entitlement and let it rip.

Read the rest of this interesting article at the link above!

01. 2

 Time Capsule Includes Modern Entertainment...

- [ M17 @ 11:06 AM . PST . General ]

Bettendorf is starting off the New Year with a time capsule.

City officials buried it Wednesday night in front of City Hall.

The time capsule includes a a copy of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,'' a DVD of "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,'' a bag of microwave popcorn, magazines, local yearbooks, photographs, letters from local dignitaries and essays by local teenagers.

Source: WQAD IL

01. 2

 Great Expectations...

- [ M17 @ 11:03 AM . PST . General ]

An Opinion article from SunSpot.net describes why 'Potter' and 'Rings' are such a success...

Both works offer escape and pleasure, and perhaps insight and inspiration. Quite a few youngsters and adults are writing "fan fiction" Harry Potter stories, little pieces based on the characters, and posting them on Web sites, where Rings fiction (based on the J.R.R. Tolkien originals) has long been a fixture. Some moviegoers said they felt energized to make their own art, and make it better, after seeing such a masterful piece...

01. 2

 Radcliffe Causes a Flood of Donations...

- [ M17 @ 11:01 AM . PST . General ]

From The Sun...

...this Christmas Daniel announced on his website that he wanted fans to give donations to a children’s hospice in Sittingbourne, Kent, instead.

He said on his website: “In the past my fans have been truly generous in sending me fantastic presents.

“I appreciate these and feel very fortunate to have such loyal fans.

“However, this Christmas, I would like to ask instead of sending me a gift they make a donation to Demelza House, a fantastic children’s hospice that I support.

01. 1

 John Williams Grand Marshal

- [ Scott @ 08:53 AM . PST . General ]

I didn't even realize this until I turned on the tv, but John Williams is the Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses today in Pasadena, California. He'll be conducting the band that plays the national anthem at the Rose Bowl, as well as the half-time show. John Williams is the composer of the music for the Harry Potter, as well as many, many other well known films such as Jurassic Park, Jaws, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

For our foreign visitors who might not know what this is, the Tournament of Roses is a parade with floats that must be completely covered by some sort of flower, fruit or vegetable, and the designs are extremely amazing. Following the Tournament of Roses is the Rose Bowl, which is a university football(American) game between the top teams in the Big Ten conference of universities and the Pac Ten (Pacific Ten) conference of universities.


 Yet Another Guinness Record!

- [ M17 @ 07:51 PM . PST . General ]

This one, however, is apparently not mentioned in the 2004 edition, according to Veritaserum...

Most Character Voices In An Audio Book
In April 2003, British actor Jim Dale created and recorded 134 different and distinguishable character voices for the audio book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. "Jim did an absolutely beautiful job creating the voices," said Executive Producer Orli Moscowitz. And Random House audio-book veteran David Rapkin attested: "I have never, not once, ever had the experience [Jim] provided with an amazing number of distinct, very different, and unique character voices."


 New Year's Day @ Seasons Restaurant

- [ M17 @ 12:06 PM . PST . General ]

What's in store at the Seasons Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel (Chicago)?

A buffet-style holiday brunch. Kids' activities include a life-sized Harry Potter castle with videos and arts and crafts...

For more details, visit Metromix.


 Magician's Stores Not Affected by HP

- [ M17 @ 11:49 AM . PST . General ]

... reports Godrics Hollow / Wizard News.

Despite the fuss surrounding the release of the fifth Harry Potter book, and in spite of the thousands of children storming book shops in magician's costumes in November, sales of magic supplies at Freer's Zauberladen in the hip Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg have not been transformed. The Harry Potter spell failed to work its magic in this sector...

More at the link above!


 Britain's Home Secretary Potter "Specialist"

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:04 PM . PST . General ]

from mirror.co.uk:

Blunkett, the first member of the Cabinet to appear on Mastermind, chose JK Rowling's Harry Potter books as his specialist subject.

He managed a reasonable score of nine, putting him in third place. Worrall Thompson scored eight answering questions about French chef Augustus Escoffier and Bowen made 12 on the Arab-Israeli war of 1967.

Read more at the link above!


 Harry Potter isn't Harry Potter Anymore...

- [ M17 @ 11:55 AM . PST . General ]

If Harry Potter isn't Harry Potter, then who is Harry Potter? That's easy to answer...

HARRY Potter is a woman, a court in Australia has ruled.

Designer Clair Jennifer, 35, first thought up the name in 1994 to sell her range of women's clothing. Film giant Time Warner took Clair to court to stop her using the name again in her chain of stores, called Wombat. But Clair, of Sydney, told a judge: ''He was my creation for my label long before JKRowling's books came to Australia.''

And yesterday, she said: ''I'm the real Harry Potter. Now it's been made official by a judge.'' A spokeswoman for Time Warner said they were disappointed by the court finding.

Source: dailyrecord


 Lucky Number Seven

- [ Jasen @ 05:38 PM . PST . General ]

Harry Potter made USA Today's List of "100 People of 2003", coming in at lucky no. 7:

7. Harry Potter. As you may have heard, thousands of salivating fans lined up to get a taste of the magic man this year. If only David Blaine could say the same …

Find out who else made it at the link!


 Chris Rankin Review

- [ Scott @ 12:28 PM . PST . General ]

Chris Rankin's official website has a link to a review of his latest project, the pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Here's an excerpt of the review in the Shropshire Star:

I also liked Chris Rankin as Percival, the Queen's nasty helper. One of his other jobs is being Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films. I thought he was clever and made a good job of being very naughty to Snow White - Katie Ray - and the other poor people in the town.

Read the full review at the Shropshire link above, and you'll also see a photo of Chris in character :)


 David Copperfield This Weekend

- [ Scott @ 10:17 AM . PST . General ]

Reader Avalonx1 informs us that the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) will be airing Masterpiece Theatre Presents Charles Dickens' David Copperfield starring Dame Maggie Smith, and Daniel Radcliffe as a young David. Other notable performers are Zoe Wannamaker (Madame Hooch) and Ian McKellen (Gandalf in LOTR).

She informs us the air date is Saturday, December 20th at 11:10pm EST in NYC, but check your local listings for possible differences.


 Chris Rankin in Panto

- [ Scott @ 01:32 PM . PST . General ]

Chris Rankin, better known to Harry Potter fans as Percy Weasley, will be appearing as Percival (how fitting) the Henchman in the pantomime play Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, at the Oakengate Theatre in Telford. More information about tickets and performance times can be found at the link. The show opens this Friday, December 19th, and closes Sunday, January 11th 2004.


 Emma Watson at ROTK Premiere

- [ Scott @ 07:30 AM . PST . General ]

Thanks to the reader who sent us the link to this image of a beaming Emma Watson attending the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King premier at Odeon in Leicester Square in London. The original, full size image is from icLiverpool.

Who says British have bad teeth? Click on the image to view the full size version.

12. 5

 White House, Laura Bush like Potter, too!

- [ M17 @ 03:24 PM . PST . General ]

The decorations at the White House in Washington, D.C., have a new touch this holiday season...

This year's White House Christmas decorations seem just the ticket for a home run by a former school librarian.

Unveiled today by first lady Laura Bush, the decorations feature scenes from children's fiction -- ranging from "Little Women" to "The Cat in the Hat" to "Harry Potter."

In fact, Mrs. Bush told reporters she read the entire five-book Potter series this summer -- and "just loved" them.

The theme for the decorations is "A Season of Stories." Many of the pieces are making a return White House appearance after trimming trees and fireplaces when President Bush's father lived there.

Mrs. Bush says the Christmas season is always special at the White House, with its parties on most nights for lawmakers, staff and friends.

Source: WBAY TV

12. 4

 Harry Potter Grammy Nominations

- [ iruhkoi @ 05:00 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to iHP reader Kelli for informing us of the just-released list of nominees for the 46th Annual Grammy Awards (US), which include a nomination for Jim Dale for the Best Spoken Word Album for Children Award (Order of the Phoenix) and a nomination for John Williams for the Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television, or other Visual Media Award (Chamber of Secrets).

Congratulations to them, and let's hope they win!
Read more nominees at 1010Wins.com.

12. 2

 Scholastic Website Update

- [ Scott @ 07:30 PM . PST . General ]

This is an update that's probably months old (it may have even always been there and didn't show up on my computer) but Scholastic now has a black and white image of Mary Grandpré, the illustrator of the American editions.


 Dare You Enter The Harry Potter Maze?

- [ Jasen @ 10:54 AM . PST . General ]

NEW YORK, Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Art Smart Adventures Inc. today announced it will be hosting a series of Art Hunts, entitled Potter and the Mythology Maze, inspired by the popular stories of Harry Potter.

Art Smart Adventures will lead children ages 5-12 and their parents on a trivia seek-and-find event through The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City three weekends in December. The "Potter and the Mythology Maze" Art Hunt uses Potter trivia to direct families through a maze among the creations of ancient Greek potters, the antiquities of Rome and Egypt, and the galleries of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

The details here!


 The Harry Potter Bandit

- [ Jasen @ 10:44 AM . PST . General ]

ClickOnDetroit.com reports:

Police are searching for a man known as the "Harry Potter bandit," who's been invading the homes of some local elderly residents, Local 4 reported.

Witnesses say the man stands out because the glasses he wears apparently look like those worn by Harry Potter, the main character of the J.K. Rowling books and a series of blockbuster films.

The bandit has hit three times in a Dearborn Heights neighborhood near Joy and Beech Daly roads, according to police.

There's more at the link!


 Harry Potter To Be Among Themes In UK Tour

- [ Jasen @ 10:05 AM . PST . General ]

Read about it here.


 Are Harry Potter Fans The Craziest?

- [ Jasen @ 11:34 PM . PST . General ]

Well, crazy, no, but devoted, we are. IMDB has a new poll up, asking "Which fans, on average, do you think take their fandom too far in their daily lives?" Vote at the link!


 Harry Potter Bazaar Next Weekend

- [ Scott @ 11:22 AM . PST . General ]

Courtesty of the Redbridge Independent:

A CHRISTMAS bazaar with a magical twist takes place next weekend at Holy Trinity Church.

A Harry Potter Christmas bazaar will be held from 7.30pm on Friday, November 28 and from 10.30am to 4pm on Saturday, November 29.

Residents can enjoy a host of stalls, sideshows, refreshments, a fancy dress parade and a visit by Father Christmas.


 Spanish HP Website Shut Down by JKR

- [ Scott @ 02:26 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to El Cronista de Salem of ExpresoHogwarts for sending us this:

All the spanish ewspaper has commented in their pages about Daniela Raiti, an argentinian who founded www.harrymania.com.ar 5 years ago and it was the first spanish harry potter site, and an exemple for all the webmaster of latinamerica and Spain.

HarryMania has been one of the most visited sites in the last years (botth www.expresohogwarts.com and www.harrylatino.com) but the dream of his webmiss has finished. JKR and her lawyers have closen her site. Why?

Daniela started the 21th June the biggest fan translate in history: translate book 5. Spanish sites support her project and the translate, (a very good translate) was finished 2 weeks ago. More than 100 fans have helped in the project, a professional translator has corrected difficult mistakes and a professional writer has copied finished the work with his style. The book was at harrymania and all the fans could download it free. Spanish fans must wait until 21th February 2004 for the spanish edition (6 months) and is natural the idea.

[Editor's Note] While it may seem a harsh reaction by JKR, the translation was illegal, and the free download was a violation of several international copyright laws.

Salamandra, who publish Harry Potter in Spanish, was shocked with the perfect translate, butthey couldn’t close the site, because they have spanish OofP right since 2004 and no 2003. For this reason, Sigrid Kraus (the director of Salamandra) spoke with Christopher Little and was JKR, Little and the Lawyer who phoned to the harrymania company host and close it.

Now, harrymania.com.ar is not avalible. All spanish fans are angry (as natural) and they want the Salamandra translate NOW. Of course, copies of the harrymania’s translates are in other sites.

As ABC newspaper says, JKR will send a letter to Daniela saying thanks by her support, but saying that they cant translate without the book rights. JKR will not have more troublems with her, but Sigrid Klaus has said to the same newspaper that if other site publish the translate, it will be in serius troubles...

I think this news is very important. HarryMania is the oldest site of harry potter in spain, and they have closed. We must wait 6 months for it, and we cant translate by ourself?

Best Wishes,

El Cronista de Salem


 Harry Potter Healthier than Oprah

- [ Scott @ 05:35 AM . PST . General ]

Here's an interesting article from the Chicago Tribune:

A new survey has found that 50 percent of the nation's most stressed-out individuals are fans of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." The telephone poll of 1,015 people, commissioned by Hale Dwoskin, author of anti-anxiety book "The Sedona Method" (Sedona Press, $17), also found that 76 percent of "Oprah" fans wish their lives were calmer (20 percent higher than non-fans) and that "Oprah" watchers are 50 percent more likely to be taking anxiety-relieving medications than adult Harry Potter fans.

One more reason I'm glad I'm not an Oprah fan, hehe.


 Jim Dale To Read From "A Christmas Carol"!

- [ Jasen @ 05:16 PM . PST . Books, General ]

From Leaky:

At 6:30pm on December 2nd, at the World Financial Center in New York City, Jim Dale will read a selection from A Christmas Carol at the Holiday Lighting Ceremony, part of the Festival of Light and Sound. Thanks to Becky for telling us about the flyer.


 Scholastic Website Updates

- [ Scott @ 08:02 AM . PST . General ]

Thanks to El Cronista de Salem of ExpresoHogwarts.com for sending us this info:

Scholastic has Publisher a new screensaver with info of ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, with a funny Tonks (her hair change the color all the time).

this is the link where you will find the screensaver. Scholastic has upload new questions about the fifth too (all about 4 days ago).


 An Invisibility Cloak in Use!

- [ M17 @ 07:42 PM . PST . General ]

This isn't directly related to Harry Potter, but a couple of months back, a real-life invisibility cloak was developed. TIME has the current scoop: (and this is a real picture!)

Harry Potter isn't the only academic with an invisibility cloak. A professor at the University of Tokyo has created an optical camouflage system that makes anyone wearing a special reflective material seem to disappear. Here's how: a video camera records the real-life scenery behind the subject, transmits that image to a front-mounted projector, which then displays the scene on the reflective material. The system has obvious military applications and could also be used in airplane cockpits to make landings easier for pilots.

Source: TIME


 Harry Potter and LOTR To Be Spoofed

- [ Jasen @ 06:53 PM . PST . General ]

Reuters has the scoop, but beware of the movie's description as it is a bit adult-oriented.


 Harry Potter Caption Contest

- [ Scott @ 09:20 PM . PST . General, Interact ]

For the next week, I'm running a Harry Potter cartoon caption contest featuring Harry asking
Dumbledore what he sees in the Mirror of Erised. The reader gets to write Dumbledore's response
(a chance to say what he *really* sees). The entries are rated by readers with the funniest
punchline voted on in a week. The contest ends Wed 19 Nov so come check out all the crazy
submissions so far at:

John Cook


 Ewan McGregor's Children Aren't Harry Potter Fans

- [ Jasen @ 05:27 PM . PST . General ]

The Scottish actor has revealed that he refuses to read the popular books to his children, Clara, 8, and Esther, 2, because they do not make good bedtime reading.

