August 31, 2004

Update: New Wizard of the Month

Today, J. K. Rowling updated her website with a new Wizard of the Month. This month, 'Uric the Oddball' is featured.

Thank you Potterfan25 for the scoop.

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Crabbe finished 'funniest scene' recently

New diary entry from Jamie Waylett's site

Filming in Oxford

Just returned from filming on location in Oxford.

As usual it rained, it seems that it always rains when we are on location.

I spent nearly the whole week filming Just one scene, with Maggie Smith, Brendan Gleeson, Tom, Josh and Dan, it was great fun, I really enjoyed it.

Brendan Gleeson was great, he is very friendly, funny man who plays the part of Mad-Eye Moody.

As you will know, I'm not allowed to say too much about the filming, but I think that scene could turn out to be one of the funniest scene in all of the movies!

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August 30, 2004

UPDATE: Mira Nair As OotP Director?

According to Times of India, Mira Nair (Vanity Fair) has been approached by Warner Bros. to be the director of the fifth Harry Potter movie:

"I'm getting offers to direct Harry Potter: The Order Of The Phoenix. I read it over the weekend. I'm still deciding... I'm not letting all this go to my head. I'm grounded. I practise detachment, it helps me keep my balance." I'm a Dilliwalli, only an asana gets me on my head! My son Zoharan's excited. I've seen all the Harry Potter movies with him."

Interesting -- we'll keep you posted.

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IGN Posts Azkaban Cheats...

IGN has posted a few cheats for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the XBox platform.

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August 28, 2004

Ministry Census Results: Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort

A new Ministry Census poll is up! Meanwhile, here are the results from the last one:

What do you think of Ralph Fiennes's recent casting as Lord Voldemort?

39 % 22 % 10 % 24 % 5 %
Responses Votes
PERFECT!! He's gonna be awesome as Voldemort! 533
It's pretty cool! 302
Eh, it's just okay. 132
Ralph who? 321
Somebody needs to fire that casting director! 62
Total Votes: 1350
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August 27, 2004

Dragon Rumors

Rumors of dragons in Glenfinnan

by Marjorie Dawson, Wizard News UK Correspondent

I have just travelled up on the Caledonian Sleeper from London to Fort William, Scotland and onward into Hogwarts Country. As we sat breakfasting in the restaurant car enjoying the kind of countryside many of you will have seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I got talking to a member of the staff (who wishes to remain anonymous).

We swept across the misty and desolate Rannoch Moor to Fort William through a sweeping horseshoe curve of track as my informant having spotted my Harry Potter t-shirt, badges etc., told me that there was a strong rumour that the line from Fort William to Mallaig was to be closed for a week at the end of September. This, of course, is the line famously used for filming, most memorably, the scary scene with Dementors in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

He said that they might be filming the 'dragon scene' which led to much conjecture on our part about whether this is Harry's Dragon task or Harry following Hagrid to see the dragons before the task. As the countryside is full of magnificent green sweeping mountains our first bets were on the former.

Source Wizard news

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Overnight Succes eight years in the making

When an unknown emerges with an exciting idea, the phrase that often gets applied is "overnight success story." For Joanne Kathleen Rowling, "overnight" meant years of hard work and perseverance.

Stuck on a train between Manchester and London one day in 1990, Rowling passed the time by imagining a scenario. Inspired, she spent hours mentally jotting down ideas and pictures, sketching out details for a character she was convinced could capture the hearts of others.

Determined to perfect her story, Rowling turned ideas around over and over, analyzing each angle until she was satisfied it was the direction she wanted to take. She continued conjuring and scribbling down ideas for years thereafter. It took eight years from the time of her fateful train ride for the first book in her series to get published.

See the full (quite long) article here

News from Yahoo News

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August 26, 2004

Does "Order of the Phoenix" Have A Director?

According to this Brazillian film site, director Mira Nair has been "invited by Warner Bros." to direct the fifth Harry Potter movie. However, as the Goblet of Fire is not even close to completion, and no official announcement has been made by Warner Bros., themselves, this should be regarded as pure rumor.

Thanks to

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GoF on location

When a little bird told CBBC Newsround that filming for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was going on in Oxford, we decided to go along to see who we could spot.

We heard that there was filming going on at the Bodleian Library and sure enough, the tell-tale signs of big lighting trucks nearby confirmed it.

I went into a bookshop to ask for directions and a friendly film crew member revealed that filming was going on in two locations.

It wasn't hard to find because there were massive green signs showing you where to go! Just then, a minibus pulled up and a whole load of crew got out, so I followed them to see where they were going.

They went into New College which looked like it would be used for filming Hogwarts scenes.

A man carrying a long, dark coat - the costume for Mad Eye Moody - went in, followed by a car with Dame Maggie Smith who plays Professor McGonagall, in it. This was definitely the place to be to see some action!

Then all of a sudden, a bucket of water from above fell on me! And then another! It turns out they were filming on the roof and were wetting it by chucking buckets of water everywhere.

While drying myself off, I then heard someone shout 'Action!' and then the booming voice of Mad Eye Moody, played by Brendan Gleeson, echoed through the air.

The doors to the college opened and I could see a courtyard inside. Some kids dressed in black Hogwarts robes were walking around inside, including Malfoy's pals Crabbe and Goyle.

Then about 50 kids dressed in raincoats to cover their robes came out in rows of two - as if they were actually in school - and marched up to the Bodleian Library where they disappeared inside.

Soon word spread that Potter filming was going on and a crowd of people had gathered to have a peek.

But the action was over after that and it all went quiet until lunchtime when food was brought in for the hungry film stars.

Pictures can be seen here. News from: BBC

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August 25, 2004

Got £20,000 to Spare?

BBC News is reporting that eBay has a hardback first edition of POA for sale. The highest bid currently stands at £1,200, but with three days still to go sources believe this could rise to as much as £20,000!

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Mike Newell Talks GoF

Mike Newell, along with some other film crew, are featured in the latest issue of Movie Magic magazine:

Newell, a master storyteller, is thrilled to be directing Goblet, although he's also more then a tad apprehensive. "The films definitely have a dark, frightening feel to them," he says. "There's romance and magic in the story, but its mixed with this fear, this overwhelming dread. I want to be sure to capture the right mood, the right feeling. It's important to capture all the aspects of the story in the film, and that's my challenge. It's an honor to follow directors Chris Columbus and Alfonso Cuarón, who have done so much to establish the tradition of Harry Potter on film."

Director Chris Columbus, who brought the first two Harry Potter films to life, believes that Newell has absolutely nothing to worry about. "It's a great gig for a director to walk into," he muses. "You've got your cast, you've got your sets, you've got all your elements in place. All the initial groundwork is there, and you can have a field day bringing your vision to the screen."

And producer David Heyman is delighted with the addition of Newell, the first British director to take the reins of this very British story. "These are British books, and there's something to be said for that," he says with a laugh. "There's a sense of humor and a sense of nervousness that J.K. Rowling brought to her work, and I think Mike will be able to really capture that spirit. Plus, he's made films with young people before."

Thanks to Veritaserum!

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Harry Potter Helps Boost Studio Success

Rent from studios used to make the fourth Harry Potter film has helped boost profits at Pinewood Shepperton film studios.

Profits at Pinewood Shepperton, which hires out studios, rose 15.8% to £6.7m ($12m) in the first half of the year.

BBC News has the rest!

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Alfonso Cuaron and Ian Brown Team Up?

'HARRY POTTER' director ALFONSO CUARON has offered to direct one of IAN BROWN’s videos, NME.COM can reveal.

Ian Brown famously made a cameo in the most recent Harry Potter film ’Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, and is friends with Cuarón via his Mexican wife.

Speaking recently to NME.COM, Brown said that the director, who also worked on the 2001 film ‘Y Tu Mamá También’, has offered his services and that the ex-Stone Roses man would love him to be involved.

More at!

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August 24, 2004

Harry Potter in Indian Film

A hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix appeared in the Indian movie Main Hoon Na:

Thanks The Wizarding World via Godric's Hollow.

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Quidditch for Muggles?

This is quite an interesting bit of news. According to the Omaha World Herald, a Physical Education teacher from Ohio has submitted a way to play Quidditch on the ground to Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Click the link above for some more information and instructions on how to play.

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Rowling Quoted in TIME Magazine

Not anything new, but in TIME Magazine's Verbatim section, JK Rowling is quoted from her website about questions that should be asked regarding Half-Blood Prince. Thanks very much to iHP Reader Teresa.

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August 24th Birthdays

Today, August 24th, is a day filled with a few "Potter-related" birthdays...

First, today is Rupert Grint's (aka Ron Weasley) birthday. Born on August 24, 1988, Grint is 16 years old today. Best wishes on your birthday!

Next, today is also the birthday of Stephen Fry, narrator of the Harry Potter books in the UK, and is also the narrator of the Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban video games. Born on August 24, 1957, Fry is 47 years old today. Happy birthday!

Finally, today is also the birthday of Jimmy Gardner, who played Ernie Prang, driver of the Knight Bus, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Born on August 24, 1924, Gardner is 80 years old today. Happy birthday!

Much thanks to WizardNews.

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Harry Potter display ready to delight fans

A spellbinding display of Harry Potter artefacts is winging its way to a Shropshire museum in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

"...The museum is not about ancient history but about modern social culture. Harry Potter fits into this theme very well..."

Full article here

Souce: Shropshirestar

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Galadriel Waters

Many of us are anxiously awaiting Galadriel Water's analysis of OotP. I know I am. I've got some news. The name according to and Borders is The Plot Thickens. Amazon is saying they can ship it by September 13, 2004. Borders says it won't be out until November 2004. Either way it's coming soon. We get to sleuth again! For those who don't know what the previous books were about, she breaks down JKRs masterpieces and finds clues and then analyses them. Some of the theories are far fetched but some are very interesting.

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Rowling Supports 'World City' Bid

Some of the Capital’s best-known authors have thrown their weight behind Edinburgh’s bid to become the first World City of Literature.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Inspector Rebus creator Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall Smith, author of the best-selling No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novels, have all given the proposal their backing.

The project would see Edinburgh become the inaugural World City of Literature.

More from the Edinburgh Evening News.

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Big Bunny on Potter Set?

This story is rather.... interesting.

Hercules [the bunny] has already had a taste of fame he won the "Best in Show" prize at the Reading and County Rabbit Club show in June and was also lucky enough to visit the set of the latest Harry Potter film.