Instead, he opts for a series of books by a mystery reclusive author to entertain Clara and Esther.

And Crieff-born McGregor, 32, said he was jealous that he hasn’t been asked to appear in the movie version of his favourite children’s read, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

He said: "Storytelling has become a part of my personal life, as well as being my profession. Most evenings I read stories to my kids."

Scotsman has the rest!


 Reviving Traditional Chinese Culture...

- [ M17 @ 09:45 AM . PST . General ]

Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins are helping to revive Chinese traditional culture.

Michael Tong gambled his future on this startling belief in May when he took charge of developing online games for Chinese internet portal NetEase.

NetEase games are virtual worlds designed to be played by thousands - the record is 150,000 at once - full of wizardry, Kung Fu and supernatural sword play.

And Potter mania is helping to conjure up a market.

"Our guess is that in cities like Shanghai or Beijing, Chinese would be looking more to the West, would be reading Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, but our guess is they'll still be interested in Chinese myth," says Mr Tong.

Chinese translations of the bespectacled boy wizard's adventures have sold at least 6 million copies, sparking interest in Chinese wizards too.

More from BBC News!

11. 5

 Philip Pullman On Harry Potter

- [ Jasen @ 05:39 PM . PST . General ]

Independent.co.uk has posted questions asked by readers for Philip Pullman, author of the fantastic His Dark Materials series. Here's what he says in response to one question:

Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?
Mel Robertson, by e-mail

Um. This is one of those Archbishop of Canterbury 12-second silences. I can't really answer the question. I read The Lord of the Rings when I was a teenager and I didn't really like it. I have tried to read it since, but it doesn't really say anything to me because the characters have no psychological depth. The only interesting character is Gollum. And I've only read one Harry Potter book, the second one, and it wouldn't be fair to comment on that basis, although I thought it was funny and inventive. Neither are my particular favourites.

11. 4

 Dr. Rickman, Please Report to Surgery

- [ Scott @ 07:58 AM . PST . General ]

From Yahoo News!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Alan Rickman and Mos Def will star in "Something the Lord Made," an HBO movie about the true story of heart surgery pioneers Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas, a white surgeon and a black lab technician.

The partnership between Blalock (Rickman) and Thomas (Mos Def) began in 1929 when the then-19-year-old Thomas' dreams to go to college and medical school were dashed when he lost his tuition savings in the October stock market crash and took a job as a lab technician at Vanderbilt University's medical school, working for Blalock, a resident surgeon.

The full article's at the link.

11. 1

 More Speculation on Seabottom Titles

- [ iruhkoi @ 01:34 PM . PST . Gaming, General ]

In another update to a story first reported August 25th exclusively here at iHP, Harry Potter fans around the world have been pondering the motives behind the trademark registrations of various Harry Potter titles under the name "Seabottom Productions Limited."

Not only has Seabottom Productions been directly linked directly to the address of Warner Bros. lawyers in Europe, but the numerous trademarks have been registered for the express use of (a) technical equipment, everything from mousemats, mobile phone accessories through to GPS systems and computer memory, (b) packaging and stationary, and (c) software development, installation (of anything) and (technical) support for products.

Thus, many have concluded that these trademarks are for the use of future computer games, and NOT as book titles. For a full list of the trademarks registered by Seabottom, click "more." Thanks to Leaky for the in-depth follow-up investigation.


11. 1

 Potter Music to "Light up the Violins"

- [ iruhkoi @ 01:12 PM . PST . General ]

from The Daily Herald:

"The sounds of Harry Potter's colorful adventures will be lighting up the violins, trumpets, drums and cellos of the Utah Valley Symphony on Thursday at the Provo Tabernacle. Children from Provo, Alpine and Nebo school districts and the public have been invited to experience the symphony through a guide and short tutorials.

"We want to give the kids a real concert experience," said Cornelia Madsen, vice president of the symphony and first trumpet. The concerts are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. While they are tailored for children, the public is welcome to join the fun."

Read more at the link above!

11. 1

 Harry In Flight Deck and Book 6 Rumor Debunked

- [ Jasen @ 12:23 PM . PST . Books, General ]

Leaky points us to yesterday's Flight Deck comic, which has a Harry Potter mention.

And it seems that Leaky also received word from a reliable source that J.K. Rowling's supposed "first clue to Book 6" rumor is actually false.

11. 1

 TV WATCH: JKR Guest-stars On "The Simpsons" Nov. 23!

- [ Jasen @ 10:40 AM . PST . General, J.K. Rowling ]

Just a friendly reminder to set your VCRs for "The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XIV", this Sunday, November 2 at 8PM/7C on FOX. Be sure to check your local listings for the proper time in your area!

[Note by Scott] But if you want to watch JKR's episode, set them for Sunday, November 23 at 8PM EST/7CST on FOX

11. 1

 "Mastermind" To Feature Harry Potter Questions

- [ Jasen @ 09:58 AM . PST . General ]

BBC has the scoop on the UK quiz show!

11. 1

 Church Protests Harry Potter Event

- [ Jasen @ 09:49 AM . PST . General ]

As children walked into the library Wednesday, a group outside shouted through bullhorns, telling the youngsters that they were going to hell.

Protesters from Victory Chapel greeted children outside the Payson Public Library as they entered to attend an event called "Harry Potter, a Kid's Night Out."

"The protesters yelled things like, ‘God would think Harry Potter is an abomination,'" 13-year-old Breanne Standifird said.

The rest is at The Payson Roundup.


 Match Each Character To Its Creator

- [ Jasen @ 06:20 PM . PST . General ]

ExpresoHogwarts.com has a scan of a page from a Spanish textbook that features Harry and JKR in one of their activities.


 Happy Halloween!

- [ Jasen @ 04:26 PM . PST . General ]

Is it October 31st already?! In any case, today's Halloween, which is the day where wizards and witches alike can proudly walk through Muggle streets, wearing their robes without a care. So for all of you goin' out to trick or treat, iHP hopes you'll have a safe, sweet, and spooktacular night!

Oh, and don't forget to send in pics if you're dressing up as a Harry Potter character! ;)


 The 'Hogwarts Headache' Is Born

- [ Michelle @ 03:20 PM . PST . General ]

This comes to us from the NY Daily News.

A pediatrician says he had three otherwise healthy children complain of headaches for two to three days last summer. It turns out all had been reading the 870-page “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in marathon sessions.

“The kids I saw were all avid Harry Potter fans who just plowed through the book,” said Dr. Howard J. Bennett, whose office is in Washington. “A lot of my kids would be reading six, eight hours a day. And it’s a big book for a 9- or 10-year-old child.”

He dubbed their ailment “Hogwarts headache” after the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that the boy wizard attends. He said the youngsters’ headaches were probably caused by tensing their head muscles for long periods. One of the children also had neck and wrist pain.

Read the rest of the article at the link above!


 Seven Year-Old Already Zipping Through HP Books

- [ Jasen @ 06:12 PM . PST . General ]

Sun-Sentinel has this:

Alex Ruiz began reading at age 3. Now the bilingual first-grader already is polishing off Harry Potter novels and adding four-digit numbers.

His mother, Dalida, pulled him out of Peters Elementary in Plantation recently, opting for a new charter school. She says she couldn't get his previous school to give him the advanced academics he needs.

"I'm bored," Alex, 7, sighed while still attending Peters, his voice filled with a world-weariness beyond his years. "Everything we do is kindergarten work. We're going out of our minds."

How's that for an intellectual thirst for ya?! Read more here!


 Harry Potter Technology Inspires Nokia

- [ Jasen @ 06:02 PM . PST . General ]

From BBC:

...But Yrjo Neuvo, Chief Technical Officer of Nokia mobile phones, reads JK Rowling's Harry Potter to get him thinking.

JK "is very good when it comes to predicting the future", according to Dr Neuvo, and "many of the things she is painting in her books can be implemented in phones in five to 10 years. It's really exciting," he says.

The ghostly moving people in framed pictures which deck Hogwarts' staircases, and the mysterious pensieve which shows 3D images of memories are just some of the ideas he sees as a reality.

Nokia have already developed a picture frame, available later this year, which lets people to beam images onto it directly from their phones.

Of course, there are no plans to make Nokia handsets which double as Nimbus 2000 quidditch brooms, sadly.

Read on at the link!


 Family Has A Sweet Idea For Halloween

- [ Jasen @ 05:55 PM . PST . General ]

Donna Anderson and John Hibshman of Onalaska, Wisconsin, along with their children are going to do something a little different this year:

"We thought we would do something different and have a station this year," Anderson said.

With Honeydukes, a candy shop of Harry Potter fame, open for business and their wizard gear on, the family was ready to greet the more than 300 children trick-or-treating Sunday in the forest.

"Going through is fun," Maddie said, "but I think giving out candy is fun, too."

La Crosse Tribune has the rest!


 Harry Mention In Ziggy

- [ Jasen @ 01:56 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to Tasha for sending us this link to today's Ziggy comic strip, with a Harry Potter mention!


 Brave Boy Scarred Like His Hero

- [ Michelle @ 08:30 PM . PST . General ]

This unbelievable story comes from the UK site This is the North East

A young Harry Potter fan who was almost killed saving his best pal's life has been left with a scar just like his Hogwarts hero.

Shay Corrie, nine, was left in a coma after he threw himself in front of five-year-old Jack Briggs and took the full impact of a seven tonne lorry.

But he fought back from the brink of death and is now back home, proudly showing his pals a crooked scar on his forehead - exactly like the young wizard's.

Read the rest of the story at the link above.


 Cricket Player Compared to Harry Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:22 AM . PST . General ]

from Sify.com:

"Bespectacled and blonde, he has the looks of a young and attractive professor. At the bowling crease too, he bowls with the deep understanding of a professor even while retaining the attractiveness of a young blonde Italian – his father is one!

That is Daniel Vettori for you, an endangered species in the world of cricket. A proponent of the dying art of old-fashioned left arm spin, as opposed to the flat trajectory up and down left arm trundler.

His peers call him Harry Potter for his spectacled look. In another sense too, it is apt: He can be a sorcerer with the ball on his day."

Read morea at the link above!


 'Harry Potter names' Among Common Passwords

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:10 AM . PST . General ]

An article in Geek.com discusses the lack of security at many companies, and makes note of the fact that Harry Potter names are among some of the most frequently selected passwords, hence the easiest to guess.

"In a recent online survey, 15% of 150 I.T. experts opted to give their company's network password in order to be entered into a drawing ... before they were reminded that that is a bad idea.

The survey was managed by NCC Group, an I.T. security and assurance provider. In response to the survey's results, NCC warned that users have become the weakest links in networks. Shared passwords on multiple computers, common names used as passwords (especially football teams, Harry Potter names, and Lord of the Rings names), and just plain laziness are the main issues."

Read more at the link above!


 Stoic Virtue of Harry Potter Examined

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:04 AM . PST . General ]

from Lawrence University:

"Best-selling author J.K. Rowling's magical world of whiz kid Harry Potter and his adventurous confrontations with ethical dilemmas will be the focus of a Lawrence University Main Hall Forum.

Lawrence historian Edmund Kern, presents "Imagination at Work: Harry Potter and Stoic Virtue," Monday, Oct. 27 at 4:10 p.m. in Main Hall, Room 201. The event is free and open to the public.

Kern¹s address will examine how Rowling's creative blending of imaginative wit with serious contemplation of virtue offers readers the promise of triumph over evil and provides guidance on the importance of thoughtful attention to right and wrong. Kern argues in Rowling's updated version of Stoicism, Harry's resolve in the face of adversity is the result of conscious choice and attention to what is and is not within his control."


 Harry Helps Unlock the Mystery of Puberty

- [ Michelle @ 07:54 AM . PST . General ]

Harry Potter mice are more like Peter Pan than the boy wizard. Why? They won't grow up.........All this might have remained an interesting but unsolved puzzle, until a private company in England -- Paradigm Therapeutics -- learned that Seminara's team was studying Gpr54 (the gene that we now know triggers puberty).

Paradigm was looking for new drug targets by creating mice that lack genes whose function is not yet known. Genetically engineered mice lacking these so-called orphan genes are called orphan mice. The Paradigm team names each strain of these mice after famous orphans. The Harry Potter strain, as it happened, lacked Gpr54.

Read more at WebMD.


 Witch Gets Grant to Run Potion Business

- [ M17 @ 05:33 PM . PST . General ]

A witch has won subsidies from the Norwegian state to run a business of potions, fortune telling and magic... Skarning, who owns a white cat and says she has been practising witchcraft for 13 years, said the runaway success of JK Rowling's Harry Potter books about a boy wizard may have made society more tolerant of sorcery.

"But Harry Potter is a fairy tale and I'm not," she told Reuters on Tuesday. "I'm the real thing. And now I'm Norway's only state backed witch."

More from ABCNEWS Online!


 Magician David Blaine Nears End of UK Stunt

- [ iruhkoi @ 11:04 AM . PST . General ]

from thisislocallondon.co.uk:

"Magician David Blaine only has one day to go in his starvation exercise, 'Above the Below', in central London.

For the past 43 days Mr Blaine has lived in a transparent box suspended from a crane near Tower Bridge - next to the mayor's offices - with no food, his only sustenance being water through a tube.

Experts have suggested he could do lasting damage to his body in the stunt, due to end tomorrow. Once the body's energy reserves run out, organs such as the heart and liver are absorbed to supply nutrients to the brain."


 Philips Looks Into The Magic Mirror

- [ Jasen @ 08:22 PM . PST . General ]

Joost Horsten, the Business Innovation Manager for Philps Research shares his thoughts on Philips's interest in display mirror technology:

Horsten predicts the rise of "ambient intelligence: electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people". He suggests that the magical world of Harry Potter in which pictures move on the wall in Hogwarts Castle or on the page of a wizard's newspaper will soon move out of the realms of magic and become reality as an example of "ambient intelligence".

For more, point your broom this way.


 Scenes From the World's Largest Bookfair

- [ M17 @ 03:05 PM . PST . General ]

Offering heartfelt thanks for the wizard performance of Harry Potter, the world’s largest book fair was launched with publishers insisting recovery was on the way.

In the year Madonna wrote a children’s book and soccer star David Beckham’s autobiography hit bestseller lists, the fair organisers also paid tribute to celebrity authors for bringing showbusiness pizzazz to the book world.

The organisers of the 55th Frankfurt Book Fair said the number of exhibitors was up four percent with more than 6,600 taking part from 104 countries.

More from The Manila Bulletin.

10. 6

 HP Incorporated in Ziggy

- [ Nick @ 07:11 PM . PST . General ]

The latest comic sighting of Harry Potter can be seen in Ziggy.

Thanks very much to MuggleNet for the tip!

10. 6

 Songs For Harry

- [ Jasen @ 04:03 PM . PST . General ]

Children and children of all ages who are fascinated by "Harry Potter" are invited to a musical program, "Harry Potter Songs for Muggles" by singer/guitarist Cat Catalani from the South Suburbs.

The program, the second of the season in the annual YMCA Living and Learning series, will be held Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Kankakee YMCA.

The Daily Journal has more details!

10. 2

 Science, Math, Harry Potter?

- [ Nick @ 06:35 PM . PST . General ]

Most colleges offer grinding courses, such as the puzzling quantum physics and infamous trigonometry. However, Maryland University is now offering, (rub your eyes), a Harry Potter physics course, worth of one credit.

From The Badger Herald:

Now Harry Potter fans at Frostburg University in Maryland will have the opportunity to earn college credit for the recently added Harry Potter science class.

Dr. George Plitnik, a physics professor at Frostburg University, a public school in western Maryland, is teaching an honors course to juniors and seniors based on the popular series. After reading the first four books of the series, he saw a presentation entitled, "The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works," by Roger Highfield and became intrigued.

Read up on the whole article here!

10. 1

 When Quidditch and Physical Education Meet

- [ Jasen @ 05:29 PM . PST . General ]

Justin vanGelderh, a first-year gym teacher at Horace W. Porter School, is among those across the country incorporating the game "quidditch" into their curriculum.

...In vanGelderh's class, two Hula Hoops are squeezed between folded upright mats on either side of the gymnasium. Determined third graders with foam bats stand guard as "chasers" charge toward the hoops with foam balls in hand, trying to avoid being tagged out by the "bludgers" -- students holding yarn balls -- before they can score.

Read on at Boston.com!

10. 1

 Hairy Propper: Hagrid's Interest In Pets

- [ Jasen @ 05:22 PM . PST . General ]

Cartoonist John Cook wrote in to inform us that there's a new comic of his "Hairy Propper" spoof. Check it out at the link!


 Harry Potter Goes Into The Capsule

- [ Jasen @ 03:11 PM . PST . General ]

Members of the Then is Now Club in Custer Baker Middle School in Indiana have put together a time capsule, which they hope kids will open in the year 2028. What's in this time capsule? Along with the various CDs, clothing, and videotapes, is the first Harry Potter book.


 Harry Held Up As a Moral Figure

- [ M17 @ 11:40 AM . PST . General ]

Banned book talk decides Harry is a good read:

The skinny, bespectacled Harry Potter was the topic of conversation Friday for a group that included 14-year-old Bridgette Reale, her grandmother, Joyce Pasquarella, biology professor Mitch Wagener and college senior Tara Mould.
Harry Potter is a moral character, they decided. He's fun and his stories inspire children to read. In a life of wizardry, dragons and magic, he reveals loyalty and bravery and love.

More from The News-Times!


 Are Moving Pictures On Paper Too Sci-Fi?

- [ Jasen @ 11:10 PM . PST . General ]

Not at all, reports Reuters:

Hot on the heels of the invention of a wafer-thin foldable screen that can display static type and may one day replace newspapers as it can be overwritten each day, scientists at Philips Research in Eindhoven have found a way to display high-definition moving pictures as well.

Using a process called electrowetting, the scientists claim to be able to manipulate colored oils in the pixels on the page with such speed and accuracy as to be able to generate clear and accurate video displays.

Read on here! Thanks to Jared.


 The First Lady Loves Harry Potter

- [ Jasen @ 05:30 PM . PST . General ]

From Reuters:

Over the summer, Mrs. Bush said she read all five "Harry Potter (news - web sites)" books by British author JK Rowling. "I loved them. They were so imaginative, clever and fun to read."

Read the full story!


 Harry's Case of the Zits

- [ Jasen @ 06:13 PM . PST . General ]

Today's "Zits" comic features a Harry Potter mention, which you can check out here--thanks to Leaky.


 Keeping Up With Current Trends...

- [ M17 @ 03:02 PM . PST . General ]

...at the New York Home Textiles Show...

About 50 Springs representatives will be among an estimated 350 exhibitors expected at the show Friday through Monday. More than 8,000 buyers from 30 countries are expected to attend and see designs for spring 2004.

One floor will be filled with bedding, and another floor will be dedicated to bath items. They'll also show rugs, window treatments, blankets and special license products, such as Harry Potter sheets and products...

More from the Rock Hill Herald!


 Huddersfield Man To Dress As Harry For Cancer Relief

- [ Jasen @ 05:41 PM . PST . General ]

Gerry Beamond will be among 47,000 starters in the UK's biggest running event at 10am on Sunday.

He hopes his fancy dress will generate a lot of interest and amusement among supporters, to help raise even more than the £2,500 sponsorship he earned for Macmillan Cancer Relief in the London Marathon earlier this year.

Read on here!


 Frostburg University Studies "The Science of Harry Potter"

- [ Jasen @ 03:54 PM . PST . General ]

Associated Press:

Could antigravity research produce a flying broomstick? Can Fluffy, the three-headed dog, be explained by genetic engineering?

Those are some of the questions physics professor George R. Plitnik is exploring with 15 students, mostly juniors and seniors. He says the class is not all fun and games, despite his penchant for dressing up as Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"This is not something where you just show up and talk about Harry Potter books and get a grade," Plitnik said before donning his black wizard's hat and robe for a recent session. "This is a college-level class."

How's that for a college class? Read on at this link!


 Mushroom Names Have Harry Potter Flair To It

- [ Jasen @ 03:51 PM . PST . General ]

Does Green Elfcup, Dwarf Puffball or Bearded Fieldcap sound good to you? Read the story at Newsround.


 A Garden Worthy of Harry Potter

- [ M17 @ 10:25 AM . PST . General ]

With its meticulous labelling, explanatory panels in French and English and splendid guided tours the garden is well worth the trip, particularly for children. Although it opens in mid-June the best time to visit is from August onwards, when even the most blase teenager will be won over by the weird and wonderful produce. Some children will like the challenge of the corn maze, others will hunt out the Chilean Jaborosa sativa, whose flowers smell of dog poo. Harry Potter fans will head straight for the Wizard's Garden, where they'll find mandrake, belladonna and henbane.

More information can be found at the Telegraph!


 Hogwarts At Wartburg

- [ Jasen @ 10:12 AM . PST . General ]

Over 550 read OotP this past summer to enter a Harry Potter-themed discussion this week.


 Caption Contest: Hagrid and His Dangerous Pets

- [ Jasen @ 10:03 AM . PST . General ]

John Cook writes:

For the next week, I'm running a Harry Potter cartoon caption contest featuring Harry asking Hagrid why he keeps such monstrous pets. The reader gets to write Hagrid's response. The entries are rated by readers with the funniest punchline voted on in a week. The contest ends Wed 17 June so come check out all the crazy submissions so far here.


 Bloomsbury Plans International Magic

- [ M17 @ 07:16 PM . PST . General ]

Bloomsbury is plotting an ambitious growth course that will see the publisher of the Harry Potter series expand further in the US and its home market, Britain...

More from MediaGuardian!


 Two Years Ago

- [ Jasen @ 10:30 PM . PST . General ]

September 11th--two years ago to date, America was faced with the gravest of situations as the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and a third plane came under seige by attack. Despite the tragedy of what had happened, it brought out the best of people, not just those who were in New York at the time, but everyone.

Although it seems long past, it is anything but. Today, we remember those who were hurt, hindered, and heroic.

And to all those who fought and continually fight for the saftey and well-being of this country and the rest of the world, thank you. Thank you every so much.

Today, we remember.


 Harry Potter In Church Youth Service

- [ Jasen @ 07:10 PM . PST . General ]

It's a first! Croydon Guardian has this:

Sanderstead United Reformed Church in Sanderstead Hill is the venue for an afternoon of bewitching games and activities as well as special youth service illustrating the message of Jesus through Harry Potter on Sunday, September 14.

Some critics of have argued that JK Rowling’s popular children’s books are un-Christian with their tales of magic and mischief, but full-time youth worker Matt Moreton hopes to prove the critics wrong and encourage more young people to the church.

Matt said: “My job is to get across the message that Christ is relevant to young people and Harry Potter is the in thing at the moment. I’m a Harry Potter fan and I heard lots of negative things about Harry Potter because of the wizardry and witchcraft and that Harry Potter is filling the space of Christianity. I thought I’d try and show Harry Potter wasn’t all bad.

Keep reading here!

09. 8

 Man To Be Sent To NY Under Federal Charges

- [ Jasen @ 04:09 PM . PST . General ]

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A man agreed today to be sent to New York on federal charges that he capitalized on spelling mistakes to lure children to pornographic Web sites.

...Computer users who transposed letters or misspelled a site address could end up seeing porn instead of Web sites for Disneyland, Teletubbies, Britney Spears, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo and others.

Good riddance--read the full.

09. 7

 Keep the Harry Potter Movies British Petition

- [ iruhkoi @ 12:51 PM . PST . General ]

Reader John sends us this:

"I recently read about a petition circulating calling for American actors in the Harry Potter movies. I am an American but I disagree - I say keep British actors; there's lots of wonderful talent for portraying the many roles in Harry Potter."

If you agree, jumpstart the petition here!

NOTE: iharrypotter.net neither endorses nor is responsible for the above petition, and is simply publicizing it as a courtesy.

09. 7

 Madonna Tries to Outdo Potter

- [ M17 @ 12:24 PM . PST . General ]

In an attempt to outdo even the publishing blitz surrounding the 'Harry Potter' series, Madonna's first foray into the world of children's books will see 'The English Roses' will be launched in 100 countries and in more than 30 languages at the same time.

First print runs range from 750 000 in the United States to just 1000 copies in the Faroe Islands.

More from iafrica!

09. 7

 Canton Readers Have End-of-Summer Party

- [ M17 @ 12:20 PM . PST . General ]

There was plenty of reason to celebrate, as the library's Red Hot Summer Readers more than doubled their reading performance over last summer, according to librarian Jane Hoben.

The goal this year was to break 10,000 books read, said children's librarian Cheryl Donahue. Readers last summer logged about 9,500; this year, the grand total hovered close to 20,400.

By far, the most popular children's book read this summer was J.K. Rowling's recently-released "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," the author's fifth installment in a world-renowned fantasy series about a boy named Harry Potter, his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and the adventures they have at Hogwarts School. The Harry Potter book - totaling 870 pages - tipped the scales for many of this summer's readers, according to Hoben, who said 100 pages equals one book read.

"That's substantial for fourth- through sixth-graders," said Hoben.

More from the Farmington Valley Post!

09. 7

 Eurowood the Next Movie Capital?

- [ M17 @ 11:13 AM . PST . General ]

From Charlie Chaplin to Sam Mendes, the British have set about conquering Hollywood. But now the Government has other ideas. The next generation of film-makers should shelve travel plans to California - and flock to those glittering, stardusted boulevards of Estonia, Slovenia and Lithuania.

Dennis MacShane, the Minister for Europe, has launched a stinging attack on 'meretricious' American culture as 'obsessed with money-making' and 'reducing everything to consumption'. He believes Tinseltown is in decline and wants to put Britain at the heart of 'Eurowood'.

He also criticised British multiplexes for serving up a repetitive blockbuster diet of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, arguing they should devote at least one screen to continental releases.

More from The Observer!

09. 6

 Fake DVD Man Faces Jail Term

- [ M17 @ 11:06 AM . PST . General ]

An unemployed man caught selling fake Harry Potter DVDs has been warned he faces a custodial sentence. Shaun Clarke, of Longfield Road, Trowbridge, pleaded guilty to selling counterfeit copies of kids-favourite Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as well as other top titles and music compact discs. Swindon magistrates heard on Wednesday how Clarke was collared by an off-duty council worker at a car boot sale held at the Link Centre on June 16 last year. She became suspicious when she spotted the titles ­ some of which had not yet been released in the UK ­ and contacted trading standards, who then swooped. A total of 460 discs were seized which if genuine, had a high street value.

More from the Wiltshire Times!

09. 6

 Harry Potter Could Not Help This Toy Company...

- [ M17 @ 11:03 AM . PST . General ]

Hit by a sales slump in the first six months of 2003, particularly in its key US and Far East markets, toymaker Lego forecasted a loss in its year-end earnings.

"We expected this year to be difficult," Plougmann said. "We had no Star Wars or Harry Potter film premieres to help sell our product lines using those themes. On top of that, Christmas sales slumped last year."

More at The Copenhagen Post!

09. 5

 HP Related Scans

- [ Scott @ 03:59 PM . PST . General ]

Page, from DanRadcliffe.co.uk informs us that he has uploaded 24 HP related scans from several magazines. Feel free to take a look at the link =D

09. 3

 Hagrid, Is That You?

- [ Jasen @ 07:06 PM . PST . General ]

Jamie Boubezavi managed to impress judges at the 2003 UK Young Impressionist competition with his impersonation of the big, friendly giant, played by Robbie Coltrane in the movies.

09. 3

 Julie Walters Premieres Her Newest Film

- [ Jasen @ 07:00 PM . PST . General ]

Julez sends us a link to a gallery of photos, featuring Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley) at the premiere of her latest movie, "Calendar Girls". Check 'em out here.

09. 1

 Harry Potter and LOTR Help Renew Interest In Medieval Era

- [ Jasen @ 03:14 PM . PST . General ]

Pop culture also has added to the appeal, with movies such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings renewing interest in the Middle Ages, said Richard Emmerson, executive director of the Medieval Academy of America. Most fair-goers are not interested in recreating all aspects of medieval life, such as the plague - just the romantic features, he said.

Read on at The Philadelphia Inquirer!

09. 1

 The Great Wide World of Fan Fiction

- [ Jasen @ 02:54 PM . PST . General ]

Leaky points us to this article from BBC, as they profile the huge world of fan fiction that has sprung up, inspired by several large franchises, including Harry Potter and LOTR.

09. 1

 New Harry Potter Watches Unveiled

- [ Jasen @ 02:49 PM . PST . General ]

Read more about them here!


 Education Assoc. President Compares Teaching to HP

- [ M17 @ 12:54 PM . PST . General ]

Christi McCorkle, president for the Central Kitsap Education Association, welcomed the teachers by comparing teaching to Harry Potter. An avid fan of the book series, McCorkle pointed out similarities, such as types of students represented by the series' characters and the OWLS test she likened to the WASL.

Source: Central Kitsap Reporter


 I Don't Want to Grow Up!

- [ M17 @ 12:50 PM . PST . General ]

The result of one's inner child:

From childless fans of kiddie music to the grown-up readers of "Harry Potter," inner children are having fun all over. Whether they are buying cars marketed to consumers half their age, dressing in baby-doll fashions or bonding over games like Twister and kickball, a new breed of quasi adult is co-opting the culture of children as never before. Most have busy lives with adult responsibilities, respectable jobs and children of their own. They are not stunted adolescents. They are something else: grown-ups who cultivate juvenile tastes in products and entertainment. Call them rejuveniles.

More from The New York Times!


 Kloves' Other Jobs...

- [ M17 @ 12:35 PM . PST . General ]

...not quite Harry Potter related, but...

Sydney Pollack, meet Sydney Skate. Steve Kloves ("Harry Potter," "Wonder Boys") wrote the script based on the novel by Marijane Meaker. Kloves has already penned several drafts, some dating back to when Cameron Crowe was attached to the film in 2000...

More from Variety, but subscription is required!


 Warwick Davis and Star Wars

- [ M17 @ 12:32 PM . PST . General ]

...but it's about a store, not a movie...

FILM fan and fancy dress businessman Luke Skywalker will officially open the doors to his latest shop for sci-fi fans in Faringdon Road next week.