Beverely said: "A friend of mine was asked to bring some big bunnies onto the film set. I think I saw Hercules grazing on the hill in the scene where the children are walking to see Hagrid in his home."

You really need to click to the link to see the picture..... source: This is Local London

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Reading Harry Potter Could Ruin Men's Love Lives

Or so say the results of a poll carried out by Penguin. Apparently reading fantasy novels gives men zero appeal as far as women are concerned! Click here to find out more.

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August 23, 2004

JKR Denies Character is Ex

Despite reports to the contrary, JKR's publicist has said that the character of Lockhart is NOT based on the author's ex-husband. The Big News Network has the full story.

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Nominations for POA Soundtrack

John Williams soundtrack to POA has received two nominations at the World Soundtrack Awards - Soundtrack Composer of the Year and Best Original Soundtrack of the Year. The site also allows you to vote for a People's Choice award. So click here to see the other nominees and cast your vote!

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OotP still going strong at Amazon!

Though dropping from Best-Seller #22 yesturday, to #30 today, OotP is still doing well on!

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Kids Shine in Tom Sponsored Fishing Tournament

It's well known amongst fans of the films that Tom Felton is a bit of a fishing fanatic. Now The New York Times is reporting on a children's fishing tournament, sponsored by Tom, which has inspired over a hundred children to take up the sport.

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August 22, 2004

GoF Scenes: What's in, What's Out

The following was reported at Mugglenet, by a member named "Blackstar." The member claimed to have worked with a movie review site which still provides him with pieces of information regarding upcoming films. This information has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. and should be treated as RUMOR only.

What's Been Cut:
- Everything S.P.E.W. related
- The Dursleys
- The Hogwarts Express (there are shots of the train, but no footage from inside)
- The Weighing of the Wands

What's Been Drastically Cut:
- The Yule Ball
- The Quidditch World Cup
- Rita Skeeter (doesn't have as much film time as book time)
- Harry stressing over the egg clue
- Scenes with Snape
- Hagride and Madame Maxime romance

What Hasn't Been Cut:
- Opening scene involving Voldemort, Wormtail, and Nagini
- The Dark Mark scene
- The "Potter Stinks" badges
- The 3 tasks (although the spider may be cut from the third)
- Dobby and Winky
- The Pensieve
- The ending with...the death

The following was the full report:

What's been cut

* The SPEW storyline altogether, opening scene with the Dursleys, the Hogwarts express (there are shots of it, but nothing in the train,) and the wand weighing.

What's still in

* Creepy opening scene with Voldemort, Wormtail and Nagini. The Dark Mark scene, the "Potter Stinks" bit, the skrewts, the horntail challenge, the merpeople challenge (should be very cool!) The final challenge, although the spider may NOT be in it. (My source didn't remember seeing it.) The Sphinx is in. So is Dobby and Winky, the Portkeys, Crouch freaking out, the Pensieve scene and Cedric's end.

Things that are drastically cut

* Yule Ball, Quidditch World Cup, Rita Skeeter stuff (she's in it, but not as much as the book,) Harry stressing over the egg clue, Snape scenes (he's not in it much,) Hagrid & Maxine love story (it's there, but just reduced to a few brief moments for humor,) Dumbledore's humor (again... they never get him right!)

Note on the ending

* They manage to get it all pretty much in, which is surprising given what's going on. It sounds like they really pulled it off. The second challenge really acts as a mid-movie action sequence that should blow the doors off of a lot of what we've seen so far in the films. The final challenge also sounds amazing, and the ending should be really creepy. I know they say this with every movie, but this one could be really eerie (not just "dark") because of the very evil Voldemort scenes. Not sure what the young ones will think of it. This stands to do justice to the book, and be the best movie of the series! (And after Cuaron's work, that's saying something!)

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Ever wonder who inspired JKR to create Lockhart?

JK has revealed that the only character she has created after a real person is Gilderoy Lockhart. Who could be as horrible as he is? Why, that's her first husband of course - Portuguese journalist Arantes. In the article she says:

'I have to say that the living model is worse. He was a real shocker.

'The lies that he told about adventures that he'd had, things he'd done and impressive acts that he had committed - he was a shocking man.

'I can say this quite freely, because he will never in a million years dream that he is Gilderoy Lockhart.'

JK told fans: 'The only character I sat down and thought I would base on someone is Gilderoy Lockhart.

She also commented:
'It made up for having to endure him for two solid years.

'You might think it was mean of me to depict him as Gilderoy but you can rest assured he will never, ever guess.

'He's probably out there now telling everybody that he inspired the character of Dumbledore. Or that he wrote the books and lets me take the credit out of kindness.'

Some avid HP fans might notice how she modeled Hermione after herself, and Hermione had quite a crush on Lockhart before discovering what a fraud he was.

Check out the full article here
Thanks for the tip Wizard News

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Dan Radcliffe Nominated for Relly

Source: Mugglenet

Daniel Radcliffe has been nominated for a Relly award - that is, Regis and Kelly. For the full list of nominees, click here. (Note, the link is a PDF file.)

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Vote for iHarryPotter!

Mugglenet Topsites was recently reset, so you can vote for by clicking here:

On a side note, the icon for topsites is located on the right-side column at the bottom.

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Happy Birthday, Percy Weasley!

As reflects, today, August 22nd, is Percy Weasley's birthday. Thanks to all who wrote in.

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August 21, 2004

News of GoF, The Movie

Thanks to Michelle and rosio_west for the lead. Read about what's in and what's not on mugglenet This story is unconfirmed. But what about Sirius?

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August 20, 2004

Azkaban Contributes to Record Summer

The summer officially ends at the Labor Day holiday in two weeks, but already ticket tracker Exhibitor Relations Co Inc. is expecting a record take around $4 billion with "Shrek 2," "Spider-Man 2" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

From Reuters via ABC News.

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The Invisibility Cloak Goes Muggle

Another invisibility cloak has been invented by scientists in Japan:

Image from CNN/AP

Professor Susumu Tachi, from Tokyo University, has developed a process called optical camouflage, which turns objects invisible -- or more accurately, translucent. A camera films a scene, which is happening behind the wearer of the cloak.

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OotP paperback on top

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Paperback tops USA Todays Best Seller List

Full list here

News from Seattle Post

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JK=Powerful woman

JK Rowling makes Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list

See full article here

News from Bloomberg

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Good news for British Potter fans!

The DVD and VHS of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is being released in the UK four days before the USA.
Azkaban will hit the shops in Britain on Friday 19 November.

It won't be available in the US until 23 November, giving British fans an extra few days to explore the extras included on the DVD.

These will include scenes not included in the original release, plus interviews with JK Rowling.

News from: bbc

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August 19, 2004

Chicago Tribune Reviews PoA

Although Chicago Tribune gives latest release Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban an okay review, it also states that anything with "Harry Potter" in the title is sure to sell. Short review, but more information if you're interested.

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Harry Potter Aur Paras Patthar Sells Slowly

Hindi translation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter Aur Paras Patthar) hit the market in November last year, not many copies have moved, at least in our English-speaking urban city.

More at The Times of India.

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August 17, 2004

Rowling May Get Honorary Statue

WRITER JK Rowling is set to be honoured in the city where she created schoolboy wizard Harry Potter. Edinburgh council chief Donald Anderson wants Rowling, 38, to be one of several 'modern-day heroes' depicted in a series of statues in the capital... Other candidates for the statues could include actor Sir Sean Connery and authors Arthur Conan Doyle and Muriel Spark.

Source: The Daily Record

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Despite Lack of 'Potter', Booksellers Do Well

This, from Birmingham Business Journal, Books-A-Million has exceeded 2nd Quarter expectations. This, from FOX News, Borders beats estimates and raises full-year outlook.

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Parents Choose Potter for Classmate

When given the opportunity to choose someone to teach their child for a day (from among six celebrities), parents placed Bill Gates at the head of the class -- Oprah Winfrey finished a distant second and Donald Trump received the fewest votes.... Parents also cited Harry Potter as the top classmate for their child (out of five names offered), with Hillary Duff finishing a close second.

Source: BusinessWire

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Warner Bros. Response to Terrorist Threat

'As with all responsible companies we take the well being of those within our employment, particularly children, very seriously,' a spokesperson for Warner Bros. told CBBC.

'We have in the past received the odd hoax telephone call, but because of our strict security policies we always report these incidents no matter how seemingly trivial, to the relevant authorities. In this case as with previous hoax calls, no further action has been taken nor will be required'.

Via ElitesTV

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Prisoner of Azkaban Sheet Music on Sale

Thanks, Leaky; MusicNotes now has sheet music from Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban available for purchase. Titles on sale include 'Hagrid the Professor', 'Aunt Marge's Waltz', 'Buckbeak's Flight', and 'Double Trouble'.

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Newsweek Poll Rates PoA

A recent online poll from Newsweek Magazine rates Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this summer's 4th best movie, tied with The Bourne Supremacy. 1st on the list was Spiderman, and, curiously enough, Fahrenheit 9/11 was voted this summer's second best AND worst movie.

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POA tops $500m

BBC News reports that POA has become only the 10th film in history to surpass the $500m (£271.9m) mark outside of the US. Its overall takings of $750m make it Warner Bros' third most lucrative film ever.

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August 16, 2004

HOT NEWS: The Door is Open Again!

The door at is open! Thanks to forum members shruti_11 and Potterhead for this unexpected heads-up! Behind the door appears black, but you just need to find the light switch. You'll have to figure it out from there by yourselves!

Talk about it here, but BEWARE SPOILERS!!!

EDIT by iruhkoi: If you don't want to try and solve the puzzles on your own to reveal the clue, check out the official thread at the iHP Discussion Forums on the subject to read step-by-step instructions on how to get in. As many of our readers have been wondering where the light switch is, the iHP JK Rowling section has prepared a screenshot to assist, click "more" view it.

EDITx2 by M17 A word of warning to forum members: The forums, especially the Year 6 forum, are laden with spoilers. So if you don't want to know, watch out for those threads!

view larger image, click here

(second edit by iruhkoi: although this image was created by the iHP team, much thanks also goes to iHP forum member Anduril, who provided us with a similar screenshot earlier before it was removed from the forums)

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August 15, 2004

How JK Rowling Makes Fans Rich...

With a wave of her pen, author JK Rowling could possibly make a fan £27,500 richer.