Mr Skywalker, 36, who is also known by his real name Luke Kaye will open the shop with the help of actors from the sci-fi film Star Wars...

Joining him will be Kenny Baker the man behind robot R2-D2, as well as appearances from actor Paul Blake who played the character Greedo in Star Wars and Warwick Davis who played Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter.

More from the Evening Advertiser!


 Mars is Bright Tonight

- [ Scott @ 08:45 PM . PST . General ]

Not entirely Harry Potter related, but a very fitting quote from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Philosopher's Stone). Tonight Mars will be the closest it's been for 60,000 years, and also the brightest it's been for 60,000 years. So if you have clear skies the next few nights, take a look, as it's something you'll never see again.


 Hype Can Ruin a Book

- [ M17 @ 01:19 PM . PST . General ]

...and the same goes for Harry Potter, of course, writes June Lemen of The Telegraph...

I received Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for my birthday.

I was looking forward to reading it after the three-year wait since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I made myself put it on the shelf for a couple of weeks until I had the time to savor it. Things here were hectic as usual, and I knew once I started to read the book, I would not want to put it down.

So I resolutely put it on the shelf and waited until I had a block of time in which to read it...

With Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I had to be super vigilant. It seemed as if every single newspaper, periodical, online magazine and television program had information about the book in it, and I had to avoid reading the headlines, because they would sometimes give away the plot...

Read the rest at The Telegraph!


 Have a Very Harry Party

- [ Scott @ 05:20 AM . PST . General ]

Interesting article from the Detroit News about a Harry Potter party:

Gabriele Mattei, 10, of Detroit bit cautiously into a slice of treacle tart, Harry Potter's favorite dessert, then chewed, swallowed and pondered with the air of a connoisseur. "I love it, it's delicious," she said. "I thought it was going to taste of apple but it surprised me!"

Gabriele was one of eight children, aged 2 to 10, who gathered last week at a house in Detroit's Indian Village for a "Harry Potter" party where all the foods served were authentic English dishes mentioned in the popular books.

Full story is at the link.


 Forestry Project Promotes Potter

- [ M17 @ 04:31 PM . PST . General ]

An eco-friendly forestry project in Nelson gets a boost while helping to promote Harry Potter... (Thanks, WizardNews)

Efforts by a community forest project near here to place itself on the world's eco-certified lumber map have gone to pot -- or rather, it's gone to Potter.

The Harrop-Procter Community Forest (HPCF), which is halfway through a five-year pilot project aimed at creating a profitable, environmentally friendly logging and lumber-sale operation, recently received a magical public relations opportunity courtesy of the world's most famous teenaged wizard -- Harry Potter...

In a marketing move prompted by the Canadian publisher of the latest Potter saga, the community forest group has produced 500 broomsticks from its 11,000-hectare, selectively logged forest.

Vancouver-based Raincoast Books is using the brooms to promote author J. K Rowlings' fifth installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

"It was an unusual request," laughs HPCF woodlands manager Ken Foot. "Usually we get requests for flooring and decking and siding. This call came as 'Can you make us 500 broomsticks?'

More from The Province!


 Follow-Up: Defending the BBC

- [ M17 @ 02:27 PM . PST . General ]

An article from yesterday told how BSkyB wanted the BBC to sell its popular programs, as well as prevent the BBC from showing hit movies, such as Harry Potter. An article in The Observer today defends the BBC:

The broadcasting market is different from the market for widgets. It frames our culture, our politics and our understanding of the world. The BBC holds itself to account through publicly appointed governors and a web of regional councils and audience panels. BSkyB's only consideration is the bottom line...

But the wider issue is whether we defend public service broadcasting or emasculate it. We believe it should be defended.

More at The Observer!

EDIT: Yet another article describes the reasoning behind BSkyB's proposals:

Mr Ball suggested the BBC received too much public cash. "How much public service broadcasting is needed? That's the £2.5bn question," he said.

More from MediaGuardian / GuardianUnlimited!


 Magical Idea to Boost a Charity

- [ M17 @ 12:19 PM . PST . General ]

A charitable grandmother is bringing all the magic of Hogwarts School to Lichfield with her Harry Potter-themed garden... (Express & Star)

Vicki Marson, who lives in Christchurch Lane, created the garden to help raise funds for breast cancer care at Burton Queen's Hospital.

The magical garden, which has taken nine months to cultivate, features witch and wizard-shaped willows and a willow spider. There is also an atmospheric castle ruin, gothic arches, stone owls and floating candles. Dobby the house elf appears as a water feature and there is a large pentagram in the middle of the garden.

Vicki said: "I wanted a fantasy garden because I love history and Camelot. Then my granddaughter said I could do Harry Potter and it went from there. I have three grandchildren and they all love the garden. It took nine months and there is still a lot to be done with it, we are putting spooky lighting in soon."

The garden - complete with ghostly lighting - will be open to local children on Halloween to raise cash for the Burton Breast Fund.

Lichfield and Burntwood Tory MP Michael Fabricant, who has met Harry Potter film star Daniel Radcliffe, visited the wizard garden yesterday and praised Vicki for her charitable efforts.

(Express & Star)


 BSkyB Proposes Change at BBC

- [ M17 @ 12:14 PM . PST . General ]

The BBC should be forced to sell off its most popular programmes such as EastEnders, Fame Academy and Holby City under extraordinary proposals outlined by BSkyB last night.

It would also be banned from buying imports, including Hollywood blockbusters like Harry Potter, under a three-point plan for reigning in the "cash-stuffed" corporation presented by the BSkyB chief executive, Tony Ball.

The full article from Guardian Unlimited!


 Political Similarities: From HP to Real Life

- [ M17 @ 06:11 PM . PST . General ]

The eerie similarities between Harry Potter's politics and ours... (The American Prospect)...

Millions of children (and many adults, too) are just now finishing their 870-page adventure through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and they may have learned more than just magic...

Dumbledore tells Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge that the latter is "blinded by the love of the office [he] hold[s]!" The power-hungry and image-conscious Fudge is jealous of those who are better fit to lead and uses his power to undermine their reputations. Attempting to maintain an illusion of control, he ignores problems and denies that they exist. As soldiers continue to die in Iraq four months after the war's official end, one similar authority flickers to mind...

More from The American Prospect!


 Zurich Museum Features Harry Potter

- [ Jasen @ 04:07 PM . PST . General ]

According to swissinfo:

Five world famous children’s stories and characters are the subject of a special exhibition currently running at Zurich’s Bärengasse museum.

The exhibits follow the development of children’s media from the early 18th century to the present from books and music to PlayStation games.

“We chose a number of figures through three centuries dating from Robinson Crusoe to Harry Potter,” explained Hans Peter Treichler who was responsible for the audio-visual section of the “Playrooms” exhibition.

Read more.


 Palatine Enjoys Outdoor CoS

- [ Scott @ 04:06 PM . PST . General ]

From the Palatine Pioneer Press:

Goblins and dragons and cats -- oh, my! More creatures and wizards than Newt Scamander could shake a wand at showed up for the Palatine Jaycees' outdoor showing of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

"We were looking for a new Palatine event to bring to the community," said Jaycees member Sam Trakas. "Movie night was at the top of the list."

With the assistance of the Palatine Park District, the Jaycees showed the movie Saturday night at the Fred P. Hall Amphitheater in Community Park on Palatine Road near Northwest Highway.

Now that's a way to spend an evening.


 Australia Finds Its Own Harry Potter Conference

- [ Jasen @ 12:08 PM . PST . General ]

The Advertiser has news about the first Flinders University Harry Potter Conference that'll take place in January 2004.


 HP Used to Make Kids Unhealthy?

- [ M17 @ 10:37 AM . PST . General ]

Some interviewees claimed that marketing to children is ineffective: Coke and Pepsi said they direct their products to teenagers and adults."

How to explain then Coke's 2001 multi-million dollar marketing deal tied to the Harry Potter character. Kari Bjorhus, a spokeswoman at Coke, said: "We absolutely don't market to children. Our feeling with Harry Potter is, it really appeals to the whole family."

More from The Business Review!


 Cricketer Campaigning for Adult Literacy

- [ M17 @ 10:33 AM . PST . General ]

And he has some help, too...

The cricketer Phil Tufnell, who was also declared celebrity King of the Jungle, today launched an adult education TV campaign. The Get On campaign, which encourages adults to confront their "gremlins" and improve their literacy and numeracy, now shows Tufnell urging viewers that it is not too late...

The next phase of the campaign features two new adverts starring the well-known gremlin characters.

Tufnell takes on his gremlin, played by Harry Potter and Willow star Warwick Davis, at the Oval cricket ground in London.

More from Guardian Unlimited!


 Molly Weasley: Runner Up for "Best Movie Mom"

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:06 PM . PST . General, Movie ]

from the Daily Record:

Julia Roberts' Oscar- winning role as Erin Brockovich has been voted the best movie portrayal of a mum.

Molly Weasley - mother of Harry Potter's pal Ron, played by Julie Walters - was the runner-up in the best movie mums chart.

Read more at the link above; thanks to Wizard News for the tip!


 More on the Possibility of a Harry Potter Theme Park

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:01 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to TLC for the tip...from Jim Hill Media:

This much is clear: A few years back, Universal was positively desperate to acquire the theme park rights to the Harry Potter characters. So much so that Universal Creative (the folks who actually design all of the rides, shows and attractions for the Universal theme parks) put together a proposal for a Harry Potter-themed stunt show. Which they planned to present to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. With the hope that she might then be won over by their attraction idea, which would result in J.K. awarding Harry Potter's theme park rights to Universal.

The show proposal that Universal Creative put together was reportedly a special effects filled extravaganza, loosely modeled after that theme park's "Wild Wild West" stunt show. This meant that the arena would have been loaded up with practical effects. Cauldrons that would suddenly bubble and smoke, brooms that could actually fly around, etc.

But the real highlight of this proposed "Harry Potter" themed show would have supposedly been the show's finale. Where Harry, Ron and Hermoine found themselves face to face with Lord Voldemort. (Just in case you're wondering: Universal's stunt spectacular wasn't actually supposed to have been based on any specific "Harry Potter" book or movie. But -- rather -- it was supposed to have been a stand-alone show. Something that would have caught the style and the flavor of Rowling's books and the films without actually duplicating any of them.)

Sometime during this magical duel, Potter was going to get the upper hand in this effects filled battle. And -- with a wave of Harry's wand -- Voldemort would burst into flames. Fully engulfed in fire, the dark wizard was to have writhed in agony and screamed curses as Potter and his pals as Voldemort slowly sank from sight.

Note that "sinking slowly from sight" while "fully engulfed in flames" part of the show. That sort of pyrotechnic stunt would be extremely difficult for a live human to pull off. Which is why Universal Creative was planning on using an animatronic figure to fill in for the live performer who would be portraying the dark wizard during this particular gag. A robotic Lord Voldemort whose robes would be stuffed with steel wool. Which (I'm told) burns in a truly spectacular fashion whenever it's lit on fire.

So that sounds like a pretty good new show for the Universal theme parks, doesn't it? Well, it's just too bad that Universal Creative never actually got the opportunity to present their proposal to J.K. Rowling. Why for? Because -- when they approached Rowling's reps to set up a meeting -- Universal was reportedly told "Thanks but no thanks. We've already awarded the theme park rights to someone else."

Now Universal executives -- Bob Gault included -- have always assumed that the "someone else" that J.K. Rowling's representatives were talking about must have been the Walt Disney Company. Which -- given that Universal and Disney are in almost constant competition these days for supremacy in the theme park arena -- that just makes sense.

But -- in all the conversations that I've had with WDI insiders over the past few weeks -- no one (And I mean "NO ONE") was willing to actually go on record and admit that the Walt Disney Company had indeed tied up all of the theme park rights to the Harry Potter characters. The closest I ever got to confirmation was a couple of knowing smiles from veteran Imagineers as well as a "Sorry, but that would be telling" from someone in the Studio's legal department.

Read more at the link above!


 The Harry Potter Diet Book

- [ iruhkoi @ 02:46 PM . PST . General ]

from telegraph.co.uk:

The battle between Harry Potter and the late Dr Atkins is one of charming escapism against rampant self-obsession, and it seems that the latter has won. There is, however, one way for J K Rowling to reclaim her rightful position at the top of the bestseller charts: she must launch the Harry Potter Diet Book, a collection of magical recipes to make unwanted flab vanish.

The Dursleys, the unpleasant family with whom Harry lodges, have a tendency to fat. Harry himself is thin, partly because the measly Dursleys deny him adequate rations, but also presumably because of the healthful dietary regime at Hogwarts school. The Hogwarts menu, rather like Atkins, is strikingly high in meat: Roast Chicken, Roast Beef, Lamb Chops, Fried Sausages and Pork Chops make frequent appearances.

Read more at the link above; thanks to HPANA for the tip!


 VisitScotland Asks Warner Bros. for Help

- [ iruhkoi @ 02:41 PM . PST . General, Movie ]

from sundayherald.com:

Scotland's tourism chiefs are in talks with film giant Warner Bros to investigate how Harry Potter might help boost visitor numbers in the Highlands.
The boy wizard, born in a cafe in Edinburgh where his first adventures were fleshed out by author JK Rowling, has maintained his connection with Scotland through blockbuster movies filmed in Lochaber, Glenfinnan and Glencoe.

A memorable scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second film in the trilogy, was set against the backdrop of the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and featured the Jacobite Steam Train. The forthcoming third film, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, also includes scenes in Scottish locations.

Read more at the link above!


 Cast Movies To Check Out This Weekend

- [ Jasen @ 08:40 AM . PST . General ]

Two members of the cast of the Harry Potter movies have a film that comes out today, which might interest some of our older readers. The first is Michael Gambon's (the new Dumbledore in PoA) Open Range, and Jason Issacs (Mr. Malfoy) stars in "Passionada". Check out screening info at Moviefone!


 Jeopardy Contestant Hopes for a Potter Category

- [ iruhkoi @ 02:29 PM . PST . General ]

from The Macon Telegraph:

A 10-year-old Houston County student is headed for Culver City, Calif., to begin taping for an appearance on the nationally syndicated game show "Jeopardy!"

Miriam "Miri" Baker, a fifth-grade student at Shirley Hills Elementary, will begin taping Aug. 26. No air date of the show has been released yet.

"I was extremely, totally, surprised and excited, overly excited," Miri said Friday. "I hope there is a Harry Potter category, because I love Harry Potter. I have read the entire series."

Read more at the link above!


 Adults Potter Fans: Kid-ults?

- [ iruhkoi @ 08:45 AM . PST . General ]

from thisislondon.co.uk:

Men over 30 should never show their underwear above their waistband, stay in bed past 11am unless they are sick, or go on holiday with the lads. Fashion experts at Esquire say their list of what not to do after 30 is a put-down to men who refuse to grow up.

Esquire editor Simon Tiffin said: 'We were inspired by the sight on planes, trains and buses of too many grown men reading Harry Potter. They are kid-ults. We've lost the art of growing old gracefully.'

Read more at the link above, and discuss your thoughts in the forums. Thanks to HPANA for the tip!


 More Pics From Jason Issacs' "Peter Pan"

- [ Jasen @ 03:43 PM . PST . General ]

Coming Soon! has some more pics up of the upcoming Jason Issacs' (Lucius Malfoy in HP) film, in which he stars as Hook and Mr. Darling. Check 'em out here!


 How Harry Potter and Raksha Intertwine

- [ Jasen @ 03:07 PM . PST . General ]

iHP reader Viral sent in an interesting piece they read from a newspaper in India. Check out the link below!

Viral writes:

hey jasen

Raksha bandhan a widely celebrated festival in india. On this day (12th august) sisters tie a silk thread ‘Rakhi’ on the brother’s wrist asking for him to protect her life long. Why is this important in relation to harry potter you ask? Well read on. Traditionally desings like ‘swastika’ or coconut or ornamental god figures were popular but with the world wide phenomenon of harry potter and its universal popularity seems to be catching on big time in India. Rakhis made of harry potter caricature are very popular for the younger generation. Teenage girls and even older women were seen buying these desings for their kid brothers. The designs include two wands placed in a ‘X’ formation, A wizards hat, and even the photos of daniele radcillfe. Just a after thought the diameter of the rakhi is abt an inch so much creativity is just simply amazing. The rakhis are prized at 40 Rs. That’s less than a dollor


 Cartoon: Harry Picks His Wand At Ollivander's

- [ Jasen @ 03:43 PM . PST . General ]

John Cook writes:

Hi, John Cook here. Some Harry Potter related news:

Last week's Harry Potter cartoon caption contest is finished with the winning punchline decided. The cartoon parodied Harry Potter in Mr Ollivander's wand shop, blasting boxes and wands off the shelves. Mr Ollivander explains how he's able to choose the right wand for Harry. Check out the final cartoon (as well as the hundreds of other punchlines submitted) here.


 Harry Potter and the California Recall Election

- [ iruhkoi @ 10:51 AM . PST . General ]

Most Potter fans (especially those who live in the United States) are familiar with the recall election scheduled in California, which is seeking to remove Governor Gray Davis from office. Over 100 people have since filed papers to run for governor in the state, the candidates ranging from movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger to someone who simply wants "the thrill of seeing his name on the ballot."

Allison Hayward of the National Review writes a parody, in which Harry Potter "does battle in the terrifying world of California politics."

The book opens with the ex-Slytherin Gray Davis, successfully disguised for his adult life as an aspiring Muggle (i.e. human) politician and California's Governor, meeting with the evil Lord Voldemort. Voldemort, who has taken the physical form of a coastal land developer, seeks the destruction of Harry Potter. The chapter ends with Davis smiling and accepting a 10,000-galleon contribution.

Read more at the link above; thanks to TLC for the tip!


 Not All Young People Are Shallow

- [ iruhkoi @ 10:43 AM . PST . General ]

That's according to Kyle Macmillan, whose column in the Denver Post discusses how pop culture "undermines fine arts."

Frank Rich made this point eloquently in a June 29 New York Times column in which he pointed out how the Harry Potter tidal wave defies such simple-minded assumptions about young people, who have proven to be far more discerning than they are given credit for.

"The children entranced with Harry don't need a fast cinematic cut to whip them to attention, with an MTV lash, every few seconds," he writes. "They are perfectly happy to concentrate on a sustained narrative that in 'Phoenix' sprawls to a Dickensian 870 pages."

Read more at the link above; thanks to HPANA for the tip!


 PercyWeasley.com Prize Giveaway!

- [ iruhkoi @ 10:19 AM . PST . General ]

The webmaster of PercyWeasley.com sends this in:

"PercyWeasley.com will be celebrating its first year anniversary on August 24, 2003. To commemorate this event, we at PercyWeasley.com have decided to conduct a Birthday Bash Giveaway!

The following prizes will be raffled off: A Quidditch Card signed by Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley), an Alivans red and gold scarf, and four boxes of JellyBelly Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Come visit us today for a chance to win!"

A very happy birthday to PercyWeasley.com, from all of us at iHP.net!


 British Prime Minister's Son Gets a PoA Job

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:34 PM . PST . General, Movie: PoA ]

from The Sunday Mirror:

"Euan Blair has landed a wizard summer job - as a runner on the new Harry Potter movie. The Prime Minister's son is a lowly gofer on the set of the eagerly-awaited blockbuster.

He'll be the envy of his pals at Bristol University, who are more likely to be pulling pints or stocking supermarket shelves during the holidays. But when your dad's PM, doors have a habit of opening."

Read more at the link above!


 Potter Hoax Reverse-Scams Internet Scammers

- [ iruhkoi @ 12:12 PM . PST . General ]

An article in The Star Ledger discusses how more and more scammers are using e-mail to swindle the gullible online. But some people are "fighting back by stringing along the scammers," using a number of techniques, one of which involved pretending to be Harry Potter.

This is a partial transcript of one letter from "Harry" to a scammer; from Scamorama.com:

Dear Ayo,

Can I call you Ayo? You can call be Harry - this is how all my friends address me. I am very interested in this proposal. I have a personal bank account at Gringott's Bank based in Diagon Alley in London. I'm sure that it would be suitable for this transaction. This account was set up for me by my parents (though there may be a question concerning currency conversion). Do you have any experience in dealing with this type of conversion?

At the moment, I am at University (Hogwarts University) in middle England and do not have direct access to a phone. Even if I did, I suspect that reception would be poor here. You see, the University is set in wonderful grounds, surrounded by forests and lakes. It's really quite beautiful. You should come and see it!

My friend Ron Weasley has more experience in taxation. Should I involve him in this transaction? I suspect he may want a share though. I do have easy access to e-mail though! Please let me know what the next steps are.

Read more HERE!


 Kansas Scholars Focus on Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 11:14 AM . PST . General ]

from The Kansas City Star:

In children's literature circles, the state of Kansas has always enjoyed a special relationship with L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz. Now a few Sunflower State scholars are sharpening their quills on another children's lit superstar.

Harry Potter.

Read more at the link above; thanks to Wizard News and iHP reader VC for the tip!


 Potter Look Alike Wins Competition

- [ iruhkoi @ 11:11 AM . PST . General ]

from mlive.com:

Peter Tommasulo can't cast a spell, has never flown a car and doesn't have any lightning bolt-shaped scars on his forehead. But that doesn't stop the inevitable comments from strangers on the street - "hey, you look just like that Harry Potter."

Tommasulo was the grand prize winner of the Flint Post Office's "Harry Potter Look-a-Like" contest, earning him a copy of J.K. Rowling's newest Harry Potter tome, "The Order of the Phoenix."

No matter that he already has the book, Tommasulo was thrilled with the win. "A second copy is always nice," he said.

Read more at the link above! Thanks to Wizard News for the tip.

08. 8

 The Next Closest Thing To The Real Hogwarts

- [ Jasen @ 03:59 PM . PST . General ]

Newsround reports on the Camp Beaumont School of Witchcraft and Wizardry summer camp that fans went to for a week, learning potions and spells.

08. 8

 The Story of Harry Potter's Life Through Pop Music

- [ Jasen @ 03:50 PM . PST . General ]

Young and old Harry Potter fans are welcome to attend the family pop concert with Harry and the Potters on Thursday, Aug. 28, at 7 p.m. on the grounds of the Brighton Branch Library, weather permitting. This is Harry Potter's life told through pop music.

Interesting, ain't it? If anyone goes to this event, please tell us how it was! More here.

08. 8

 Warner Bros. Presents...Its More Independent Side

- [ Jasen @ 03:42 PM . PST . General ]

SunSpot.net reports:

Warner Bros., the film giant known for blockbusters such as "Harry Potter" and "The Matrix," yesterday announced the creation of Warner Independent Pictures to produce smaller films.

...Warner follows in the path of several other major film studios that carved out or acquired so-called independents to focus more on usually cheaper and more artistic films that hopefully attract Oscars and critical acclaim.

Read on here!

08. 7

 From Stutter to Symphony

- [ Scott @ 07:20 PM . PST . General ]

icLiverpool has a blurb about Ian Hart's new project. For those who may not remember him, he played Professer Quirrel in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone:

HE'S played some of the most unique people in cinema: a fab John Lennon in Backbeat, a wizard Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and a far from elementary Dr Watson in Sherlock Holmes.

But now Liverpool actor Ian Hart has excelled himself according to the BBC media mandarins, who rate his next TV show as music to their ears.

Ian plays genius Ludwig Van Beethoven in a BBC 2 drama.

Says a BBC spokesman: "He stars as the composer in 'Eroica,' one of the highlights of the Autumn season, which traces the day in June 1804 when Beethoven's third symphony Eroica was first played in a private rehearsal in the company of his patron in Vienna."

Read the full blurb, as well as alot more entertainment news (you'll have to scroll down to find this story) at the link!

08. 7

 Jason Issacs Talks About Being Hook

- [ Jasen @ 01:30 PM . PST . General ]

USA Today has this on Issac's latest film, "Peter Pan":

Nothing but the best for Hook. His outfits were handstitched. "I'm pretty sure that any one of my jackets cost more than what I got paid for this film," he declares. As for his custom footwear, "They were the Excaliber of pirate boots."

The buccaneer's fiercest bling-bling? That silver scythe where his right hand should be. "It was described as a claw by Barrie," says Isaacs, who had to learn to swordfight with his left hand. "But we've got a talon, a really nasty instrument."

Read the full story!

08. 7

 Madonna To Release New "Rivaling" Children's Book

- [ Jasen @ 01:07 PM . PST . General ]

Paul G. points us to this article from CNN.com:

PARIS, France (Reuters) -- Harry Potter, watch out! Pop superstar Madonna is planning her own global assault on bookstores on September 15 when her first children's book will be published simultaneously in 30 languages and 100 countries.

The mother-of-two will be in Paris to unveil "English Roses,'' the first of five volumes, each illustrated by a well-known artist, a spokeswoman for French publisher Gallimard said on Thursday.

...Like the hit Harry Potter series by British author J.K. Rowling which follows the fortunes of a boy wizard, publishers hope Madonna's new books will also appeal to adults.

Read on at the link!

08. 7

 Learning Center for the Deaf Hosts Potter Camp

- [ iruhkoi @ 08:57 AM . PST . General ]

Thanks to Wizard News for the tip...from The MetroWest Daily News:

FRAMINGHAM -- A sign reading "Welcome to Hogwarts" greets children at the Learning Center for the Deaf this week. The children are living the life of wizard sensation Harry Potter as part of a special camp.

The Magical Literacy Camp focuses on the series of books featuring Harry Potter and the parallels between the life of the teen sorcerer and children with deafness.

Read more at the link above!

08. 5

 First Look At "Looney Tunes: Back In Action"

- [ Jasen @ 07:19 PM . PST . General ]

The teaser trailer for WB's upcoming fall feature, "Looney Tunes: Back In Action", is now online, where you can watch it here. This will be one of the movies that will have the PoA teaser trailer attached in front.

08. 5

 There Are J.K. Rowlings Everywhere!

- [ Jasen @ 01:11 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to iHP reader VC, for pointing us to an article from The Guardian, which compares literary authors to that of JKR, herself.

08. 5

 Kids Try to Stump Potter Experts

- [ M17 @ 10:00 AM . PST . General ]

The password for the Gryffindor House common room? How many whacks of a dull ax did it take to kill a certain character? What is Harry Potter's middle name? These questions were among those lobbed at a panel of teen age "experts" by Harry Potter on Monday in Princeton Public Library. More than 30 elementary school kids showed up at the library with lists of questions on notebook paper and index cards, aiming to stump the panel.

More from The Princeton Packet! Thanks to WizardNews!

08. 5

 Kenneth Branagh Loves Short Films

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:56 AM . PST . General ]

from The Providence Journal (free registration required):

Kenneth Branagh was on the phone from London recently, very apologetic about not being able to come to Providence to introduce his 23-minute short film, Listening, which opens the Rhode Island International Film Festival at the Columbus Theatre tonight.

"It's a big disappointment," said Branagh, who has played everything from Henry V (for which he was nominated for the 1989 best actor and best director Oscar) to self-obsessed Prof. Gilderoy Lockheart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. "Although Listening has been shown all over Europe, I had not seen it played with a big audience before and I was dying to see that."

Read more at the link above!

08. 5

 Hagrid's Bike "Roaring Back" Into the US Marketplace

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:40 AM . PST . General ]

Ever wonder which bike Hagrid rode in the movie? CNN Money reports that the British-built Triumph motorcycle is making a comeback in the American market, after being featured in recent popular movies, including "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines", "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," "Daredevil," "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," "Femme Fatale" and "Mission: Impossible 2."

from the article:
But beyond such exalted silver-screen exploits, Triumph is enjoying favor among us mere mortals as well. In a summer in which industry leader Harley-Davidson celebrates its centennial, the 101-year-old Triumph is quietly experiencing a rebirth as the hippest wheels around.

Read more at either link above!

08. 5

 David Bradley ("Filch") Speaks at Leadership Project

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:40 AM . PST . General ]

from Leamington Spa Today:

The Learning to Lead project aims to teach leadership skills for Year 8 boys who display leadership potential and to encourage them to use their influence in a positive way.

A conference will take place in October with talks from guest speakers including actor David Bradley, best known as caretaker Filch in the Harry Potter films.

Read more at the link above!

08. 5

 Kids in Wombourne (UK) Meet Oak, aka "Hedwig"

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:32 AM . PST . General ]

from Express & Star:

Lauren Cooper, aged 10, of Willenhall, makes friends with a snake Jill Reynolds from Smestow Wildlife Centre in Wombourne dropped in to Bentley Library in Queen Elizabeth Avenue, for some animal magic, yesterday. She introduced spellbound youngsters to a snake, an iguana, a pigmy hedgehog and Oak the snowy owl, who played Hedwig in the hit film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Read more at the link above!

08. 5

 Another Harry Potter?

- [ iruhkoi @ 06:45 AM . PST . General ]

from Scotsman.com/Edinburgh Evening News Online:

A multi-million pound television programme being touted as the new Harry Potter is set to begin shooting in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Some of the Capital’s best-known landmarks and attractions will feature in the star-studded fantasy adventure Shoebox Zoo, which is also being filmed in Canada.

Award-winning Scots actor Peter Mullan and Jason Connery, son of Edinburgh-born James Bond idol Sir Sean, are lined up for major parts in the programme, which will combine live action with state-of-the-art computer generated imagery.

The animated characters will be voiced by two of Scotland’s best-known actors - Alan Cumming and Siobhan Redmond - as well as Four Weddings and a Funeral star Simon Callow and veteran funnyman Rik Mayall.

The 26-part-series will tell how a Canadian teenager sets off on a magical adventure after discovering a set of strange Celtic animal carvings in the shoebox of the show’s title.

Read more at the link above!

08. 4

 Moody's Revises Scholastic's Outlook

- [ M17 @ 02:52 PM . PST . General ]

That's Moody's Investors Service... and it's not good news...

Moody's Investors Service has changed Scholastic's... unsecured debt ratings outlook to negative from stable.

Read more from Reuters!