GLOBAL publishing phenomenon JK Rowling could make tens of thousands of pounds for some of her most ardent fans tomorrow with just a scratch of her pen.

The author of the Harry Potter books will read from her latest story in the seven-book series at the Edinburgh Book Festival site in Charlotte Square Gardens.

But, after taking questions from 500 fans chosen in a lottery out of the 21,000 people from around the world who applied, she will then spend an hour signing copies of books they have brought along.

Signed copies of first editions of the Harry Potter tales have sold for anything from £200 to £27,500 at auction, although the highest price went for one of only 600 original copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone which was given by the writer to her father with a personal note inside the cover.

However, if everyone attending the book festival event brings a first edition, Ms Rowling could make them collectively richer by upwards of £100,000.

A spokeswoman for Ms Rowling stressed that each person attending the event would be allowed only one signature, but the author would sign a copy of whatever they had brought.

"They are allowed, basically because of time constraints, one book per person. It’s up to them which book they bring," she said. "It’s always the case with her signings, they have a value. I’m sure she would be very happy to sign one from everybody."

Source: The Scotsman

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Terrorist Scare for Harry Potter Set

China Daily reports that security has been stepped up on the set of the new Harry Potter movie after the studio where it is being shot received a chilling terror threat.

Leavesden Studio near London answered the menacing phone call last Friday, which warned of a brutal attack on the film's young stars.

And insiders fear Al-Qaeda - the terrorist network responsible for the September 11 attacks - are behind the threat.

A studio source says, "The caller apparently said, 'It's payback time... this is for all you've done to our women and kids.'

"The film is being made by American company WARNER BROS so it sounds like it could have an Iraq or Al-Qaeda connection."

Police and dog handlers have been drafted in to patrol the perimeter fence and the number of security guards has been trebled.

A police spokesman says, "We are responding with extra vigilance."

The above is the complete article (Source: China Daily)

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JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Festival

The following is a transcript of an interview with JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was featured on JK Rowling's Official site and has been reproduced for the archival purposes of

Lindsey Fraser: Well, we must be the luckiest five hundred people in Edinburgh today. My name is Lindsey Fraser and I am delighted to congratulate you, on behalf of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, on getting up so early on this Sunday morning. Welcome to this very special event. Of course, J K Rowling does not need an introduction, so my job is really very easy today. Thanks to the Harry Potter books, her life has changed dramatically— I am sure that you know how the story goes.

Thanks to the Harry Potter books, our lives have changed as well. We are part of an international readership and that is reflected in the fact that some of the people here today have travelled from far and wide. It is like a huge reading club that is immersed in the world that she has created. She does not often talk directly to her readers these days, and no wonder. She is too busy writing huge thick books to get out much, but she has made an exception today, first to read from her latest novel and then to take some of your questions. I know that you want to show how very pleased you are to see her today. Ladies and gentlemen, Jo Rowling.

J K Rowling: Morning. I am going to do a very short reading for you from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and then I will take some questions. Is there anyone here who has not finished reading the book? I know that there is someone at the back, because I know her and she told me. They seem to be mainly grown-ups: would that be right? If there are any younger people who have not finished reading the book, we need to be careful not to give away the big ending, if you know what I mean. If you have questions about the big ending, maybe you could save them for when you get your book signed afterwards. I try not to ruin people’s appreciation of the book if they are still reading it, so I have chosen a reading from quite early on in the book, just before Harry goes back to Hogwarts. He and Ron get quite a surprise—for Harry, it is quite an unpleasant surprise, I have to say.

J K Rowling read an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Questions from the audience

Out of all your books, which one is your favourite?

It varies. I would have to say that it is probably Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, although at the moment—it is unfair of me to say it—Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my favourite book. Sorry. I am the only one who has read it and I think it is rather good. I am normally like this when I write a book. Usually when I am just over halfway I normally love it, but by the time I finish it I completely despise it and think it is worthless rubbish. At the moment, I really like how the sixth book is going. A lot happens in the sixth book and a lot of questions are answered. I really have a sense that we are nearly there and it is time for answers, not more questions and clues, although obviously there are a few clues as I am not quite finished yet. I hope that that is sufficiently frustrating for you, knowing that you can’t read it yet!

Which books did you read when you were a child and which books do you read now?

When I was a child, I would read absolutely anything. My favourite books for younger people would be I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which I really love, The Little White Horse, all the classic children’s books… I love E Nesbit—I think she is great and I identify with the way that she writes. Her children are very real children and she was quite a groundbreaker in her day. I also read a lot of adult books. The last novel that I read was Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone, which I have been meaning to read for years. It is a cracking read. I have just been on holiday and, for the first time in five years, I did not take any Iris Murdoch with me, because it is so depressing. I was just about to put one in my case and I thought, “Why do this? Why put yourself through this?”, so I didn’t bother. I read Wilkie Collins instead and it was a much better experience.

All the paintings we have seen at Hogwarts are of dead people. They seem to be living through their portraits. How is this so? If there was a painting of Harry’s parents, would he be able to obtain advice from them?

That is a very good question. They are all of dead people; they are not as fully realised as ghosts, as you have probably noticed. The place where you see them really talk is in Dumbledore’s office, primarily; the idea is that the previous headmasters and headmistresses leave behind a faint imprint of themselves. They leave their aura, almost, in the office and they can give some counsel to the present occupant, but it is not like being a ghost. They repeat catchphrases, almost. The portrait of Sirius’ mother is not a very 3D personality; she is not very fully realised. She repeats catchphrases that she had when she was alive. If Harry had a portrait of his parents it would not help him a great deal. If he could meet them as ghosts, that would be a much more meaningful interaction, but as Nick explained at the end of Phoenix—I am straying into dangerous territory, but I think you probably know what he explained—there are some people who would not come back as ghosts because they are unafraid, or less afraid, of death.

Who is your favourite character in the books?

I have loads of favourite characters. I really like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Dumbledore. I love writing Snape—even though he is not always the nicest person, he is really fun to write. I love writing Dudley. If I could meet anyone, I might choose Lupin. I really like him. My favourite new character is Luna—I am very fond of her.

Is Aunt Petunia a Squib?

Good question. No, she is not, but—[Laughter]. No, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle, but—[Laughter]. You will have to read the other books. You might have got the impression that there is a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye, and you will find out what it is. She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet.

How do you think of all the names, like Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs?

Those names all came out of the creatures that they turned into. I had a lot of fun with those. Wormtail was the most difficult one. My sister loathes rats and her problem with them is their tails, so that is what gave me the idea. You actually know how I get some names because I stole your Mum’s maiden name, didn’t I? You have to be careful if you get friendly with me because you tend to turn up in my books, and if you offend me, you often turn up as a nasty character. I found the name McClaggan the other day, which I think is a great name. There is a McClaggan in book six because I thought that it is a surname that is too good to waste.

In your stories, will Harry Potter ever grow up as a wizard?

Well, I don’t think it is giving too much away to say that he will survive to book seven, mainly because I do not want to be strangled by you lot, but I am not going to say whether he grows any older than that because I have never said that. You are good at putting me on the spot!

Are any of your characters based on real people?

The only character who is deliberately based on a real person is Gilderoy Lockhart. [Laughter]. Maybe he is not the one that you would think of, but I have to say that the living model was worse. [Laughter]. He was a shocker! The lies that he told about adventures that he’d had, things he’d done and impressive acts that he had committed… He was a shocking man. I can say this quite freely because he will never in a million years dream that he is Gilderoy Lockhart. I am always frightened that he is going to turn up one day. He is just one of those people from your past whom you feel you have never quite shaken off. I will look up one day at a signing and he will say, “Hello, Jo”. [Laughter]. Other people have contributed the odd characteristic, such as a nose, to a character, but the only character who I sat down and thought that I would base on someone is Gilderoy Lockhart. It made up for having to endure him for two solid years.

Have you written any other books apart from the Harry Potter books?

No. I have written other things that have not been published, which I assure you is no great loss to the world. I have written all sorts of different things but nothing else has been published. Some of it might be published one day—I don’t know. There are some unfinished things that I would quite like to finish but I do not know that I would want them to be published.

Of the many, many characters in your books, whose personality is most like yours?

There is a theory that every character is an extension of the author’s character, which makes me one of the most disturbed people, I think. [Laughter]. I do not know how many characters I’ve got, but it is nudging up towards 200, so I am really in trouble. Hermione is a bit like me when I was younger. I did not set out to make Hermione like me but she is a bit like me. She is an exaggeration of how I was when I was younger. Harry is a bit like me. If you squeeze together Harry, Ron and Hermione… I find them quite easy to write, and I think that that is because they are a bit like different parts of my personality. When you get to someone like Dolores Umbridge, no way—I am absolutely not like her. She is a horrible woman.

What form does Dumbledore’s Patronus take?

Good question. Can anyone guess? You have had a clue. There was a little whisper there. It is a phoenix, which is very representative of Dumbledore for reasons that I am sure you can guess.

What will the seventh book be called?

I think you have been put up to that. [Laughter]. I was asked about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix live on American television by a boy who was just as good looking as you and just as cute. I just said it. I had said no to all the journalists, then a little boy just like you put up his hand and said, “What is the name of the next book?” I said, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”! But I am not going to tell you, I’m sorry. You have no idea of the trouble that I would be in if I did. My agent would have me hunted down and killed, so I am not going to say.

Why is the barman of the Hog’s Head vaguely familiar to Harry? Is he Dumbledore’s brother?

Ooh—you are getting good. Why do you think that it is Aberforth? [Audience member: Various clues. He smells of goats and he looks a bit like Dumbledore]. I was quite proud of that clue. That is all that I am going to say. [Laughter]. Well yes, obviously. I like the goat clue—I sniggered to myself about that one.

Are you happy with the films that have been made?

I am happy with the films. Of the three, Azkaban is my favourite. I thought it was really good for a lot of different reasons. I thought that Alfonso Cuaron, the director, did a fantastic job and Dan, Emma and Rupert, who play Harry, Hermione and Ron, were really wonderful in the film—I told them that.

How do you make up the weird names for the potions?