08. 4

 The Harry Potter Approach To Politics

- [ Jasen @ 10:53 AM . PST . General ]

AmericanDailiy.com says:

Unlike Hillary and the Democrat field in general, Harry Potter has mojo and is an alternative to the status quo. Mr. Potter, a graduate of Hogwarts School of Wizardy, might be just what the doctor ordered to revamp, refuel and reload the Democrat Party. He would certainly give the Left a much needed boost among younger voters, a demographic the Democrats have lost their hold on in recent years.

There's more here!

08. 4

 Project "Wild About Harry"

- [ iruhkoi @ 06:51 AM . PST . General ]

from The Evening Times:

"Young Harry Potter fans across the city are being invited to widen their book knowledge by signing up for new reading project Wild About Harry. The initiative encourages children to build on their love of the boy wizard by exploring other works of fiction from eight different categories including Adventure Trails, Fantasy Rides and Funny Turns.

It kicks off in early September at Anniesland, Hillhead, Partick and Whiteinch libraries."

Read more at the link above!

08. 3

 Disney Potter Ride Scheduled for 2006

- [ M17 @ 08:37 PM . PST . General ]

A reader at TLC pointed out that Disney is planning a Harry Potter-themed ride at Epcot sometime in 2006. The exact location, etc., has yet to be determined. Details at Disney!

08. 3

 Satire Overwhelms the "Dark Magic" in Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:41 PM . PST . General ]

from lenconnect.com:

"Rowling is a comic satirist. She makes fun of certain kinds of authority: clumsy government ministers who forbid Hogwarts students to meet in groups, for instance; Harry's materialistic aunt and uncle, the Dursleys; pureblood wizard families that behead their loyal but aging house elves. Two of her main targets are snobbery and sheer lack of imagination. Harry and his friends break many rules, and during a virtual civil war at Hogwarts, Harry's school for wizards, that resistance to authority is even more prominent than before, with magical swamps infesting the fifth floor and student snitches sprouting antlers. So there's nothing wrong with feeling that Rowling may teach children unwanted lessons."

Read more at the link above!

08. 3

 The "Passion" of Potter Fans

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:40 PM . PST . General ]

from Gwinnett Daily Post:

"Let me just say, in my own defense, that I’ve enjoyed reading the series, otherwise known as “Lord of the Rings Lite.” For years I made disparaging remarks about the books, until my wife and kids pointed out that I was in no position to judge, having never read them. (Everyone else in my family is an avid Potter reader, except for the 5-year-old, who prefers Tolstoy.)
So I read the books this summer, and boy am I glad I did, because now I can disparage them with authority.

Just kidding. I really did like the books, and I’m looking forward to the next installment the way Georgia Tech fans are looking forward to the football season. Well, maybe a little more."

Read more at the link above!

08. 3

 Robbie Williams' Orders Potter-Themed Room

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:35 PM . PST . General ]

from sundaymirror.co.uk:

"First up he commandeered 60 - yes, 60 - rooms at the ultra-exclusive Hanbury Manor Hotel where he kept four - yup, that's four - helicopters on 24-hour standby.

The Magnolia Room was converted into a chill-out room with, wait for it - a Harry Potter theme.

The singer ordered that the room had to be swathed in candles, and there should be a chess board and games to create a relaxing atmosphere for him and his guests."

Read more at the link above!

08. 3

 New Fry-Cook Barbie Demos the Magic of Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:30 PM . PST . General ]

Think Potter merchandising isn't powerful? Think again. An article in The New York Times via Yahoo! News takes a look at how advertising by big-name corporations on children's toys is actually an effective marketing technique.

08. 3

 A Recipe for a Muggle Mom

- [ M17 @ 12:57 PM . PST . General ]

Dear Lynne: Harry Potter has returned and my kids want English desserts. You explained this on the show, but for those with no memory, what can I substitute for treacle and for castor sugar? - A Muddled Muggle Mom

Dear Muggle Mom: I did explain both and was off-base. A British listener clued me in. For treacle (of which there are several types) you'd be safe substituting golden syrup, which is usually found in the market with molasses or with maple syrups. Castor sugar is superfine granulated sugar.

From TheSunLink! Thanks, WizardNews.

08. 3

 Music Festival Features Potter Music

- [ iruhkoi @ 11:13 AM . PST . General ]

from The Santa Cruz Sentinel (California):

The 2003 Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music gets the attention of families with today’s free afternoon concert featuring the music from "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone."

WHEN: Free family concert 2 p.m.
WHERE: Civic Auditorium, 307 Church St., Santa Cruz.
COST: Family show is free
DETAILS: 420-5260 or www.cabrillomusic.org.

Read more at the link above!

08. 1

 Win A Replica of Godric Gryffindor's Sword!

- [ Jasen @ 11:04 AM . PST . General ]

Digicasey is holding an interesting contest for it, but remember, the replica is NOT a toy and you'll need your parent's permission to enter if you're under 18. More details at the link!

08. 1

 Dressing Up To Celebrate

- [ Jasen @ 08:39 AM . PST . General ]

Juanita Reed, a fan in Maine, celebrated Harry's birthday yesterday, by dressing up as Rita Skeeter and hosted a party.


 Rival Publishers Hope for "Potter Effect"

- [ iruhkoi @ 03:35 PM . PST . General ]

from nzoom.com:

As millions of fans devour the 870 pages of the latest Harry Potter blockbuster, rival publishers pray for a "halo effect" and the chance to serve up the next book to young readers.

Rather than envy US Potter publisher Scholastic Corp's success, industry insiders are grateful that Rowling's magic touch has fired up interest in children's books.

"Everybody's excited that all the hoopla is about reading," said Tracy van Straaten, director of publicity for Simon & Schuster. "It's a very feel-good thing."

Read more at the link above!


 More Dismay for the Publishing Industry

- [ M17 @ 11:03 AM . PST . General ]

This should be a great time for the book world.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has set sales records. Hillary Clinton's memoirs, Living History, has sold more than 1 million copies. Other recent successes include Oprah Winfrey's book club pick, East of Eden, and Walter Isaacson's Benjamin Franklin. But instead of celebrating, publishers have been cutting.

Read more from Rocky Mountain News.


 Potter Results in $15 Billion Australian Shopping Spree

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:23 AM . PST . General ]

from The Herald Sun:

"Harry Potter is behind a $15 billion record shopping spree by Australians last month.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix broke all Australian records on its first day of sale and accounted for 40 per cent of books sold in its first week of release. As Potter fans queued up in shopping centres for the biggest book launch in history, other retailers were also hearing cash registers chink. We spent hugely in department stores, buying clothes to make the most of the winter end-of-financial-year clearance sales.

Treasurer Peter Costello last year referred to a "Harry Potter-led recovery" in the lead-up to the Christmas shopping season, which was awash with Potter merchandise."

Read more at the link above!


 New Indian Police Chief Loves Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:42 AM . PST . General ]

from The Times of India:

S R Sukumara, the former commissioner of police, Hyderabd, has finally bagged the top post after days of speculation. But taking its usual hatke stand, Hyderabad Times introduces you to the man behind the cop, his love for Harry Potter and Chinese cuisine and how different he is from his predecessor.

“I love to read J K Rowling. But I am yet to read Harry Potter and the Order of Phoneix because my daughter is still reading it. I will get a chance once she is through with it,” says Sukumara, just two hours after getting the news that he will be the next DGP.

Read more at the link above!
Thanks to Wizard News for the tip!


 East Meets West: HP in Traditional India

- [ M17 @ 07:34 PM . PST . General ]

The Times of India reports:

East meets West, tradition meets modernity, and feng shui meets Harry Potter this Raksha Bandhan. Keeping in step with current rages, plain old rakhis get a new twist this season: Now you have Harry Potter and Spiderman rakhis...

For those of you who don't know, a rakhi is a bracelet used for the Indian holiday Raksha Bandan, and you can find an explanation of the tradition of the rakhi here.


 A Magic Sum for Children

- [ M17 @ 05:16 PM . PST . General ]

It's a magic sum for children... Actress Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter movies) appeared in the Capital recently:

Harry Potter actress Fiona Shaw has appeared in the Capital to accept a £165,000 donation from Tesco on behalf of a children’s charity. The star, who plays Aunt Petunia in the hit films based on JK Rowling’s blockbusters, accepted the cheque at Barnardo’s in South Oswald Street on Monday.

The money was raised during a promotion where a penny was donated every time a withdrawal was made from Tesco cash machines.

Story from the Edinburgh Evening News.


 Online Book Piracy: A New Trend?

- [ iruhkoi @ 08:53 AM . PST . General ]

An article in independent.co.uk discusses the online piracy of Order of the Phoenix and its implications for future online filesharing.

Bought any good books lately? While recent best-sellers such as J K Rowling's The Order of the Phoenix had eager buyers queuing outside bookshops, a group of dedicated internet users had other ideas. Just 18 hours after publication, a free electronic copy was available in an online chat room, where it joined the preceding four titles. Since downloaded many thousands of times, the pirated copy has also spread fast through peer-to-peer technology and web sites. But unlike music or movies, which are easily copied, the effort involved in pirating the 766-page book was considerable. Each page had to be scanned, converted to text, and proof-read.

Read more at the link above!


 Harry Potter Helps Shine The Spotlight On Other Novels

- [ Jasen @ 09:37 PM . PST . General ]

The success of the Potter series has not only caused an increase in the number of fantasy and science fiction books published, say industry observers, but also tilted the spotlight toward established authors such as Pierce.

Sharyn November, founder of Firebird, a fantasy publisher, and senior editor at Viking Children's Books, says, "Harry Potter has been an enormous help to a lot of people. It's brought attention to wonderful authors such as Tammy (Pierce), Diana Wynne Jones and Lloyd Alexander. They've always sold well - but now they're selling better."

Keep reading here!


 Gary Oldman Wins Custody Battle Of His Sons

- [ Jasen @ 09:15 PM . PST . General ]

From Zap2it:

Judge Paul found Oldman to be the better parent and reduced Fiorentino's visiting rights by half. Fiorentino had to be restrained as the judge handed down the decision.


 Storm Victims Celebrate an Early Holiday Season

- [ M17 @ 11:22 AM . PST . General ]

Christmas came early for nearly 160 children and 100 adults whose homes were damaged during the severe storms in May.

Mattel has donated 700 to 750 toys for the children. In fact, Red Cross Chapter Manager Deborrah Pugh said there were enough fruit-scented Barbie dolls for all of the older girls...and enough Harry Potter figurines and Harry Potter Uno card sets for every child.

Read more from the State Gazette!


 Reel-Ocation for HP Recorder

- [ M17 @ 07:35 PM . PST . General ]

A company which has recorded the magic of Harry Potter and the mystery of Agatha Christie is moving to Buckingham...

Details at Buckingham Today.


 New Roles For Potter Actors

- [ M17 @ 07:31 PM . PST . General ]

...[An] adaptation of E Nesbitt's magical story Five Children And It.

Also starring in the film are Kenneth Branagh, Zoe Wanamaker and Tara Fitzgerald...

Producers hope it will land be a big hit for audiences of all ages in the wake of family successes such as the Harry Potter films.

Read more details at ic Wales.


 Tourists Returning by the Thousands!

- [ M17 @ 07:28 PM . PST . General ]

Tourism is once again booming in the county as visitors from overseas and other parts of Britain flock to the major attractions. Delighted county tourism officials are predicting it could be a record year.

And nowhere was this more evident at the weekend than at the county's most famous attraction, Gloucester Cathedral.

Americans, Canadians and Japanese visitors are now experiencing the county's many delights-boosted by the filming of the Harry Potter movies at the Cathedral.

Read more from this is gloucestershire!


 Another Umbridge?

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:17 AM . PST . General ]

Thanks to TLC for the tip...an article featured in The National Review Online by Dave Kopel features a comparison to Dolores Umbridge and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA):

"In the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the young wizarding students are frustrated by a "Defense Against the Dark Arts" teacher who resolutely refuses to teach the students how to protect themselves. The teacher, Deloris Umbridge, is a government bureaucrat, and she considers it better that innocents be murdered by the Death Eaters than for people outside the government to be able to fight back. Unfortunately, our real-world Transportation Security Administration might as well be run by Deloris Umbridge. By sabotaging the armed-pilots program, the Bush TSA is resolutely continuing to undermine the will of the American people and the express determination of the United States Congress."

Click here to read the rest of the article.


 Scholastic Fires 400 Employees Worldwide

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:10 AM . PST . General ]

More publisher woes...

from charleston.net:

"For publishing people, the value of books like "Living History" and "Order of the Phoenix" isn't only in the splash, but in the ripples. The industry had hoped the Potter boom would carry over to other titles, but most report either modest increases or none at all. Once the boom receded, fundamental problems remained: a slow economy, a distracted public."

Read more at the link above!


 GrandPré Reflects on her career as Potter Illustrator

- [ iruhkoi @ 02:18 PM . PST . General ]

Mary GrandPré, cover and chapter heading illustrator of the American versions of the Potter series, shares her views on Hogwarts in an article featured in The Toledo Blade:

Mary GrandPré thought she was too busy seven years ago to illustrate the story of a bespectacled boy and his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft.

But the book illustrator eventually broke down and agreed to read the then-unknown manuscript. That catapulted her into the Harry Potter phenomenon that’s swept the world.

"It could have been anyone illustrating this book, and I’m lucky I said yes," Ms. GrandPré said yesterday, while speaking to a crowd of nearly 300 at the University of Findlay.

Read more at the link above!


 Does anyone still like Percy?

- [ iruhkoi @ 10:00 PM . PST . General ]

Apparently so...a whole group of people, in fact; enough to reorganize and renovate PercyWeasley.com, a site that is seemingly dedicated to everything related to the "turncoat" Weasley brother. See for yourself at the link above!

Thanks to DM for the tip.


 "Shadowmancer" Takes on Potter

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:56 AM . PST . General ]

A threat to Harry Potter from another series?

from BBC:

"Shadowmancer, a tale of 17th Century witchcraft and black magic by the Reverend Graham Taylor, is set to challenge JK Rowling's grip on the world of children's publishing.

The £314,000 advance Taylor has received is more than three times the amount reportedly paid in the US to Rowling for the first Harry Potter story seven years ago.

The 43-year-old former policeman sold his motorbike to raise the initial £3,500 needed to publish his book 10 months ago.

Since then the tale has sold 20,000 copies in a month with another 80,000 on order for UK bookshops."

He said: "JK Rowling is a phenomenon who has really opened up the children's market but her success came on the back of thousands of others slogging over the years.

"It concerns me that people are tending to read more of the same authors while up-and-coming authors are struggling to get a publishing deal.

"I read a manuscript from a local author recently and it was the hottest read I have seen in ages.

"The author can't get a deal so I hope now to be able to help publish it myself."

Shadowmancer is published by Faber and Faber in the UK and has been bought by US publisher Penguin Putnam.

Read more at the link above!


 Dursley's House Fails to Sell

- [ iruhkoi @ 09:47 AM . PST . General ]

from Ananova:

"The detached house used in the Harry Potter films has failed to sell at an auction.

The three-bedroomed property was withdrawn after bidding failed to reach the reserve price of £280,000.

At the auction at the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square, central London, the highest bid for the house in Bracknell, Berkshire, was £249,000."

Read more at the link above!


 Harry Potter: Pop Culture Icon

- [ M17 @ 06:17 PM . PST . General ]

Reader Elizabeth informs us that on VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons list, Harry Potter is #154... Congrats to Harry for making it to the list!

[Edit by Scott] To see the caricature of Harry, simply click here.


 Quidditch Was A Hit With Nimbus 2003 Attendees

- [ Jasen @ 11:26 AM . PST . General ]

In its literary version, Quidditch is played by broomstick-riding wizards who dodge bewitched iron balls while trying to capture a winged golden orb called a snitch.

The conventioneers' rendition of the game takes place across a carpeted ballroom instead of in midair. It features volunteers from among the muggle crowd instead of real wizards. And it uses foam bats and balls that look suspiciously like T-ball equipment, goals made of PVC pipes and hula hoops, and a snitch that was really a plastic golf ball from Wal-Mart, spray-painted gold.

Players in T-shirts, shorts and sneakers thunder back and forth across the room as the crowd waves pennants and an announcer gamely tries to keep track of the action: "Time is called -- uh, but people keep playing anyway."

Read on here!


 Harry Makes His Way To Another College

- [ Jasen @ 05:19 PM . PST . General ]

Chillicothe Gazette reports on another new Harry Potter-themed class, this time in Ohio University, in Chillicothe.


 A Birthday Scrapbook For Rupert Grint

- [ Jasen @ 08:12 PM . PST . General ]

K'lyssa writes:

Rupert's birthday on August 24th, and my sister and I are organizing a Birthday Scrapbook. We'll need all submissions by August 10th so that we have time to put the book together before we send it off to Rupert. It's going to be delivered to him either on or before the 24th. They can include anything in this book as long as it's on a standard size sheet of paper, and as long as it's appropriate. They can write poems, letters, make drawings, anything they want. They can either make it and snail mail it to us ready to be put into the book, or they can e-mail me the page, or whatever they make and we can print it out and put it into the book. If they are unable to make a page, but still want to be included they can send me their stats..age, location, name, and a brief message, and several pages of the book will be dedicated strictly to this.

Think about an 8 1/2 by 11'' piece of paper, and what they could fit on it to send to Rupert. Some suggestions are: A short paragraph about yourself and birthday greeting for Rupert, drawings or other artwork you've done, photos of yourself, things you like, or things Rupert likes, jokes, short stories, a collage, poetry, etc. The list is never ending. As long as it's appropriate and fits on a standard sized piece of paper..you can send it in.

Once you've made the design you can mail it in to me via the post, or you can scan it and send it to me through e-mail. You can even make something in a computer program and e-mail it to me that way. If you're unable to either mail or e-mail a submission, but you'd still like to be included..you can send me your name, age, location, and a brief message and we'll put it on a page with a bunch of others so that you can still be included in the book.


On August 10th we will stop accepting submissions so that we can put the book together and send it off by August 14th. It will be sent directly to him, and he'll receive it on August 24th, the day he turns 15.

We'll accept e-mailed submissions, but if possible, snail mail submissions are preferred.

However, if you only wish to have their stats included, they can e-mail us here: RupertBdayProject@starmail.com

And please send all snail mail their submissions to me at:

Kayla and K'lyssa
P.O. Box 801
Tahoka, Texas 79373


 What Are You Doing July 31st?

- [ Jasen @ 07:54 PM . PST . General ]

Harry's (and J.K. Rowling's) Birthday is coming up less than two weeks and it's time to decide what you're going to do, to celebrate Harry's big day? Well, Borders books has some ideas. Check out their calendar of events and see if your local Borders store is going to be joining in on the festivities!

And don't forget, this site's birthday (and my own too) will be next Wednesday, on the 23rd--we're turning 3! Incoincidentally, Daniel Radcliffe's birthday is on the same day, so that brings up a total of three birthdays on the same day. Whoot! :-P In any case, you can expect iHP to be partying down and hard with some goodies in store ;)

Have a great weekend!!


 Nimbus 2003: HP Fans Unite

- [ Scott @ 07:27 PM . PST . General ]

CentreDaily.com, out of Pennsylvania has an article about the Nimbus convention going on down in Florida [Note: This article originally ran in the Orlando Sentinel]:

They are college professors and college students, advertising copywriters and unemployed computer consultants, substitute teachers and wanna-be teachers. They've come from California and New York, Australia and England.

Above all else, they are Harry Potter fans. And they are adults.

Throughout the weekend at Nimbus 2003, the first international Harry Potter convention, they will discuss every possible aspect of J.K. Rowling's best-selling novels. The 2,715 pages of Rowling's five books - including "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," which debuted last month - will inform workshops such as "It's Not Easy Being Hermione: Harry Potter and the Paradox of Girl Power;" "Harry Potter and Stoic Virtue;" "Jewish Perspectives on Harry Potter."

The full story can be found at the link above!


 Patrons Force Hollywood to Reconsider its Sequel-Mania

- [ M17 @ 05:30 PM . PST . General ]

Hollywood became sequel-crazed in recent years after the old rule of thumb -- that follow-ups usually do 60 percent of the original's business -- flew out the window with such successes as "Rush Hour 2"... and the success of the "Star Wars," "Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" series...

Hollywood's toughest challenge is likely to be the difficult business of designing its franchises in a way that makes each film in a series feel new.

Read more from The Chicago Tribune!


 Daniel Radcliffe Fan Site Receives A Message From Dan

- [ Jasen @ 03:10 PM . PST . General ]

After sending a Fan Scrapbook, Video, and other various birthday wishes, DanRadcliffe.com received a special message:

"I am completely overwhelmed by this amazing scrapbook to celebrate my 14th birthday. When it was presented to me I was speechless (this must be a first!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who put so much time and effort into this incredibly beautiful, stylish and witty album. I will treasure it forever - I promise you!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made donations to the National Autistic Society instead of sending me birthday presents. This is a fantastic idea for a wonderful organisation.

I will celebrate my birthday next week on set. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is going well and I can't wait for you all to see it next year.

Thank you once again for the kindness you continue to show me. I feel very honoured."

Daniel Radcliffe


 Do-It-Yourself-Reservation Helps Out HP Fans

- [ Jasen @ 03:04 PM . PST . General ]

From The Hopkinton Crier:

EAST HOPKINTON - Looking to borrow the new Harry Potter book from the Hopkinton Public Library? Log onto the sleek new Gateway computer located just next to the antique drawers holding the card catalog, and within seconds you can find out whether any of the library's six copies of the book are available.

If all of the volumes are out, you can click on the mouse, find out when the books are due back, and request that the library hold it for you. Or you can search via computer for an available copy at 140 other libraries in central and western Massachusetts, which will deliver the book to Hopkinton for you.

For Hopkinton's book lovers, the public library's new MARS system is out of this world.

The computerized system, installed early this month, allows them to find and reserve books from Hopkinton's own library and others around the state from the comfort and privacy of their homes. It also allows readers to renew their books from home by visiting the MARS web site -- www.cwmars.org.

The rest is at Town Online. Oh, bless those fans who have to put up with a library only have six copies!


 DanFans Celebrate Dan's B-Day By Fundraising For Charity

- [ Jasen @ 03:01 PM . PST . General ]

An online community of Harry Potter fans is using Justgiving to raise funds for the National Autistic Society.

Their hero Daniel Radcliffe – who plays the boy wizard in the Harry Potter films – celebrates his 14th birthday on 23 July. Instead of sending him birthday presents, his fans have set up a fundraising page on Justgiving to accept donations to The National Autistic Society.

The page has already raised more than £1,000 in muggle money or, in the wizard world, 331 galleons, 14 sickles and 11 knuts.

Read more at Just Giving!


 "The Chamber of Secrets" In The Park

- [ Jasen @ 02:57 PM . PST . General ]

Daily Herald informs us that a free screening of the movie will be shown at 8:30 p.m., at Old Town Park, 111 Third St., Bloomingdale. For more information, you can call (630) 529-3650 or visit their site.


 Winners of Fan Review Contest Announced

- [ Jasen @ 02:43 PM . PST . General ]

The Edgement Journal has chosen the top six entries and awarded the winners with nice prizes.


 Who's In With Me?!

- [ Jasen @ 01:34 AM . PST . General ]

Naples Daily News reports on Andrew Dobbins, a Sea Gate Elementary fifth-grader, who started his own Harry Potter fan club named, naturally, as "Dumbledore's Army".


 Family-Friendly Prom Featuring HPCS Music

- [ Jasen @ 01:27 AM . PST . General ]

An interesting choice :) Mirror.co.uk reports that composer John Williams' score for "The Chamber of Secrets" movie will be played during the BBC Proms season. More on that here.


 Nimbus 2003 News and Updates

- [ Jasen @ 01:25 AM . PST . General ]

Well, the event officially kicked off early yesterday and continues until this Sunday. If you couldn't make it to Nimbus, be sure to check out their site for news and updates, complete with pictures straight from the source, all during this weekend!


 Birthday Greetings From The Trio

- [ Jasen @ 03:46 PM . PST . General ]

RupertGrint.net has up scans from the latest issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, with Daniel, Emma, and Rupert sending their birthday greetings to the kids TV network. Thanks to Leaky!


 Harry's Sneaking Into More Summer School Programs

- [ Jasen @ 09:11 AM . PST . General ]

This time, it's at Prarie South College:

Cheryl Rhodes, program coordinator for Kids at College, said the program helps children learn new things while sharpening skills for the upcoming school year.

...Students may choose their own classes or take ones designed by coordinators, Rhodes said. The academic block, for example, consists of math, reading and spelling classes, Rhodes said.

An art and literature block offers a Harry Potter theme. Students will take part in Harry Potter activities in all of their classes.

Read on at the link.


 Tune Your Ears To The Music of Harry Potter

- [ Jasen @ 09:07 AM . PST . General ]

Music from "The Sorcerer's Stone" will be played by the Kingston Symphony at Fort Henry, Kingston (Canada) tomorrow and Saturday. Check out more details here.


 Fans Harry Potter Quiz In New Delhi

- [ Jasen @ 08:54 AM . PST . General ]

Read the post-reaction of the contest from some of the fans who took it at the link!


 Dame Magie Smith Earns Emmy Nod!

- [ Jasen @ 08:52 AM . PST . General ]

Just earlier this morning, the Dame was nominated for an award at this year's Emmys, for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries. She earns this Emmy nod for her work as Mrs. Delahunty in the HBO film, "My House In Umbria". Congrats to Smith!


 Chemistry, The Harry Potter Way

- [ Jasen @ 12:17 AM . PST . General ]

As the first session of "Another Wizard's World: Potions" gets underway, kids from across the country are discovering the world of chemistry from a "magical" perspective.

"Potions" is Eberly College of Science's summer science camp. It uses themes from the popular Harry Potter book series to teach physics and chemistry.

The college started the camps four years ago, which have covered topics in life, physical, chemical and environmental sciences.

Camp director Rebecca Peterson said she and her colleagues came up with the idea last year to use examples from Harry Potter in the program.

"We were searching for a context for science that kids could identify with that wasn't threatening," Peterson said. "The Harry Potter theme gave us a wonderful twist that was very inviting to children."

Read on here!


 Dan in Evangelion???

- [ Mischa @ 07:49 PM . PST . General ]

Okay here's the crazy rumor of the month: Futurizmo is reporting that Daniel Radcliffe is being "heavily" considered to play Shinji Ikari (who I assume is a major character) in the upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion live action movie... guys, don't take this too seriously, it's terribly unlikely... betcha ten galleons that it's totally false!


 Scholastic Is Making The Changes

- [ Jasen @ 03:52 PM . PST . General ]

Scholastic Corp. SCHL.O , the U.S. publisher of the Harry Potter series, on Wednesday said it would cut spending and make changes to its school book fair business, as it seeks to improve its performance after posting a drop in quarterly earnings.

More at Reuters.


 Harry Potter Wish Granted!

- [ M17 @ 03:50 PM . PST . General ]

Creating a little magic of their own, Rogers Video and the Make-A-Wish Foundation(R) of Canada granted a special Harry Potter wish to a 17 year-old girl from the remote community of Cross Lake, Manitoba. Candy has a very rare and life-threatening blood disorder called Thalassemia...

Not only did Candy go to England - she celebrated her 18th birthday with the cast and crew on the set of Harry Potter's new movie.

Read more details of this generous gesture from Newswire!


 Whoa, Nelly! Win A Ford Anglia!

- [ Jasen @ 03:38 PM . PST . General ]

If you're one of the lucky attendees of Nimbus 2003, you'll get to place a bid on the 1966 Ford Anglia, which currently has a reserved price of $4400 (but it's not the one used in the film)! More info can be found here.

Also, Nimbus begins its three day-run on Thursday, the 17th, so be sure you register online now to attend, or you'll have to do it at the door in Florida, if you miss it! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!

And if you are, in fact, going to the event, please e-mail me--iHP needs your help!


 Comic Relief Doing Better Than Ever

- [ Jasen @ 10:17 AM . PST . General ]

Newsround says: "This year's Red Nose Day raised a whopping £60 million - the biggest amount since the event started 14 years ago." Read the story at the link.


 Lucky HP Fan Wins A "Harry-fied" European Experience

- [ Jasen @ 09:00 AM . PST . General ]

Pardon the pun :) Trish Stiles, along with her son, mom, and a friend are flying overseas for a $15,000 tour of England and Scotland, after being the ninth-caller on a local radio station. Now that's a prize!


 Sean Biggerstaff Bikes For Charity

- [ Jasen @ 11:08 AM . PST . General ]

His official site posted this:

On Friday July 4, 2003 Sean rode a 110 mile leg of a charity ride that was put together to raise funds for the Kilbryde Hospice Appeal. For more info please visit Kendo's Endo

Pictures are at this link!


 HP Cast at Collectormania!

- [ M17 @ 06:05 PM . PST . General ]

Some of the cast of the Harry Potter movies are scheduled to be guests at Collectormania 4, including James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley, respectively) and Toby Jones (voice of Dobby)! Read more details at the Collectormania website: click here! Much thanks to Phil for the tip!

Jasen's Note: If you manage to go to the show, please bring along a camera and send in your pics!


 Where Harry Potter and eBay Meet

- [ Jasen @ 01:08 PM . PST . General ]

Michael S. Malone of ABCNews.com tells how his and three others' creation of eBay are similar to that of Rowling's creation of Harry. Read about it here.Thanks to David.


 Children Rush to Study like Harry Potter

- [ Scott @ 07:33 AM . PST . General ]

From CBBC:

Potter fans in the States are going back to school in their summer holidays to learn like Harry.

The Urban Academy of Arcane Knowledge is set up just like Hogwarts.

Pupils even get to have lessons in Potions, Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures.

Kids were so keen to attend the Potter-style classes that both summer courses filled up on the very first day at the school in Wisconsin, USA.

Students get sent an invitation to attend the school, just like the letter Harry receives asking him to go to Hogwarts.

For the full article, click the link above!


 Australia's 100 Favorite Books Feature Harry

- [ Jasen @ 05:31 PM . PST . General ]

The Daily Telegraph has the Harry Potter book as part of their 100 favorite books to read.