Sometimes invention gives out. I was writing the latest chapter of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I needed to come up with another name for another potion. I sat for ten minutes at the keyboard then I just typed “X”. I thought, “I’ll go back and fill that in later.” Sometimes you really want to get on with the story. Sometimes names just come to you, which is a great feeling, but sometimes it is difficult and you have to batter your brain for a while. Sometimes it comes to you while you are washing up or on the loo or something. My husband is quite used to me saying, “Wait!” then running up stairs and writing something down.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have no spare time at all. [Laughter]. When I’m not writing or looking after the children, I read and sleep. To be totally honest with you, at the moment sleeping is probably my very favourite thing in the world to do. I know that is a bit of a depressing answer. I would like to say I was partying with Mick Jagger—well, I wouldn’t want to be partying with Mick Jagger, that is a complete lie, but it would be a more interesting answer to give you here at the festival.

Who was the first character that you invented?

Harry. He really is the whole story. The whole plot is contained in Harry Potter; his past, present and future—that is the story. Harry came to me first and everything radiated out from him. I gave him his parents, then his past, then Hogwarts, and the wizarding world got bigger and bigger. He was the starting point.

Does Hermione have any brothers or sisters?

No, she doesn’t. When I first made up Hermione I gave her a younger sister, but she was very hard to work in. The younger sister was not supposed to go to Hogwarts. She was supposed to remain a Muggle. It was a sideline that didn’t work very well and it did not have a big place in the story. I have deliberately kept Hermione’s family in the background. You see so much of Ron’s family so I thought that I would keep Hermione’s family, by contrast, quite ordinary. They are dentists, as you know. They are a bit bemused by their odd daughter but quite proud of her all the same.

Does Harry have a godmother? If so, will she make an appearance in future books?

No, he doesn’t. I have thought this through. If Sirius had married… Sirius was too busy being a big rebel to get married. When Harry was born, it was at the very height of Voldemort fever last time so his christening was a very hurried, quiet affair with just Sirius, just the best friend. At that point it looked as if the Potters would have to go into hiding so obviously they could not do the big christening thing and invite lots of people. Sirius is the only one, unfortunately. I have got to be careful what I say there, haven’t I?

If you could be one of the characters for a day, who would it be?

Definitely not Harry, because I would not want to go through it all. I know what is coming for him so there is no way that I would want to be him. At the moment, I would not want to be any of them, because life is getting quite tough for them. It would be a laugh to be someone like Peeves, causing mayhem and not bothering.

Will Ron and Hermione ever get together?

Well—[Laughter.] What do you think? [Audience member: I think they will]. I’m not going to say. I can’t say, can I? I think that, by now, I’ve given quite a lot of clues on the subject. That is all I’m going to say. You will have to read between the lines on that one.

Have you always wanted to be a book author?

Yes. I know that I wanted to be a writer when I was six because I wrote a book then. It was a work of towering genius about a rabbit called Rabbit. I gave it to my mother and she said, “That’s lovely”, as a mother would, “That’s very, very good.” I stood there and thought, “Well, get it published then”. That’s a bit of an odd thing for a child of six to think. I don’t know where it came from. I thought, “Come on, then. Proofs? Galleys?” I obviously really wanted to do it. No one in my family wanted to write. My sister writes very funny letters but they are always about one paragraph long. She does not keep it going in the way that I do.

Can you tell me more about Rita Skeeter?

I love Rita. You know when Harry walks into the Leaky Cauldron for the first time, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? Everyone says, “You’re back” and he realises for the first time that he is famous. In a very early draft, Rita, a journalist, was there and she ran up to him. For some reason she was called Bridget—I forget why. Anyway, she detained him too long in the Leaky Cauldron and I really needed to get him moving, so I thought that I would not put her there. As I was writing book one, I was planning the rest, and book four was supposed to be where Harry’s fame became a burden to him. It really starts to weigh on him when he is exposed to the wider wizarding world so I thought that that would be the perfect place for Rita to come in. She was still called Bridget at the time. I didn’t realise that by the time I wrote book four I would have met quite a lot of Ritas and people would assume that I was writing Rita in response to what had happened to me, which was not in fact the truth. However, I am not going to deny that writing Rita was a lot more fun having met a few people I had met. I actually quite like Rita. She is loathsome—morally, she’s horrible—but I can’t help admiring her toughness. She is very determined to do the job and there is something quite engaging about that. There is more to come on Rita. It is really enjoyable to write her and Hermione because they are such very different people. The scene in which I had Hermione, Rita and Luna together in the pub was really fun to write because they are three very different women with very different points of view. You have this very cynical journalist, you have Hermione, who is very logical, upright and good, and you have Luna, who is completely out to lunch but fantastic. I really like Luna. You have these three people who are not on each other’s wavelengths making a deal. It was fun to write.

You have probably had a lot of people trying to get information out of you about the books, but what is the strangest thing, or maybe the slyest thing, anyone has done? Have you ever slipped up?

Well, you are pretty sneaky. People ask questions like, “Will there be an eighth novel and will Harry be in it?” There are questions that I simply can’t answer. Fans are very good at that, and I have to be very awake. I think that you want to know but you don’t want to know as well. You would all like me to tell you exactly what happens in books six and seven and then to erase your memories so that you can read them. I know, because that is how I feel about things that I really enjoy. I would kind of like to do it, but at the same time I know that I would ruin it for everyone.

I thought that I would give you something though, rather than get to the end of today and think that I have not given you a lot. There are two questions that I have never been asked but that I should have been asked, if you know what I mean. If you want to speculate on anything, you should speculate on these two things, which will point you in the right direction. The first question that I have never been asked—it has probably been asked in a chatroom but no one has ever asked me—is, “Why didn’t Voldemort die?” Not, “Why did Harry live?” but, “Why didn’t Voldemort die?” The killing curse rebounded, so he should have died. Why didn’t he? At the end of Goblet of Fire he says that one or more of the steps that he took enabled him to survive. You should be wondering what he did to make sure that he did not die—I will put it that way. I don’t think that it is guessable. It may be—someone could guess it—but you should be asking yourself that question, particularly now that you know about the prophesy. I’d better stop there or I will really incriminate myself. The other question that I am surprised no one has asked me since Phoenix came out—I thought that people would—is why Dumbledore did not kill or try to kill Voldemort in the scene in the ministry. I know that I am giving a lot away to people who have not read the book. Although Dumbledore gives a kind of reason to Voldemort, it is not the real reason. When I mentioned that question to my husband—I told Neil that I was going to mention it to you—he said that it was because Dumbledore knows that there are two more books to come. As you can see, we are on the same literary wavelength. [Laughter]. That is not the answer; Dumbledore knows something slightly more profound than that. If you want to wonder about anything, I would advise you to concentrate on those two questions. That might take you a little bit further.

Will Hagrid ever succeed with his plans for his brother?

In a limited way, yes. Grawp is obviously the very stupidest thing that Hagrid ever brought home. In his long line of bringing home stupid things—Aragog, the Blast-Ended Skrewts—Grawp is the one that should have finished him off, but ironically it might be the one time that a monstrous something came good. By the next book, Grawp is a little bit more controllable. I think you got a clue to that at the end of Phoenix, because Grawp was starting to speak and to be a little bit more amenable to human contact.

How did Dumbledore get his scar in the London Underground?

You may find out one day. I am very fond of that scar.

How do you think up the names of the books?

Sometimes it was really easy and the title came naturally out of the plot. Sometimes it was a bit of a struggle. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had different titles. In fact, as everyone now knows, it was once called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but then I removed a whole storyline that did not work at all. It gave too much information too early, so I pulled it out and it became a major part, but not the only part, of book six. There is no trace of that storyline left in Chamber of Secrets. People have been speculating that book six is a spinoff of book two, but it is not.

I was really upset when Sirius was taken…

No, no, we can’t. We’ll talk about it afterwards. I think we have given it away anyway, but never mind.

It has recently been confirmed that Blaise Zabini is in fact a male character. Will we see more of him in the next few books?

That’s correct. You do.

Also, will we see more of Snape?

You always see a lot of Snape, because he is a gift of a character. I hesitate to say that I love him. [Audience member: I do]. You do? This is a very worrying thing. Are you thinking about Alan Rickman or about Snape? [Laughter]. Isn’t this life, though? I make this hero—Harry, obviously—and there he is on the screen, the perfect Harry, because Dan is very much as I imagine Harry, but who does every girl under the age of 15 fall in love with? Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy. Girls, stop going for the bad guy. Go for a nice man in the first place. It took me 35 years to learn that, but I am giving you that nugget free, right now, at the beginning of your love lives.

In the fifth book, Harry can see the Thestrals. Can you?

Yes, I can, definitely. That is a really good question, because it enables me to clear up a point. The letters that I’ve had about the Thestrals! Everyone has said to me that Harry saw people die before could see the Thestrals. Just to clear this up once and for all, this was not a mistake. I would be the first to say that I have made mistakes in the books, but this was not a mistake. I really thought this one through. Harry did not see his parents die. He was one year old and in a cot at the time. Although you never see that scene, I wrote it and then cut it. He didn’t see it; he was too young to appreciate it. When you find out about the Thestrals, you find that you can see them only when you really understand death in a broader sense, when you really know what it means. Someone said that Harry saw Quirrell die, but that is not true. He was unconscious when Quirrell died, in Philosopher’s Stone. He did not know until he came around that Quirrell had died when Voldemort left his body. Then you have Cedric. With Cedric, fair point. Harry had just seen Cedric die when he got back into the carriages to go back to Hogsmeade station. I thought about that at the end of Goblet, because I have known from the word go what was drawing the carriages. From Chamber of Secrets, in which there are carriages drawn by invisible things, I have known what was there. I decided that it would be an odd thing to do right at the end of a book. Anyone who has suffered a bereavement knows that there is the immediate shock but that it takes a little while to appreciate fully that you will never see that person again. Until that had happened, I did not think that Harry could see the Thestrals. That means that when he goes back, he saw these spooky things. It set the tone for Phoenix, which is a much darker book.

Apart from Harry, Snape is my favourite character because he is so complex and I just love him. Can he see the Thestrals, and if so, why? Also, is he a pure blood wizard?

Snape’s ancestry is hinted at. He was a Death Eater, so clearly he is no Muggle born, because Muggle borns are not allowed to be Death Eaters, except in rare circumstances. You have some information about his ancestry there. He can see Thestrals, but in my imagination most of the older people at Hogwarts would be able to see them because, obviously, as you go through life you do lose people and understand what death is. But you must not forget that Snape was a Death Eater. He will have seen things that… Why do you love him? Why do people love Snape? I do not understand this. Again, it’s bad boy syndrome, isn’t it? It’s very depressing. [Laughter]. One of my best friends watched the film and she said, “You know who’s really attractive?” I said, “Who?” She said, “Lucius Malfoy!”

Is there more to Dudley than meets the eye?

No. [Laughter]. What you see is what you get. I am happy to say that he is definitely a character without much back story. He is just Dudley. The next book, Half Blood Prince, is the least that you see of the Dursleys. You see them quite briefly. You see them a bit more in the final book, but you don’t get a lot of Dudley in book six—very few lines. I am sorry if there are Dudley fans out there, but I think you need to look at your priorities if it is Dudley that you are looking forward to. [Laughter].

Has your original plan for the seven books changed along the way?

It has changed, but only in details. In all important respects, it has stayed the same, and the ending will be exactly what I planned before 1997. The story has taken little twists and turns that I maybe didn’t expect, but we are still on track. Each book has broadly done what it was supposed to do in taking you towards the final conclusion.

There is a lot of Latin in the spells in your books Do you speak Latin?

Yes. At home, we converse in Latin. [Laughter]. Mainly. For light relief, we do a little Greek. My Latin is patchy, to say the least, but that doesn’t really matter because old spells are often in cod Latin—a funny mixture of weird languages creeps into spells. That is how I use it. Occasionally you will stumble across something in my Latin that is, almost accidentally, grammatically correct, but that is a rarity. In my defence, the Latin is deliberately odd. Perfect Latin is not a very magical medium, is it? Does anyone know where avada kedavra came from? It is an ancient spell in Aramaic, and it is the original of abracadabra, which means “let the thing be destroyed”. Originally, it was used to cure illness and the “thing” was the illness, but I decided to make it the “thing” as in the person standing in front of me. I take a lot of liberties with things like that. I twist them round and make them mine.

Will there be a book about Harry’s Mum and Dad, about how they became friends and how they died?

So it would be “Harry Potter: Episode One”. [Laughter]. No, but a lot of people have asked that. It is all George Lucas’s fault. You won’t need a prequel; by the time I am finished, you will know enough. I think it would be shamelessly exploitative to do that. I am sure that Mr Lucas is doing it only for artistic reasons, but in my case I think that by the time you have had the seven books you will know everything you need to know for the story.

Has Voldemort or Tom Riddle ever cared for or loved anyone?

Now, that’s a cracking question to end with—very good. No, never. [Laughter.] If he had, he couldn’t possibly be what he is. You will find out a lot more about that. It is a good question, because it leads us rather neatly to Half Blood Prince, although I repeat for the millionth time that Voldemort is not the half blood prince, which is what a lot of people thought. He is definitely, definitely not.

Thank you for your excellent questions. [Applause].

Lindsey Fraser: They were absolutely brilliant questions and I think you will agree that it has been a fantastic event. Please join me in thanking J K Rowling.

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HBP Clues, Straight from JKR!

JKR has been dropping clues and answering questions at the Edinburgh Children's Book Festival!

She did not give much away about book six, which will be called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but she said a lot of questions will be answered in it.

She also revealed there were two key questions about the whole plot that she had never been asked.

The first is Why didn't Voldemort die when he tried to kill Harry? JK said that in the end of book four, Voldemort had said he had taken various steps against dying, but we should be wondering exactly what he did.

Dumbledore knows more!

The second question is Why didn't Dumbledore try to kill Voldemort in that scene at the end of book five?

Dumbledore gave a kind of reason to Voldemort but it's not the real answer, and that Dumbledore knows something more.

JK said if we are wondering about the overall plot, we should be concentrating on those two questions.


She also tantalisingly answered a question about Aunt Petunia. When asked, JK said no, Petunia is not a squib, as she is muggle-born, but...... and left the sentence hanging.

She said we will find out a bit more about her in the other books and that there's more to Petunia than meets the eye!

She also revealed some more general snippets of information, including:

Abeforth Dumbledore is the barman in the Hogs Head
Dumbledore's patronus is a phoenix
Grawp will be more controllable in the sixth book
We will see a bit more of Rita Skeeter
There will be a new character called McLagan
Harry does NOT have a godmother

Check out the discussion thread to share your thoughts!

Thanks to and shruti_11 from ihp for the scoop!

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August 14, 2004

PoA clothes exhibit

The Galeries Lafayette exhibition in Paris, has Harry, Hermione, and Ron's clothes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on display. The clothes are worn near the end of the movie, from Hermione's punch to the Shrieking Shack scene. You can see the pictures here

Thanks Veritaserum

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Public Reading by JK Rowling

Though similar to an earlier posted news piece, this one focuses soley on JK

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is due to delight a small group of her devoted fans today by giving her first public reading in Scotland for four years.

The world-famous writer will be appearing before a few hundred lucky fans in her home city at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this morning.

See full story here

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PoA is a "Four Star" Movie -says Stephen King

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has author Stephen King giving his opinion on summer films; he writes that "Prisoner of Azkaban" is one of only four four-star films of the summer. Thanks TLC.

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Edinburgh Book Festival Launches!

A reminder that the Edinburgh Book Festival launches on Saturday, and will feature "some of the biggest names in contemporary literature," one of which of course is J.K. Rowling. Read more from the BBC, which is covering the event.

Check back for updates as we receive them!

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Opinari Wizard Diaries Coming Soon

iHP writers are hard at work setting up Wizard Diaries, the latest addition to our fan commentary site, Opinari. Keep checking back for its release, but for now---click here for a preview.

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"Alien vs. Predator" CG Company also does Potter

Cinesite (Europe) Ltd, the company that recently completed "several major sequences" for the recently released movie Alien vs. Predator, is also working on visuals for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, among other films. Read more from DTV Professional.

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August 13, 2004

New HP Items Available at Hot Topic! has recently added new Harry Potter Merchandise to its website. Some of these items include a couple 'back to school' supplies, pins, and several new t-shirt styles. Check it out here.

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Call for Papers for HP conference

Accio UK is aimed at both academics and adult fans of the Harry Potter series. The Programming Committee is therefore inviting proposals from both sectors for presentations, moderated panels, debates and workshops on any topic relating to the Harry Potter phenomenon. See the full story, deadlines and full info here Thanks, Wizard News

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August 12, 2004

Williams May Score GoF

After reports that John Williams may NOT score Goblet of Fire, has this:

In the program notes to the Hollywood Bowl concert by John Mangum, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association's Program Designer/Annotator says the fourth movie will have a Williams' score:

Because of his music, Williams has come to be indelibly associated with several other film series, among them the four Superman films and the three Harry Potter films (so far - the fourth, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is due out next year, and will have another Williams score).

At this point we cannot confirm whether this information comes from Williams' himself. A month ago, we learned from both the director of music at Warner Brothers and Conrad Pope (John Williams orchestrator) that the composer was not scoring Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire due to scheduling conflicts, and was interested in doing Memoirs of a Geisha.

Meanwhile, The John Williams Web Pages contain this:

John Williams has scored Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and will also the score the fourth film in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, if his schedule permits.

Thanks, Veritaserum

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Warner Bros. Buys Monolith Productions

A little bit off-topic, but the Associated Press is reporting that Warner Bros. has bought Kirkland, WA based video game developer Monolith Productions for an undisclosed amount of money. The report states that the company, which produced titles such as "Alien vs. Predator 2," will become a part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Source: The Puget Sound Business Journal

It will be interesting to see whether EA contiunes to produce the Harry Potter, or whether production will occur from newly-acquired Monolith Productions.

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'Players' Video: Quotable Quotes from actors

The show "Players" (airs on G4 Tech TV) recently aired a five minute segment on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - the game and the movie. They also interviewed cast members, and the video has quite a few new quotes from everyone.

Full story can be seen on Veritaserum as well as the video segment.

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Matthew Lewis Supports Local Blood Drive

Actor Matthew Lewis is supporting a local blood drive. Click below for more.

Source: Leeds Today via WizardNews

In his fantasy life, teenage actor Matthew Lewis is the sort who might actually faint at the sight of blood. For he plays the hapless teenage wizard Neville Longbottom, the one who gets his spells mixed up, in the Harry Potter film series. But in real life Matthew, of Horsforth, Leeds, is made of stronger stuff and went along to The Headrow blood donor clinic to celebrate its first anniversary.

Matthew, 15, a pupil at St Mary's High School, Menston, said: "When I was little, my mum Lynda took me with her when she gave blood. So I know how important it is and I've always planned to do it as soon as I'm old enough."

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HOT NEWS: WB Releases Azkaban DVD Trailer

Many, many thanks to Harry's Scrapbook for this tip---Warner Bros has released a trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, featuring preview clips from the special features. To view the trailer yourself, select one of the links below (choose your media player of preference and download quality):

  • Quicktime - 100k / 300k / 500k

  • Real Player - 56k / 100k / 300k / 500k

  • Windows Media Player - 56k / 100k / 300k / 500k
  • Remember, you heard it here at iHP first---after watching it, head over to our discussion forums to voice your opinions!

    Posted by iruhkoi at 06:08 AM

    August 11, 2004

    Potter and EyeToy Credited for Getting Kids off of the Couch

    Australia's largest selling newspaper, The Herald Sun, has posted an article crediting Sony's EyeToy for encouraging kids to get off of the couch and to become involved in the videogames they are playing. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban videogame was one of the games credited for using the camera.

    Read more at the link above.

    Posted by Andrew at 07:36 PM

    Ministry Census Results: The Readers

    A new Ministry Census poll is now up, but here are the results of the previous one:

    How long have you been visiting iHP?

    8 % 18 % 12 % 5 % 57 %
    Responses Votes
    Ever since the beginning, four years ago! Call me devoted. 141
    More than a year. 315
    Only a few months. 216
    Last week. 98
    I just discovered it today! 1014
    Total Votes: 1784
    Posted by Jasen at 07:16 PM

    Harry Potter Wins at Teen Choice Awards

    The TeenPeople 2004 Teen Choice Awards have been picked, and they will be awarded tonight on FOX TV at 8 PM (7 Central). Harry Potter is to be awarded one award - in the category of Movie: Drama/Action Adventure.

    Thanks, WizardNews.

    Posted by M17 at 04:52 PM

    Fun workshop with HP theme

    Aspiring wizards and witches can join the Wyllyotts Centre's resident workshop leader, Gary Fisher, to learn some arts and crafts and magic tricks that really work. For full information see here

    Posted by Bunny at 03:18 PM

    6-Disc Collector's Edition Product Photograph

    DVD Answers has several high resolution images of the upcoming Prisoner of Azkaban DVD as well as the three-pack collector's edition that will be released on the same day.
    Posted by iruhkoi at 01:23 PM

    Eastbourne May Be QWC Site

    Eastbourne could be the setting for the Quidditch World Cup in the next Harry Potter film. Read on at the link below...