 Harry's Big At Birthdays

- [ Jasen @ 05:27 PM . PST . General ]

Mumbai based event manager Meghna Mathuria says that when the first Harry Potter movie was released, she was doing more than five Harry Potter theme parties a month complete with magic shows, cutouts, Potter games and a theme gift bag to take home.

More at the link.


 Can The Book Industry Be Saved?

- [ M17 @ 12:49 PM . PST . General ]

Can Harry Potter, along with Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, save the book industry?

A children's fantasy writer, a U.S. Senator, and a famous television host are sharing credit for bringing customers into American bookstores. According to the Association of American Publishers, sales of adult hardcover books during the first four months of this year were down nearly 30 percent from the year before.

Read more from Voice of America.


 Class Takes Lessons From Potter

- [ M17 @ 05:10 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to Leaky...

Attending the Urban Academy of Arcane Knowledge is so much like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it’s an ideal place for a wannabe witch or wizard in Manitowoc to spend part of their summer.

Jackson School fourth-grader Michael Behnke’s assumption about the class being a chance to do activities from the “Harry Potter” series was absolutely correct.

Retired Manitowoc Public School District teacher Kristin Urban has developed ways to teach Hogwarts’ classes like Potions, Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures without the aid of magic.

Read the full story from the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter!


 Harry Potter Meets Garbage Pail

- [ M17 @ 05:08 PM . PST . General ]

Long before South Park or Beavis and Butthead entertained kids with lowbrow toilet humor, there were the Garbage Pail Kids. Now, the grandfather of gross-out is making a comeback...

And their first victim? Harry Potter, of course. Read details at USA Today. Thanks to Leaky.


 Tony Award Winning Playwright Reads From HP5

- [ M17 @ 04:57 PM . PST . General ]

The Melrose Free Press informs us that Tony Award winning playwright, TV producer and radio actor Tug Yorgrau read and will be reading from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. More details at the link above!


 Nimbus 2003 Is Coming In Six Days!

- [ Jasen @ 01:32 PM . PST . General ]

Just a friendly reminder, that Nimbus 2003--the very first Harry Potter fan symposium--will begin on Thursday, the 17th until the 20th.

As a sponsor, we'll be covering the days' events, so if ANY of our readers are going and have access to a computer and e-mail, I strongly urge you to contact me! If you're interested in helping, please drop me an e-owl here!

For more information on the event, please check out Nimbus's homepage, our info page, and our special interview with the PR director, Lynn Chealander!

Stay tuned to iHP for more updates :)


 Sales Surge at Largest Book Retailer

- [ M17 @ 12:49 PM . PST . General ]

Barnes & Noble Inc., the world's largest bookseller, on Thursday said that sales at stores open for at least one year rose 10.5 percent, driven in part by the power of Harry Potter.

Excluding sales of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," same-store sales rose 4.9 percent.

It's the magic of Harry Potter at work. Read more from Reuters.

07. 9

 Harry Potter is a Reflection of Today's Teenagers

- [ M17 @ 07:11 PM . PST . General ]

The Alameda Times-Star compares teenager Harry Potter to the teenagers of today:

Harry, the 15-year-old main character, is like many kids today. He must face his fears, although his are worse than many can even imagine. As he finds out what it's like to grow up and experience love and loss, he expresses himself the way many teenagers do, through anger and confusion...

In this book Harry goes through what all teens go through, and he sure shows it.

Read more at the link above!

07. 9

 Harry Potter is a Whizzard

- [ M17 @ 07:04 PM . PST . General ]

A Harry Potter success story... but not like one you've read before:

RALF SCHUMACHER has earned the nickname Hogwart's Express - partly because he's going like a train but more because he reads Harry Potter.

The younger brother of five-times world champion Michael has burst from the shadows with back-to-back Grand Prix wins in Germany and France.

And last night Ralf's wife, Cora, revealed that much of hubby's success is down to hours relaxing with their son, David, reading him Harry Potter.

Read the full article from the dailyrecord!

07. 9

 Potter Stunt Sets House Ablaze

- [ M17 @ 11:30 AM . PST . General ]

MADRID - A woman set her Madrid home on fire Wednesday as she cooked up a potion in an attempt to imitate the fictional wizard Harry Potter, emergency services said...

The ambulance service said she had told them she was trying to emulate the boy magician, hero of the books by J K Rowling that have been a sensation among adults and children alike.

For want of more magical ingredients, the woman cooked up a potion of water, oil, alcohol and toothpaste, local media reported. It was unclear what spell she was trying to weave.

Read the full story from the Sun-Sentinel.

07. 7

 Scholastic Misses Profit Mark

- [ M17 @ 07:03 PM . PST . General ]

Despite the release of the giant Book 5, Scholastic has missed its quarterly profit target:

Harry Potter publisher Scholastic Corp warned on Monday its quarterly profit would miss the target...

New York-based Scholastic said slow sales of trade books and book fair business had put a dent in the financial performance for the quarter and fiscal year ended May 31.

Scholastic says Harry Potter isn't to blame, though. Read more details at Yahoo! News.

07. 6

 Newly Discovered Plant Has Potteresque Name

- [ M17 @ 04:50 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to Leaky for this article:

Harry Potter's influence pervades even the science of plant taxonomy at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Lena Struwe... has shared in the discovery of a rare, new jungle plant that now bears a Potteresque name...

Find out the name by reading the article at EurekAlert.

07. 4

 Castles, Music, and Harry Potter All Parts of Tour

- [ M17 @ 03:17 PM . PST . General ]

Harry Potter, castles, and music are all part of a tour of the English Isles.

Did you know that J.K. Rowling, the woman who wrote "Harry Potter," wrote the first book in a tea room in Edinburgh? This is just one of many bits of trivia that 60 tourists from Houston learned on a recent trip down the isle of Great Britain. We also learned many significant facts about British history and culture.

Read the full article from The Arkansas City Traveler.

07. 4

 Happy Independence Day!

- [ Jasen @ 12:32 AM . PST . General ]

Fireworks, barbeques, celebrations galore! Everyone at iHP would like to wish you and your family a very Happy July 4th weekend!

Fire up the grill and chat about Book 5 over the table ;)

[Edit By Scott] Make sure Book 5 is safely away from the grill and the table, so that you don't have to spend another 30 bucks to replace the one you got dirty ;)

07. 3

 Children Find Skull While Looking for Harry

- [ M17 @ 11:52 AM . PST . General ]

Article from Ananova...

Children looking for Harry Potter and dinosaurs at a kindergarten in Oslo found a human skull in their playground.

The kindergarten is built on the site of a former churchyard, part of which remains close to the entrance of a church. The children were sent home after finding the skull and a police investigation is ongoing...

Teacher Gard Solstad, who reported the finding to the police, said: "The children were digging around, looking for Harry Potter and dinosaurs.

"As they hit a layer of clay, we gave them metal spades to dig with. After a while one of the boys came over with a lump and asked me what it was. I immediately saw that it was part of a skull."


07. 2

 Make Your Own Nimbus

- [ Scott @ 07:53 PM . PST . General ]

From the 24 Hour Museum:

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Have you ever seen how a broomstick is made? Do you want to know how to make a Nimbus 2000 or a Firebolt to improve your performance at Quidditch?

Traditional craft worker Adam King will be demonstrating how to make broomsticks at Amersham Museum on Sunday July 6 from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm. He will also be selling broomsticks, but museum staff cannot give any guaranteees about their flying performance!

For the full story, and other event information, check out the link above.

07. 2

 One Script to Rule Them All?

- [ iruhkoi @ 01:08 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to John from sev.com.au for the tip:

Last week's Harry Potter cartoon caption contest is finished with the winning punchline decided. The cartoon had Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee watching Harry battle giant spiders and trolls,wondering why he seems to go through all the same adventures they did.

Check out the final cartoon with the winning punchline at the link above.

07. 2

 NASA Comments On OotP's Astronomical Aspects

- [ Jasen @ 10:11 AM . PST . General ]

Apparently, they're happy that happy J.K. got the positions of the planets, etc. right in the book--read about it here.

Thanks to Leaky.


 John Williams To Attend July 4th Event

- [ Jasen @ 02:41 PM . PST . General ]

A Capitol Forth 2003, a program set to air on July 4th, will be featuring lots of music and other entertainment and the HP films composer, John Williams, will be making an appearance! More info at the link--if you get a chance to go and meet Mr. Williams, send us some pictures!

Thanks to HPANA.


 A Comic Appeal To Harry Potter

- [ Jasen @ 05:30 PM . PST . General ]

Slate has compiled "The Best" of their Harry Potter editorial cartoons, which date back to the release of Book 4.


 Kaena: The Prophecy

- [ Mischa @ 01:41 PM . PST . General ]

Before Richard Harris' demise he recorded his vocal talents for what looks to be a very promising CGI-animated tale about a young girl that... well... er... just check it out for yourself, here.


 Potter Introduces Many to Online Retailing

- [ iruhkoi @ 07:20 AM . PST . General ]

from news.com.au:

"We've got quite a few customers who prefer to order online, but we're hoping that Harry Potter might convince a few more people to try online shopping," Dymocks communications manager Kate Farrar said.

"We sent the books out on Monday, so everyone who ordered online got them within days of the release."

ninemsn have already seen an increase in online retailing in the past few months."

ninemsn senior analyst Gai Le Roy said: "The biggest barrier is getting people comfortable with giving their credit card details online. Once they've done that and had a good experience, then they'll come back.

"We're really hoping that Harry Potter has introduced a lot more people to buying online.

"Once they've used it to buy mainstream things -- whether it be Harry Potter or to pay bills -- they start to ease up a bit."

Read more at the link above!


 May You Rest in Peace

- [ Scott @ 08:33 PM . PST . General ]

I found this article about a Virginia State Trooper and his 9 year-old son who were killed when their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. They happened to be on their way to a bookstore in Maryland to buy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a midnight release party. I sincerely hope that everyone else arrived home safe to your respective families. The article can be found here.


 Caesar to Air This Weekend

- [ Scott @ 07:04 PM . PST . General ]

For those in the US, or those that get the US cable channel TNT, the mini-series Caesar will air this weekend. Among the cast is the late Richard Harris, known to most of us as Albus Dumbledore. To find out more about this program, click here. There are plenty of other great actors as well, including Christopher Walken, so be sure to check it out.


 The International Order of Copyright

- [ M17 @ 11:28 AM . PST . General ]

Should Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass be banned?

In China last year, it was easy to buy the unusual Potter sequel Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-to-Dragon, in which Harry encountered sweet and sour rain, became a hairy troll, and joined Gandalf to re-enact scenes from The Hobbit. The book, while credited to J.K. Rowling, wasn't authorized or written by her, but that didn't prevent it from selling like butterbeer.

Meanwhile, in Russia, you can still meet Harry's Slavic twin: "Tanya Grotter," star of Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass. Tanya rides a double bass, sports a mole instead of a bolt of lightning, and attends the Tibidokhs School of Magic. In an interview with journalist Steve Gutterman, author Dmitry Yemets called her "a sort of Russian answer to Harry Potter," and described his books as "cultural competition" for the original.

Read the full article from MSN Slate!


 Win an Enchanted Tour of Britain

- [ iruhkoi @ 05:40 PM . PST . General ]

Thanks to HPANA for the tip...Beyond Boundaries, Borders Books, and the Wizarding World Press have teamed up and are offering the chance to win an enchanted England tour package.

The grand prize consists of a seven-day/six-night Live the Legend! package for one adult and one child to explore legends - old and new - of Britain, including King Arthur, the Vikings, Tolkien and Harry Potter.

Beyond Boundaries has teamed up with VisitBritain, Borders Books & Music and Wizarding World Press to bring this fantastic sweepstakes to you! Enter online or visit a participating Borders location. Daily prizes of a variety of Harry Potter-related paraphernalia and other items from Britain included in prize drawings. The grand prize winner will be announced July 20, 2003 at the Nimbus - 2003 conference.

Offered exclusively by Beyond Boundaries, this unique itinerary will transport you to a world of fantasy and enchantment where you can slay a dragon in the shadow of medieval castles or stir up trouble in a potions class.

Your sense of adventure is awoken while the secrets of London are revealed on a magical mystery treasure hunt taking you to sites used in filming the Harry Potter movies.

Grab a trip in August 2003 or on other dates until June 2004. They are international events open to global fans - prices in Euros, Pounds Sterling or US dollars. For further information, fans can contact: Beyond Boundaries at 800-487-1136 or email to info@beyondboundariestravel.com.

Read more at the link above!


 Harry Potter: Revenue Generator

- [ M17 @ 11:39 AM . PST . General ]

This article, from ZDNet UK News, describes not how good the 5th Book is, and not how many people bought the book... It does, however, decribe how the Harry Potter books have been making a lot of money:

It's always sad to see someone fail to fulfil their potential. Take JK Rowling, whose name and face you may have noticed lately. Rumour has it she's published a book that's done rather well -- something like eight million copies sold in the past four days. Not bad going, you might think.

Yet consider this. She's only worth a piffling quarter of a billion quid -- admittedly, that's a rate of £40,000 per thousand words, which means this column would earn her a nice cottage on the Scottish Borders. But on a global scale, it's chump change. A decent franchise like Harry Potter, and she's not properly milking it.

Read more at the link above!


 Radcliffe Birthday Fundraiser

- [ Nick @ 10:01 AM . PST . General ]

In celebration of Dan Radcliffe's birthday, DanRadcliffe.Com is sponsoring a fundraiser for The National Autistic Society.

Click HERE to visit the donation page and to attain more knowledge on the fundraiser!


 Harry Potter: A Fictional Relief

- [ M17 @ 06:10 PM . PST . General ]

With a lot of things happening around the world, Harry Potter has given people a definite source of fiction:

The feeling of relief at Harry's arrival really had nothing to do with him and everything to do with everything else I have been reading lately...

When my latest installment of Harry Potter arrived, I was certain about what it was: a wonderful and dependable source of fiction.

It would be nice to be so certain about the facts coming out of Washington.

Read this editorial at the Chicago Tribune!


 Venus Williams on Harry Potter...

- [ M17 @ 05:52 PM . PST . General ]

Here's what tennis-star Venus Willams had to say on Harry Potter:

When Venus Williams last won the Wimbledon women's title two years ago, she was reading the adventures of Harry Potter, the world's most famous boy wizard. Asked if she had joined the bookstore queues last weekend to buy book five of the great publishing phenomenon, she said:

"No, I didn't. I don't know if I'm going to. I might be a little old now. I'm 23, I've got to really focus on things that are really going to enrich my life," she said.

You're never too old for Harry Potter! Source: ABS-CBN News


 Bishop Attacks Potter Hype

- [ iruhkoi @ 05:16 PM . PST . General ]

from ekklesia.co.uk:

Bristol's new bishop has attacked Harry Pottermania for turning children into consumer "slaves". In his inaugural sermon to civic leaders at Bristol Cathedral, the bishop, aged 54, who has five children, said the Potter phenomenon was in danger of turning children into "slaves to consumerism".

The bishop, Bristol's 55th, said: "It was exploitation of our children that we witnessed at midnight up and down the country. The church needs to ask some questions of the society we find ourselves in.

Read more at the link!
Thanks to DM for the tip.

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