    A newspaper report says a cliff top site, near Beachy Head, is the first choice for Warner Brothers - location managers for The Goblet of Fire.

    Eastbourne council denied the report, but said the company scouted the area and also three West Country locations.

    A spokesman for the film company said locations were never confirmed until definite arrangements had been made.

    Source: BBC News

    Posted by M17 at 09:30 AM

    Harry Potter Ane Parasmani

    Gryffindor becomes Garuddwar, and Slytherin is Nagshakti, in the Gujurati translation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The book was translated into this Indian dialect, and many of the children in the area are glad to have it:

    And for Potter's young fans? "Mummy won't have to read it out to me now. I can run through the book myself because I can connect to the magic world in my mother tongue -- the dungeons are 'bhonyaru,' herbology is 'jadibootiyon ka gyan'," says an excited Yuvraj Patel, a standard four student.

    Source: The Times of India via WizardNews

    Posted by M17 at 09:27 AM

    Actor Branagh to Star as FDR

    British actor Kenneth Branagh is set play to play Franklin D. Roosevelt in "Warm Springs," an HBO TV movie that focuses on his pre-presidency days.

    Production is set to begin in the fall, with the movie expected to air early next year. HBO declined comment on the project.

    More from Reuters.

    Posted by M17 at 09:21 AM

    August 10, 2004

    Win a chance to meet JKR!

    CBBC Newsround has a competition to meet JKR at the Edinburgh Book Festival and report on it for them! Read the full details and learn how to sign up here! By the way, sign ups end on Thursday, August 12th at noon, so hurry and sign up!

    Posted by Kristina at 08:53 PM

    Set report from GoF filming in Ashridge

    TLC has released a set report from the filming in Ashridge! The report includes scene description and is very detailed!
    Read the full article here!

    Thanks to TLC!

    Posted by Kristina at 08:40 PM

    JKR Site Update

    J.K.Rowling's Official Site has been updated. The "Wizard of the Month" tab wishes Ginny Weasley a Happy Birthday.

    Posted by Ema21 at 06:49 PM

    Wallpaper Downloads Updated

    The Interact Wallpaper Downloads has been updated with a new wallpaper from reader Isabelle!

    Help our collection grow by sending in yours (see above link for details)!

    Posted by Jasen at 02:44 PM

    God and Harry Potter?

    Author John Granger has a new book, "Looking for God in Harry Potter." As a Christian, Granger is optimistic in his views towards Harry Potter, and looks to change the minds of those who believe it is "Devil-Worship". More here. Thanks American Daily News.

    Posted by Ema21 at 01:27 PM

    "The Noble Collection" Time-Turner

    "The Noble Collection", known for their beautiful jewelry and sword replicas, has now launched a Harry Potter collection. Two very interesting item's are Hermione's Time Turner, and Harry's wand.

    Posted by Ema21 at 01:08 PM

    Pre-order PoA at

    You can now pre-order "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" at! Pre-order the widescreen or full screen version! Thanks to Crystal.

    Posted by Ema21 at 12:39 PM

    More on Potter Legos

    IDa Creative Link has been working with Lego to create Harry Potter themed models...

    IDa Creative Link has been working with LEGO to provide magical Harry Potter themed window de-luxe that are being installed throughout the UK and Europe North. The displays feature the triple-decker Knight Bus as seen in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. The Knight Bus is just one of the many models inspired by the film that are now being produced by LEGO.

    LEGO required a number of window de-luxe displays to highlight its new Harry Potter offering in the windows of stores such as Hamley's of London and Jenner's in Edinburgh. Outside of the UK the IDa manufactured models are being used in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ireland.

    More from Advertising-UK

    Posted by M17 at 08:20 AM

    Report: The Rare-Book Market

    The rare-book market has become increasingly accessible to novices in the past 10 years, not least due to a boom in internet trading. The sums commanded by books like Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone are unprecedented among book dealers, but whether the trend will hold remains to be seen.

    Source: Belfast Telegraph

    Posted by M17 at 08:11 AM

    Before she was Prof McGonagall

    More than three decades before she donned a wizard's robe to play Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter films, Maggie Smith won a well-deserved Best Actress Oscar for portraying another inspirational British teacher. And although Jean Brodie remains a far more complex and controversial figure than the firm but gentle McGonagall, Smith brings her patented eccentricity to both women, making them unique and memorable.

    The DVD is released, see the full review and a picture here

    Posted by Bunny at 02:57 AM

    August 09, 2004

    Order of the Phoenix: Paperback

    Just a reminder that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be available from tomorrow (Tuesday, August 10th) in its paperback edition. It's initial printing will be 2 million copies, and the U.S. publisher Scholastic will be supporting the book's release with a $1 million campaign, including newspaper, radio, and billboard advertisements, as well as promotional planes hired to fly over resort areas such as Lake Michigan and Cape Cod, MA.

    Source: New York Newsday

    Posted by M17 at 01:48 PM

    A Report On Counterfeits...

    CBS2 Chicago reports on fakes and counterfeits being sold in China. Of the many products mentioned...

    Harry Potter is as popular here in China as he is in the rest of the world, so you can imagine the excitement when volumes five, six and seven of the Harry Potter series appeared in stores all over China last year with J.K. Rowling’s name on them. "Harry Potter and the Crystal Vase" was the title of one; "Harry Potter and Leopard Walk Up To Dragon," the title of another.

    Posted by M17 at 09:16 AM

    Dobby Actor to Play "Truman Capote"

    Toby Jones, the UK actor behind the voice of the character Dobby in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has agreed to star as the American author Truman Capote in a biographical movie about Capote alongside American actors Mark Wahlberg and Sandra Bullock. Read more at

    Posted by iruhkoi at 07:37 AM

    More GoF set pictures and new location reports

    Two Readers from MuggleNet Bonny and Kaye have provided them with 21 new pictures from the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Both also provided set reports, which can be read here and here.

    Posted by Animate at 12:06 AM

    August 08, 2004

    Alan Rickman says festivals changed his life!

    Alan Rickman, who plays Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, said that Edinburgh Festivals have changed his life.

    HARRY Potter actor Alan Rickman has told how Edinburgh festivals have delivered some of the seminal experiences of his working life.

    Nearly three decades ago, in his first appearance on an Edinburgh stage, Rickman appeared in the playwright John Barnes’ adaptation of Ben Jonson’s play The Devil is an Ass. He was just out of drama school, and it was his first major part.

    Read the full article here

    Thanks to:
    Scotsman News and Wizard News

    Posted by Kristina at 09:31 PM offers "Marauder's Map" Screensaver

    Although has yet to officially allow preordering for the DVD release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the product listing page says the following:

    Exclusive Offer: Order Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban now and receive immediate access to the following in your Digital Locker: exclusive Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Marauder's Map screensaver.

    It is assumed that this offer will apply whenever actually begins accepting preorders; the link above also contains instructions on how you can have the site notify you when that happens.

    Posted by iruhkoi at 04:07 PM

    Branagh to star in Mission: Impossible 3

    Slightly old, yet previously unreported news---Kenneth Branagh (that is, Gilderoy Lockhart) will join Tom Cruise and Carrie-Anne Moss for Mission: Impossible 3; Zap2It Movies reports that although it is not known what role Branagh will play, "it's expected he will be a bad guy." Read more at the link above!

    Posted by iruhkoi at 03:54 PM

    Potter Spurs Afterschool Program

    A Northeastern Pennsylvania elementary school has been hosting a "Harry Potter" themed afterschool program for children, in an area that has "few summer activities for kids who live in the district." From the

    The program transforms a basement classroom into Hogwarts (the magic school Potter attends) and children divide into "houses." For two hours, kids act out the Harry Potter books and learn a little along the way.

    "The kids like to be together, and it gives them something to do instead of sitting in front of the television," Rittenhouse said.

    The Harry Potter series is an educator's dream, with kids eager to read the books. Rittenhouse doesn't include the book in her lesson plans during the school year because some parents might object to the books' references to magic and sorcery.

    Posted by iruhkoi at 03:49 PM

    "Buy Scholastic!" suggests The Motley Fool

    Finance/investment website The Motley Fool suggests shares of the Scholastic stock.

    Scholastic (Nasdaq: SCHL) publishes the Harry Potter series of children's books. But let's not forget that Scholastic is also one of the largest suppliers of books to schools in the country. Indeed, Scholastic's market is growing daily, both literally and figuratively.

    There's plenty to like about Scholastic. For one, the next installment of the series featuring the young wizard has a title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. There's no release date for the book yet, but it should draw better than a championship Quidditch match when it reaches stores.

    Yet the tales from Hogwarts are destined to juice results for only so long. Fortunately, there's magic in Scholastic's educational publishing business, where margins reach roughly 20%, or more than double the margins for children's books. Scholastic appears relatively cheap in trading at roughly seven times its free cash flow, but earnings haven't measured up recently. That could change if the company chooses to invest further in reaching schoolchildren.

    Posted by M17 at 02:30 PM

    When Mary GrandPre Isn't Illustrating 'Potter'...

    The Cincinnati Opera, as The Enquirer reports, has been busy with performances of the musical Carmen, of which Harry Potter illustrator Mary GrandPre has been a part of...

    Lectures, films, performances at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and a reading of The Maids at Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati proved to be popular attractions. Those extra events, as well as an art exhibit opening by Carmen (and Harry Potter) illustrator Mary GrandPre at Closson's, attracted about 1,600 people.

    Posted by M17 at 02:22 PM

    Gary Oldman in Chicago This Weekend!

    Well, he'll be in Chicago filming scenes for "Batman Begins", alongside co-stars Christian Bale (Batman) and Michael Caine (Alfred). Read the details!

    Gary Oldman as Lt. Gordon (click for bigger pic)

    And you can also view the very cool new teaser trailer right over here!

    Posted by Jasen at 01:44 PM

    August 07, 2004

    BREAKING NEWS: GOF Film Script - The First Task

    Thanks to TLC for this; a portion of the Goblet of Fire film script (The First Task) has been posted online, here it is:

    That's it.
    (to Harry)
    Harry. That's it!
    (hurrying off)
    Of course the incantation will
    have to be rather powerful and
    you'll have to leave a window open...

    Harry watches Hermione go MUTTERING off, then turns, looks for Cho. Gone. He frowns, then passes out of FRAME, the CAMERA moving toward a WINDOW...


    ...and through, soaring over the grounds to the dense trees of the Forbidden Forest, circling the CRIMSON GLOW of the clearing, where newly erected STANDS teem with students...


    ...descending into the clearing itself, where Fred & George conduct a few last minute transactions...

    Step up mates! Who fancies a
    flutter on tonight's bloodbath?

    Smart money's on Krum to survive!

    One'll get you ten if Potter
    dies. OW!

    Hermione POPS George hard in the arm, glowering disapprovingly as...

    We'd cut Harry in, of course...

    ...the CAMERA tracks back with her into a TENT, where...


    ...Harry paces. Hermione snaps shut the flap.
    Smiles nervously.

    How're you feeling? OK?

    Harry nods. Hermione glances about.
    Fleur sits in stony silence. Krum
    lies on a bench. Diggory paces.

    The key is to concentrate. After that, you just have to...

    Battle a dragon.

    Right...Oh, Harry!

    Overcome, she throws her arms around him, when -- FLASH! -- Rita Skeeter strolls
    in, PHOTOGRAPHER in tow.

    Young love. How stirring. If things go
    unfortunately tonight, you two may even
    make the front page.


    Oh don't even start, you silly girl. I
    can tell you where it'll end.

    You haff no business here. The tent is for
    champions. And...friends.

    Everyone turns, stunned to hear Krum speak. Skeeter studies him appraisingly (as does Hermione), then smiles thinly.

    No matter. We got what we wanted.

    As she exits, Dumbledore enters from the opposite end. With him are Karkaroff and Madame Maxime and Barty Crouch.

    Good evening, Champions.
    (as they assemble)
    You've waited. You've wondered.
    And now the moment is here. A
    moment only you four can fully
    appreciate. Which begs the
    question: Why are you here,
    Miss Granger?

    Oh. Sorry. I'll. Just. Go.

    (as she exits)

    Barty Crouch steps forward with a SMALL BAG of PURPLE SILK. SMOKE weeps from the bag's SEAMS while its belly WRITHES with some sort of interior activity. Crouch seems at great pains to simply keep the bag in his hands.

    Surely it's been ... agonizing ...
    for you all... speculating...
    these many weeks as to just what it
    is that awaits you tonight. Within
    this bag lies the answer...

    As Crouch fumbles with the bag, Rita clucks her tongue softly as she MURMURS to the phlegmatic photographer.

    Oh, Barty, what a magnificent
    ruin you've become. And to think
    you almost ruled the world. Of
    course, that was before. Then the
    cookie crumbled. I'll never forget
    forget the day it happened. It's
    quite remarkable to see a man
    lose everything in the blink of
    an eye. To see him...
    (a hard smile)
    ...completely lose his grip.

    As Crouch gains some dominion over the bag, he holds it out before a wary Fleur.

    Miss Delacour, if you will...

    FLASH! The photographer steps forward to capture the moment and Moody is revealed, having heard Rita's every word.

    Fleur swiftly withdraws her hand from the squirming silk and finds a tiny MODEL of a DRAGON bearing the number "2." It pads angrily over her palm, lets out a TINY PUFF of SMOKE.

    The Welsh Green. Mr. Krum...

    Krum reaches in, draws "3."

    The Chinese Fireball...

    Then Cedric: "1"

    The Swedish Short-Snout. Which leaves...

    The Horntail.

    Dumbledore's eyes darken as they peer into Harry's palm. The miniature Horntail rears up angrily, lets out a ROAR and emits a TINY BALL of FIRE.

    These represent four very real
    dragons, each of which has been
    given a golden egg to protect.
    Your objective is simple: Collect
    the egg. This you must do, for
    each egg contains a clue, without
    which you cannot hope to survive
    the next task. Any questions?

    The Champions stand mute.

    Very well. Good luck to you all.
    Mr. Diggory, at the sound of the
    cannon, you may pro--

    KA-BLOOM! Filch fires a SMALL CANNON a tad early, causing all present to nearly jump out of their skins.

    Cedric stares at the tiny dragon in his hand, then closes his fingers over it and strides away. CAMERA RISES behind the remaining TRIO as Cedric exits...rising higher as the nseen crowd ROARS...rising into the peak of the tent where the canvas undulates with the FLAMES that FLICKER beyond...cycling slowly back down to...

    Harry. Standing alone. As he begins to move, CAMERA tracks after, following him through the tent and into...


    ...the ROARING arena, where HUNDREDS of SCREAMING FACES wheel above him and THREE MASSIVE BANNERS hang TATTERED and SMOKING. Only the banner opposite, emblazoned with the HOGWARTS CREST, is wholly intact. Then...

    A FIREBALL BURSTS through the center of it and the banner DISINTEGRATES, revealing...the Horntail. Yellow eyes blzing. Spiked tail punishing the ground where a GLIMMERING GOLDEN EGG lies. Harry points his wand to the sky:

    Accio Firebolt!

    Instantly, CAMERA CRANES high, soaring above the clearing and the forest that contains it, leaving the shrieking voices behind, finding Hogwarts Castle on the horizon. A PINPRICK appears in the sky, lengthening, drawing closer in a RUSH of AIR. And then...Harry's FIREBOLT streaks into view.

    CAMERA CRANES DOWN, plummeting back into the abyss of SCREAMING VOICES, tracking the broom right into...

    Harry's hand.
    Instantly, Harry ROCKETS into the air, clothes snapping, hair fluttering off his SCAR.

    Engraged, the Horntail's head swivels, yellow eyes tracking Harry's every move. As Harry DIVES...

    ...the Horntail SPITS forth a BLAZING ROPE of FIRE. Harry swoops, streaking under the flames, straightens out, DIVES again, then looks down and...

    ...sees the dragon's SPIKED TAIL lashing up like a whip.
    Harry rolls sideways, strangling the Firebolt's handle as the dragon's tail whistles past and a GUST of WIND buffets him.

    Rolling upright, Harry jets away, dodging one volley of FIRE after another, then loops down and ...finds himself heading directly at the Horntail. Furious, the dragon rises up, sends forth an errant BLAST of FIRE and, for the briefest of moments, leaves the golden egg exposed.

    Posted by iruhkoi at 04:24 PM

    New GoF on set Pic's

    GOF set photos

    TLC has posted never-before-seen pictures of the cast on set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire along with several images of from the movie. It is their request that you view the images via the link to the article they have posted.
    Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
    Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8

    Thanks to TLC you can read the report.


    Muggle Net have also been given some exclusive images.
    Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
    Image 4, Image 5, Image 6.

    Posted by Animate at 04:07 PM

    Book 6 and 7 Theories Updated!

    Ahoy there! Kudos to M17, as the latest updates to the Book 6 and Book 7 Theories pages are now online!

    Posted by Jasen at 01:32 PM

    "4 joysticks" for POA says Kidzworld

    Another positive review of the POA videogame has popped up. Kidzworld, a site related to videogames that appeal to younger audiences, has given the game a "4 joystick" rating.

    Read more at the link above...

    Posted by Andrew at 01:14 PM | Comments (1)

    Summer Class Promotes Academics

    This is the second year the pair have brandished their wands and donned their thinking caps to research countless magic books and science experiments.

    The goal: To find the right mix for a magical week that slakes Potter fans' thirst for all things Hogwarts and sneaks in a little math, reading and science along the way...

    "We totally rely on kids' imagination," Boazman says. "These kids are doing math, science, reading, and writing, but they don't notice because they're having so much fun."

    More from the Idaho Statesman.

    Posted by M17 at 09:19 AM

    August 06, 2004

    Harry and the Potters!

    It seems that "Harry and the Potters" is actually, a band!

    From HPANA

    Sarah Blair and Amanda Ash of the International Society of Potter Obsessed Losers (ISPOL) recently attended a free "Harry and the Potters" concert in Kansas and were nice enough to share some pictures and insight into the event.

    Read the full article here!

    You can check out Harry and the Potters website and you can even listen to some of their songs, including songs about Sirius, Umbridge and Hermione!

    Posted by Kristina at 08:01 PM

    More Information on Miranda Richardson ('Rita Skeeter')


    It's a dream job for an actress to land a role in the latest "Harry Potter" film while also turning the tables on the press. Brit Miranda Richardson will play Rita Skeeter, the muckraking reporter in the Mike Newell-directed "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

    In the fourth installment of the children's series, based on the best-selling books by J.K. Rowling, the young wizard Harry comes to terms with his fame as he enters the challenging Triwizard Tournament, held between three wizarding schools.

    Skeeter is a reporter for the wizards' paper, The Daily Prophet, and has a reputation for biased views, sniffing out news stories even in the most protected, private circles, and plaguing Harry with her endless questions.

    Richardson joins other "Harry Potter" newcomers Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort, Brendan Gleeson as Mad-Eye Moody, Robert Pattinson as Harry's friend Cedric Diggory, Stanislav Ianevski as Quidditch star Viktor Krum, French actress Clemence Poesy as Beauxbatons student Fleur Delacour and Katie Leung as Harry's love interest Cho Chang.

    (Read more here.)

    Posted by Mischief Managed! at 07:24 PM takes over the internet!

    BBC Newsround has reported that JKR's website is the most popular place for kids getting 220m hits since it's opening 2 months ago!

    You can read the whole article here!

    Credit: BBC Newsround

    Posted by Kristina at 07:13 PM

    Percy takes 'cool role'

    From Chris Rankin Online

    Says Chris: "...a part in a 3 part TV drama based on a book called The Rotter's Club - by Johnathan Coe... last week I had a recall audition for this piece, and am now VERY VERY pleased to say that i've got a part (not a huge part, but it's a cool part!) in it!..."

    Check the link to read the full story.

    Posted by Bunny at 05:12 PM

    Dutch court blocks 'Potter'-like book, rejects parody claim

    A Dutch court has blocked publication in the Netherlands of a Russian children's book that author J.K. Rowling said was too similar to her "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."
    The Amsterdam district court Thursday ordered Dutch publisher Byblos to withhold 7,000 translated copies of "Tanja Grotter and the Magic Bass," by Dmitry Yemets, rejecting an argument that it was a parody of Harry Potter.
    Thanks to Charleston.Net, more on the story here.

    Posted by Ema21 at 03:02 PM

    Lego has Potter site

    Lego has a new site up for it's Harry Potter Lego's Sets. Includes Marauder's Map Game, and HP Lego products list. Real cool. Thanks Lego:

    Posted by Ema21 at 02:43 PM

    Three-Disc Set Preorder Also Available

    The three-disc set (as previously reported), containing the first three Harry Potter film DVD discs in one collection, is also now available for preorder at Barnes & Noble. The product photograph, pictured below, also confirms that the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD will be different in packaging from the first two.

    Posted by Jasen at 01:35 PM

    Pre-Order PoA DVD (Starting Today) from Barnes & Noble

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is scheduled to be released on DVD on November 23, 2004. Barnes & Noble has announced in an e-mail campaign that they will now be accepting preorders for the DVD.

    Posted by Mischief Managed! at 09:55 AM

    The Pressure of School Tests Related to OWLs

    Not even the reigning prince of young-adult literature is exempt from testing-related tremors: The title character of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix gets the shivers over his upcoming exam, the O.W.L. -- Ordinary Wizarding Level...

    What would happen to a bright, outgoing child trapped in a mind-numbing world of tests, tests and more tests?

    More from the Orlando Sentinel.

    Posted by M17 at 09:09 AM

    Harry Potter No Longer Fastest Selling

    Step aside J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter, move along Dan Brown and "The Da Vinci Code." Author John Strelecky and his book "The Why Are You Here Cafe" just set the world record for the fastest sales on all seven continents.

    Source: PR Newswire via Yahoo! News

    Posted by M17 at 09:06 AM

    GoF Filming: Port Key Scene

    The port key scene was seen being filmed. Read about it at HPANA. Hopefully this means we'll see the World Cup.

    Posted by Deb at 08:56 AM


    LEGO has just released a realistic replica of the Knight Bus. Read about it here. Thanks to Am for the scoop.

    Posted by Deb at 08:34 AM

    More Details on PoA DVD & VHS

    Thanks to Harry Latino, for sending us more detials about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on DVD & VHS (which, as previously reported, is due out in November 23):

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on DVD

    DVD Extra's

    From never-before-seen footage, classroom tours and challenges, fans
    will become well acquainted with secrets of the wizard world.

    The two-disc edition DVD will include these spellbinding special features:

  • A selection of mystifying exclusive never-before-seen footage.
  • Creating the Vision a revealing interview with J.K. Rowling and the filmmakers.
  • Three great interactive challenges! Test your memory with "Magic You
    May Have Missed", help Crookshanks "Catch Scabbers", and go on an
    unexpected quest with Sir Cadogan.
  • Self-guided iPIX tours into Honeydukes and Professor Lupin's Defense
    Against the Dark Arts classroom.
  • Raucous interviews with the cast lead by Johnny Vaughan and the Shrunken Head.
  • Meet the animal trainers from the movie in Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Choir Practice sing-along with the Hogwarts choir.
  • Hogwarts Portrait Gallery - get a closer look at the various portraits
    lining the walls of Hogwarts castle.
  • Conjuring a Scene an in-depth look at the making of key scenes from the film.
  • Theatrical trailers of all three Harry Potter films.
  • Electronic Arts game preview.

    DVD-ROM PC capable features include:
  • Wizard Trading Cards.
  • Hogwarts timeline.

    DVD info:

  • DVD: $29.95 VHS: $22.95
  • Street Date: November 23, 2004
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, French and Spanish
  • Running time: 142 mins
  • Rating: PG (frightening moments, creature violence and mild language)

    Posted by Animate at 04:16 AM
  • August 05, 2004

    Potter Among "Works Re-read Most Often"

    According to, a study by the American Library Association found that the books (among novels, plays, and short stories) reread most often include the Harry Potter books, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" and Shakespeare's plays.

    "I think books that get re-read have characters or scenes or lessons that people want to go back to again and again," says Neal Wyatt, the head of an ad hoc ALA committee that analyzed what books are re-read.

    "Some books need repetitive readings just to feel like you got it. And sometimes it's not even fair to say the books are re-read because you're a different person each time you read them," Wyatt said.

    Read more at the link above!

    Posted by iruhkoi at 08:41 PM Updates With New Blog

    Tom Felton's added a new blog entry to his official site, which you can check out at the link!

    Posted by Jasen at 12:02 PM

    August 04, 2004

    BREAKING NEWS: Ralph Fiennes & Richardson Confirmed!!

    From Warner Bros.'s new press release:

    Ralph Fiennes (Red Dragon, Maid in Manhattan, Schindler's List) and Miranda Richardson (The Hours, Sleepy Hollow, The Crying Game) have joined the all-star cast of Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's popular Harry Potter novel series. Fiennes will play Harry Potter's nemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort, and Richardson takes on the role of muckraking journalist Rita Skeeter.

    Share your thoughts on this big casting news in the discussion thread!!

    Posted by Jasen at 05:08 PM

    August 03, 2004

    Tom Riddle's Diary Sells for $4,000 at Auction

    Tom Riddle's diaries used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets were sold at a private auction on ebay. The two diaries fetched over $4,000 combined, the BBC reports.

    Posted by at 05:19 PM

    Harry Potter...Canadian?

    It's tough being a Harry Potter fan club these days. Mention the bespectacled teen wizard in a conference program, put up posters, or -- heaven forbid -- dress up like him and you risk a trademark infringement lawsuit from the higher powers that control Harry's merchandising empire.

    So, in a solution that's increasingly common among legions of Potter-obsessed fans, organizers of an international Harry Potter conference this weekend in Ottawa have tweaked the children's classic. Their Harry has Canadian roots.

    It appears that in the year 900 -- when the wizards' Hogwarts school opened in Europe -- intrepid wizards crossed the Atlantic on Viking ships. They landed in Canada, blended into aboriginal tribes and merged their knowledge with shamans.


    Posted by Jasen at 02:19 AM

    Tom Riddle's Diary On Auction

    Thanks to reader Graham for letting us know that the original Tom Riddle special effects diary is currently up for auction over at eBay.

    Posted by Jasen at 01:37 AM

    August 02, 2004

    Harry Potter Profits Allow Bloomsbury Expansion

    As Reuters reports, UK publisher Bloomsbury has earned a huge sum from the Harry Potter novels, but missed out on even more profits due to its lack of presence in the United States.

    Backed by Potter's magical profits, Bloomsbury has expanded into the United States and Germany...

    When the first Harry Potter book was released, "we didn't have Bloomsbury U.S. or Bloomsbury Germany," said Katie Bond, head of publicity. "It would have been great to have had an American operation, but Scholastic (which holds the U.S. rights to the Harry Potter series) has done a great job."

    EDIT It was also pointed out that this article mentions the "adult harry potter." Read on at the link!

    Posted by M17 at 12:12 PM

    Even MORE Movie Cast Info Pages Up

    Yup, I managed to finish off a few more, including ones for Tom Felton, Sean Biggerstaff, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Jason Isaacs, and David Bradley.

    Posted by Jasen at 09:32 AM

    Order of the Phoenix Gets Tentative Release Date

    Thanks very much to forum member divinemissm, who informs us that the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has a June 2007 release date (according to ComingSoon). This is, of course, tentative - a lot can change in three years. We'll keep you posted with details as they become available.

    Posted by M17 at 09:09 AM

    Diagon Alley RPG in Arizona

    azcentral reports...

    A cheaper, more informal brand of gaming is Live Action Role Playing.

    "It's sort of like theatrical improvisation," says DeAnna Renae, Sparer's partner in Saturday's game of Diagon Alley. "You just pick a persona and try to react to a given scenario as if you were that character." For Renae, a... student who goes by "Melody Kilroy" when she's playing Diagon Alley, gaming is a chance to dress up, let her imagination run, and escape into a bit of fantasy.

    More at the link above.

    Posted by M17 at 06:43 AM

    An Eighth Book?

    Though we haven't heard anything from J.K. Rowling herself, Web India reports:

    J K Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter series, has revealed that she will be writing an eighth book, the proceeds from which, will go to charity. According to The Sun, the book will not see the teen wizard embarking on a new adventure, instead it will include extracts from the first seven books and will be like a Potter Encyclopedia.

    However, we don't know how reliable this is, so for now, it can only - still - be regarded as a rumor.

    EDIT Thanks to iHP reader drawken, who informs us that this has been posted for a while on JK Rowling's website.

    Posted by M17 at 06:36 AM

    August 01, 2004

    Robbie Coltrane Talks About Life Off Screen

    Sunday Herald had a sit-down interview with Coltrane, who discusses Harry Potter among other things:

    No doubt the public attention engendered by playing Hagrid will influence his decision whether to continue with the Harry Potter franchise. He is contracted to make four, and is currently filming the fourth, The Goblet of Fire. He has been able to fit this interview in because production has been halted while the computer graphics wonks work their magic. Each film takes about nine months to make; it is, he says, more like a pregnancy than a production.

    While on set, Coltrane makes use of a fabulous Forties ‘Silver Streak’ trailer which he has restored. He sits in it between scenes, chatting with co-stars Robert Hardy and Michael Gambon. The conversation is highly technical. Hardy is an authority on medieval longbows, and hand crafts them himself. Gambon, meanwhile, is an enthusiastic restorer of antique rifles. Coltrane talks cars. I like to think of the three of them, droning on like three Walter Matthaus, while, in a modern trailer nearby, Daniel Radcliffe develops PlayStation thumb.

    I ask whether he will sign on for the final three films. “I don’t know. I really don’t know what the circumstances will be for the last three. I don’t know if I should be saying this, although if anyone has got any brains they’ll have worked it out, but if Jo Rowling hasn’t finished books six and seven within the next two years, the kids we’ve got at the moment will be too old to play the parts. And they may not even want to. So it depends on the variables. In some ways I would rather get on with something else, but I don’t want to say that because it sounds so f**king ungrateful.”

    He pauses, and cocks his head like an owl listening for a mouse in a cornfield. He has heard a motorbike zoom past outside and is enjoying the sound of the engine.

    “So, no, I don’t know if I’m going to do any more,” he continues. “They will, of course, to enchant me back, offer me frightening amounts of money.”

    “And is that hard to resist?” I ask.

    “Of course it is. I’ve got two young kids. I don’t know what the future holds.”

    Much more's at the link (Note: beware of some adult language in this article)!

    Posted by Jasen at 11:16 AM